There is a story that goes along with this map.

Bill Good, a Mineral County researcher, contacted me informing that Wilmer Kerns had in his possession a copy of a 1749 road petition from the Patterson's Creek settlers To the court in Winchester. He stated Mr Kerns was willing to donate his map to an organization that would care for it. I contacted Mr Kerns, and indeed this was his wishes.

Mr Kerns stated that "The survey map of Patterson's Creek Settlement by James Genn (George Washington was NOT the surveyor as many say he was) prior to Fairfax issuing grants in 1748-1749, is " THE LOST MAP" that Charles Morrison and many other historians made reference to over the years, that they never found. There were 23 lots, numbered 1-22 plus a lot numbered X, which Fairfax had reserved for his good friend Capt. John Greenfield of the British Isles."

Mr Kerns also states: "By the way, the Patterson's Creek Settlement is not the same as the Manor. Morrison published the map of the manor and sought the other map for his entire later life. I wrote to him several months before he died in Pennsylvania, and told him that I have the map and that we would get together soon. He answered me, but he died before we could arrange a time to meet.

Mr Kerns had tried to interest several people in regards to the map for many years, but his generosity was ignored.

At this time, the Mineral County Historical Society was in the process of acquiring the Carskadon Mansion. I connected Mr Kerns with Jack Sanders. The map was handed over to the Mineral County Historical Society.

The map is currently being stored awaiting its placement in the Carskadon Mansion. Frank and Linda Roleff allowed me to photograph the map. Unfortunately, this was the first photo adventure with my digital camera, and the images are not good quality.

The Mineral County Historical Society is currently in the process of copying the map, and will be selling them when it is completed. I will inform you when this project is finished and the maps are available for purchase.

Until that time, here is a preview of the map.