MAY 18, 1914


Conductor Simon Hartman met a most

Horrible death this morning in front

Of local B&O station.

Another awful accident occurred just in front of the local B&O depot at about four o’clock this morning, when Conductor Simon Hartman was run over and killed. His body was horribly mangled, both legs and  an arm being severed and otherwise mashed. The remains were taken to the Markwood morgue where they were prepared for burial. Conductor Hartman was called to leave about 4 o’clock, he had just left the tower with his orders and stopped to talk with his brakeman, C F Ashenfelter. They were standing on the track watching his train switch over on the main out, and they did not notice the yard engine switching the caboose over, and while the noise from his own train kept them from hearing the yard engine, it struck Mr Hartman knocking him down and killing him instantly. Ashenfelter jumped and escaped uninjured and went out on his run. Conducted Hartman resided on Mozelle street with his wife and was one of those steady workers. He was a favorite among the men, being of a kind disposition. He was a member of the Methodist church, having attended the preaching service last night with his wife. Besides the widow, the deceased is survived by three children by a former marriage. The funeral arrangements will be announced tomorrow in the News.


A number of ladies of the Eastern Star will go to Martinsburg today where they will institute a lodge in that city tonight. Among  those going are, Miss Emma Carr, Mrs Ella Hosack, Mrs A J Keenan, Mrs V R Alkire, Mrs Chas Broom, Mrs O F Spotts, Miss Sallie Johnston and Mrs Wm Ryneal.


Mrs William R Hitt, formerly Katherine Elkins has started a fresh air club. Every Friday evening Mrs Hitt sends one her big automobiles to town with the instructions to gather up a half a dozen society girls and bring them to Middleburg, Va, for some “fresh air” over Sunday. Mrs Hitt has forsaken city life for the allurements of her Virginia farm and declares the society whirl is not worth a candle. Last week she played fresh-air fairy godmother to Miss Gladys Hinckley, the Misses Katherine and Margaret Britton, Miss Genevieve Walsh and Senorita de Pena.—Baltimore  Sun


Mr Murphy, who was in the wreck at Tunnelton on Saturday, is speaking of the accident. He said that he was on a car trying to make a coupling, and when it failed to couple, he and Engineer Fromhart both realized that the passenger train was approaching  and they then made a rush to couple, but before a coupling could be made the cars were in the Y and the force threw Murphy from the car into the ditch and in the next instant the caboose and engine had crashed into the cars and the caboose fell upon Murphy mashing him into the ditch thus saving his life. The engine went over on the engineers side, killing Fromhart instantly. Mr Murphy says the deep ditch was all that saved his life.


The Cornell-Price Players arrived in Keyser yesterday and will commence their week’s engagement tonight at the Opera House by presenting “The Maid and the Minister,” a pretty play in four acts from the pen of Eugene Walter. The play is the story of the Canadian woods, full of good comedy of the best kind. Happy Hal Price and Florence Madeira, two of the best known and most clever performers in the dramatic business today are at the head of the whole company and they alone are a whole show by themselves. Happy Hal is a comedian in every sense of the word while Miss Madeira is one of the most charming and clever leading women in repertoire. The supporting company is made up of some exceptionally good talent. Prominent in the company are: Miss Mabel Carle, Miss Dorothy Searles, Mr Baldwin Spears, Ed H Mickey, George Russell, Hunter Keasey, N C Madeira and W E Cornell. Clever vaudeville numbers will be introduced between each act by Price and Madeira, who do singing, talking and dancing; Dorethy Searles, character songs; Hunter Keasey, funny monologues and songs; and the Military Lunatics an exceptionally clever and versatile quartette. Prices 10 and 20 cents. No reserved seats. First come, first served. Doors open at 7:30.



The W Va Prep School “Mountaineers” won a sixth straight victory Saturday. The team representing Barton being the victims. Of all the games played this spring none resulted in as much satisfaction to the team as this one. It took only three innings for the “Mountain Climbers” to get next to Barton pitcher and the game was cinched Keyser with six runs in the third. Davis pitched seven innings, and during that time Barton gathered only six hits and three runs. Only one of these counts however was earned and the other two resulted from errors on the part of the players behind Davis. The improved work of Taylor behind the bat was the greatest satisfaction. Taylor is a freshman this year and never caught a game until coming to Keyser yet by persistent and dogged work he is showing much promise for the future. Allen first is another player who is developing rapidly. He is the kind of player who can deliver in the pinches when he makes up his mind to do a certain thing it will be done. Keenen, Ball, Cunningham and Mills each have more years on the Mt. Which gives the baseball team a bright look for this year and the year after. When the grounds are permanently improved, which they will be by next spring, the fans of Keyser will have the opportunity of seeing the University team with Wesleyan, Davis-Elkins college and other teams of class in the state. That we think we can take over the bigger teams but we do think we know that our team will be strong enough to put up a creditable exhibition against them. Next Saturday, May 23rd, the celebrated town team will open the season with the school. You can rest assured that if it is all possible, and we think it is, the town team is in for a licking. This will be the first game of a series of three. The next two coming the week of June 1st, Commencement week; The week of May 25th, the Deaf and Dumb players will be here to try to get revenge for their defeat at Romney two weeks ago. This will be “some game.”