On Feb 22, 1922 the sixth grade of the Moorefield graded school celebrated the birthdays of some of our great men whose birthdays are in Feb, a very interesting program was rendered.

It opened with the patriotic song “America” and was followed by the flag salute.  Following this was a story of the first flag by Ronald Love which we all enjoyed very much.  Laura Fisher with a very interesting story of Abraham Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg called “The Perfect Tribute”.  A beautiful poem “Washington’s Grave” was very well recited by Jullan See.  Following him was song “Mt Vernon Belle” which emphasized the sacredness of a life so full of nobility and patriotism as that of our hero.  Nellie Kuykendall carried us back to Longfellow by erecting one of his favorite poems “The children’s hour”.  Then came a humorous dialogue by Frank Chipley and Samuel Casteel which brought roars of laughter from the audience.  An interesting.  Monologue by Russel Kuykendall told how the boys of today could be like Abraham Lincoln if they tried.  Following was one of James Russel Lowells poems by Phyllis Poling called “Longing”.

“Of all the myriad words of mind

 That through the should come thronging

 Which one was e’er so dear so kind,

 So beautiful as “Longing”

 Desire must open the portal for better ideals etc.

Then came the interesting story of “Little Blossom” by Phyllis Chipley which told of President Lincoln’s kindness.  Maud Casteel pleasantly summarized the principles of the program by reciting the following lines.

‘This splendid to live so grandly’

 That long after you are gone

 The things you did are remembered

 And recounted under the sun.’

The last thing on the program was the well known and familiar song ‘When you and I were young Maggie’ sang by four girls Phyllis Chipley, Maud Castell, Laura Fisher and Nellie Kuykendall.  The program was well attended by patrons and pupils of the other graders.




Mrs Belt returned from Hagerstown last week where she was visiting a daughter.

Robt, son of Tom Dent, cut his right foot so bad one day last week that it took seven stitches to close the cut.

Mr and Mrs W J Teets were business visitors at your town Sat of last week.

Little Francis Ruckman has been very sick for the last two weeks.

Daniels Shockey, of the Junction vicinity died one day last week.

Robt Veach of the Leatherman orchard visited his wife and son in this vicinity Sun.

Bert Helman has the roads again to work in this vicinity.

John R Copp is kept busy nursing the sick.

Lester See and Charley Ruckman were at Romney Tues of this week on business.

Mr and Mrs Ruben Hottinger of Keyser, have moved in Statton Taylors Tenant house and will work for Mr Taylor on his farm.

Bernard Liller with his family have moved from Akron Ohio to Nick Haggerty’s tenant house on the Kelly farm.

Dewey Stickley of Burlington visited his wife over Sun.

R A Arnold and family are moving from the Jas D Dudwick farm to J H High’s tenant house near Moorefield grade.



 The Hampshire Barrel and Package Co composed of James A Shawen, W L Tharp and C E French, is having erected on the lot opposite the Farmers Exchange Mill, a building 130X42 fete for the purpose of Manufacturing and handling all kinds of fruit packages.

“Uncle Alf” Whiting, colored, one of Romney’s oldest citizens, died at his home here Mon noon, aged 98 years.  He was born Jan 1, 1824 at the Dickey Hawse place on Jersey Mt.  When still and infant he and his mother were sold to James Gibson, of this place, brother of David Gibson, who moved to Frederick Co Va.  Upon reaching the age of 21, he was freed and returned here, where he lived for some years with William Armstrong.  He went through the Civil war as the body servant of Isaac T Brady, coming here after the war and remaining until his death.

The farm of the late Isaac Grapes, located near Pleasant Dale and containing about 431 acres, was sold at public auction.  Talmage Smith of Monessen Pa, a son of Taylor Smith of Hoy, was the purchaser the consideration being $5,530.



Mar 5

Mrs L D Dove, who was taken to Hoffman Hospital Mon last, where she underwent a severe operation.  We are glad to report she is getting along nicely.

H F Ritchie, who has been employed at Luke Md, for the past year, left Fri to pay a visit to home folks at Needmore.

Mrs Clarence Walker, who was operated on at Hoffman Hospital, Keyser, a few days ago we are glad to say is getting along nicely.

Mr and Mrs George Boyce and family made a flying trip to Keyser today.

Mr and Mrs Lossie Walker and R S Ritchie were visiting their sister Mrs L D Dove at Keyser today.

Oliver Ritenour, of Mathias, spent Sat night and Sun with friends and relatives at Westernport.   He left today for Vindex Md, where he has a position awaiting him.

Isaac Halterman spent Sat night with E J Combs of Piedmont.

Mr and Mrs Mason Hammon of Needmore, who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs Robert Loar at Midland, have returned home.

Mr and Mrs Russell Wilson  made a flying trip to Keyser today.

Raleigh Ritchie, who went to Ft McHenry Government Hospital a few weeks ago, has returned to his home.  Mr Ritchie is a disabled “Veteran” of the “World War”.

Mrs D C Ritchie was visiting MR and Mrs. Samuel Fink of W Va Junction.

Charlie Walker of Amblersburg, has sold his farm and moved to Luke Md.

Miss Mary Miller of Luke, is visiting her brother Nelson Miller, of near Rock Oak at this writing.

William Lewis of Luke, is visiting H T Ritchie at Needmore.

Lee Ours of Westernport, will move to Moorefield in a few days.  Lee says after all there is no place like the old home town.

Mr and Mrs. Harty Lyons made a flying trip to Medley today to see Mrs Lyons mother, who is in a critical condition.

Mrs Maggie Wilson is visiting her brother Russel Wilson of Luke at this writing.

Robert Walker who has been sick for the past few weeks is able to be out again.,

Little Ethel Moyer, daughter of Mr and Mrs William Moyer, has been right sick for the past few weeks.

Born to Mr and Mrs Harry Khone, a son Feb 18th.

Frank Walker was visiting Mr and Mrs. Platt Shaffer for the past few days.

Samuel Clark will move to his old home near Moorefield, in the near future.

Nelson Mathias of Mathias, who has been visiting relatives at Keyser, Piedmont and Westernport, left a few days ago for Clarksburg, where he will visit for a few weeks.



March 14

Rev Groves filled his regular appointment at Powder Lick Sun.

Dr Brooks was called here yesterday to see a young son of J H Smith’s.

Geo Smith has been confined to the house for the last few days with a heavy cold.

Someone stopped at H P Kelley’s barn Mon night and relieved him of a new Buena Vista Saddle.

Oscar Srout of Purgittsville this week assisting in the store.



Mar 13

Anthony Eisenhauer of Headsville spend Sun at Wm Kessel’s

Wm Veach of Lahmansville was a business visitor in our section last week.

Mrs Eliza Cornell is visiting her daughter Mrs P M Kessel.

Mr and Mrs. Emory Veach were visiting at Charles Woerner’s Sun. Mr Woerner has been right complaining the past week.

Carson Baldwin who spent a week or so in Cumberland returned home this week.



We desire to thank the people who were so kind in giving us their aid during our sickness with the flue, and helped us in any way.  May God bless them all is my prayer.

Mrs Sarah Weatherholtz and family



Lots No 2 & 3 near B&O Depot in “River view Additions”.  Also 2, 7, 8 acres known as Ice House lot, back of M W Gamble’s residence.  This lot would make good farming or could be cut up into town lots.  Apply Mr Jos I Cunningham.



A good Jersey cow, fresh in April. 

Wanker Wilson



Complete outfit for making woodrod poultry coups.

Norman W Walker, Augusta W Va



3 full blooded Chester male hogs, weight about 100 lbs.  Also Hayes 4 wheel corn planter at a reduced price.

D S Huffman



Having decided to change my location I will sell my home on “The Island” in Moorefield.  It is nice property and is the same formerly occupied by G W McCauley as a residence.

For price and terms of sale, see M S Henkel or G W McCauley at Moorefield.

H H Casteel



Thoroughbred Plymouth Rock eggs,  75 cents per setting of 15.

Mrs H C Baker



Good well-watered pasture near Mt Storm.

Paul C Williams, Romney W VA



March 14

Lot Evans, who has been setting on his house top since that fine son arrived came down the other day.

Mrs Martha J Marshall, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs T S  Burch and granddaughter Mrs Ernest Shanholtz, has returned to her old home at her son B C Marshall’s.

Ernest Shanholtz and family spent last Sun with relatives and friends on North River.

C H Combs and family expects to move to Hampshire Co this week where they will make their home for the present.

Mrs F W Wise has been suffering with a very severe attack of the rheumatism and neuralgia the past week or so.

John E Doman and Rubin Davison, of Rock Oak, were business callers in your town Sat, also C L Burch and son Hugh..

Born to Mr and Mrs Lee Cline, of Potlick Cove, a short time ago a fine daughter.

A very bold thief or thieves visited S J Park’s kitchen a few nights ago and stole quite a lot of bread and sweet cakes that his hired lady had prepared for the family.  Getting up the next morning and finding their bread had been taken they had to wait for a late breakfast or do without bread.  Man can steal from man, but not from God, and God knows the guilty and will punish by and by.

I W Snyder has rented a part of S S Brill’s farm and will do a lot of farming on same this summer.

W F Bean of Philslick, passed thru this section yesterday on his way to North River to visit his sister Mrs Swisher.  We are informed that Mr Bean has sold his farm to Harness Loften and to give possession the first of April.

Undertaker Burch was called to Rio today to bury Henson Oats, who has been quite ill for some time.

B E Brill is getting along nicely building his new barn. Henry Bean is forman with two or three assistants.

Mr and Mrs J W Funk were called to Dutch Hollow one day last week to see the former’s brother, who was quite ill with fever and who we are glad to report convalescent at this writing.

We are informed that T H Hines, has purchased T E Roomsburg’s farm and expects to move on same in the near future.

We noticed F W Wise passing through Buzzard’s Glory Sat with a load of tools which he was taking to J W Funk.

James Elosser as usual, was in your town last Sat with a fine load of produce.  Mud or no mud Mr Elosser believes in the old saying a setting hen never gets fat.

Miss Zella Shanholtz was among the vistors at Firman Combs the former part of the past week.

Edward Evans, Elmore Savitle and Floyd Wise were amongst the business callers from this side of the mountain in your town yesterday.

Alen Shanholtz and Marshail Burch are making arrangements to do quite a lot of farming this summer.

James Hines, son and daughter, of Potlick Cove, were business callers on Windy Ridge Mon.

Owing to the illness of his son Michael Funk has not gotten to move on S S Bean’s farm yet.

A W Fitzwater informs us he expects to visit I C Bean’s in the near future.

Mar 13

Winifred Park, who attends school in your town was visiting his parents Sat & Sun.

Mrs Wm Wolf has been visiting her daughter Mrs Roy Flosser the past week.

Roy Elosser and family are suffering with a severe attack of colds at this writing.

Misses Bessie and Jettie Hawse were visiting ? over Sat and Sun.

Mrs Abb* Ruckman of Clifford Hollow was visiting Mrs C I Burch a part of last week.

B E Brill expects to raise his new barn in the near future.

Mrs J W Snyder is very much indisposed at this writing.

Roy Parks expects to visit friends at Old Fields in the near future.

C L Burch and son were in your town on business Sat.

E P Saville, R W Park and Capt Oats are doing a fine lot of sawing for H L Park.

Miss Annie Davidson, who has been making her home with Roy Bean and family, payed home folks a visit Sat and Sun.

Harry W Wolf expects to go to Cumberland on business in the near future.

George Strawderman purchased a fine horse of W V Bowman last week.

Mrs * B Marshall and Mrs Joseph Ely of Rock Oak, were visiting their sister Mrs Ashford Doman last week.

John C Burch visited his old friend W D Wilkins quite recently.

D F Park captured a hawk last week that measured 4 ft and 4 in from tip to tip.

Herbert Hawse expects to purchase a new Ford car in the near future.  Herbert will this Ford endure a trip to Minnesoty?
Harry Doman, our up to date mail carrier, is unable to perform his duty on account of a sever attack of colds.

Chestnut Grove School is progressing nicely under the skillful management of Prof James Elosser.



Mar 13

Born to Mr and Mrs. C E Cowger Sat, a daughter.

Miss Lulu Helmick spent Sat with Miss Murlin Weese.

Cason See and daughter spent Sun at Will See’s.

Arthur Ship spent the week end with home folks.

Charles Cullers is visiting his brother at  Mathias.

Sam Shaffer spent Sun with C T Smith’s.

B F Helmick moved on his sons farm last week.

C H Helmick and family spent Sunday with the former parents.



Those present at this meeting were:  Members, Nina Park, Ora Bean, Jas E Elosser, Jno C Burch and Roy Bean.  Visitors Golda, Nova, Berlin and Allen Park.

Golda and Nova Park have enlisted as members to our circle and we hope not only more of our young people but the older will join.


Article “in memory of our pastor”.

C W Stump, whose spirit took its flight on the morning of Jan 1, 1922.  The dec’d was about 63 years of age, and was born in Hampshire Co.

He had been in failing health for several years, though he seemed to be in his usual health and unusually happy the day of his death.  He came to church with his pleasant smile which he always wore, and took his place at the pulpit to deliver a sermon, which he had so ably prepared for the coming year.  When he was suddenly stricken with apoplexy falling unconscious from his post.  Kind friends did all they could to bring him back, but all efforts were in vain and at two o’clock he passed through the chilly waters of death, to rest under the shad of the trees, but the good Book tells us that through the deep waters, I will cause thee to go for the rivers of sorrow will not overflow.



Mr William See, Mathias, No of hens 102, eggs laid 1218, average 11 94.  Mr L S Holmes, Lost City, no of hens 65, eggs laid 636, average 9.77.  Mrs Courtney Marshall, Lost River, No of hens 86, eggs laid 814, average 9.47. Mr Geo Kuykendall, Moorefield, No of hens 97, eggs laid 911, average 9.39.

Harry P Muffly, Co Agent



Mar 5

Born to Mr and Mrs F Whetzel, March 4 a son.  Also to Mr and Mrs. Russel Kohne on the same day a daughter.

Mrs Sorah Jenking still continues poorly, with little show for the better.

Basore School is doing fine with R C Halterman teacher.

Married Mar 2 Miss Laura Delawder and A Sidney Foltz, both this place.  The groom is one of  Hardy Counties best farmers, and the bride is a highly accomplished young lady.

Harry Whetzel has rented A W Shermans sugar camp this coming season.

Miss Annie Cullers is calling on friends at Mathias.

Lem Delawder is having a house built.  Geo W Whetzel and sons are doing the work.

Earnest Delawder purchased a new Ford.

Miss Sallie Jenkins is visiting her grandparents, Mr and Mrs John Moyer.

We understand that Mrs Catherine Foltz, who has been staying with her daughter, Mrs Luther Delawder the past few months will return to her home here soon.

Mrs Clereuda Dellingser and children will leave soon this summer.

John Shipoe purchased Floyd Delawders farm in Middle Cove.  Mr Delawder will move to Timberville in the near future.

Mrs Lydeain Delawder who has been sick for some time, continues about the same.

C P Sherman has been suffering with heart trouble for the past week, but is some better.

Jobe Dellinger of Orkney Springs, was visiting family in the cove.

Miss Mary Dellinger who ahs been visiting her parents, and Mrs. B F Dellinger in Middle Cove, returned home near Woodstock Va.

Miss Anie Miller has been visiting her parents in Uppper Cove, returned to her school.



Miss Edith Bean was hostess to a number of friends at a candy party Mar 3, 1922.

The guests were Mrs Harrry A Bean, Misses Emma Keller, Mamie Casteel, Rebecca and Verna Rinker, Trixie Vance, Edna Bauerman, Delpha Kessel, Pauline and Evelyn Bobo and Della Bean.  Messrs Delmer Cornell, Conway Halterman, Anton and Geo Keller, Kenneth Vance, Alen and Glenn Roomsburg, Guy Reel and Virgil Reid.

During the evening the young people had and old fashioned taffy pulling, games were played and delightful refreshments served.



Mar 6

Miss Iva Funkhouser was working at Mr Geo Shirleys last week.

Miss Viola Marshall left yesterday for Kirby where she will visit her friends there for a few days.  Miss Eleanor and Lawrence came out after her.

Those on the sick list are Mrs C Tusin, Mrs Geo Shirley, Mrs Abbie Bean, Mrs J R Riggleman, J W Riggleman, Mrs Geo Hoke and Jesse Davidson.

R D Funkhouser was visiting his old friends at Inkerman Sun.

Dr Lee was called over this section one day last week to see Mrs. Geo Shirley.

The little son of Mr & Mrs Geo Hoke continues about the same.

Garland Shirley, who has been in Romney going to school came home last Fri to see his mother.

Miss Ima Timbrook came down last Fri and spent the evening with her sister Mrs Jesse Marshall.

The little daughter of Mr and Mrs B B Bucklew is right sick.

Calvin Funkhouser has been helping I W Poland.

Raymond and Marlin Bean of Inkerman, attend Sunday School her Sun at the Dunkard Church.

Reubin Davidson was visiting at Rock Oak over Sun.

Miss Maggie Strawderman was visiting the sick at Rock Oak.

J W Dove and John Doman made a business trip to your town Mon,  R F Davidson took them over.

Amzle Poland of Ruckman, was a guest at J W Riggleman over Sun.



Sugar Grove school, beginning Jan 23 and ending Feb 17,1922

Honor Roll, Violet, Hazel and Robt Finley, Gilbert, Bulah and Gladys Garrett, Eula, Kathleen and Winfred Tharp, Owen, Curtis, Chas and Theodore Webster, Bently Rudolph, Hester Heishman, Russel Gochenour.



Mar 10th

Percy Welton left Tues for a visit with his brother Paul at Baltimore.

John Smith son of Will L smith living north of town was taken ill Sun night, but much improved.

Joe Duley bookkeeper at the tannery was called to Hoboken NJ, for the death of his aunt.

Mrs Annie Boggs of Franklin, who has been taking treatment at the hospital in Baltimore was here Tues on her way home.

Adam Carr an aged and respected citizen of Mouth of Senaca, died last Fri  Mr Carr was 85 years old and was well and favorably known to many of our older people. Among the surviving children are Mrs Bettie Roby of this place.  Wilbur Carr of Maysville and Mrs. Alvin Harper of Mackeville.

Mrs Ed Powers of Old Fields was taken to the West Md hospital at Cumberland on Sun where Mon she underwent an operation. Her sisters Mrs Geo a Judy and Mrs C W Shobe of this place accompanied her.

Jake Mullenix and another prisoner whose name we failed to learn made their escape from the Maysville jail Mon by sawing the bars, while Jailor Yokum was in Petersburg.  It is said Mullenix only had one more day to serve, and on the day he got out authorities here had written to Mr Yokum to turn him loose the following day.
Grant Yokum, a highly respected citizen of the county died Mon at the home of his father Jack Yokun, near town.  The deceased who was about 43 years of age, had long been a sufferer from rheumatism, which he bore with great fortitude.



H H Casteel and wife spent a day in Cumberland

Willis Snyder, who bought C W Bierkamp’s property has moved into it.

Dr A P Butt returned last Thurs from a trip to Fla.

J K McCormick spent several days at Lock Haven Pa.

Mrs A R McNeill is confined to her home suffering with a severer attack of tonsillitis.

Mrs R S Kuykendall spent a few days at Charles Town last week.

John Shanholtz has gotten in a car of lumber and will begin the erection of a home shortly.  He will build on the lot adjoining the house now occupied by W L Wilson.,

Mrs Harry Welton and children spent the past week in Romney, with the children of Mrs Mike Kuykendall, while Mrs Kuykendall took on of her children to the Cumberland hospital.

Mrs E L Fortney, who spent a week visiting her parents here, left last Fri morning for her home at Fairmont.  Mr and Mrs Beaty accompanied her that far and from there they will go to California to spend several weeks with R C Anderson at Long Beach.

Miss Martha Eberly and Mrs W S Fisher went to Cumberland last Sat morning, where Miss Eberly entered the Western Md hospital and underwent an operation Mon, which we are informed was successful.  Mr and Mrs  C C Fisher and Dr Love went down Sun returning Mon.

The annual session of the Baltimore Conference of the M E church South will convene in Washington DC on Thurs, March 23.  B H Hiner of Franklin, Walter Pennington, Wardensville, L J Forman, Petersburg and M Dasher of Moorefield are among the delegates to represent Moorefield.

Dr and Mrs W Scott of Gordensville announce the engagement of their daughter, Marcia Pleasants to Lt George William White, Thirty Fourth U S Infantry.  Lieut White is the son of Mr and Mrs Hugh A White of Lexington, and is a graduate of the Va Military Institute, class of 1917.  He is not stationed at Madison Barracks, NY.  The wedding will take place in May.




Rev W W White for four years pastor of the M E Church South at Moorefield will preach his last farewell sermon to the congregation next Sun, and will leave Tues for Conference at Washington.



Robert N Fout, aged 82 years died at 5:30 pm Thurs after an illness of about six weeks.  He had been in the best of health, but fell and injured himself, from which he did not recover.  He lived at Purgittsville.  His wife preceded him to the grave five years ago.

He is survived by two sons, Calvin and O L Fout of Purgittsville, one daughter, Mrs George Ludwig of Keyser.

Mrs Robert L Fisher, Mrs Willis C Pollock and Mrs Raymond K Lewis, all of Keyser, are granddaughters.

The funeral was held at 2 PM today.  Burial was in the home burying ground.

-Keyser News



On Thurs evening, March 23 at 7:00 pm in the courthouse Mr E C Sherwood, Plant Disease Specialist from Morgantown will give a talk on the Diseases and Insects that are destructive to gardens.

Harry P Moffly, County Agent



A telegram was received yesterday afternoon announcing the death of Miss Martha Eberly, who underwent an operation in the Western Md Hospital in Cumberland Mon.  She revived from the operation and was doing nicely until yesterday, when she suddenly grew worse and died about noon.

The remains will be brought here today and burial made at this place.



The following have paid their subscription since last issue.

Jno A Wilkins, Needmore

M W Gamble, Moorefield

J F Miller, Lost City

L S Holmes “

Jno D Wilson, Middletown Va

Jim Malcomb, Moorefield

Clel Bierkamp

Eugene Sherman, Fisher

Sam Heishman, Moorefield

Jno E Riggleman, Fisher

Miss Carrie Wagoner, Colombus O

C L Walker, Luke Md

Geo E Price, Charleston

Hetzel Whitlock, Hanging Rock

V A Saville, Augusta

Brown Halterman, Moorefield



Mrs George Bensenhaver died at her home in South Moorefield Mon morning, after an illness extending over a period of several months, from a complication of diseases.

For many years deceased lived, with her husband, on their farm up the river and her home was ever open to her friends, and no one in want was turned from her door.  Those who enjoyed the privilege of her friendship are better because of her life.

Mrs Bensenhaver was about 72 years of age and is survived by her husband and one daughter, Mrs Chas E Vance, besides a number of other relatives.

Funeral services were held at her late home yesterday morning, conducted by the Rev S O Hall, and burial was made at the Newhouse graveyard.



Services at Perus March ? at 3:30.  G A Hetrick

For Sale, One bay horse weight 1400 lbs, 7 yrs old; Will trade for a saddle horse.  Clarence See, Moorefield.

Wade H Clindinst of Junction Hampshire Co has field a petition in bankruptcy with liabilities of $2,458.68 and assets of $275.

Dr M P Brown of Davenport Iowa fell dead in the Co Treasurers office shortly after being told the amount of his taxes.  He was 75 years old.

Judge H Roy Waugh of Elkins sentence James Sarce of Weaver to pay a fine of $1000 and serve 5 years in the penitentiary for “Moon shining”.

The sale of S C Swisher’s personal property on March 25 has been called off.

For Sale: 2 horses, 2 fresh cows, 24 goats, pure Plymouth Rock eggs, 16 for 50c.  Geo Hoke, Rock Oak WV.



Mar 13

D Hinegardner is very sick in his home in the Cove.

*een Miller, who has been very sick for several weeks, we are glad to say is improving.

Delbert Funkhouser, who has been sick with a cold, is better at this writing.

Mrs I R Fishel, Mrs C S Renner and Miss Sarah Renner spent Thurs at C Strawderman.

Mrs Howard Beals entertained a few friends at a dinner Thurs.  Among those present were:  Mrs. a D Walker, Mrs Margaret Bollinger, Mrs Rebekah Brumback; Mrs Mabel Funkhouser, Mrs Barbra Miller, Mrs Claudia Marston, Mrs Lottie Marston and Miss Della Fishel.