MAY 22, 1914




Sunday School, 9:45 am. Morning Worship 11:00 am. Mrs Helen Beegle field secretary of the Womans Home and Foreign Missionary Society will make an address. The public is welcomed. C E 7:00 pm. The evening service will be at the High School Auditorium, the congregation uniting in this. Rev H F Baughman, Pastor.



There will be divine services in Emmanuel church on May 24, the Sunday after Ascension as follows:

Sunday School—Mr C M Miller, Supt, 9:45am

Owing to the recent directions of the Keyser Board of Health, only those over 12 years of age will be expected to attend Sunday School and Church.

Morning Prayer—Ante Communion, and sermon 11 o’clock.

The public are most cordially invited to attend all of these services. R E L Strider, Rector.



The following is the result of the Primary Election held in the City of Keyser on May 19, 1914.

J L Frost, 107 votes

E V Romig, 127

A J Keenan, 97

The above names will appear on the Ballot of the General Election to be held on the 2nd day of June, 1914.

L M Bomberger

City Clerk



Notice is hereby given that bids will be received at the Clerk’s office of the County Court of Mineral County, until Monday, June 1st, 1914, for the erection of a re-enforced concrete arch bridge over Pattersons Creek near the residence of A V Kiser, or what is known as Davis Ford. Said bridge to be 100 feet long (two span) with 14 foot roadway and 17 feet above low water mark. All bids must be in by 9 o’clock am on above date. The Court reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Drawings can be seen at the Clerk’s office. By order of the Court, J V Bell, Clerk.



Potomac Company No 17, Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias, will hold a fair in their Armory May 28, 29 and 30th.



The Knights of Pythias will celebrate Decoration Day with a big parade in the afternoon and with a full turnout of the Band. All secret orders of the city are invited to participate in this occasion and a big turnout is expected.



The High School authorities have been fortunate in securing the services of Hon A S Goldsboro, of Baltimore, to deliver the commencement address this year. Mr Goldsboro is secretary to the Industrial Commission of Baltimore City and is editor of the Municipal Journal. He is a polished orator and the school is fortunate in securing his service. He will talk to the graduates on the subject, “A Word Or Two Before The Real Battle Begins.”



Dr H McS Gamble, Dr G S Gochenour, Dr P W Horton, of Moorefield, Hardy Co, were here Monday and Tuesday. Dr Gochenhour and Dr Horton received the chapter degree in Keyser. R A Chapter also Will Fredlock of Piedmont. Dr Gamble is the past G H P of the G C of W Va, served in the year 1874 and 1875. He is now and has been for the last 20 years a member of Keyser Chapter. This Chapter is very proud of such a distinguished member who was one of the brightest Masons in the State, but is quite feeble now. He is 76 years old and served as Sergeant in the Confederate Army all through the war and had several visitors from Piedmont after the Chapter was closed. All repaired to Hotel Stotler where refreshments were served after which the 3 doctors left in Dr Horton’s auto for Moorefield at 12 o’clock Tuesday night. This Chapter would like to  have the worthy companion come often. This chapter will elect and install its officers on the 24th of July and would like to have as many as can to be present at this convocation.



To Proprietors of Hotels, Restaurants and Eating Houses

Your attention is respectfully called to the provisions of an Act passed by the last Legislature creating the office of Hotel Inspector and providing for the inspection of hotels and restaurants.

Section 6 of said Act, provides as follows:

“No license to keep a hotel or tavern, eating house or restaurant, and no certificate for such license shall hereafter be authorized or issued unless there be first filed in the County Court to which application therefor is made, a certificate of inspection or permit granted by the hotel inspector as provided in this act. Every such license shall bear on its face a reference to such certificate of inspection or permit.”

Application should be made to A D Sees, Hotel Inspector, Huntington, W Va.

It is important that you give this matter your prompt attention.

J V Bell, Clerk County Court


An annual event in the pleasure annals of the people is the Decoration Day excursion, which the Western Maryland RR runs every year to pretty Pen Mar and historic Gettysburg and which this year will run Saturday, May 30th, and which promises to be greater and grander than ever. Everybody is going and a gala time is expected. At Pen Mar, which is right in the heart of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, there will be dancing, band concerts, together with myriad amusements and Coney Island attractions, together with boating and bathing in crystal Lake Royer. At Gettysburg there will be a big parade of the old veterans, an oration on the battlefield by U S Senator Clapp, together with sight seeing all day on the scene of the worlds greatest conflict, now masked with 400 magnificent monuments and a thousand points of historic interest. Ample accommodations will be provided for all at both places the legion of visitors will be royally welcomed.



Willis Freeze, of Martinsburg, passed away on the 18th. He leaves a wife, one child and his mother, Mrs Hoffman, who is a sister of J M Linthicum of this city.



By virtue of a certain deed of trust, executed on the 27th day of January, 1912, and admitted to record in the office of the Clerk of the County Court of Mineral, in Deed or Trust Book, No 6, pages 330, 331 and 332. I will sell at public sale to the highest and best bidder on the 13th day of June, 1914, beginning at 10 o’clock and 30 minutes, in the forenoon, all that Lot, or parcel of ground, known as Lot No 2, in Sharpless Addition to the town of Keyser, Mineral County, W Va. Beginning at a stake on Church street, and running thence with said street north 46 ½ degrees east 50 feet to a stake, then running back south 43 ½ degrees east 159 feet and 8 inches to Fairview Alley, thence, with said alley south 44 ½ degrees west 46 feet and 9 inches to Gerstells corner; thence, north 43 ¾ degrees west, 162 feet to the beginning being the same property conveyed unto said John M Liller and Maggie M Liller, his wife, by Samuel N Moore and Wife, by deed dated October 12th, 1903 and recorded in the office of Clerk of County Court of Mineral County aforesaid in deed book 26 pages 92 and 93, given by said parties of the first part to secure the payment on or before the first day of January 1920, by the parties of the first part to the Real Estate and Improvement Co of Baltimore City, Md, of the sum of $3396.56 and the said John M Liller and Maggie M Liller having made default in the payment of said sum the said property will be sold on the 13th of June, 1914, at 10:30am.


1/3 of the purchase money in cash on the day of sale, 1/3 of the same with 6% interest thereon, on the 13th day of June, 1915, and 1/3 of said purchase money with 2 years interest on the 13th day of June, 1916. As the property is important, anyone wishing to inquire about it may do so by writing to Wm C Clayton, Keyser, W Va.

R S Barr, Trustee



Hampshire Review of May 20th

Miss Jean Dailey and Robert Baird spent Sunday with friends in Winchester.


Miss Mary Shannon, of Springfield, spent last Tuesday here with friends.


Atty J Sloan Kuykendall went to Charles Town Monday on legal business.


Miss Kate Brady, who has been visiting at Keyser for several days, returned home Monday.


James Wirgman came home Monday from Richmond for a visit to his parents Mr and Mrs W F Wirgman.


Rev G A Gibbons spent several days last week in Charles Town, attending the spring meeting of the Eastern Convocation.


G R Arnold, formerly of Pleasant Dale, this county, now bookkeeper for the Hagerstown Mail, spent several days at his home and returned to Hagerstown Monday.


Mr and Mrs G W S Grove left last Wednesday to visit Mr Grove’s old home at Shenandoah Junction. Mr Grove has just recovered from a severe attack of typhoid fever.


The camp in the Trough was broken into last Wednesday night and robbed. A lot of bed clothing, fishing tackle, etc, was taken.


C W Haines announced himself for reelection to the office of Clerk of the County Court. It is but mere justice to say that Mr Haines has been an efficient and popular officer and that fact is best evidenced by the further one that he has no opposition.


Arthur Slonaker announces himself as County Superintendent of Schools. Mr Slonaker was a candidate four years ago being second in the race. His recognized interest in the public schools and his ability will make him a formidable candidate.


Mrs Susan Wilson Moore Burkhart, wife of former State Senator R D Burkhart, died Thursday morning at her home, near Martinsburg. Death was due to a complication of diseases.


Among the officers elected by the Winchester Presbyterial which met in the Elk Branch Church at Duffields, Jefferson county, were Miss Lucilla Dailey, as secretary of local home missions and Miss Laura Gilkeson as secretary of education and ministerial relief. The meeting next year will be held at Petersburg.



Mr Elmer M Sheetz returned the latter part of last week from Charleston where he represented the Red Wolfe Tribe of Elk Garden in the Great Council.


Mrs Mary Kight was visiting her brothers home in Frostburg last week and returned Saturday.


Mr Roy Harris, of Clarksburg, visited his mother and baby sister last Sunday. He was accompanied by Miss May Herrington who remained this week.


Ashby Dixon and John Jones narrowly escaped serious injury in No 40 mine this week by a fall of coal. They escaped with slight injuries.


There will be an all day meeting in the M E Church, South, at Elk Garden Sunday May 31. Services will be held in the forenoon, afternoon and evening. Out of town speakers will be secured. Come and spend the day.


Baseball fever is developing. There was a game at Oakmont last Saturday.


On Thursday of last week, Harry, son of Lawrence Jones, had his right leg broken by a fall of rock in the Hamill Coal & Coke Co mine, near Kitzmiller, Md. The break was a compound fracture. He was taken to St Agnes hospital, Baltimore, and is doing well.


There was a large and enthusiastic congregation at the dedication of the new M E church at Dodson, Md, last Sunday. Rev John A Shockey had charge of the services and they had good singing, good speaking and a rousing good offering. The indebtedness was all met, one person giving $400. Quite a number attended from Elk Garden.





Miss Mary Nestor, who had been staying with her sister, Mrs E S Junkins, returned to her home at Nestorville last Monday.


Mr Jessie Sharpless, Cashier of the Gormania bank, was here on business one day last week.


Mr H C Homan sent a nice flock of sheep out his mountain farm last Friday.


All persons who have friends or relatives buried in Blake Chapel Cemetery are requested to meet there on May 30th and clean up the cemetery and decorate the graves.


Mr John Jose and family of Barnum who has been on a visit to her father, A J Shillingburg, went to Elk Garden to visit relatives last Friday.


Mr and Mrs H L Duling of Gorman visited his mother Mrs Minnie Duling last week.


Mr William Mowry of Oakmont was on business last Thursday.


Mr William Hilkey of Laurel Dale visited friends here last week. He was one of the boys who wore “The Blue” in the Civil War.


Mr W W Rogers of Blaine visited friends here last week.


If a cool May is any sign of a large wheat crop, as is often said, there certainly will be a bumper crop this year. There has been frost here for four consecutive nights this week.


Work at the mine near Emoryville has been very slack for some time. We suspect the operators are getting ready for cheap labor, but we hope not.


Some farmers have planted as many as 50 bushel of potatoes. If the season is not too dry, Elk District will have its banner crop.


If the “peanut” newspapers and politicians were as ready to commend the acts of the present administration as they are to condemn them. It looks to us as if the millenium would soon dawn. Cold water pourers were never more active than now. Let us all hope, if we do not pray for the disappointment of the calamity howlers.





The farmers are now wishing for rain.


Mr and Mrs H L Clause, Miss Mona and Charles Homan spent Sunday at Mr George Taylors at Purgittsville.


Mr Naman Hilkey, sister and nephew and Miss Margie McNeil, of Laurel Dale, were the guests of W E Amtower Sunday.


Mr and Mrs Ed Rush and Mr and Mrs Will Junkins, of Keyser, spent Sunday at J W Rawlings.


Mr and Mrs Floyd Ellifritz spent Sunday at A H Metcalfe.


Miss Lottie Smith spent Sunday with Miss Edna Clause.


Mr E O Rawlings spent from Saturday till Monday at Keyser.


Mrs H L Clause entertained a number of friends from Burlington Saturday evening.


Mr A H Metcalfe went to Keyser on business Tuesday.


Epworth League is progressing very nicely.


Sunday May 24 will be preaching day here.





Born, to Mr and Mrs W H Liller, a son.


Mr R B Bailey spent Thursday in Cumberland.


Mr and Mrs H G Bailey spent Friday in Keyser.


Gifts for graduates, Romig’s have many gift suggestions that will be appreciated.


Miss Kate Kennedy spent Wednesday afternoon in Piedmont.


Mr and Mrs Isaac Mills attended an all day meeting in Martinsburg Wednesday.


Miss Clara Renshaw spent Tuesday with friends in Keyser.


Mr Fred Ashenfelter is visiting friends at Swanton.


The young son of Mr and Mrs Patrick Dorsey, of Gilmore street, has a light attack of scarlet fever.


Mrs C L Wright of St Cloud street is visiting home folks in Oakland.


Romig’s are displaying some very pretty pieces in French Ivory. Just the thing for gifts to your graduating friends.


Mrs Rose Keady, of C street, is confined to her home by illness.


Mrs Edgar Tasker, of Reading, Pa, is visiting her husband who has been ill with rheumatism at the home of A M McKenzie on Spring street.


O C Jeffries, assistant state bank examiner, was here working on the books of the People’s Bank Monday.


Comrades F L Kimmell and Walter Lowery left yesterday for Moundsville where they will attend the encampment of the W Va Department of the G A R.


Give to your friend who graduates this spring, Symphony Lawn Stationary. Romig’s have it in papeteries and correspondence cards, several sizes and tints.


Mrs E A Kelley was a Cumberland visitor yesterday.


New Creek post, G A R, will hold its usual memorial services at Queen’s Point Cemetery, May 30 at 2 pm.


Misses Mary and Regina Burgess left Tuesday for Richmond, Va, to spend a few weeks with relatives. From there they will go to Portsmouth to spend the month of June.


Miss Leah Wolfe, who went to Newburg Sunday to attend the funeral of Engineer Fromhart, returned home Tuesday night.


Misses Elva Adams and Ella Wolfe spent Sunday at Waxler.


Dr Yeakley and family left Tuesday in their car for a few weeks stay in Virginia. They were accompanied as far as Winchester by Wm Crooks, who drove the car, as Dr Yeakley has not entirely recovered from his recent illness.


The Calendar Coterie met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs W C Long. The meeting was well attended after which refreshments were served.


Mr H W Wolfe spent Sunday in Grafton.


Choicy spring and summer dressings at very desirable prices. D Long & Son.


Get your fertilizers at Geo T Carskadons.


This time is now at hand for your Terra Cotta pipe. Frye & Son have a large stock on hand.


Be sure the plow you use is an Oliver Chilled. The best at Frye & Son.


Beautiful dress goods now on display. I M Long.


Evidently the women are not all “modern” and new, because writers for the household page are still telling how to clean and press father’s trousers.


I M Long have the lowest prices in town.


New line children’s dress 25c to $1.25 at Wilson’s.


Come in before the variety is lessened. Our dress goods are selling fast. D Long & Son.


The Oliver Plow! The plow that stands the test and sold by Frye & Son.


New line embroidery flouncing from 10c to $1.25 yd. At Wilson’s.


You make no mistake when buying dry goods from McCoole & Lyons.


Before buying summer underwear come and see our line. Plenty to select from. McCoole & Lyons.


A lady correspondent wants to know what kind of face powder to use. We prefer lemon flavor.


Screen doors and fly swatters are ready to use. See Frye & Son.


Another of the mysteries of life is why a girl would stick a patch of court plaster on her face and call it a beauty spot.


All kinds of country produce bought and sold at Geo T Carskadons.


Gifts for graduates, Romig’s have many gift suggestions that would be appreciated.


At Geo T Carskadon’s store you will find good shoes, the best, try them.


Keyser Tribune, $1.00 a year.


A fine selection of farm seeds. A large selection of grass seeds at Frye & Son’s store.


See the pretty styles at I M Long’s store.


Call in and see our select line of wearing apparel. You’ll be pleased. D Long & Son.


Do your banking business in Keyser.



Wanted—A purchaser for a desirable building lot, well located in McCoole. Price right for cash buyer, Inquire F&M Bank.



Write me when you have wool for sale.

Prices quoted later and sacks furnished.

David Ruckman, Phillippi, W Va



Two office rooms, nicely located, also a large hall. For information apply to H G Shores at the law offices of Taylor Morrison, Keyser, W Va



Horse, harness, buggy and trap. Horse well broke gentle and will work anywhere. A splendid driver, dark bay, weight about 1,500 lbs. See F G Davis.



8 room house with gas and city water on Spring street. $11 per month. T H Davis, Jeweler.


Girl wanted for general house work. Good wages. Reference required. Mrs J E Patchett.



With calf, Fresh Jersey Stock. Address L C Markwood, Burlington, W Va



W P Rocks. Eggs for Hatching. 75c per 15. J S Fleek, Reeses Mill, W Va



Three seated carriage (Cabriolet) in first class condition. Will sell cheap, or exchange for light wagon. W A Liller.



Stock in Richardson Furniture Co at a price which will net more than 6% on your investment at present rate of dividend. Also stock in Alkire Orchard Co. and Keyser Orchard Co, as I want to sell my interests here before moving away. Mrs H A Hutchinson. 27 Church street.



Five shares stock of Peoples Bank of Keyser at low price.



1 two-horse delivery wagon and 1 one horse turnball wagon. Both in good condition. L E Morran.



My combination driving and saddle mare, perfectly gentle and safe, fine disposition, suitable for family use, dark brown weight 1100. Two year old colt, bred from “Golden Eagle” Kentucky stock, dark bay, very promising. After stock is disposed of Rubber tire Phaeton seat buggy, good as new, set of steel tire wheels never used, Sleigh, buggy, harness, Somerset riding saddle, Bridle, Lap robes, Horse covers, etc.

C L Everhart

N Main street

Keyser, W Va















Repairing, Also Shoes Made to Order

At 180 Main St.

M, Linthicum



I will be at the Reynolds Hotel the second and last

Wednesday of every month from 1 until 3 o’clock pm.






Transients a Specialty

One day or 100 days $1.00 straight







Lives Saved at $1.00 Per Day




25 hp Tourist Car $750

25 hp Torpedo Runabout $725

35 hp Touring Car, Self Starter, Electric Lights $1225

Automobiles repaired, Automobile supplies,

Automobiles for hire. Second hand cars for sale.


Phone 31k

Keyser, W Va