JUNE 23, 1914



Mr Walter Lowry received a telegram yesterday announcing the death of his brother, Mr Lyman Lowry, which occurred yesterday morning at his home at Roseville, Ohio. Mr Lowry was 84 years of age. He had visited his brother here several times and made a number of friends here. Mr Walter Lowry left this morning to attend the funeral which will take place tomorrow at the home in Roseville. This is the second brother to die within a couple of months.



Will give one of its old time favorite shows tonight consisting of six reels including two remarkable multiple features and also first series of Edisons Dolly of the Dailies. If you enjoy an evening of pictures visit the big cool City Opera House.



Bridgeport, O

The B&O RR has placed guards at its bridges throughout Belmont county to prevent their destruction by the Industrial Workers of the World. The authorities say they have unearthed a plot to dynamite the bridge crossing the Ohio river at Bellaire. Several attempts to wreck trains by piling crossties and other obstacles on the tracks have been frustrated and all engineers have been cautioned to proceed cautiously through Belmont county.



Berkeley Springs is after the old Dominion Academy, which was burned out some days ago at Reliance, Va, and an effort will be made to have the rejuvenated academy located in Morgan county.



A great discovery was made the other day at Cold Spring, just across New Creek from Mr Edgar Arnold’s place, when some men were digging out some rock. The air is remarkably cold near the spring and when the men got in the mountain about three feet away they found a quantity of ice formed there, and later icecicles froze on the ice that had been exposed. Some of the ice was taken away. Mr Arnold said it would make a splendid cold storage as the air caused the thermometer to drop to 32 degrees.



The B&O RR will have charge of the lecture at Music Hall tomorrow night and will give an illustrated lecture on the high power explosives. All railroad men are expected to be present and a general invitation is extended to the public.





The Democrats of Roane county met yesterday in mass convention to select delegates to the State, Congressional and Senatorial conventions. The candidacy of Hon Hal W DePue was endorsed for Congressman-at-large and delegates of the county instructed to vote for him as a unit. Instructions were also given to Hon John M Hamilton for Congress in the Fourth District.



(Wellsburg, W Va)

In what is declared to be the first two primary ever held in W Va, Col. Wylie Beal, of this city, was endorsed by a large majority by the Democrats of Brooke county for Congressman-at-large. M M Neely was endorsed for Congress from the First Congressional District.




(Hagerstown, Md)

A negro, giving his name as Jim Johnson, of Piedmont, was nabbed by Sheriff King a short distance from Trovinger’s Mills, near Chewsville, on the charge of carrying concealed weapons. T A Pitcock, who operates the mill, while driving home from the city about dusk, was approached by Johnson and asked if he would not buy a gun, whereupon the negro pulled from his pocket a 38-calibre revolver. Mr Pitcock immediately called upon Sheriff King on the telephone and told him of the occurrence. Upon seeing the officer, Johnson came forward and protested his innocense, stating that he had not done anything and did not have any gun. When searched, however, the gun was found in his pocket. He was given a hearing this morning before Justice Ankeney and he claimed that he was allowed to carry a gun and that he needed it for wild animals in West Virginia. He was sentenced to six months in the Cut.



It has been storming and raining off and on all day in Piedmont and has been of incalculable benefit for growing vegetation.


Mrs John Gardner, who has been confined to her bed for a week, has recovered. Her daughter, Miss Nolte, from Wheeling is visiting her.


Mr and Mrs James H Feaster, “newly weds,” arrived in Piedmont on train No 1 on the B&O from Philadelphia this evening and were given a royal reception by their many friends. Col Sam B Harrison was the “master of the hounds” for this occasion.


Mr and Mrs Harry  A Hook will leave on Wednesday night for Cincinnati Ohio where Mr Hook will be one of the delegates of the main line of the B&O to the meeting of the B&O Relief Association, which will be held in that city June 25, 26 and 27.


A “parcel post sale” for the benefit of the “Church and Repair Fund” of the Methodist Episcopal church at Henry in Grant county, will be held on Saturday June 27.


Over 50 members of the Masonic fraternity attended divine services at the First ME church South, Sunday morning.


The residence of H F O’Neill on Fisher street was entered by burglars this morning and some cash stolen, a gold bracelet that was sent from England, a lot of clothing and eatables were also taken. No clue is had to the burglars.


The Supreme Court of Appeals of W Va decided last week that under the “pistol toting act” that justices of the peace had jurisdiction to impose penalties upon offenders. Heretofore it has been simply a court case.


The remains of the late Allen McKenzie, who died on Saturday, June 20, at 1:30 o’clock, of typhoid fever at his home in Westernport, were buried this morning from St Peters Catholic Church. Rev H E Horsecamp, associate priest, had charge of the services. The funeral was conducted by the Tri-Town Fire Co No 1, assisted by Potomac Fire Co, No 2. He is survived by his widow and three children. There was a number of pretty floral offerings which included  a pillow with a broken ladder from the Tri-Town Fire Co. The flower bearers were members of the Potomac Fire Co No 2 and the pall bearers were all members of the Tri-Town Fire Co No 1, as follows: W W Davis, Walter Waldie, Francis Fazenbaker, Myles Burnes, George Hamilton and Iram Ryan. Both companies turned out in large numbers in full uniform. The deceased was a coal miner by occupation.


Mrs Robert H Drane is visiting her daughter at the latters college at Colorado Springs, Co.


Hon Noah G Keim, of Elkins, is one of the republican candidates for the nomination for Congress from the Second Congressional District. The convention to nominate will be held in Elkins.


Miss Portia Richardson, of Vassar College, NY, formerly of Piedmont, will accompany her uncle, Norman B Richardson, of Pittsburgh, Pa, and a party for a six week’s trip through Europe. They will sail on the first of July.


Mr and Mrs John G Luke, President of the W Va Pulp and Paper Co, of New York, Have been guests of Mr and Mrs Allen L Luke at the “Cliffs,” Luke, Md, since last Saturday.


The County Court for Mineral County will be at session at Keyser on Saturday. The question of permanently improving the interstate bridge between Piedmont and Westernport will be up for consideration.


Judge F M Reynolds of the Circuit Court for Mineral County was a business visitor to Piedmont today.


During the thunderstorm this morning a large maple tree near the residence of Patrick Brady, on Potomac Island Park, was struck by lightning.

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