JUNE 9, 1914


The Marten, one of our most valuable birds, has come and is looking for a suitable place to build his nest, and strange to say he is looking in vain, as the pest, the English Sparrow, was here first and took all the available places. And so the little fellow will have to seek where the English Sparrow has not found. This may seem the matter of a light and trivial nature but it is a serious problem. Are we to allow a “pest” a worthless scoundrel to drive from their homes these very useful and beautiful birds that love to be among civilized people or will we erect a “Marten Box” and see that the English Sparrow keeps away from it, but as to the keep away, The Marten will attend to that after he gets there and be formidable when fighting for his home, but as he does not arrive here until the English Sparrow has taken his former home, he is so modest, he will not attempt to drive him out, but once he takes up his abode he defies the whole kingdom of birdom, and when you see some large bird, high in the air, going as fast as his wings will take him, you at once know that it is the Marten. Put up Marten boxes and kill English Sparrows is a good motto. The Marten is so well known that he needs no introduction to the casual observer. This will be a great work for the Boy Scouts to do, and it can be done without much work or expense.


While descending in the seventeen-mile grade on the B&O RR, about four miles west of Piedmont at 12:30 o’clock this morning, twenty loaded cars left the track and piled up for a distance or more than two hundred feet completely blocking both tracks. At this point there are three tracks, all of which were blocked and torn up and all passenger traffic had to be detoured by way of Connellsville. The train was being drawn by engine 4219, and the accident was caused by a broken flange on one of the loaded cars. No one was hurt in the accident.


Descending the steep grade at a moderate rate of speed, a large Buick touring car belonging to Thomas Holland, of Luke, was struck at the Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad crossing at Pekin about 5 o’clock Saturday afternoon by a passenger train and completely wrecked. The car was occupied by Mr Holland, his wife and three children and Mrs N B Larue and F L Morrison of Burlington, W Va. Besides a severe shaking up all of the occupants escaped unhurt except Mr Holland, who received a number of bruises about the body. At a point where the accident occurred there is a steep grade in the road and a very short curve leading on to the railroad track. A train approaching from Lonaconing is obstructed from view by a deep cut, making the crossing a very dangerous one to parties crossing the track in either direction. The engine which struck the auto was hauling the regular passenger train bound for Piedmont, and was in charge of engineer Joseph Johnson. The touring party was taken to the residence of Mrs John Kady at Pekin, where they were given temporary aid and later left for their homes in another car. When the engine collided with the auto the machine was hurled several feet against a telegraph pole with terrific force causing it to buckle, and it almost miraculous how the occupants escaped being crushed to death. Hundreds of people returning from the ball game at Barton viewed the wreck of this auto, the largest pieces visible being the steering gear and cushions. Immediately after colliding with the auto, the train was brought to a stop and later proceeded on its way to Piedmont.


Pursuant to call a mass convention of the Democrats of Mineral County met in Music Hall in Keyser at 2 o’clock on Saturday, June 6, 1914, for the purpose of appointing delegates to the Congressional convention to be held at Charles Town June 17th for the purpose of nominating a Candidate for Congress; to the State convention at Parkersburg, June 24th, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Congressman-at-large, and delegates to the Senatorial Convention, this time for which has not been fixed, the meeting was called to order by Thos W Goche, chairman of the County Executive Committee, the named R A Welch as temporary chairman, and W C Long as temporary secretary. The temporary organization was then made permanent. On motion the several district apportionment of representation was fixed as follows, the delegation to be doubled.

Elk 2 delegates; Piedmont 3; New Creek 5; Welton 1; Cabin Run 1; and Frankfort 2. The respective districts then selected delegates to the different conventions which was ratified by the convention as follows:

Congressional Convention at Charles Town, Elk District—W A Duling and J P McNally. Cabin Run Dis—Jas E Sheetz and J K Staggers. Frankfort Dist—J F Vandergrift, J H Smith, Wade Lease, C R Long. New Creek Dist—Wm MacDonald, P H Keys, W C Long, B W Markwood, S V Ward, J E Leps, D A Arnold, Taylor Morrison, C E Nethken, E A Russell, J T Crawford, L S Leps, R H Keys, J B Fetzer, A A Gordon, W H Barger and W H Griffith. Piedmont Dist—Tom F Keeney, W E Largent, H K Drane, Thos W Gocke, Frank E Dixon, C T Neff. Welton Dist—J A Vandiver and J M Martin.


Dist—Thos Taylor and Dr Lantz. Cabin Run Dist—Frank Urice and Robert Kuykendall. Frankfort Dist—C C Seymour, B H Ward, A D Reese and S E Alkire. New Creek Dist—J C Sanders, Geo W Bane, Sam Merryman, J H Swisher, J W Thomas, Eugene Gerstell, T D Leps, J E Peters, R A Welch, Geo E Wagoner, A J Pancake, J Havers, W W Woodard, L T Carskadon, T B Frye. Piedmont Dist—Geo R Boyles, Howard Dixon, Robt McV Drane, John Mullen, A F Hawkins, J B Mayberry. Welton Dist—J G Wright and W E Dye.


Elk Dist—John Tice and Lloyd Oates. Cabin Run Dist—Ed Hollenback and L F Adams. Frankfort Dist—Milton Vanmeter, H F Daniels, J H Long and J R Kuykendall. New Creek Dist—H G Wilson, H C Grusendorff, Chas P Peters, L J Powell, J H Shafer, Thos Ward, V F Alkire, I W Iser, I H Offner, T M McNemar, E H Heiskell. (incomplete)


F O Goshorn, Recorder Examiner of the Forest Dept has received notice that the National Forest Reservation Commission, at a meeting held May 21, approved for purchase the following tracts of land.

Chas F Nelson and son, 995 acres in Hampshire county, W Va.

Branson & Miller, 624 acres on Cove Mtn, near Lost City, Hardy County. Mineral right reserved.

C W Cullers, 342 acres in Henderson Gap, Hardy County, acquired from C Fitzwater.

E J and Wm Heishman, 350 acres in Hardy County, near lower end of Trout Run Valley.



Mrs O M Smith elegantly entertained a number of her friends Monday night at cards and dancing.

F O Idleman of Mt Storm has sold his farm to Ed D Hanlin. Mr Idleman will move to Abrams Creek.

Mr and Mrs I S Welton and Miss Mary Welton spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Romney. Wednesday being Decoration Day.

On the eve of going to press we are informed the Elmer Frye will be a candidate for county superintendent of schools and his announcement will appear next week.

Mrs Harry Porter and brother, C C Hutton, gave their mother a birthday reception which was a surprise. Quite a number was present and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Many presents were received.



Dr M F Wright of Burlington spent a few hours here last Saturday.

B LeHew Wood will fill the Mt Storm charge during his summer vacation.

W B Duvall of Texas spent several days here last week visiting his sister Mrs P W Inskeep.

Mrs Courtney Wilson, who visited her parents here left Saturday for her home at Gormania.

J C Chrisman still remains very ill at his home near Lost City. He shows no signs of improving.

H S Carr sold at public auction last Saturday the lot back of Bean’s livery to Arthur Whetzel for $1,305.

Miss Inez McNeill, who has been teaching school at Elkins the past winter, has returned to her home in the Old Fields.

Little Florrie Shearer, who broke her leg several weeks ago, is able to come down stairs and her friends hope will soon be out again.

Miss Katherine Fetzer, who has been teaching at Philadelphia the past winter, has returned to her home here for the summer vacation.

Mrs H I Harness left Monday morning for Baltimore, where she will take treatment in a hospital. Dr Wm C VanMeter of Petersburg accompanied her.

The popularity contest for the most popular young lady, which was conducted by the management of Inskeep Hall, closed last Saturday night. The gold watch was given to Miss Edna McNeill, who received 8760 votes.

Primary Results

The Democratic primary election in Hardy County last Saturday was warmly contested by the various candidates and their friends.

G M McCauley was elected as member of the Legislature, without opposition.

In the fight for Clerk of the Courts, C B Welton was nominated over J H McWhorter by about 382 majority.

Ludwig Keller was nominated for member County Court over A D Walker by about 475 majority.

The fight for County Superintendent of Schools was hotly contested and resulted in a tie vote between R D Marshall and E A Hawse. The County Committee is now engaged in re-counting the votes in an effort to break this tie.


Mr James McCreal and grandson of Terra Alta are visiting relatives here.

Mr Bryce Hardy is visiting his sister, Mrs James Watson at Mannington.

Ione, little daughter of Mr and Mrs C W Shelley, is ill with symptoms of typhoid fever.

Mr and Mrs MacDonald and children returned home Saturday from their trip to Oklahoma and Kansas City.

Mrs Harry Whipp was called to her home at Berkeley Springs Thursday by the death of her brother, George Ditmer.

Ex-Senator L J Forman, of Petersburg, was here Saturday. He is in the race for the Republican nomination for Congress and came down to the committee meeting.

The Republican Executive Committee for the Second Congressional District held a meeting here Saturday. They fixed upon August 17th and Elkins as the time and place for holding their nominating convention.

Born, unto Mr and Mrs Earl Kimmell, June 8th, two daughters.

The D&B baseball team of Romney played the Prep team here Saturday. The game resulted in 10 to 6 in favor of the Preps.

The New Era Circle was entertained at the home of Miss Maria Vass Frye, Saturday, in honor of one of their members, Miss Daisy Lowry, who just returned from an extended stay at Los Angeles, Ca.

Wm Sollars has returned home from Philadelphia where he finished their first year at a dental college.

Miss Vira Frye, who taught the past term at Beryl, is visiting relatives and friends here, before returning to her home at Newark, Ohio.

Rev G S Arnold was in town today.

Miss Virginia Tayman of Baltimore is the guest of Mrs Roy Rafter.

Mrs T B Clark of Johnstown, Pa, has returned home after a visit to Mrs A J Boor.

Mrs Miller, of Grantsville, Md, came June 3rd for a visit to her daughter, Mrs T H Frankhouser.

Miss Katie B Sims is visiting Mrs Alonza Fleek at Frostburg.

Mr and Mrs J P Carder, of Grafton, visited her parents Mr and Mrs J G Wolfe, and attended the funeral of Mrs Susie Castle, last week.

Miss Marie Connor of Frostburg visited her aunt Mrs T H Frankhouser Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs M J Filler is visiting at Paw Paw.

Mrs J G Wolfe and little granddaughter, Mary Catherine Wolfe, are visiting at Grafton.

Mr H W Wolfe left Sunday for Clarksburg where he has a position as car foreman.

Mr and Mrs Samuel Lyons and son, Lynn, of W Va Junction, spent Sunday here.

Mr Mellen says left the New Haven poorer than when he went in, well he hasn’t anything on the stockholder.

Possibly one reason why the methodists are advocating a revised creed is that its so hard to keep the old one straight.

The Nicaraguan Congress is about to establish a precedent in Central American politics by having an extra session instead of an extra president.

The American Missionary who refuses to leave her Mexican school probably gloats over the fact that she got some of the pupils through A B C first.

Being in the oil business in Mexico is dreadfully complicated just now.

It now remains to bind up Mexico’s wounds.

Watchful waiting has advantages even when compared with the big stick policy.

Doubtless the best place to begin that crusade against wearing collar is in politics.

Lincoln Beachey ought to sell a liniment for stiff necks. He carries his market with him.

Making a wide sweep of the horizon the international spotlight prepares to rest on Niagara Falls.

The small boy who fell into the lake while watching Lincoln Beachey loop the loop got an extra thrill.

On the theory that misery loves company, discreet people are refusing the invitations of their early swimming friends to come in.


Wanted—A purchaser for a desirable building lot, well located in McCoole. Price right for cash buyer, Inquire F&M Bank.


Write me when you have wool for sale.

Prices quoted later and sacks furnished.

David Ruckman, Phillippi, W Va


Two office rooms, nicely located, also a large hall. For information apply to H G Shores at the law offices of Taylor Morrison, Keyser, W Va


Horse, harness, buggy and trap. Horse well broke gentle and will work anywhere. A splendid driver, dark bay, weight about 1,500 lbs. See F G Davis.


8 room house with gas and city water on Spring street. $11 per month. T H Davis, Jeweler.

Girl wanted for general house work. Good wages. Reference required. Mrs J E Patchett.

CHECK PROTECTOR CHEAP—Baby Defiance, practically new. With figures ranging from 1 to 1,000. Protects your checks from being raised. Address K. Tribune.


With calf, Fresh Jersey Stock. Address L C Markwood, Burlington, W Va


W P Rocks. Eggs for Hatching. 75c per 15. J S Fleek, Reeses Mill, W Va


Three seated carriage (Cabriolet) in first class condition. Will sell cheap, or exchange for light wagon. W A Liller.


Stock in Richardson Furniture Co at a price which will net more than 6% on your investment at present rate of dividend. Also stock in Alkire Orchard Co. and Keyser Orchard Co, as I want to sell my interests here before moving away. Mrs H A Hutchinson. 27 Church street.


Five shares stock of Peoples Bank of Keyser at low price.


1 two-horse delivery wagon and 1 one horse turnball wagon. Both in good condition. L E Morran.


My combination driving and saddle mare, perfectly gentle and safe, fine disposition, suitable for family use, dark brown weight 1100. Two year old colt, bred from “Golden Eagle” Kentucky stock, dark bay, very promising. After stock is disposed of Rubber tire Phaeton seat buggy, good as new, set of steel tire wheels never used, Sleigh, buggy, harness, Somerset riding saddle, Bridle, Lap robes, Horse covers, etc.

C L Everhart

N Main street

Keyser, W Va



We have just received our Spring Line of Dry Goods,

Notions and Summer Shoes. We carry a full line of “Waldo”

Shoes for Men and “Kamen” Shoes for Ladies.






25 hp Tourist Car $750

25 hp Torpedo Runabout $725

35 hp Touring Car, Self Starter, Electric Lights $1225

Automobiles repaired, Automobile supplies,

Automobiles for hire. Second hand cars for sale.


Phone 31k

Keyser, W Va




A High Quality Paint At A Very Low Price






22 JUNE 2004