Better known as Dill, Hench, Dromgood and Schull, purchased the timber rights from the Manor Mining Co of Baltimore. E S Schull was the manager.
The company built a saw mill, store and a small town. This was begun in 1894, and closed in 1899.
Little cutting was done on the West Virginia side, but a bridge was built across the Potomac and a narrow guage railroad was built up Wolfden, and all the way up Lost Land Run. A steam engine was used.
The Blaine Coal Co was formed and the first coal mined in 1897.
The company built a power house, company store, post office and a two room school.
There were about 25 double houses, and 7 single homes.
As the coal went, the town went. Only 6 or 7 homes remain.
Potomac Manor is about one mile west of Blaine.
The store was operated by the mines.
Miners were paid in Federal Currency every two weeks, however, if they ran short between paydays, they could draw an order from the office of the Company.
Exchange coupons were made of brass, aluminum, etc., and were known as coupons, script, chinky tin, and could only be used in the company store.
The only access to or from the store was by train or by walking. To make the trip by foot, one had to walk by the railroad, climb a bank, cross a tipple and upon steps.
The first automobile came in the late 1930's, after the lower half of the bridge was decked.
When coal was moved, it crossed the top deck.
The bridge was built jointly by Garrett Co and the Coal Co to keep hucksters out of the bottom.
The bridge was built in the middle 1930's. At that time, the mine was worked by Jim and George Boyd, who made their own electricity for the mines and the town.