No profession has made more rapid changes or has received more attention from inventors of intricate appliances during recent years than has that of the veterinary.
  The brightest minds of the scientific world have devoted time and ability to solving problems in veterinary surgery and dentistry. today such a degree of perfection has been attained that diseases and accidents, heretofore, considered incurable, yield in a surprisingly short time, to the skillful treatment of a modern and up-to-date practitioner of this profession.
  The change has been striking indeed. formerly anyone with a slight knowledge of a few simple remedies could set up as a "horse doctor" and was believed good enough to be entrusted with the most complicated and serious cases. Now it requires aside form a natural inclination, the study of years and the expense of the college courses before a veterinary is considered fitted for practice. the result is that the stockmen and farmers in general have sensibly come to rely on such services, and animals have been saved and diseases checked which under old conditions would have been hopeless cases.
  Mineral county is fortunate in locating here of S E Hershey, whose office is at C P Grimes livery stable, on Armstrong St. Mr Hershey was born and raised on his father's farm, two miles from Hagerstown, Md and early evinced not ? a love for horses, but an ambition to become a veterinary surgeon. Had it not been for parental opposition, he would have begun the study for this profession ten years sooner than he did.
  In 1892, Mr Hershey traveled extensively with a veterinary surgeon and horse trainer in Va, Md, Pa and this state handling the worst horses obtainable, and then for about a year he continued training horses in the vicinity of Hagerstown. The experience gained during these two years sparred his ambition, and in the fall of 1894, he entered the Md Veterinary Hospital at Baltimore as house surgeon, remaining a full year. This brought him unlimited practice, as from thirty to sixty injured or ill horses were under treatment at all times. Mr Hershey next attended and graduated form the McPherson Dental College at Toronto, Canada, afterward taking a full course in the Queen's University Veterinary Dept at Kingston, Ont, graduating in 1897. To ? his usual education he has since added a post graduate course at the US College of Veterinary Surgeons, Washington DC.
  Few veterinarians in the entire country have had so thorough a preparation for their life work. Mr Hershey opened his office in Keyser Feb 14th last, and has already proven his skill in this vicinity. One notable operation was made for Peter Biser of Beaver run, on a five day old colt, suffering from strangulated scrotal hernia. This operation was successful in every way, and is one of the most difficult ones connected with the practice. Mr Hershey has since quieted a scare in Old Fields, testing a steer for tuberculosis, which he demonstrated was a wrong diagnosis of the trouble.
  While stock in Mineral and adjoining counties has been singularly free from disease, an epidemic might start at any time, and in the past years some losses have been experienced, from infections and contagious infections, Actinomycosis or lump jaw is incurable, but if measures are taken in time, infection can be prevented and the beef of the animal used.
  Aphta-epizootic or foot and mouth disease is much dreaded by stockmen. It is very infectious, but is even curable if attended to at once on its appearance.
  Black quarter, or to give its scientific name "charlson symtomatique" is also extremely infectious,and equally controlled by promptly treatment.
  Any of these diseases is apt to appear at almost any time of the year and is usually fully developed when discovered. Prompt treatment alone will then save the herd.
  Sensible stockmen and farmers will appreciate having at hand a thorough veterinary, capable of handling the most complicated cases, and whose services if secured in time will tend to keep in check in this section those diseases of cattle, hogs and horses, which have proven so prevalent in other potions of the state. Mr Hershey's services can be obtained at very reasonable rates, and a call or postal will bring him to any point in Mineral or adjacent counties.
  He has facilities for taking care of horses during treatment, which is quite a convenience to parties living at a distance, and saves the expense and trouble of making frequent trips, when time is necessary to a cure. Mr Hershey, as well, is an expert at breaking colts, subduing and making gentle the most vicious animal.