MON, APRIL 13, 1914




(Pittsburgh Pa)

With Dr  C C Meredith and Miss Lucy D Orr jailed at an early hour today on a charge of murdering Mrs Myrtle Allison, there were few new developments in the “Belview House of Mystery” case today. Dist Atty Jackson and the county detectives who have been working night and day since the raids which resulted in the arrest of Dr Meredith, Miss Orr, Dr H E Lutz and Miss Mary Snyder Thursday afternoon, temporarily dropped the work on the case. “There were no new developments today”, said Dist Atty Jackson, “and no witnesses were examined.” The re-arrest of Dr Meredith and Miss Orr followed a lengthy secret conference of Dist Atty Jackson, Chief of County Detectives Clark and assistants in the dist atty’s office at midnight last night. Since being released Friday under total bail of $17,000, Dr Meredith and Miss Orr have been under surveillance by county detectives. Shortly before midnight last night, County Detective Harry Cochran went before Alderman Lewis Alpern and swore to an information charging Dr Meredith and Miss Orr with the murder of Mrs Allison. Before the information was made, N L Baxter, a brother of Mrs Allison, positively identified the body exhumed in the United Cemetery Saturday afternoon as that of his sister. She had been buried under the name of Daisy Davis in March, 1913.



Large flocks of wild ducks are found on the Monongahela, Tygerts Valley and West Fork rivers, near this city, at this time. Hunters have killed many of the birds, but deputy game wardens are now here making arrests as the birds are not now in season. Several arrests have been made on the double charge of killing ducks out of season and shooting within the corporation limits. It is very unusual for wild ducks in numbers to be on the local rivers at this time of the year, but the late spring is supposed to be the cause.


As the warm days appear, so doth the snake. You would not to expect the biggest snake story for the first so we will not disappoint you, but yesterday was a great days for snakes. Yesterday afternoon Capt Batdorf and Mr W W Long drove to the reservoir and just as they were going in the gate Mr Steorts and his family came along in their car. All walked up to the head of the spring to get a drink, and just as they reached for a drink, a monster copper head made a lunge, to escape, but was killed. About that time Mr Batdorf was on the wire screen over the spring, and the second snake ran under Stottle Steorts causing a panic. Mr W W Long succeeded in killing him. Just at this time all were making for the gate but another very large copper head appeared and he was killed by being run over by the entire crowd getting to the auto. “Sticks” said here was a den of them at the spring and that all were big ones. Why not send the police force out and let them club them out.


Mr Ross Herndon and Miss Mary Troy, two of Keysers popular young people were married yesterday afternoon by Rev M H Keen of the Southern Methodist church. Mr Herndon is very popular among the railroad boys. They will reside in Keyser.


Judge Wm C Clayton was taken ill on Saturday evening and for a time it was thought to be serious. But we are glad to state today that the trouble has passed away and that Mr Clayton is fast regaining his former self. Judge Clayton is 84 years of age, and today is the first day he had missed from his office in a long time.


Cashier H L Arnold of the First National Bank has a brand new Buick touring car, and is now taking lessons at the wheel. It is a 35 horse power and is a beauty.


Among our new ads today is a quarter page from the First National Bank, one from A P Brown and Brothers, and another from the Art Cleaning and Pressing Works.


From the Manger to the Cross

A Reverent Moving Picture Life Story Of

Jesus of Nazareth

Kalems Biblical

Masterpiece In Five Reels

This great attraction will be at the Opera House. No film was ever offered the public that claimed so much universal patronage. Its visit to Keyser should test the capacity of Old Music Hall. Two shows will be given nightly and if anyone fails to see this production the first night, let them inquire and be present Tuesday.





Today Deputy Marshal W D Brown left here with several prisoners convicted in the federal court here this week and upon whom various sentences were imposed by Judge Dayton. Stine Rook and Phillip Mace, two bootleggers, were left at Keyser to spend 30 days each in the Mineral County jail. Andy Day, for bootlegging was taken to Elkins to serve a 30 days sentence in the Randolph County jail. Achille Debasco, a blackhander, who confessed to attempting, under dire threats, to extort money from T M Tamburini, a prosperous business man at Bayard, Grant county, and was sentenced to the penitentiary for two years, was taken to Moundsville prison. Though he had threatened to kill Mr Tamburini and his family unless he deposited $500 where he could get it, the injured man recommended mercy considering some circumstances of irresponsibility of the ignorant native of a foreign land, and after sentence had passed, Debasco made a demonstration of his good intentions in the future by approaching Mr Tamburini and offering him his hand. The court officials have all gone home and will reassemble for a special term of court at Phillippi on Monday, and on Tuesday a regular term at Clarksburg.


Keyser was filled with beautiful flowers for Easter. In most every home cut flowers and potted plants could be seen. Each of the churches were profusely decorated with the fragrant flowers. They day was an ideal one, the sun shining in its fullness throughout the day.


The speed limit for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles is ten miles per hour. Don’t forget this. If you do we’ll get you. Police Department.


A large crowd turned out for both the morning and evening services at the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, to greet the new pastor, Rev J C Hawk, who conducted the first services in his new charge Sunday. At both services, Rev Mr Hawk delivered a forceful discourse, which made a most favorable impression upon the congregation. The new pastor of the church is a learned scholar, a speaker of force, with a graceful delivery, and is a man of attractive personality and a friendly disposition, which completely won the hearts of his members.—Fredericksburg Journal


To the patrons of the U S Express Co

In regard to the press reports of the dissolution of the above Co, I am authorized to state that the U S Express Co, will continue to operate for 5 or 6 months, possibly longer; and when they discontinue they will at some time be succeeded by another Express Co which will continue the same offices and representatives, rates and regulations, that we now use. There will be no change in the handling of the business so far as the public is concerned. I can assure the same efficient service that we had tried to render in the past and your future patronage is respectfully solicited. –J Z Terrell, Agent, U S Express Co.


Miss Vanlieu Parsons, a trained nurse, is spending Easter vacation with her father, Dr E H Parsons.


Douglas Smith of Pittsburgh College is spending the vacation with his parents, Mr and Mrs Robert Smith at Luke.


Mrs Fletcher Conoway is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs J W Bishop, of Lonaconing, Md.


W R Williams returned yesterday from a business trip to eastern cities.


Mr and Mrs Howard Kerns, of Thomas, were visitors this week to the tri-towns. They expect to make their future home in Westernport.


Mrs Clyde W Greitzner, Jr, is visiting Mrs James L Luke at Wilmington, Del, and spent Sunday at the Hotel Chalfonte, Atlantic City.


Mr and Mrs Forest W Stanley are visiting relatives in Parkersburg.


Miss Margaret Hines left last week for Baltimore, accompanied by her brother, Jospeh, who is a patient at the St Joseph Hospital.


The county court for Mineral county has determined here after that all monies expended on the public roads shall be for permanent improvement.


Mayor H Clay Shaw has issued public notice that from April 20th until April 25th, is to be designated “clean up week”. Free lime will be furnished for those who apply for it. All germ breeding articles will be detected, and sent to the “brush heap”, for total destruction.


The Knights of the Golden Eagles will hold a fair and festival in their hall beginning April 1.


There will be a “Citizens Convention of Voters” to nominate one candidate for mayor, three for councilmen and one candidate for town recorder. The ballot at the election will be the Australian system. There will be at least two tickets in the field for popular support. Many think that there should have been a direct primary to nominate two tickets to be voted for then the voter can make his choice. The election will be the 2nd Monday in May. 11th of that month.


“The King of Tuscaloosa” was presented at the Opera House Friday evening under the direction of S A Reynolds of Dayton, Ohio, for the benefit of the High School Athletic Club of Piedmont.


Miss Mary McGuiganis is visiting friends in Baltimore.


Capt and Mrs Daniel Lichlighter of Cumberland were the guests of Mr and Mrs Chas T Neff over Sunday.


Mrs Annie F Hyde who has been on the sick list is convalescent.


Mr George C Patterson of Bloomington, has been elected director in the Citizens National Bank of Westernport and Dr Z T Kalbaugh president, vice J T Laughlin, deceased.


Mrs Nannie Shultice is seriously ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs J G Abbott of Westernport Heights.


Mrs Josiah Sigler who has been spending the winter with his daughter in Washington, has returned for the summer.


Mrs John Leak of Westernport is visiting friends in East Virginia for a few weeks.


Mrs Chas F Huth left Saturday to visit her sister in Hagerstown.


Isador Abramson of New York City is visiting her brother, Abraham Abramson.


Miss Pearl Elosser, teacher in the public school at Beryl, is spending Easter holiday with friends near Moorefield.


Miss Lois Fredlock of the Western Maryland College, Westminster, has arrived at home for the vacation, accompanied by Miss Stella Lansing, of Schenactady, NY.


Miss Ada Roberts of Westernport and Jerrold Kemp of Bloomington, who attended Western Maryland College at Westminster, are at home for spring vacation.


News ads pay—you knew they do.


This is the time of the year to repair. Frye & Sons have tile of all kinds.


The Thompson Furniture Co’s store will be open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night in the future.

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