SAT, APRIL 11, 1914




In yesterday’s issue we, by mistake, announced that the B of R T Fair would start tonight. Such is not the case. However, it will start on Monday night and will be the attraction through the week. The boys are busy getting ready for a good time and will give everyone an evening of pleasure at the armory. The famous Keyser Band will be on hand every night, and will be on the street early, don’t fail to come down and see and hear all you can. Everyone knows just what the B of R T Fair means.


Mrs N Slaughter, formerly Mrs Dancer, died at 5:45 yesterday evening at her home at Piedmont. Funeral services will be held in the M E church, Piedmont, tomorrow at 2:30, conducted by the pastor. The remains will be taken to Grafton for burial.


For teachers was held in Keyser Thursday and Friday of last week. 47 applicants presented themselves at the study hall of the Prep School where through the courtesy of Jos W Stayman, Supt Thrush held the first uniform exam for the season. Everything possible was done to relieve the burdonsomeness of the two days work and the applicants responded with a good spirit, entering in to the exam with a quiet determination bespeaks much in their favor. They were comfortably situated  for the work and were kept free from any outside distractions. Ex Co Supt Geo S Arnold and Miss Elsie Wagoner assisted. The next exam will be held at the same place June 4 and 5. No certificates will be issued until after the third exam when the applicants will be given credit for the best grades made throughout the exam season.

Those taking the exam were:

Nora M Abe, Alaska; J K Allamong, Keyser; Jessie Meek Ayres, Lonaconing; Naomi Barrick, Elk Garden; Sara Burgess, Laurel Dale; Floyd C Blauch, Pinto; Ida Broadwater, Frostburg; Jessie K Beckman, Burlington; Burten E Callis, Piedmont; Mary Kate Duling, Hartmansville.


Keyser, W Va

April 4th, 1914

Whereas, this is the first meeting of the Keyser Electric Light Co since the death of our associate and co-director, Mr J H Markwood, and, whereas, his long services in behalf of the Company has been of inestimable value and incapable of full expression by us, yet we wish to record for the guidance of those hereafter, his unending efforts for this company. Therefore, be it Resolved, that the Board of Directors of the Keyser Electric Light Co, in the death of our late co-worker, Mr J H Markwood, feel keenly the loss of his counsel and assistance, that we wish, so far as words are capable, to record that Mr Markwood never ceased to look after the interests of this company, and yet always kept in mind his duty toward the people who are our patrons, and, that, by these resolutions we wish to convey to his family our heartfelt sympathy  in this hour of their great bereavement. Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this day, that a copy be sent to the widow of our deceased co-worker, and that the same be published in our local papers.

Respectfully submitted,

Harry G Fisher

W E Crooks

J C Watson



Tonight is always a big time at Music Hall and a very extensive program has been arranged, including some two reel features. In all, five late films. You certainly will feel fully satisfied and repaid for attending this popular and comfortable playhouse. Next Monday and Tuesday, “From Manger to the Cross.”


Mr Frank Wilbur Smith and Miss Louise Smith Paris, two very popular young people living up New Creek, surprised their numerous friends by slipping away yesterday and being married in Cumberland last night. The groom went to Cumberland on B&O No 2 yesterday morning and the bride did not go until 6 last evening. They were married and returned last night on No 1, and went immediately to Mr Smith’s home where they will reside for the present. Their friends kept close watch on the young couple all day yesterday, supposing that they were to be married. They are two of Mineral’s popular young people and have a host of friends with whom the News joins in well wishing.


Guy Harman and Miss Etta Myrtle Thompson, both of this place, were married in Cumberland on last Wednesday, They returned to Davis last of the week and have gone to housekeeping.


Lester Harman, a student of the Keyser Prep, was in town Thursday on his way to his home in Canaan Valley.


W R Morris was in Parsons, Thursday and Friday.


Rev O M Pullen of the M E church, and L H Mott of the M E, South, are attending the State Sunday School Association which is in session at Huntington.


Atty C O Streiby of Elkins was in town Thursday.


Mrs Warren Bowers and children are visiting her old home at Forks of Capon.


Mrs Grant Lucas and Mrs Wilbur Patriquin, both of Horton, who have been guests at the home of Mrs Ollie Shaffer, left Friday for Lewisburg, where Mrs Grant has two sons and Mrs Patriquin, a daughter in school.


Mrs H M Male and daughter, Mrs G T Mills, spent Wednesday in Cumberland.





With further arrests in prospect, startling disclosures were expected today in the case of Dr C C Meredith and his associates, arrested in a raid on the physicians private maternity hospital at Bellevue, long known hereabouts as the “House of Mystery.” In the big, isolated institution on a high bluff overlooking the murky Ohio, many women met a gruesome fate, according to a confession ascribed to Dr H F Lutz, one of those under arrest and fully credited by District Atty B H Jackson. A score of detectives went to the “death house” early today and began to a systematic search of the place. Every mysterious nook was examined and the cellar dug up in the hope of finding evidence of the disappearance of women of this and other cities. The victims probably numbered a score. There may have been more, according to Dr Lutz,, and among them, he said, was Dorothy Arnold, New York Heiress, who disappeared mysteriously in 1910. Dist Atty Jackson smiled at reports from New York to the effect that John Keith, Atty for Francis Arnold, father of Dorothy Arnold, had come to Pittsburgh unknown to his employer and investigated a report that the missing heiress was at the Bellevue Institution. “Lutz, has come through and told us everything,” said Jackson today. “We have evidence that Dorothy Arnold was traced right to the door of Meredith’s downtown office in the Schmidt Building. We have learned enough already to convince us that in this raid we have broken up one of the worst places in the country. It is too early yet to tell just what will be revealed about Dorothy Arnold’s fate by the arrests.” Although today was a legal holiday in the state, both the district atty and the Chief of Detectives E E Clark were early at work upon the case. And both were sanguine that the disappearance of the perfume importer’s daughter would be fully and finally explained, together with the dropping from sight of other women. According to the alleged Lutz confession, several Pittsburgh physicians acted as “feeders” for the hospital, sending to Meredith for illegal operations women who came to them. In a number of cases when complications resulted and were followed by death, the remains of the victims were heartlessly consigned to a monster furnace in the basement, according to Lutz.


The Speed limit for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles is ten miles per hour. Don’t forget this. If you do we’ll get you. Police Department.


If you desire to enter the contest for a Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet, come in the News office and we will give you our plan. Go to the Thompson Furniture Co’s store and pick out the one you want, you can have your choice. All contestants must make it known to us by the 20th of this month.


Mrs Tolbert Wagoner, who underwent an operation in Cumberland several days ago, and who has been improving rapidly, will be brought to her home here today.


The Keyser baseball club met April 10, at Hamill’s restaurant, with a poor attendance, owing to the fact that several of the players were out of town or working. The team will start practicing Monday, April 13. Anyone wishing to qualify for the team will please come out for practice. We are going to carry this team through and there is no reason why Keyser, with the population of 6,000 cannot support the team.

The following prospects were present:

Harry Slaver, W M Shaffer, Barney Wiers, Wm Likens, A H Hamill, A E Zepps, W B Kesner, B J Sheridan, Pat Moran, S Cathers, F G Davis.

The meeting adjourned and will meet Friday night, April 17 at the council chamber. We want the citizens to attend all these meetings. Let the sporting public come out and give a helping hand.


If your piano, player piano or organ needs tuning, repairing, have it done by my factory expert tuner. Mr Geo W Sechrist, will be here April 15th. Leave orders at my music store. W C Pifer.


Be a booster for Keyser.


W B Coffroth of Elkins who has been visiting in Baltimore stopped off here yesterday on his return home.


Miss Lucile Robinson, the efficient clerk at Evan’s, is at Cumberland visiting today.


Mr John Bane of Burlington has been a business visitor in Keyser for a few days.


Miss Eloise Wilson of Lowndes, Md was the guest yesterday of Miss Pauline Wilson.


Mr M J Parsons and wife spent yesterday here with his brother, Mr George Parsons. They had been over on the South Branch, near Romney, where Mr Parsons sold his farm to Tom Long. Last night they went to Grafton and tonight will take to their home in Mt Vernon, NY.


Miss Agnus Patton has a position in J W Wolford’s store.


Miss May Paris is visiting at the home of Mr M A Patrick in Westernport.


Mrs A F Russell is ill at her home on Piedmont street.


Frank Greenwade has just returned from a successful drive of two weeks through the country.


Miss Eleanor Miller of Washington spent Friday here with Miss Margaret Greenwade.


This is the time of the year to repair. Frye & Sons have tile of all kinds.


Miss May Rice and brother, Howard of Brunswick, are visiting their grandmother, Mrs Don Rice in McCoole.


Rev Mr Baughman who has been the guest of his son, Rev H F Baughman, will conduct Easter services at St John’s Church, Cumberland.


Mr and Mrs Ralph Wilson and daughter, Florence, of Mt Savage, will arrive this evening on a visit to her father, Mr A W Coffroth.


Mrs May Flanagan of Headsville is spending today in Keyser.


Mrs George Harmison of Romney, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs A R Rinehart, and other relatives here.


Mrs Ida Menefee went to Cumberland yesterday where she will spend Easter.


Mrs Carrier’s many friends are glad to know that she is very much improved today.


John Mohler spent yesterday in Cumberland.


Mr Harry Geldbaugh and family returned to their house at Painsville, Ohio, after a few days visit here with relatives.


Mrs Annie Rendail has returned to her home at Grafton, after spending several weeks with her sister,  Mrs Chas Brown.


Miss Elizabeth Woolf, who teaches school out of our city, is home to spend the Easter holidays.


Getting time to pack your winter clothing away. Bring them or phone to Art Cleaning and Pressing Shop and have them made moth proof.


HOUSE FOR RENT—Good locality, newly painted and papered; 6 rooms, J B Reese, McCoole, Phone 116F.


Rev Father O’Hara returned from Richmond, Va, where he went by spending an invitation of Rt Rev Bishop O’Connell to attend Holy Week  ceremonies.


Aluminum ware at reduced price at Frye & Sons, the remaining days of this month.




If you are not buying here, start today and save 10 to 15 percent.

Qualify the highest. Price the lowest.






7 Cakes of Quick Suds Soap for—25c

6 Cakes 20 Mule Team Borax Soap—25c

8 Cakes Golf Soap for—25c

6 Cakes White Napha Soap for—25c

11 Cakes Moon Soap for—25c

6 Cakes Wool Soap for—25c

7 Cakes Duck Soap for—25c

7 Boxes 9 O’clk Tea for—25c

6 Pkgs of Pearline for—25c

6 La France W Tablets—25c

6 Satina Starching Tablets for—25c

3 Bots Ammonia for—25c

7 bxs Blue for—25c

6 Boxes Argo Lump Starch for—25c

2c Handy Ironing Wax for—01c

98c Large Galv Tubs for—79c

98c Clothes Baskets—79c

Best Standard Gran Sugar—1 3-4c?



Cannot read



15C Bxs Evaporated apples—2 for 25c

12 qt Dish Pans—10c

20c Galv Buckets—15c

10c pkgs Macroni—08c

10c Cakes Toilet Soap for—05c

10c pkgs Powdered Sugar—08c

25c Cake of Bakers Chocolate—19c

25c Bots Gilberts Vanilla—19c

25c Bots Gilberts Lemon—19c

Arbuckles Coffee—23c lb

35c Brooms—25c

20c Marshmallow Cakes for—15c

20c Bxs Lax Bromo  Quinine—19c

25c Bots Quaker Oil—19c

25c Bots Yagers Liniment—19c

25c Bots Cherry Tar Cough Syrup—19c

50c Bots Lax Fos—39c



Johnsons Best Flour—73c bag

Western Cream Flour—68 c bag

Fancy Michigan Potatoes—98c bu

10lb bag White Yellow Table Meal—23c

15c Fig Cakes—2lbs for 25c

10c Inverted or Upright Gas Mantles for—08c

10c Inverted or Upright Gas Globes—08c

10c Bxs Talc Powder for—5c

4lb Bucket American Belle Coffee—98c

Strictly Pure Lard—11c lb

10c bxs Quaker Oats—08c

15c bxs Puffed Rice, 2 for—25c

Best Sugar Cured Hams—18c lb



Standard Gran Sugar—4 3-4c

35c Enameled Water Buckets—25c

10lb Bucket Lake Herring—69c

20c Colgates Talc Powder, 2 for—25c

15c Misses Blk Hose, 2 pair for—25c

Clarks O N T thread, 6 spools for—25c

Lace Curtains (Special)—pr 39c

15c Ladies Tea Aprons—10c

Pearl Buttons—5c doz

12 ½ c Dress Gingham, yd—10c

08c Apron Gingham—yd—6c

15c Ladies Hose—12c

10 Ladies Hose—08c

15c Mens Half Hose, 2 prs for—25c

California Navel Oranges, doz—15c

20c Pure Rio Coffee for—15c



Mistletoe Flour—73c bg

Ben Hur Flour—73c bg

Ginger Snaps, a lb—05c

10c Coffee Cakes—07c

Maud Arabia Coffee—23c pkg

10c pkgs Tapioca—08c

10c pkg Jello—08c

25c pkg Poultry Food—19c

25c bgs Scratch Feed—23c

10c bxs Paper and Envelopes—05c

Mens 75c Dress Shirts for—50c

Mens 50c Dress Suspenders—pr 25c

Mens 25c Paris Garters—19c

10c lb Milk Lunch—08c

Fancy Lemons—doz 20c

6 pkgs Mail Pouch Tobacco—25c

20c Assorted Chocolates—15c lb

25c Can California Table  Peaches—22c

25c Cans Calif White Cherries for—21c

Standard Gran Sugar—4 1-2c

20c Mushroom  Cakes—15c



Carskadon is almost giving away glassware and lamps—come and see.


The Mineral Daily News will give a Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet to the person bringing in the largest number of cash subscribers before June 1st. Investigate.


If you advertise in the Mineral Daily News you will never go to the wall.



We are here to serve and please.



Armstrong St




Keyser, W Va

PHONE 105w

102 Center Street





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