MAY 26, 1914


Cumberland—A J Clarke, aged 72 years, of Westernport, one of the best known members of the Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias, dropped dead in Lonaconing.


Joseph B, the little son of Mr and Mrs James H Liller, died May 12, 1914 of spinal meningitis. He was buried in the Headsville cemetery. Burial services were conducted by the grave by Rev G S Arnold. He leaves to mourn his loss, father, mother, one brother and aged grandmother, besides a host of relatives and friends. Joe was only a baby aged 2 years, 11 months and 22 days.


A little one from us is gone

A voice we loved is stilled

A place is vacant in our home

That never can be filled.


The little crib is empty now

The little clothes laid by

A mother’s hope a father’s joy

In death’s cold arms doth lie


Go little pilgrim to the thy home

On yonder blissful shore

We miss you here, but soon will come

Where thou hast gone before.


A Friend.


To Proprietors of Hotels, Restaurants and Eating Houses

Your attention is respectfully called to the provisions of an Act passed by the last Legislature creating the office of Hotel Inspector and providing for the inspection of hotels and restaurants.

Section 6 of said Act, provides as follows:

“No license to keep a hotel or tavern, eating house or restaurant, and no certificate for such license shall hereafter be authorized or issued unless there be first filed in the County Court to which application therefor is made, a certificate of inspection or permit granted by the hotel inspector as provided in this act. Every such license shall bear on its face a reference to such certificate of inspection or permit.”

Application should be made to A D Sees, Hotel Inspector, Huntington, W Va.

It is important that you give this matter your prompt attention.

J V Bell, Clerk County Court


Facts and Fallacies about consolidation of schools in W Va is a title of a timely publication prepared by L J Hanifan, state supervisor of rural schools, and just issued as a state document by M P Shawkey, state superintendent of schools. This pamphlet shows that although 178 one room schools have been consolidated with other rural schools or abandoned outright within the past two years, there are yet in W Va, according to the opinion of the county superintendents, 566 one room country schools that could be consolidated or abandoned without any great inconvenience to the scholars. This is a situation that every board of education should give careful consideration at their next annual meeting. For since it costs about $100 to run each school, it can easily be seen that the people are spending in the neighborhood of $200,000 for the support of schools that are not really needed for the education of our children. Better spend this money to improve the schools that are really necessary. A great many schools are being supported with an average daily attendance of from three to twelve children, all of whom could easily walk to a nearby school. In many places a half dozen schools could be combined into a central graded school so that two or three teachers could teach the same children that six are now teaching. This is a poor economy. The bulletin gives one concrete example where three teachers taught 28 children in three separate schools at a total cost of $1,200. The board of education simply closed two of these schools and provided that these 28 children should all attend the school that was most centrally located. The next year one teacher taught the one school of 28 pupils at a total cost of $400. By this rearrangement the board was able to save the district $800, or spend this amount to better purpose. The last few pages of the bulletin give a detailed account of the consolidation effected in the past in the different counties. It is a document that may well claim the attention of all who are in any way interested in the improvement of rural schools in W Va. Doubtless it is free to anyone who is interested enough to drop Mr Hanifan or Supt Shawkey a postal requesting a copy.


Notice is hereby given that bids will be received at the Clerk’s office of the County Court of Mineral County, until Monday, June 1st, 1914, for the erection of a re-enforced concrete arch bridge over Pattersons Creek near the residence of A V Kiser, or what is known as Davis Ford. Said bridge to be 100 feet long (two span) with 14 foot roadway and 17 feet above low water mark. All bids must be in by 9 o’clock am on above date. The Court reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Drawings can be seen at the Clerk’s office. By order of the Court, J V Bell, Clerk.


Gabe Turner, one of our substantial citizens, sustained very serious injury to himself last Saturday. Mr Turner, who had been in town in his buggy, was returning to his home in the evening and in going out Main St near the Presbyterian church he met an automobile coming down the street at a very moderate speed. The horse, which heretofore had not appeared to notice automobiles, became frightened, when the car was almost passed, started to run and darted to the side of the road, there being another buggy in front, before it had run scarcely any distance, the buggy collided with a telephone pole, broke the single tree and ran up street. The force of the collision threw Mr Turner from the buggy, against the pole, and striking it with his hip with such force to break the left hip and cause several cuts and bruises also rendering him unconscious. Dr Grove was immediately summoned and had the injured man carried to his office and later in the evening he was taken to his home in an automobile. While no blame is attached to the driver of the automobile, even by Mr Turner, so we are informed, yet all regret the unfortunate accident and Mr Turner’s many friends hope for his speedy recovery. Grant Co Press.


All members of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen are requested to be at the K of P Armory at 1:30, from which place they will march in a body with other orders to Queens Point Cemetery Decoration Day.


All persons knowing themselves indebted to the estate of Nathaniel Kitzmiller please come forward and settle up. Those having claims against the estate will present them to me properly proven for settlement.

John P Arnold


Hartmonsville, W Va



I here announce myself candidate for the office of County Commissioner subject to the Republican primaries. Your support solicited. E E Biggs


A convention of the Democrats of the Second Congressional District of the State of W Va is hereby called to meet at Charles Town, County of Jefferson, on the 17th day of June, 1914, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for congress. Each County will be entitled to one delegate for each 100 votes or fractional part thereof over fifty cast for William G Brown at the election held on the day of November, 1912. By order of the Committee, J Hop Woods, Chairman; J Sloan Kuykendall, Secretary


Grant County Press of 22nd

M M Endler, a well known citizen of Mt Storm, is reported as being dangerously ill.


Mrs Sallie Chambers, of Moorefield, spent several days here visiting, Mrs K C Vanmeter.


Ed Smith, of Keyser, spent several days here recently with his brothers, J R and Hubert Smith.


Miss June Bowden, who made many friends here while nursing Mrs B J Baker last fall, spent several days here recently with Mrs Baker.


Dr W H Siple left Thursday for near Staunton having been called by the serious illness of his mother.


A woman by the name of Ayers died at her home near Pansy Tuesday. She was a sister of Rueben Ayers.


Mrs Harry Reid and son, Eugene, of Belington, are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs J D Rinehart, of Seymoursville.


Hunt Harness has accepted a position on the Western Maryland RR as express messenger between Cumberland and Elkins.


Mrs Preston Harman, who has been taking treatment in a hospital in Baltimore, returned home Saturday much improved in health.


Geo B Barger and brother Charles went to Laneville Wednesday and on Thursday brought his grandchildren (M F Gray’s children) over with them.


The Harry Reid Farm at Medley was sold at public auction last Saturday. The farm contains 107 acres and was bought by Ernest Naedele at $60 per acre.


Mrs W V McNemar, of Morgantown, who had been at Falls attending the burial of her sister Miss Blanche Babb, spent a day or two here this week with Mrs Samuel McNemar. She left for her home Thursday morning.


Born to Mr and Mrs Frank Lucas, Monday, a daughter.


Mrs L C Wright was a business visitor to Cumberland Monday.


Give to your friend who graduates this spring Symphony Lawn Stationary, Romig’s have it in papeteries and correspondence cards, several sizes and tints.


Mr and Mrs West Mills and family were called to Purgittsville Thursday by the death of Mrs Mills’ father, Mr Noah Hottinger.


Mr and Mrs Eli Baker, of Lebanon Church, Va, are visiting at the home of the formers father, Contractor H W Baker.


Dr W A Cook, field agent for the Davis-Elkins College, of Elkins, is here looking after the interests of the school. He filled the pulpit at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning.


Judge Wm C Clayton left today for Washington DC for a short trip.


Misses Eleanor and Odle Peters of Cumberland are visiting their aunt Mrs John Miers.


Mr and Mrs J Goldsworthy spent Sunday in Frostburg.


Mr and Mrs Albert W Davis spent Sunday in Eckhart.


Mr and Mrs N B Shockley and son Warren, of Elerslie, spent Monday here with Mrs A J Boor. They are on their way to Tucson, Arizona.


Miss Tacy Gaunt and Miss Mildred Weaver, who taught at Parsons, spent a few days here with Miss Kate Sims on their way home to Berryville.


Mr Thomas Grove, of Luke, was a Keyser visitor Friday.


Mr Ed Bolen had the misfortune of having his foot badly mashed yesterday.


Miss Lucy Trask is home from a business trip to Petersburg.


Mr F D Left and little daughter arrived home Saturday night from a visit to relatives at Pokomoke City, Md.


A J Keenan went to Washington yesterday to attend a meeting of the Mutual Life Insurance Co Club of which he is a member and holds a medal for efficiency in service.


Mr and Mrs Jacob Githens and two daughters, Misses Florence and Reva, are visiting relatives in New Jersey. Mr and Mrs Githens are expected home tonight, but the girls will remain for some time.


Monday Messrs Sam Bane of Berkeley County, J Fred Bane, of Parsons, I H and C L Bane of Cumberland, J Frank and Morgan Bane of Sulphur, J R and Geo W Bane, eight brothers motored from here to Burlington to look after the burying ground of their parents and the erection of a tombstone at the grave of their father, who died a short time ago.


The city election takes place Tuesday, June 2nd. Three candidates are nominated for councilmen, E V Romig, A J Keenan and J L Frost. Two will be elected the one getting the largest vote will be elected for two years and the other for one year.


Moses Tamburini, of Bayard, was in town yesterday on business.


Today Dr Babb put the limb of the little step daughter of C C Arbogast in plaster cast. A few days ago she got a fall, injuring a limb and Wednesday Mr Arbogast took her to the hospital at Cumberland, where an X Ray examination was made and they discovered that the bone just above the knee had been fractured by the fall.


A number of the K of P’s attended the funeral of A J Clark, at Piedmont Sunday. Among the number were Col M H Smith, Geo P Warner, W S Davis, T M Adams and E M Stallings.


Mr W R Taylor and Mrs J T Athey purchased from Chas P Peters, agent for Cortright Metal Roofing, a supply of metal shingles.


Earl Rogers, Clyde Hott, Fidessa Workman and Florence Hamill made an auto run by way of Frostburg, Mt Savage to Cumberland and Burlington, covering the difference in 90 miles.


Mr Wm Long and family made the same trip by auto Sunday.


Mr Frank Price was called to Piqua, Ohio, last Friday by the serious illness of his mother.


Capt Charles Kight, of the penitentiary guard, came in after some prisoners convicted of last term of court. He left Saturday with three of them, Frank Vallents, Leslie Biller and W F Shepherd.


Prof and Mrs J C Sanders entertained the graduating class of the High School and the teachers at their home Friday evening.


Rev A O Price and family have broken up housekeeping and will stay with Mrs Lucy Kuykendall until they leave the first of June. They have shipped their household goods for their new home at Marshall, Texas.


Wm Crooks and Louis Long returned yesterday from a trip to Winchester, Va, to which place they took Dr Yeakley’s automobile.


Dr H W Yeakley, wife and son left Wednesday for a month’s visit to Winchester and Staunton, Va. The doctor is gradually recovering from his severe case of blood poisoning, but has not yet recovered the use of his hand.


Wanted—A purchaser for a desirable building lot, well located in McCoole. Price right for cash buyer, Inquire F&M Bank.



Write me when you have wool for sale.

Prices quoted later and sacks furnished.

David Ruckman, Phillippi, W Va



Two office rooms, nicely located, also a large hall. For information apply to H G Shores at the law offices of Taylor Morrison, Keyser, W Va



Horse, harness, buggy and trap. Horse well broke gentle and will work anywhere. A splendid driver, dark bay, weight about 1,500 lbs. See F G Davis.



8 room house with gas and city water on Spring street. $11 per month. T H Davis, Jeweler.


Girl wanted for general house work. Good wages. Reference required. Mrs J E Patchett.



With calf, Fresh Jersey Stock. Address L C Markwood, Burlington, W Va



W P Rocks. Eggs for Hatching. 75c per 15. J S Fleek, Reeses Mill, W Va



Three seated carriage (Cabriolet) in first class condition. Will sell cheap, or exchange for light wagon. W A Liller.



Stock in Richardson Furniture Co at a price which will net more than 6% on your investment at present rate of dividend. Also stock in Alkire Orchard Co. and Keyser Orchard Co, as I want to sell my interests here before moving away. Mrs H A Hutchinson. 27 Church street.



Five shares stock of Peoples Bank of Keyser at low price.



1 two-horse delivery wagon and 1 one horse turnball wagon. Both in good condition. L E Morran.



My combination driving and saddle mare, perfectly gentle and safe, fine disposition, suitable for family use, dark brown weight 1100. Two year old colt, bred from “Golden Eagle” Kentucky stock, dark bay, very promising. After stock is disposed of Rubber tire Phaeton seat buggy, good as new, set of steel tire wheels never used, Sleigh, buggy, harness, Somerset riding saddle, Bridle, Lap robes, Horse covers, etc.

C L Everhart

N Main street

Keyser, W Va

30 APRIL 2004