I was conducting some private research and copied a couple pages from the paper.
I'm posting some articles that were included in those pages in case they help someone else.
If anyone else has any papers they would like to transcribe articles from, I would love to include them.


Aug 1, 1839


  On Saturday evening last, of bilious fever, after a short illness, LACY ANN CARLYLE, in the 17th year of her age, daughter of Mr Isaac Carlyle, of this county.

-On the 2nd ult., on New Creek, in this county, of the Dysentery, MISS ELIZABETH JANNEY, in about the 50th year of her age.

- On the 13th ult, of the same disease, ISAAC TRENTOR, son of Joshua Trentor of this county.

- On Tuesday morning, 23rd ult, JAMES CYRUS, infant son of WILLIAM E & AN LARIMORE, aged about two months.

"Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

- In Cumberland, on the 25th ult, after a few days illness, JOHN BURBRIDGE, Esq in the 69th year of his age, an old and respectable man.

 - On the 15th ult, near Lewisburg, MR WILLIAM STEENBERGEN, of Shenandoah County, in the 73rd year of his age.



  By virtue of a deed of trust executed by Phillip P. Cook to the subscriber, for the benefit of John Myers, I will offer for sale, before the Couthouse door in Romney, to the highest bidder, for CASH on MONDAY the 26th day of AUGUST, inst., (being court day),

Three Negro Slaves

Named Daniel, George and Charles. Said slaves are hired until the 25th December next, and will be sold subject to the hire from the day of sale until that day.
August 1, 1839


Would respectfully inform the citizens of Romney and the public generally, that they have commenced.

THE TAILORING BUSINESS, is the Room adjoining Miss ARMSTRONG'S HOTEL, where they will execute all work in their line of business, in a NEAT and FASHIONABLE MANNER, and not to be surpassed in this section of the country. They hope by constant endeavors to please, and close application to business, to merit a share of public patronage.
One of the firm has recently returned from the Eastern Cities. They will receive the London and New York Fashions.
Romney, July 25, 1839


The subscriber will sell at public sale, to the highest bider, before the Courthouse door, in Romney, Monday the 26th day of August, being court day, his farm, containing 439 acres, known by the name of "Bruce's Pasture" within two miles and a half of Romney.
The farm is well watered, and contains a fine situation for a Tanyard and a Distillery, and has on it a large stonehouse, 32 feet long by 24 feet wide, under roof, not finished with a Still-house, in the basement story - also a good stone Spring House, with other improvements. There is also a large Peach and Apple Orchard on the farm. It is well timbered and it is supposed by many, from indications, that there is Coal on the land.
The terms of sale will be made known the day of the sale.
Hamp Co, July 25, 1839, tds.


All rules held in the Clerk's office of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery in the county of Hardy, in Moorefield, on the first Monday on July, 1839.

Valentine Simmons, plaintiff, against Isaac Parsons and James Parson, administrator with the will annexed of James Parsons, dec'd defendants, IN CHANCERY.
The defendant Isaac Parsons, not having entered his appearance and given security according to the act of Assembly and the rules of this Court, and it appearing by satisfactory evidence that he is not an inhabitant of this county; It is ordered, that the said defendant do appear here on the first day of the next term of said Court, and answer the bill of the plaintiff; and that a copy of this order be forwith inserted in some newspaper, published in Romney, for two months successively, and that a copy, be posted at the front door of the court house of said county of Hardy&ldots;.(all that is copied).

Dec 23, 1837


  We have now to record the death of one of the old Patriarchs of the South of the Potomac, ISAAC VANMETER, Esq, departed this life at his residence in Hardy County, on the night of the 13th inst. His age was upwards of eighty years. It may be said of him that he descended to the grave like a shock of corn fully ripe, leaving behind him a large number of descendents in whom he was as happy as it falls to the lot of most men to be in this world; to whom he was more and more endeared to the last, while they clustered round him with all that filial love, tender regard, and veneration, to which, he was so well entitled & tho' he had been spared to them beyond the ordinary period of human life, his death afflicted them, with he keenest distress. During his life, all the transactions in which as a man of a large property, he was of course engaged, no man ever had cause of complaint against him. He well deserved the confidence and esteem of his fellow citizens, which from the earliest period of his life he so fully possessed. As a justice of he peace for his county, he was venerated for his intelligence, uprightness & humanity and as a proof of the well merited confidence of his fellow citizens, he was elected as a member of the Convention for the State of Va, to which the Federal Constitution was submitted for adoption or rejection in 1788, and wisely voted for its adoption, against all the thunder of the eloquence of Patrick Henry; and was frequently elected as a member of Legislature of Va, both before and after that period, when higher qualifications were sought for to fill that station than are at the present time. Wise and judicious benevolent and kind, he never said or did anything willfully to hurt the feelings of a human being. Always charitable to the poor; as a professor of the Christian religion he aided most liberally every institution which had the amelioration of the condition of man, or the propagation of that religion for its object; and he died in the cheering and consolatory hope which that religion inspires.
 He was one among the last, if not entirely, the last of the old stock of inhabitants who occupied the South Branch Manor at an early day, when the savages frequently drenched those fertile lands in their blood. And, although in the course of nature his death was to be expected, yet it seems to sound like the fall of the last tall oak of the forest, whilst a younger growth were shooting up vigorously around him. His grand-father was one of the first who discovered that garden spot of Virginia, and he succeeded in appropriating to himself a large and choice portion of those rich lands; and although he fell a victim to savage ferocity, the greatest part of his acquisition remains with his descendants to the present time, along with other acquisitions of their own; From the high esteem and regard which the winter of this obituary lies for the subject thereof he has been induced to give this small portion of his history, knowing that the same sentiment will e reciprocated by all who knew the deceased.

Died on Friday, the 15th, inst, at his residence on Mill Creek, in this county, MR FREDERICK FINK, a man highly respected and beloved in the 85th year of his age.

In New Orleans, city, recently, Mr SAMUEL R DEW, son of Mr John Dew, dec'd of this county.


  The subcribers caution all persons from trading for two promisary Notes, given by them to JOHN EVERHART, one dated the 24th day of October 1837, for the sum of One Hundred and eighty Dollars, and the other dated a few days previous, for the sum of Fifty Dollars, which notes we are determined not to pay, as we were deceived by said Everhart, and have not received value for the same.
Hamps Co, on Dec 23, 1837

  All persons indebted to the Estate of JOHN JACK, dec'd, are requested to make payment before February Court, as the situation of the Estate will not admit of longer indulgence; and all clams remaining unpaid at that time, will be immediately placed in a proper train for collection, without respect to persons.

DAVID GIBSON, Executor of John Jack, dec'd.
Romney, Dec 16, 1837


  The troop of Cavalry of the 77th Regiment, Virginia Militia, will parade in Romney.
  On Saturday the 30th of the month. A full attendance is required as business of importance to the Company will be transacted.
December 16, 1837


  I hereby give notice to those indebted to me to come forward and discharge the same. For I have a wish to pay all those to whom I am indebted. All my claims remaining unsettled after January Court next, will be placed, in Officer's hands for collection. So look out.. I now tell you that I am determined to take a "fresh start" in business in Romney. For past favours I return my thanks.
December 16, 1837


  The Slaves belonging to the Estate of Norman Urton, dec'd consisting of WOMEN, BOYS & CHILDREN will be hired at the residence of Mrs Bersheba Urton, on Monday the 25th of December next, for one year.
S D PARKER, Guardian fo the Orphans
Nov 25, 183tdh.

April 10, 1867


  On the 3rd inst, but the Reev Mr Dickinson, MR MARTIN V KEISTER to MISS OUISE EVICK, daughter of Mr Wm Evick, all of Pendleton County.


  In this town, on the morning of the 13th inst, at the residence of Mr William Davis, after a lingering illness. MR ENOCH BARKER, in the 83rd year of his age. He was for many years a resident of this town.

  On the 9th ist, at his residence in Hardy county, of Dropsy, MR WILLIAM MULLIN, in about the 50h year of his age.

  At the residence of his father, in this county, on the 11th inst, JAMES HENRY PETERS, son of William C. and Susan Peters, in the 4th year of his age. His remains were brought to this place and interred in "Indian Mound Cemetery." He was a sprightly and interesting child. The Saviour invites little children to Come unto Him, and Jimmie has, in obedience to the summons, gone to rest in his heavenly home.

  On the 9th, inst, at the residence of her son, Mr D B Cunningham, of Hardy County, MRS SALLIE CUNNINGHAM, widow of the late William Cunningham, aged about 70 years.


 Announces to the citizens of Hampshire and surrounding counties, that he is prepared to carry on the above business in all its branches. Any orders, by mail, through the Post Office of left at Baker & Greitzner's Store, will be promptly attended to. Terms moderate.
PETER MILLER, Romney, March 29, 1967


Awarded First Prize, Grand Gold Medal, at the Great National Field Trial, held at auburn NY, July 1866.
For perfect work, lightness of draft, freedom from side draft, superiority in mechanical construction, facility of management, portability, strength and durability.
The combined Mower and Reaper, Droper, a complete success.
For particulars refer to A B McCarty, Esq, Black Oak Md, or Joseph C McCarty, Esq, New Creek W Va, who have thoroughly tested them
Manufactured by C AULTMAN & C
March 15, 1867 Canton Ohio


  All persons indebted to the Estate of John M Pancake, dec'd, will please come forward and pay up as longer indulgence cannot be given&ldots;&ldots;


There will be a meeting of the Ladies Memorial Association, at the Lecture Room of the Presbyterian Church in Romney, On Sat, the 27th day of April, 1867, at 2 o'clock, PM.

  All member, country and town, are most earnestly requested to be present, as business of the utmost importance will be transacted, in relating to the immediate expenditure of the funds in he hands of the Treasurer.
 NELLIE E WHITE, President

April 5, 1861


  In the Green Spring ?, on the 26th of March by Rev M Raymond, JOSEPH S FISHER, of Bath, Morgan County, and MISS MARY BELER QUINN, of this county,

  On Wednesday last, in the German Reformed Church in Sharpsburg Md, by Reev John A Adams, DR JOSHUA GREGG GIBSON Esq, to MISS ALICE H GROVE, eldest daughter of Jacob Grove, Esq, of Sharpsburg Md.

  On the 26th, By the Rev James Beaty, MR EDMUND W BGGS, of Pendleton County to MISS REBECA L SCHULTZ, of Hardy County.

  On the 28th, ult, by the Rev Wm Michael, MR MOSES FEASTER to MISS CATHARINE ROBEY, all of Grant County.


  On Mill Creek, in this County, on Saturday last, MISS CATHARINE HIGH, In about the ?60th year of her age.

  On North River, in this county, on the 26th ult, of consumption, MR HENRY RICHARDS, in about the 70th year of his age.

  In Grant County, on Thursday the 28th, ult, MRS ELIZABETH GROVES, consort of Mr Zebulon D. Groves, aged 36 years.


John Hammock, Adminsitrator, complainants vs Jonathan Lovett's Administrator and heirs, dependants.
  In this cause it was at the late March term of said court decreed, that this cause be referred to a Commissioner of the court who shall settle the accounts of Jonathan Lovett, de'cd and report specially, the debts in his hands liable to the payments of debts, he must also report what real estate said Jonathan Lovett died seized of or which may be ? for the payment of his debts in the power of the court, he shall also ascertain and report the debts with which the real and personal of said Jonathan Lovett deceased, is chargeable, and publication and notice of the time and place of the commissioners acting under this decree, in the Romney newspaper, together with the posting of said notice at the front door of the courthouse.. March 22, 1867
In the Circuit Court of Hampshire County,
George Milleson complaints vs John H Largent's widow and heirs and defendants.
&ldots;&ldots;.March 2, 1867.

September 26, 1839


  At North River Mills, Hampshire County, Virginia, one the 3rd inst, by the Rev John Arnold, MR JOSEPH B MARRIN to MISS MARY E LOUTHAN, eldest daughter of Walker Louthan, Esq, both of this county.

  On the 12th inst, by the same, MR DANIEL LOY to MISS SEDENIA HEAR, daughter of Mr James Hear, both of this county.

  On the 15th instant, by the Rev James Watts, MR JACOB RIDGEWAY to MISS NANCY HIGH, both of this county.


  Died, at his residence near Sprigfield, CAPTAIN SAMUEL ABERNATHY, in about the 91st year of his age. The deceased was a native of Pennsylvania and a soldier of the Revolution. In company with his brother the late Mr William Abernathy, he came to that place then a wilderness, soon after the close of the Revolution war where he has resided ever since. He sustained all the relations of social life beloved and respected - served his country and his generation faithfully - lived to see a flourishing village spring up, and a new generation of men to arise, and left a numerous family of his descendants to mourn him.

Time rolls his ceaseless course, the race of yore
Who danc'd our infancy upon their knee
And told our wondering boyhood legends store
Of dangers happen'd by land or sea."
How they are blotted from the things that be.


In this borough, yesterday morning in the 34th year of his age, MR WILLIAM WASHABAUGH, leaving a wife and four children to deplore the loss of an affectionate and tender husband and parent, which we trust "He who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb." Will guide and protect.
Chambersburg Repository, Sept 17.

In Peoria County, Illinois, on the 29th, ult, MR ISAAC MILLERSON, aged about 55, formerly of this county.


  The partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned is this day dissolved by limitation, and a determination of one of the concern to go West, renders it necessary to close their business as speedily as possible. They therefore request all who are indebted to them by open account or otherwise, to come forward and settle without delay.

Moorefield, Sept 19, 1839


  The subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the public generally, that they have formed a Co-partnership under the Firm DAILY & CUNNINGHAM and hope by attention to business to receive a share of their patronage.
Moorefield, Sept 19, 1839


Will be held on Monday the 7th of October, next at the residence of the widow Janney, on New Creek.

5 or 6 head of Horses
15 or 20 Head of Cattle
30 Sheep and Hogs
A quantity of Corn in the field
Wheat and Oats in the straw
Farming Utensils
Household and Kitchen Furniture.

A credit of six months will be given on all sums over Three Dollars, the purchaser giving bond, and security; for that sum and under the Cash will be required.
GEORGE BARRICK, Administrator of Elizabeth Janney, dec'd.
New Creek, Hamp Co, Sept 19


  All persons indebted to the Estate of William Reese, dec'd, by bond or otherwise are respectfully requested to discharge the same by the 20th of the present month, as longer indulgence cannot be given&ldots;.SILAS REESE, Adm'r of Wm Reese, Dec'd.
Sept 12

The subscribers offers for rent, for a term of years, her Fulling and Saw Mills, contiguous to Moorefield in Hardy Co, Va.
Their desirable location in the midst of a fertile and business country, and immediately adjacent to Moorefield, present the strongest inducements to those solicitors to embark in such employments, and afford assurance of success and profit. She offers of sale the entire Machinery, in complete order, requisite to carry on the Cardling Machine to any one known upon application to the subscriber, who resides near the premises.
PATSEY CUNNINGHAM, Moorefield, Sept 12.


  The subscriber will offer at public auction on the premises, on the 19th day of October near his farm, containing 187 acres, with 75 acres cleared, 10 of which is good Meadow. ON this farm there is a good dwelling house with other out buildings. Also a good small mill.
  The land lies in Hampshire County, four miles northwest from the North River Mills on Crooked Run, adjoining Mr Solomon Offutt and Mr Martin Foltz. The purchaser can have possession to put in a crop of small grain this fall. The terms of sale will be made known, on the day of sale.
Sept 5, 1839


  A general meeting of the Stockholders of the Cacapon and North Branch Turnpike Co, will be held at the house of Charles S Taylor, on Sat the 5th of Oct, for the purpose of electing a president and 5 directors for the ensuing year.