Located at “Seymour Bottom”, Frankfort District

Mineral County, West Virginia

transcribed by Mark>




Granite Stone (glossy) 8’high



Carrie S. Brady b. Nov. 17,1844 d. Dec.31,1906


John C. Brady b. April 29,1843 d.July 12,1910


Granite Stone (glossy) 3’high

James Smith Brady died age 28, March 28,1900


Concrete Stone (dull) 1’high

Mary Catherine Brady died May 7,1883


Another stone not able to read? Brady died Feb.18,188?


Granite Stone (glossy) 6’high


Elizabeth A. Seymour died May 30,1885 age 70yr.1mo., 13 days


Felix R. Seymour died Nov. 1887 age 77yr., 9mos.,6 days


Granite Stone (glossy) 3’high

Herbert Felix Seymour 1893-1910 (drowned at Brady Station)


Granite Stone (glossy) 3’ high

Margaret McNeil 1840-1906


Granite Stone (glossy) 7’high

James Seymour b.Aug.18,1833 d. Sept.16,1896 age 63yrs.,20days


Concrete (dull) 2’high

B.J.Carr b. May 9,1927 d. Feb.28,1929


Concrete (dull) 18” high

William R. Seymour s/o F.R. Seymour died April 18,1861 age 10months 15 days





This land was originally known as “Anderson Bottom” after the original landowner William Anderson a

Revolutionary War soldier. William lived on this tract during the French and Indian War.