JUNE 12, 1914


Mr George W Kildow, of this city, passed away Wednesday afternoon at 4:45 from illness incident to old age. Mr Kildow, had he lived until the 10th of November would have been 94 years of age. He was married twice and had celebrated his 50th anniversary with his second wife. Eight children were born to each marriage, nine girls and seven boys. His first wife was Miss Elsie Gugg, of Fayette county, Pa, and his second wife, who still survives, was Miss Rebecca Kalbaugh, of Bloomington, a daughter of Isaac Kalbaugh. He has great-great grandchildren, 16 children, 25 grandchildren, 22 great-grand children and one great-great grandchild. The children are scattered all over the United States, and only two of them live here, V H Kildow, at home, and Mrs L O Davis, of E Piedmont St. Mrs Geo C Patton, of Bloomington and Mrs H B Carroll of Piedmont, are daughters. The funeral services were held at the home on Church street at 1 o’clock this afternoon conducted by Rev S M Engle, of Ellicott City, Md. The funeral drove through to Piedmont, where it was met by the Odd Fellows of Philos Lodge of Westernport. They marched to Philos cemetery, Westernport, where the remains were laid to rest. Mr Kildow is the last charter member of Philos Lodge, having joined on May 8, 1855, and was the oldest Odd Fellow in the State.


We, the Democrats of Mineral County, W Va, in mass convention assembled this 6th day of June 1914, do hereby unanimously endorse the administration of President Woodrow Wilson. We believe that he has shown himself to be one of greatest men ever elected to the office of President of this country. We believe he has at heart the best interest and welfare of the people and he has shown his fitness to discharge the duties of his exalted office by the constructive legislation he has secured through Congress which unequaled that of any of his predecessors, and we take pride in pointing to him as the peoples President. We also wish to make public expression of our appreciation of the services of Hon William G Brown, our Congressman for this district, and further declare it to be our opinion that he has consistently and diligently cared for the best interest of the people of the district. We therefore, believe him to be entitled to a renomination at the hands of the Democratic party of the Second Congressional District of W Va, and believe that the people of the district who have twice elected him as their representative in Congress, will be pleased to vote for him again, and we instruct the delegates from this county to the Congressional Convention at Charles Town to vote for his renomination. We further instruct the delegates of this county to the State Congressional Convention at Parkersburg to vote for the nomination of Mr Wiley Beall as Congressman at Large.


To the patrons of the Keyser

Electric Light Company and

Others that may be interested.

The Keyser Electric Light Co announces, that it will furnish to its patrons electric globes at the actual cost of same, plus 5% to cover breakage; That it will at cost wire properties for those who wish immediately to use current and continue its use; and that it will furnish fixtures for its patrons at the actual cost of the fixtures installed; The Company can furnish globes at as low price as anyone, except those who buy in large quantities, as the manufacturers have a uniform price throughout the country, the only difference is being a larger discount for those who can buy in large quantities. The Company wishes to impress their patrons that, in order to get a good light it is necessary for them to cooperate with the company. There are many inferior globes on the market, the life of a globe is comparatively short, so that neither a inferior should be used beyond its natural life. Another fact that patrons should observe is to use only such globes that have the proper voltage of the place where used, as a globe proper in one part of the town is improper in another part, if voltage is not the same. In order to give its patrons the best light possible the Company would be pleased to hear any and all complaints, and will send a representative to any patron, upon request, if lighting is not satisfactory, in order to explain the reason for a deficient light or other trouble. As the company agrees to furnish globes , fixtures and work at cost, it does not insist that its patrons buy globes and fixtures from the Company, nor have the wiring done by it, but the Company does request that it be given the opportunity to inspect any wiring that may be done by others, and to give purchasers advice about globes and fixtures, so that patrons will get the most efficient light. Hereafter, the minimum rate for meters will be 50c a month, and no free globes will be furnished.


Keyser Electric Light Co.


Washington—It is expected tonight that the formal impeachment proceedings against Judge A G Dayton of the Northern District of W Va will be commenced in the House of Representatives tomorrow. The plans of those who are behind the charges to be filed are said to contemplate the starting of the impeachment tomorrow soon after the House convenes. It is expected that the charges in the case will then be made public.


Harrisonburg, Va

News reached here last night that J H Broy, of Harrisonburg, was shot by the Mexicans as a spy just across the border from San Diego, Cal. Broy was born north of here, near Mount Jackson, Shenandoah county, and enlisted in the 66th Company Coast Artillery United States Army. He was 23 years old.


S S 9:45am, Morning Worship 11:00am. Subject of sermon by the pastor. “The Holy Sabbath Day.”

C E 7:00pm, Evening Worship 8:00pm. This will be a service of song. Special music by choir and orchestra; theme: “Christ the King.” Everybody is welcomed at these services. H F Baughman, Pastor


Mr C W Shaffer and Miss Emily Virginia Cook were married Tuesday night at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs J W Cook, the ceremony being performed by Rev H F Baughman, of the Lutheran Church, in the presence of the immediate families, and a few intimate friends. Mrs Shaffer was very popular with the younger set of Keyser and Mr Shaffer is employed in the office of the B&O here. They will reside in Keyser.


I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for County Commissioner for the long term, subject to the approval of the Republican voters of Mineral county. Alfred Ridgely


Mrs Noah Hottinger of Purgittsville is visiting relatives here.

Mr and Mrs John Ingraham, of Parkersburg, are guests of Mr and Mrs H H Kight.

Mrs Mary Richards has returned to her home here after an extended visit to her daughter in Pennsylvania.

Mr and Mrs John Tasker of Chicago Junction Ohio are visiting relatives and friends here.

Mr Wm Burnap has returned to his home in Washington DC after spending some time here with his daughters. He was accompanied home by his granddaughter Miss Eliza Kight.

Born, unto Mr and Mrs Roy Rafter, June 10th, a son.

Mrs Isaac Mills is visiting friends in Pittsburgh.

Mrs W E Duling and two sons are visiting in Berkeley Springs.

Mr James Goldsworthy and son have returned from a visit to home folks at La Vale, Md.

Mrs F M Reynolds is spending a few days at Parsons with her husband Judge Reynolds who is holding court there.

John Marville, of Blaine, was a commencement visitor here Tuesday.

Clarence Faw of Elkins was a visitor here Tuesday.

All the out of town Prep students have left for their respective homes and Keyser is quite by contrast with the doings of the past week.

Thursday night at 7:30 o’clock a memorial meeting in honor of the late Miss Maggie Sheetz was held by McNeill Chapter U D C at the home of Mrs W H Frye.

Ray Wells, the popular post office employee, is spending his vacation sight seeing in Washington and Baltimore.

The following young people left Wednesday for Berkeley Springs to represent Keyser at the 21st annual convention of the Y P C F U of the United Brethren church. Misses Leah Kesner, Blanche Burgess and Carrie Wagoner and Mr W L Brunk.

Mr J J Baker, auditor for the T M & P RR, who spent last Sunday at Fairmont, returned Monday with his wife and is now light housekeeping.

Wm Athey, aged 85 yrs, died at 7:38 this morning at his home in Keyser. He was an Ex-Confederate soldier and belonged to the famous McNeill Rangers. He leaves 7 sons, one of whom is an engineer, William Athey, and was an uncle to Mrs Susan Leps.


Miss Pearl Anderson of Emoryville is the guest of friends here this week.

D W Wilt, of Kitzmiller, has been repairing an auto for Chas Barb this week.

Rev Peter Arnold, of Beaver Run, came out to see Rev D B Arnold last Wednesday. He is very much better at this time.

Wm Sherholtz moved to Ohio last spring, but the Buckeye State did not suit him, and he came back to live among the “West Virginia Hills.”

Miss Lou Ebert, of Blaine and Mrs D W Wilt, of Kizmiller, were the guests of Frank Barb last Monday.

Mine Supt J E Ott, of Elk Garden, was a business visitor here last Wednesday.

J A Streets and boys, of Laurel Dale, were here planting potatoes last Monday.

Work at the mines is more active this week. Work every day.

Rev Nelson Kelly and son of Burlington were the guests of E A Ludwick Tuesday.

T M Junkins of Emoryville, came up Monday on a social visit.

Rhody Shillingburg has moved from Schell to Black Diamond.

Chas Bark claims the honor of shearing the oldest and most profitable sheep in W Va. She is 23 yrs old, and has raised 8 sets of triplets, 12 set of twins, and sheared 4 ½ lbs of wool this spring. She was a twin lamb black her white sister passed to the great beyond some years ago. She is owned by J T Roderick of Mt Storm.

Messrs William and Truman Schwinbart have purchased a Ford auto. They are the autos most used here.

Road Supervisor Morgan Bane is building a bridge over Glade Run at Ed Kitzmillers.

A Roosevelt adherent when asked the question when would times be better replied “at the close of Wilson’s administration.” If he will take the time to look up history, he will find that in 1907, when the Roosevelt panic was in progress , when most of the banks refused payment, when the longest bread lines ever seen were forming day and night, and when 2,000,000 men were out of work, he will find that dark clouds sometimes gather on the Republican horizon.



Mrs Chas Bosely was visiting Mr and Mrs H R Cleveland’s Tuesday.

Miss Martha Watson and Miss Elizabeth Martin both of Maplewood Farm attended church at Keyser last Sunday.

Mr Clyde Amtower and Miss Lucy Streets both of Keyser were guests at Locust Lawn Farm Sunday.

Mr William C Liller of Laurel Dale was visiting his lady friend at Valley View Farm last Sunday.

Mr Charley Pancake who has been away for a few weeks returned home last Thursday.

Miss Martha Watson of Maplewood and Miss Madge Amtower of Locust Lawn, Mrs Emma Leatherman, of Oak Lawn, were guests at Mrs Edgar Arnolds, all had a good time together.

Preaching Sunday on the hill by George Burgess at 3pm, come one and all.

Mrs Henry Burgess and Miss Grace Cleveland attended Children’s Day at New Creek Sunday.



It still continues dry, some of the farmers are making hay.

Miss Mona Homan was shopping in Cumberland Saturday.

Mr and Mrs H L Claus, Mrs Lulu Liller and Miss Edna attended Decoration in Romney Wednesday.

Mr Wade Nelson and mother, Mrs Lantz and Grey Smith of Davis were the guests of H C Homan Saturday.

Mrs A H Metcalfe and Mrs D W Taylor were shopping in Keyser Saturday.

Miss Nina Thrush of Burlington is spending the week with her uncles C E and D W Taylor.

Misses Anna Taylor, Edna Clause, Myrine Biser and May Metcalfe spent Saturday with Misses Edna and Minnie Taylor.

Mr G R Dye was calling in Keyser Sunday.

Mr E O Rawlings attended the commencement exercises in Keyser.

Mr Charley and Robert Homan were calling on friends at Burlington Sunday.

Misses Sadie Sloan and Lottie Vandiver of Burlington spent Tuesday night with the Miss Homan’s.

Children’s Day will be held at the Ridgeville church Sunday night June 21, all are cordially invited.



Miss Carrie Rotruck of Keyser is visiting friends on the Creek this week.

Miss Minnie Wilt of Westernport, Md, is spending some time in this vicinity.

Ira Biser made a business trip to Twin Mtn last week.

Mr C W Wiltison and family spent Sunday at J L Snyder’s.

Mrs Anne Stickley is spending some time with her son Tobe Stickley near the Junction.

Misses Bertha, Maude and Cora Whipp took the Teachers Exam in Keyser last Thursday and Friday.

Mr and Mrs G C Bailey and daughter Elsie were shopping in Keyser last Tuesday.

Mr Seymour Whipp and sister attended the all day meeting at Mt Zion Sunday.

Mr and Mrs James Steward were visitors at Amos Whipp’s Sunday.

Misses Nianza and Urith Biser visited relatives on the Creek a few days last week.

Mr J C Hott and family were visitors at J L Snyder’s Sunday.



This section was visited today by a heavy rain accompanied with a severe wind storm and hail in places.

Mt Storm has taken on another boom. Our hustling blacksmith, Charles Fisher, is building a large garage. He expects to keep automobile supplies and do all kinds of auto repairing. This will certainly be a great convenience to automobile travelers.

Harry V Schaffer is building a substantial dwelling house near the Hotel, fronting on Centre street.

M M Endler is improving under the skillful treatment of Dr Fisher of Medley.

We learn that Mrs Laura Hawk, who was operated on at Cumberland about 6 weeks ago, is getting along very well and will be able to come home soon.

Dr Drinkwater was called to see Harness Kitzmiller yesterday.

The Brethren will have a joint Sunday School meeting at Alleghany church July 12th.

The Mt Storm Sunday school with have their Children’s Day exercises June 28th.

Mrs Nettie Mackley attended the Uniform Examination at Keyser last week. She will teach at Accident next winter.

James J Idleman will attend the “Education Association” at Morgantown next week and remain for the Sunday School.

The locusts have made their appearance on the mountain though not in large numbers. This is the first time they have ever visited this section.



Honk, honk! Two Ford automobiles are at Sulphur. The purchasers are Messrs Will J & Truman Schwinabart. They are apt scholars and they are getting their machines under control. In the pioneer days of our country when the first team was crossing the mountains hereabouts following Indian trails as best as it could, the question was asked the teamster if he was not afraid. “Afraid of nothing,” said he; “nothing except a wagon traveling without horses.” Now we could scare him.

There will be an all day meeting at Shaw on Sunday June 14, conducted by Rev W W White. The idea is to have an old fashioned basket-in-hand meeting.

Lloyd Oates was at Niagara Falls recently and was much pleased with the place.

Dr Hammond, Presiding Elder of the U B church, preaching in the M E Church South last Saturday evening, delivering an excellent sermon.

The baseball seasoned has opened up in earnest. Elk Garden has played Emoryville and Oakmont defeating both teams Emoryville tied on the ninth inning. It was a close game.

Rev W W White was treated to a surprise birthday party last Tuesday evening. About 20 gentlemen gathered at the parsonage and they spent an enjoyable evening. There were presents, smiles and jests.

Rev L C Messick and family are visiting relatives in Virginia.

D C Arnold attended the memorial exercises at Mt Zion, Cabin Run, last Sunday, being one of the speakers. Rev S D Dawson originated this memorial about 14 years ago. Every year the attendance grows larger this year being the largest. It is a very pretty custom and the entire community is in sympathy with the movement. The were five or six hundred present quite a number coming from a distance.

Three boys were brought before Mayor D P Streets last Saturday for taking Mr Arch Dixon’s horse and buggy and driving around town on commencement evening. Some things were missing from the buggy. Fines were imposed and two boys put into the cooler for awhile. The public will back the mayor up in putting a stop to this sort of deviltry. This is strong language but it fits the case. The meanness has been going on for some time. Let a stop be put to it if it takes fines, imprisonments, working on the streets, or the whipping post. With a justice of the peace and a mayor in our town good order can be preserved.

Thomas Sayre, driver in No 20 mine, was severely squeezed last Tuesday. Two or three ribs were fractured. He made a narrow escape of being crushed to death.

Cashier Harry Arnold was in Elk Garden last Monday in his Buick. He was accompanied by Mrs John P Arnold and Mrs Josie Bane. He came over from Hartmonsville.

Mine Supt H H Harrison of Weaver was in town the first of this week.



Elder D B Arnold at this time is still at Hartmonsville. He is still improving and hopes to be able to go home this week. N C Kelley will visit him today, Tuesday.

Miss Sadie Leatherman of Old Fields is down here now staying at Dan Ludwicks while Mrs Kate Ludwick is in Romney with her son Worth’s wife to whom a son is born.

S W Whipp has started on a tour to buy wool, in Alleghany county.

Mrs Allie Leatherman will go to Eglon last of this week to spend several days. Her brother Earl was recently married and will then be at home with his new wife.

It is said S W Whipp has a new auto.

George Biser has bought Art Tutwiler’s crop of raspberries on the vine and M M Biser has bought J B Leatherman’s. But the indications are now that the berry crop will be greatly effected by the drouth.

Until quite recently the prospect for a big crop of berries had been most flattering.

B W Smith and wife were down at Augusta attending the decorating at Mt Zion church Saturday. Ed Ruckman of Purgittsville was with them.

George Deremer the assessor was around here last week and said he wanted to complete his work this week.

Cap Shores and his sister Miss Pansy of Keyser were guests at J Cheshire’s Saturday and Sunday.



Hampshire Review of June 10th

Mrs Doyle, wife of Chas A Doyle, town policeman, died at 8 o’clock Tuesday morning. She had been in ill health for more than a year. She is survived by her husband and three children.

John Marcus Arnold, of Woodlawn, Pa, and Lillian Golda Hockman, of Slanesville, this county, were married at 7:30 o’clock Thursday night in the First M P parsonage, Cumberland, by the pastor, Rev George Brown.

Omar Craven Kidwell, a farmer, and Miss Inez May Arnold, both of Romney, were married Wednesday morning at the parsonage of Kingsley M E Church, Cumberland, by the pastor Rev David G Pile.

14 to 5 was the score the Keyser boys hung on the Institution team in a game here last Wednesday afternoon.

Miss Nannie Clinedinst, of Moorefield, is the guest of Mrs A E Bergdall.

J M Linthicum, of Keyser, spent several days here last week with relatives.

J Wm Gilkeson of Moorefield spent last Wednesday here, meeting old friends.

Lieut Isaac Welton, wife and daughter, of Petersburg, spent several days last week with the family of J S Zimmerman.

Miss Anna Ruckman, who has been teaching in Keyser the past term, is home for the vacation, her school having closed.

Mr and Mrs Allen Luke, of Luke, Md, Mrs John C Brydon, of Somerset, and Mrs S V Brydon and son, Howard, of Bloomington, spent Memorial Day here.


10,000 lbs of wool wanted at Keyser. Will make date to take up wool next week. Will pay 25 ½ cents per pound and more if its worth it at time of taking up. David Ruckman.


Wanted—A purchaser for a desirable building lot, well located in McCoole. Price right for cash buyer, Inquire F&M Bank.


Write me when you have wool for sale.

Prices quoted later and sacks furnished.

David Ruckman, Phillippi, W Va


Two office rooms, nicely located, also a large hall. For information apply to H G Shores at the law offices of Taylor Morrison, Keyser, W Va


Horse, harness, buggy and trap. Horse well broke gentle and will work anywhere. A splendid driver, dark bay, weight about 1,500 lbs. See F G Davis.


8 room house with gas and city water on Spring street. $11 per month. T H Davis, Jeweler.

Girl wanted for general house work. Good wages. Reference required. Mrs J E Patchett.

CHECK PROTECTOR CHEAP—Baby Defiance, practically new. With figures ranging from 1 to 1,000. Protects your checks from being raised. Address K. Tribune.


With calf, Fresh Jersey Stock. Address L C Markwood, Burlington, W Va


W P Rocks. Eggs for Hatching. 75c per 15. J S Fleek, Reeses Mill, W Va


Three seated carriage (Cabriolet) in first class condition. Will sell cheap, or exchange for light wagon. W A Liller.


Stock in Richardson Furniture Co at a price which will net more than 6% on your investment at present rate of dividend. Also stock in Alkire Orchard Co. and Keyser Orchard Co, as I want to sell my interests here before moving away. Mrs H A Hutchinson. 27 Church street.


Five shares stock of Peoples Bank of Keyser at low price.


1 two-horse delivery wagon and 1 one horse turnball wagon. Both in good condition. L E Morran.


My combination driving and saddle mare, perfectly gentle and safe, fine disposition, suitable for family use, dark brown weight 1100. Two year old colt, bred from “Golden Eagle” Kentucky stock, dark bay, very promising. After stock is disposed of Rubber tire Phaeton seat buggy, good as new, set of steel tire wheels never used, Sleigh, buggy, harness, Somerset riding saddle, Bridle, Lap robes, Horse covers, etc.

C L Everhart

N Main street

Keyser, W Va


25 hp Tourist Car $750

25 hp Torpedo Runabout $725

35 hp Touring Car, Self Starter, Electric Lights $1225

Automobiles repaired, Automobile supplies,

Automobiles for hire. Second hand cars for sale.

T H DAVISPhone 31k

Keyser, W Va

9 JUNE 2004