JUNE 2, 1914


I am compelled to warn consumers that unless caution is used in the use of water an order will have to be issued restricting the use of city water to domestic use. Every property owner is requested to examine spigots and see that there are no leaks. You are requested not to use hose for street sprinkling or any unnecessary use. This order is not issued because any scarcity of water in the dam, but because the people on the hill are without water during the evening night.  Respectfully, H G Steorts


Mrs Arthur Fisher is quite ill.


Warren Bowers was called to Forks of Capon by the serious illness of his father.


J W Blaker left last Saturday for St Louis to visit his son, Herbert.


Miss Lena Schilansky of Thomas was the guest of Misses Fox first of the week.


Mr and Mrs Clay Williams and little daughter of Morgantown have been the guests of Mr Williams father, Geo B Williams.


Harper Daniels of Danville, Ill, arrived last Friday to visit his sister, Mrs E A Harper, who is very ill.


J G Nester and Walter Wilhide of Elkins were here this week fishing for trout along Blackwater.


Karl B Young of the Forest Reserve Department of Agriculture, was here last of the week looking for men to help out the forest fire which has been raging for several days east of Thomas. He succeeded in getting about 30 men. It was reported here that they had the fire under control.


The five Luke brothers, Messrs Wm A, Thos, David, John G and A K and John G Anderson, manager of the Tyrone, Pa, plant, were here Thursday morning on a special train and spent a few hours looking over their plant here after which they went to Luke, Md.


Mr and Mrs F W Viering and two sons, Mr and Mrs R A Hamby and Mr and Mrs J E Bishop motored to Cumberland Saturday and returned Sunday evening.


Mrs John Watson of Thomas was in town this week.


Bishop Donohue of Wheeling spent Sunday night in town on his way home from a trip to Virginia.


P V Doyle proprietor of the Thomas Herald was in town Monday.


About 60 men and boys were very busy working the road on Brown’s Mtn on the Good Roads Days, among them being Supt W W Trent and the High School boys.


Mr and Mrs Leonard A Hickley and two daughters returned last night to Philadelphia. They will sail on the 25th instant for an extensive tour of Europe and Asia.


Mr and Mrs John C Brydon of Somerset, Pa, are the guests of the former’s mother, Mrs Susan Brydon, at Bloomington.


The two physicians sent to Westernport, Md, from the state board of health of Maryland, will vaccinate with the typhoid serum, free of all costs, all who may call upon them at their offices at the residence of Mrs J S Miller on Main street, Westernport.


The regular meeting of the Civic Club of Luke and Westernport, Md, will be held at 2:30 o’clock in the auditorium of the Westernport public school building Wednesday.


The new city officials took hold of the “helm of state” June 1, It is now in fact, “His Honor, Mayor Harry Bucy.” The first meeting of the city council will be held on Wednesday evening.


The Piedmont High School alumni held the annual meeting and banquet in the auditorium of the Piedmont High School building tonight. The menu was prepared by the Ladies Guild of St James Episcopal Church. There was quite an interesting program. Mrs Lucile Heskitt accompanied by Mr Horace Hoover at the piano, sang a solo.


William H McGuinnis arrived from New York on Sunday and will again make his home in Piedmont.


Dr Spangler, DDS, recently of Baltimore, Md, will open a dental parlor in the tri-towns.


Mrs Charles T Broome of Luke, will entertain at auction bridge whist on Thursday afternoon.


The water courses are being thoroughly investigated by the gentlemen sent to Westernport by the Maryland State Board of Health.


There has been some speculation as to who will succeed the present postmaster at Piedmont.


During my absence from Keyser, which will probably extend over a month or six weeks, I have left my accounts with Donald P Davis, and hope that, as far as possible, those indebted to me will pay him, at Mr Watson’s office. W H Yeakley, MD


We desire to notify our customers that, beginning June 1, our store will be closed every evening during the week at 7:00, except Saturday and pay day evenings. LYON & COMPANY.


The second teachers examination for the season will be held Thursday and Friday, June 4th and 5th, in the study hall of the Prep School, beginning at 7:30 o’clock the first morning. R W THRUSH, County Sup’t of Schools.


The regular monthly meeting of the WCTU for the month of June will be held at the home of Mrs Ida Reese, 156 Centre street, on Tuesday, June 2, at 8 o’clock pm. As this is the completion of the third quarter of the year, the ladies are especially requested to be present with their “quarters.” Secretary



Gifts for Graduates

Romigs have many gift

Suggestions that will be appreciated.



DAHLIAS, decorative shur and cactus varieties


Tomato, Celery and Late Cabbage Plants

B H GRAYSON, 225 E Water St.



The NEWS has a number of pillow

tops of the Prep building and grounds

that go with subscriptions. Investigate.




Good double house.

Call at the News office.



If you want to rent a new house

Call at the News office.



Kindly give us the news from your section of the city.

We would like to arrange with some person in every part of

Keyser and in McCoole to furnish us with a few personals and

locals each day. It is impossible to make a daily paper interesting

unless the people assist us in gathering the news.