1836 - 1837 - 1838 - 1839

31 July 1838

Joseph Ludwick, Daniel Taylor Jr, Edward Taylor
Simon Taylor marries Margaret Davis

29 Sept 1838

Samuel Vandiver offers for sale "Oak Hill" on Patterson Creek

6 Oct 1838

Nathaniel Kuykendall advertises hack to Clarksburg

Jan & Feb 1837

William Leigh, Mrs. Mary I Thomas wants to rent their land, part of the Patterson Creek (Fairfax) Manor

13 April 1839

Luke Kuykendall advertises "Cavalry Parade" for Frankfort

25 Nov 1837

General Duff Green announces that he is leaving to practice law in Texas

29 Sept 1838

Peter Alkire married Alcinda Howard (Dau. James)

George Shell dies at 100 yrs & 4 mo.

6 Oct 1838

Conrad Umstot

John Mcllwee, taylor, advertises for 2 boys to lear taylor trade

Benjamin, Administrator of James Parker (1st) advertisement giving list of Parker family

Advertisement gives the Cunnigham family

13 Oct 1838

Joseph McNemar married Mary Smith (dau. Henry)

20 Oct 1838

Notice of Frankfort Races

27 Oct 1838

Parkersburg paper has article on NW Turnpike

John J Hardy marries Julia Ann Case

3 Nov 1838

Davis Pugh administrator of Mishael Pugh

10 Nov 1838

Phn P Wilson executor of Wm Wilson vs Fredrick Sheetz

17 Nov 1838

William Welch advertised land at Ridgeville

1 Dec 1838

Biography of Isaac Vanmeter

22 Dec 1838

Washington Davy marries Slaventher
Joseph Taylor married to Miss High (Dau Susan)

31 Jan 1839

Act introduced in General Assemble of VA by C J Faulkner to get more money for NW Turnpike

31 Jan 1839

Death of Mrs Bashary Brady mother of Mrs S D Brady, age 88

Salmon Arnold married to Susan Urice

31 Jan 1839

Advertisement of opening road (Capon & North Branch
Henry Lease's tavern, Wm A Heiskell, Frankfort, Treas

7 Feb 1839

Dr. Jacob Fisher dies

14 Feb 1839

Layton S Cundiff announces for General Assembly

21 Feb 1839

Col James Allen announces for General Assembly

28 Feb 1839

Garret Blue announces for General Assembly

George Barrick and Elizabeth Parris married

1 July 1837

Notice of death of Richard Addison (soldier of Revolution at Paddy Town)

Henry Wagoner & Rutty E Rankin married

John Wineow & Catherine Dulin married

Sale of Daniel Hollenback land

8 July 1837

Burlington (Fars) offered for sale

4th July celebration near Ridgeville WV

Gilbert's 4th July Celebration
Welch, Cundiff & Addison soldiers of the Revolution

William Kuykendall, son of Isaac, wounded by Indians at Santa Fe

22 July 1838

Meeting of citizens of Hampshire & Hardy called to consider navigation of South Branch

21 June 1837

Snow fell on Ashe County NC

29 July 1837

Letter from Samuel H Davis

C&O Canal being built from Hancock MD to Cumberland

Samuel Trentor to Nancy Mintsliger

5 Aug 1837

Announcement that Col C Crozet will be over the NW Turnpike soon

Rev Mulledy

12 Aug 1837

William Kuykendall writes and tells of his experiences in being robbed by a band of Indians near Santa Fe

Estate of Jacob Myers, near Burlington for sale

Patterson Creek Baptist to meet with Zion Baptist ten miles north of Romney on the Friday before the 2d Lords Day

3 (?31) Aug 1837

Wm Ryan married Rebecca Bean

Solomon D Parker wants to rent the Tavern of Norman Urton

7 Mar 1837

Cavalry parade of 77th VA Regiment at Benj. Parkers on Patterson Creek, Luke Kuykendall, Capt.