(This article was taken from "The History of Keyser, WV 1737 - 1913" by William W. Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe served as the local historian and genealogist for local residents, past and present. )

The Paddytown Company Battalion of the 77th Regiment and 3rd Division of the Virginia Militia held drills and muster days in Keyser. A favorite place for these was a large grove of trees, in which was a spring, where St. Francis School stands today. The actual drilling was in a Mosley field where the B&O RR machine shops were later situated. These muster days were holiday outings much like picnics, whole families attending. the local name of this militia was the "Buck Tails"and the "Paddytown Buck Tails".
One of the Muster Rolls of the Buck Tails has survived and is as follows:

"Muster Roll of the Paddytown Company for 1843. Date of Commission 25th August 1830. The Paddytown company Battalion, 77th Regiment and 3rd Division Virginia Militia, April 1843."

Maredeth Adams

Henry Fleek

Joseph Perkins

Samuel Arnold

Jacob Fleek, Jr.

James Powell

Richard Baker

Peter Fleek

William H. Rafter

John Baley

John Fridley

Edward Ravenscraft

William Boley

Edward Gilpin

Harmon Ravenscraft

Lawrence Burns

Moses Greenwade

James Ravenscraft

Samuel Byser

John Haggerty

John Ravenscraft

Amos Culp

Jacob Hart

Nicholas Ravenscraft

James Culp

John T. Hart

James Rogers

Sephns Culp

Thomas I. Hooper

John S. Rogers

Thomas Daniels

Michael Hull

John T. Shingleton

James Davis

Thomas Hull

John Spencer

James H. Dawson

Noah James

Othey Spencer

William Dawson

William James

Peter Umstot

Wileby Dean

Silas Lees

Simon Umstot

Johnson Dobbins

Sheldon Long

John Urice

Thomas Dobbins

Francis Martin

Soloman Urice

Vans Dobbins

Joseph Martin

William Urice

Soloman Ellifritz

David Miller

John T. Ward

Arthur Fleek

Jacob Miller

John Waxler

Edward Fleek

William H. Nesbit

John Wineour

Special thanks to Mr. Robert L. Smith for allowing us to use Mr. Wolfe's work on the Mineral County Site.