APRIL 1915





  The body of Margaret Mullen, aged about 30, an employee of Cumberland Laundry, was found tonight in the back yard of the residence of Lawrence E Crabtree, Walnut Street, carrier at the city post office.

  Leroy Harden, a driver, son of Jacob Harden, is being detained at the police station Harden, who is divorced admits being with the girl last night, but said he left her at 10:30 o’clock at Decatur and Glenn streets.  He declared he did not see her afterward.

  John F Harden, a brother of Leroy Harden, lives on Walnut St, adjoining Crabtree.  An autopsy by Drs Thomas B McDonald and C F Bove disclosed a broken neck.  There were scratches on the neck as if the woman had been clutched.  Her fingers were torn, lips cut and body bruised.





  William Groves died Sat morning in the Michael settlement, aged 81 years.  He was born in Allegany Co and was married to Miss Asnthe Dawson in 1858, which survives him.  There were ten children, seven of whom are living:  Mrs. Arnold Clark, Westernport, Dennis, Aden Jesse and Walter of Westernport and John T of Luke.


  Fire completely destroyed the frame dwelling of George Harris occupied by Lincoln Dabney and family, colored, at 8 o’clock this evening, while the family was at church.  The building was burned to the ground.  Damages are estimated at $1,6000, partly insured.


  Piedmont, March 29 – Miss Josephine Patrick entertained a number of friends at a bowling party Fri evening at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M A Patrick, Westernport.  After the game, delicious refreshments were served.  David Price and Miss Josephine Patrick won the prize for high score.  Jennings Fazenbaker and Miss Ann Belle Stealy won the consolation prize.

  Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. M A Patrick, Mr. and Mrs. Florian Patrick, Miss Kaufenburger, Miss Esther Anders and Miss Fredia Creutzburg of Barton; Miss Katherine Grayson, of Antioch; Miss Doris Paris, of Keyser;  Misses Edna Wolfe, Anna Belle Stealey, Aurora Rankin, Evelyn Rankin and Josephine Patrick, Messrs David Price of Eckhart; Earle Dowling, Bernard McHenry, Jennings Fazenbaker, Morgan Harris, Wallace Anderson, Harry Cassidy and Forrest Patrick.




  W C Bragg, 72 years old, a retired businessman and Confederate veteran, died Sat at his country home in Florida, where he had been spending the winter.





  Mrs. Mary Schell was eight years old on March 29, 1915, and was very much-surprised Mon evening about 7:30 o’clock when her Burlington friends walked in to spend the evening with her.  Mrs. Schell lives in one of the most palatial residences in Burlington and is not childish or inform, but weighs less than a hundred and is very energetic and active, is well read and found of reading, can sit down and converse as entertainingly as a woman half her age and can walk as fast as any of her young friends who recently wore the narrow skirt.  Being quite a feminine party the evening was spent playing games which Mrs. Schell played in her girlhood days.  She took part in all the games and enjoyed herself like any girl.  Those present besides the most estimable Mrs. Schell and her daughter miss Annie, were, Mesdames Shank, Umstot, Emma Wilson, Lucy Baker, Sallie Wright, S R Hott, Stella Rogers.  Mrs. Rogers is the charming young wife of our high school teacher.  The young folks were Misses Bettie Strother, Hattie, Louise and Mary Wilson, Mary and Lottie Vandiver, Rebecca Baker, Bess Wright.  After singing “Good Night Ladies: and repeating the Chinese prayer, led by Miss Bettie Strother, we bid Mrs. Schell goodnight, wishing her many more happy birthdays.






  Charles French, aged 75 years, and David R Heath, aged 59, life-long residents of the South Branch Valley, died within 12 hours of each other on Sat near here.  Mr. French was a merchant and farmer.  He is survived by his widow, one son, Joseph French and two daughters, Mrs. Susan Brill of Cumberland and Misses Catherine Haskell of South Branch Valley. 

  Mr. Heath was a farmer and contractor, and is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Hugh Allener.




  The groundhog seems to be working overtime.  The mercury has stood from 18 to 20 degrees above zero every morning this week, with a slight fall of snow several nights, and the wind blowing a.  Truly March has been a “roaring lion” from start to finish.


  Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Arnold visited their mountain farm last Sun.

  Miss Ethel Smith went to Dodson Mad on Thurs to visit her sister, Mrs. Chas Jones.


  Wm Bobo lost a fine cow recently.  He was caught in the stable.


  Mrs. B W Davis went to Davis Wed morning to spend Easter with her daughters.


  Miss Nancy Arnold, of Keyser spent Sat and Sun with home folks.


  Miss Elizabeth Martin of Claysville, is staying at F M Willison’s.


  B W Davis was visiting Taylor Welch Sun afternoon.


  There was quite an excitement last Sat morning when the fire truck went up and it was learned that the fire was at Mrs. Maria Arnold’s.  It caught from a stove in a washhouse and destroyed it along with the woodshed and dairy.  Fortunately the dwelling was saved.


  Mrs. Laura Davis of Keyser, spent from Sat to Tues at B W Davis’


  Mrs. J W Leatherman was visiting at F M Willison’s last Sun.


  Miss Ruth Arnold is home on a vacation.


  Mr. Fleming and family from Mill creek moved into Mrs. Staggs’ house at the old “Caldwell Mill” last Tues.


  Mesdames B W Davis, Laura Davis and Nettie Smith were calling on Mrs. J W Ritchie last Sun.


  Clyde Rector and family spent last Sun in Keyser with relatives.


  Miss Sophia Haines of Keyser, Miss Ethel Smith, James Smith, Robert Fout and Roy Arnold were Sun visitors at Edgar Arnold.


  Rumor says that Alston Liller has sold his farm and will move to Keyser.


  Mrs. Nettie Smith, Mrs. Ed C Smith, Miss Ethel Smith, Mrs. A W Cooper and children and Mrs. J W Leatherman were guests of Mrs. Isaac Cox last Wed.






  Mrs. Lena Abernathy, wife of Lewis Abernathy, died at the home of his parents, March 22 of typhoid fever.  She was 24 years old, had been a wife seven years and the mother of four little girls.

  She was the idol of her relatives and was dearly loved by her many friends.  Crowds gathered at the bereaved home to view the remains and sympathize with the heart-broken mourners.

  She was a member of the M E Church, South, and lived a devoted Christian life and prayed with her parting breath for the dear ones she was leaving.

  In the afternoon of Thurs the 25th, the funeral services were conducted by Rev Harris of the M E Church, her pastor, Rev Wheeler being absent.

  Profuse and lovely were the flowers her Sun School class and friends contributed for the casket and gave.  The dutiful daughter, the devoted wife, the loving mother, the constant friend, is gone and will sleep until the harps are tuned and the gladness is immortal at the coming of Jesus Christ.

  Hasten the tidings to the bereaved ones, assure them that there is a world where these griefs shall be lifted from their oppressed spirits and their present afflictions shall work out of them “a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”  Where bright, holy angels throng there can be nor more sorrow, no sad partings are experienced there, no funeral processions move, no death knell is heard, no graves are opened.  Then no mysterious providence will there perplex us, no dark calamities will shake our faith, but we shall walk the golden streets of the eternal city surrounded with perpetual brightness, breathing an atmosphere of heavenly purity and free to enter the palaces of our King or climb the height over which no shadow passes.


Our beloved have departed

While we tarry broken hearted

She has ended life’s brief story

She has reached her home of glory.


Cease our sobbing, weep more lightly

On we travel, daily, nightly

To the rest that she has found.

Are we not upon the river

Sailing fast, to meet forever

On more holy, happy ground.


Her cousin, May Rawlings





  Mrs. Clearance Sirbaugh, whose illness has been noted before, died at the hospital at Cumberland on Fri morning.  The deceased leaves a husband and six children, the former being ill at the same institution in which his wife died.


  The funeral of Mrs. Jane Rankin took place on Sun instead of Sat as it was first intended, owing to a special request of the Order of the Eastern Star, of which the deceased was a member.  She was also a highly honored member of the Daughters of Rebekah.


  The funeral of Master Charley Rhodes took place from his late home at the WV Junction yesterday.  The services were held at the M E Church at Bloomington.  Interment was made at that place.


  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Getty, of River Street, a daughter.  Both mother and child are doing well.



  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moses or River Road, a son Sat, March 27thy.


  Mr. James Wilt, an aged resident of this place is seriously ill at his home on the Bloomington Rd.


  Mrs. Annie Likens, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Ida Woodward of Keyser, returned home on Sun.


  Mrs.  T Z Kooken, who has been ill with pleurisy, is somewhat better.


  Mr. N Naughton, who was injured some time ago in the B&O yards at Keyser, is able to be out again.


  Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Reed, of Spruce St, this place, on Mon morning a son.  Both mother and child are doing well.  Dr D J Long of Piedmont is the attending physician.


  Mr. Eek Kight of Hammond St will leave on Wed morning for Detroit Michigan, where he has secured a position with a motor manufacturing co.  Mr. Kight, who has been engaged in the plumbing business here with his brother, Howard Kight, will transfer his interest to his brother for the present.


  Mr. Howard Kight of Hammond St, is confined to his home by illness.


  James Walker, formerly of Lonaconing but of late years of Blaine W Va, was killed in the mine at that place on Sat morning by a fall of coal and rock.  The body was prepared for burial at that place was brought to this place on the West Md train No 10 on Mon





  Chas t Sweet, famous as a chicken raiser, was burned to death when his home near Swanton was destroyed by fire lasts night.  Mr. Sweet lived the life of a recluse on his chicken farm.  Neighbors saw the flames and rushed to the ranch but arrived after the house was in ashes and Mr. Sweet burned to a crisp.  The Sweet chicken ranch had a reputation all over this country.  Mr. Sweet was noted for the breed of Rhode Island hens, which he raised and shipped, some going abroad.


Rev B H Friend died at his home at Sang Run last night.  Mr. Friend was one of the oldest citizens of this county, being about 90 years of age.  He was one of the pioneer preachers of this county.



Oakland Md, March 31


  George M Wilson, a farmer near Loch Lynn, was examined yesterday to his sanity and ordered to the asylum at Sykesville, to which place he was taken this morning by Albert Biggs.


   Rev William Shearer, rector of the St Matthew’s Episcopal Church of this city, has received a call as assistant pastor of St Alban’s Parish, Washington.


  Oakland has organized a board of trade, which it is expected will cover the entire county.


  Mrs. Nancy Whetsell, aged 79 years, was buried in the Oakland cemetery Sun.  She was one of the oldest residents of this city.  She is survived by 19 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.




  The Oakmont school closed last Fri with a splendid entertainment at night.  The building was packed and an excellent program was given.  Mr. Arthur J and sister, Miss Estella M Fultz, were the teachers.  The Shaw school, Miss Margaret Baird, teacher, closed with an entertainment at night, March 20.  The audience was delighted with the well prepared program. The Emoryville school, Mr. Geo P Ludwig teacher, closed his school a week earlier with an entertainment at night.  He had taken much pains and the audience appreciated his efforts.  Misses Mary Murphy and Gladys Hammill, teachers at Blaine, gave a day entertainment at the close of their schoolwork which was a very pleasant affair.  Miss Mary E Pugh, teacher at Chaffee, gave a very enjoyable day entertainment at the close of their school.


  Uncle John, who has been housed up this winter, is on the streets sunshiny days, what few we have of them, and has a good word and pleasant greeting for everybody.


  Uncle Jake Biggs, who has been confined to his room most of the winter on the account of sickness, was in town this week with his jokes and with wit as usual.


  It’s move away and move back again.  Edward Clark, who moved to Pierce about 2 weeks ago moved back this week, and Elbert Arnold, whose household goods were shipped to Pierce were not unloaded there but ordered back to Elk Garden and unloaded here.  Some others are coming back soon.

: Wander elsewhere where you will

You’ll come back to Elk Garden Still”


  The Elk Garden school closed last Fri and an entertainment followed in the Odd Fellows Hall Sat evening.  The hall was crowded the order good and the entertainment highly appreciated.  The “Hoop Drill” by 16 little tots from Miss Mary Mason’s room was well done, and the “Fan Drill” by 12 girls from Miss Martha Mason’s room was done in good style.  “John Brown’s Ten Little Injuns” by 10 boys from Miss Knabenshue’s room was splendid.  Pantomime, “Lead Kindly Light” by 14 girls of the same room was done quite effective.  The “Bootblack Drill” by 12 boys from Miss Fleming’s room, half of them black and half of them white, was amusing and enjoyable.  The “Rose Drill’ by 16 girls of the same room was beautiful.  The farce, comedy, one act “The Economical Boomerang” by 6 characters from Mr Dolly and Miss Wagoner’s room was well performed and gave all a good hearty laugh.  There were recitations and dialogues interspersed and singing and on the whole it was a splendid entertainment and it was much enjoyed.  Honor certificates were awarded at the close of the exercises.  Everybody has a good word for the entertainment, and the teachers deserve encouragement for it takes great labor to make a success.


  Dorothy Anna, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Tasker, died March 27, 1915, aged 6 weeks and 5 days.  Funeral services were conducted at the parents’ home by Rev C J Racy, and the interment was in the cemetery at Cross.  The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community in the loss of their precious babe.


  Rev W W White, who is very popular here, was assigned to Ridgeley, the coming year.  Rev B C Williams, who is now a student in college comes to Elk Garden.


  Misses Sallie B Wagoner, Anna C Fleming, Anna M Joyce and Mary Mason are teaching select schools.


  There were 21 pupils at the examination or elementary school diplomas last week.


  B J Faller recently returned from Baltimore accompanied by his wife and new baby boy.




  H C Homan of Antioch, was a business visitor here last week.


  Rev Mr. Racy of Elk Garden was calling on his parishioners last week.


  T W S Foley of Mt Storm was here in the interest of a fruit firm last Fri.


  Miss Lula A Michael, teacher of the Hartmonsville school, left for her home at Medley last Tues.  She taught a very successful term of school.  Her father, Mr. Thomas Michael came up after her.


  The Harris Coal Co is building four houses at the mine near Emoryville.  It is said to be one of the nicest seams of coal in this part of the country.  Success to you, Teddy.


  John McDonald has moved from Decker Run to the Sunder farm.  It is rumored that he has bought the farm.


  It is reported that a railroad is to be built up Emory Run from Emoryville to tap the large body of coal in this vicinity at S R Duling’s mine.  He has a seam of coal opened of fine quality.


  Miss Grace Duling visited her brother, Lewis, at Kempton last week.


  Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Ludwick, of Romney, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. WE A Ludwick over Sun.


  Rev J A Shockey has been conducting a very successful series of meetings at Wabash.  There have been over 20 conversions.


  Mr. and Mrs. Henry L Duling of Gorman were he guests of his mother, Mrs. Minnie Duling last Sun.


  ;I P Carskadon of Headsville, was out at his mountain farm last wed.


  Gus Hilleary of Gorman was the guest of Wesley A Duling last Sun.


  The thermometer registered from aero to 8 degrees above here Tues morning.  This has been a record breaking March for continuous cold weather.


  Died at Blaine W VA, Wed, Mar 24, 1915, Alexander Jerold, son of Mr and Mrs. Geo C Junkins of pneumonia, aged 2 years, 1 month and 10 days.

   Another flower has been plucked from the garden of life to be transplanted in the Eden of Light.  The sorrowing parents have the sympathy of everyone.  Rev J Robert Beall conducted funeral services.






Al Hawk returned home from the Dobbin camp several days ago.  Al and his wife are keeping house again.


  John C Moreland was in Gorman Md last week.


  John c Iman of Oak Dale was visiting on the mountain recently.


APRIL 9, 1915




  Mr and Mrs Zepp spent Easter with relatives at Martinsburg


  Mrs Dickey, of Clarksburg, is spending this week here among friends.


  Morgan Bane of Sulphur, was a business visitor here first of this week.


  Mrs A V Douglass and son Lloyd were visitors in Cumberland Mon.


  The infant son of Mr and Mrs Webster Souder, born April 4th, died Sun.


  Jack Smith of Cumberland, spent Easter with Messrs Floyd and Lloyd Mills.


  Misses Maud, Annie and Bertie Rice were visitors to Cumberland Wed.


  Neil O’Conner, a student at the Prep School, left Mon for Chicago on a short trip.


  Miss Grace Wenner, who was a patient at the Hoffman Hospital, has returned home.


  Miss Georgia Shelly spent last Sun at Westernport as the guest of Miss Bella Tonry.


  Prof W I Anthony, of the Prep school, has been on a visit to Charleston this week.


  Mrs J S Ward is in Elkins, where she was called on account of the illness of her mother, Mrs Dobbs.


  Mrs Kane of Cumberland, spent a few days here the past week at the home of her son W L Wagoner.


  Mr and Mrs Dave Walters and little son, of Deer Park, are visiting the latter’s mother, Mrs J D Friend.


  C A Hannah, of Paw Paw spent Sun and Mon here and Mrs Cleveland Vanmeter accompanied him home.


  Mrs John Johnson and daughter Dorothy, Mrs Will Carico, and Miss Christine Mason spent Sat in Cumberland.


  Misses Alma Peters and Mabel Selfie have returned to Fairmont, after spending the Easter vacation at their respective homes.


  County Supt Thrush has gone to Charleston, where he will be for several weeks assisting on the papers of the recent examination.


  Vernon Grayson of Antioch, was operated on Mon at the Hoffman Hospital for appendicitis.  He is reported to be getting along all right.


  DR John A Stehley, having spent the Easter season with his aunt, Mrs Eliza Stehley of Fall Waters, has returned home.  Cumb News of 7th


  J L Frost is ill at his home on Sharpless St.


  George McCauley, from West Union, is visiting friends here.


  Mrs J M Aronhalt went to Washington yesterday on a visit.


  The Needle Craft met Wed with Mrs C R Hodges.


  Mrs J H Stevenson is on a visit to Farmington, Fairmont and Newburg.


  John Wethner and family left last night for Coleman Mich to make their home.


  Mr and Mrs Thomas Gross of Hampshire Co, are guests of Mrs C M Filler’s.


  Mrs Roger Fazenbaker of Cumberland, was visiting relatives here Wed.


  The new pastor of the M E Church South, Rev G G Martin will arrive today.


  Dempsy Rice arrived home on Wed from a short visit to his old home at Mannington.


  Numan A Smith of Charlotte, NC, has accepted the position of druggist in Furbee’s store.


  Mrs T H Frankhouser returned yesterday from a visit to her mother at Grantsville Md.


  Dr Ford, who recently located here, is moving into Mrs Maggie Offner’s house on Main St.


  Miss Emma Carr went to Baltimore yesterday to enter a hospital for treatment and probably an operation.


  The Calendar Coterie met yesterday afternoon with Mrs R G Richardson and were right royally entertained.


  Mrs Scott Brown entertained a number of friends at dinner on Easter Sun in honor of her 67th birthday.


  Mrs J P Carder of Grafton, returned home Wed after a short visit to relatives here, and was accompanied home by her father, John G Wolfe.


  Alva Myers has just completed an up to date bungalow on corner of 6th and Mill streets for E E Sheetz.  It is a handsome and ideal location.  – Flora Ill Times


  Arden Clyde Rinehart and Miss Minnie Lee Kile of Petersburg were married Wed Evening, April 7th, at McCoole by Rev R G Hammond.


  Miss Nora McGreal and nephew, James, spent Fri and Sat with relatives at Keyser.


  Mr and Mrs Gus Everly of Keyser are visiting relatives here this week.  Terra Alta Republican of 8th.


  Miss Elsie Wagoner of this place was one of the guests at the beautifully appointed luncheon given by Miss Irene Leachman at her home in Clarksburg Tues evening, when the engagement of Miss Marie Taylor to O H Kellison was announced.




  Dr W H Siple, a physician, died at his home at Petersburg w Va, Fri, April 2, 1915.  His death was quite sudden, he having been sick but a short time.  He was about 45 years old and leaves a wife, who was formerly Miss Clara Taylor, daughter of the late John Ed Taylor and two children.




  Mrs Caroline Leatherman, widow of the late Rev George Leatherman, died Tues April 6th, 1915, at the home of her son, above Keyser, having suffered a stroke of paralysis last Sat.  The funeral was held yesterday, the services being conducted by Rev George S Arnold, and burial was in the family graveyard beside her husband.




  Mrs Gertie Baker, wife of Norman Baker, died on Tues morning at 3 o’clock, April 6th, 1915, at her home on Dr Wilson’s farm, above New Creek after a six weeks’ illness from a stroke of paralysis.  She is survived by her husband and two children, and was a daughter of J W Kline, formerly of Romney.  The burial was at the old Baker graveyard near Sedan on Thus.




  In connection with the robbery of the railroad station at Elk Garden, Mon night, on Wed Officer L O Davis arrested three young men, Harry Runion, Bruce Benear and Jas Dishorn of that place, who were given a hearing before Squire Irvin, who committed them to jail for the grand jury.  They were brought to jail Wed evening.  After having been arrested they confessed to the crime.




  J F Eaton was brought to the Hoffman Hospital at noon Wed with a badly wounded hand, caused by a torpedo exploding in his hand while on duty at Green Spring.  The wound was such that in order to get Eaton to a doctor quickly he was brought here on a fast freight train which came by way of the cutoff.  Eaton’s home is in Cumberland.



MAY 1915



May 7, 1915




  Billie Markwood has the measles.


  Mrs Walter Lowry is on the sick list.


  Wm Duling of Shaw was in town yesterday.


  Hon C H Vossler is having his residence painted.


  Mrs Thomas Melody was in Cumberland yesterday.


  The Needle Craft met with Mrs H M Wells last night.


  A E Russell went to Fairmont yesterday on business.


  Claud Clevenger has gone on a business trip to Clarksburg.


  Dr M F and James Wright of Burlington spent Tues in town.


  Miss Viva Jones, of Elk Garden, spent Mon here among friends.


  Mrs L H Friend of Mt Lake Park, is visiting her father, Loren High.


  Richard Gerstell of Grafton, spent last Sun here with his home folks.


  A A Fleek of Frostburg was in town Tues and dropped in to see us.


  J H Dye is improving his home on Mineral St by remodeling his porch.


  Mrs Alda Bissett of Zanesville Ohio, has been visiting relatives here since last Sun.


  A L Brill, who has been laid up with an attack of rheumatism for some time, is about again.


  Rev H C Smith of Cumberland, was in town last Sat.  Mr Smith is now selling monuments.


  Mrs Batten of Grafton, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Marshall Sayre returned home last Mon.


  Mr and Mrs S M Kuykendall went to Mt Lake Park this morning to get their cottages in order for the summer season.


   Will Peters and wife and Wood Peters and wife of Cumberland, and Charles Peters and wife of Martinsburg, arrived yesterday on a visit to relatives.


  Mrs Louise Hoover of Clarksburg, has been spending a few days the past week with her parents, Dr and Mrs Robert Gerstell, at Rockledge Farm.


  M C McKenzie has just added a handsome large refrigerator to his store equipment, which is quite an acquisition to this up to date grocery.





  Miss Ellen Gleason, aged 80 years, died yesterday at 3:30 o’clock pm at the home of her brother, John Gleason, with whom she had made her home since the death of her mother, fifteen years ago.

  Miss Gleason had been an invalid for a long period of time but only within the past fortnight did her condition become critical.  The deceased was born in Maine, but came to Piedmont with the other members of her family in 1854.  The Gleasons have long been prominent and highly esteemed among Piedmont residents.  The funeral will take place Wed morning at 9:30 at St Patrick’s Church.  Mrs Joseph Rinehart, of Cumberland, is a niece of the deceased.


  May 5

  Mr Sirbaugh, father of the late J C Sirbaugh, this week sold all the effects and settled the business of his son and has taken the children, all of whom have recovered their recent illness, to his home in Keyser.


  Chas T Neff purchased the Harrison property on Harrison Street and will erect a dwelling.


  Mrs I Nicodemus entertained the Young Ladies Sewing Club this afternoon.


  Mrs T W Cocke will entertain the married ladies auction Bridge Club Thurs at her home on Hampshire Ave.


  Mr and Mrs W F Caldwell, of Hampshire St, have as their guest Mr Allen, of Philadelphia.


  Jean Forester, formerly of here, but now of Baltimore, is visiting friends.


  Mrs Harry Hook returned from Baltimore last evening.


  The funeral service for Miss Ellen Gleason was held at St Peter’s church this morning.  Those present from a distance were the family of Joseph Gleason of Pittsburg; Mrs Knox of Pittsburg; Mr and Mrs Joseph Rinehart of Cumberland.  The pallbearers were:  Paul, Edward, Leo and Joseph Gleason, Joseph Grancy and Joseph Rinehart, nephews of the deceased.




  The Sun school baseball teams opened the season yesterday with a lively game on the Prep grounds between the Lutherans and the Davis St Methodists.  The game was warmly contested and resulted in a victory for the Lutherans by a score of 12 to 11.  the batteries were:  Miers and Dr Ford for the Lutherans and hardy and Hammill for the Methodists.




  Special commissioners Wm MacDonald and F C Reynolds sold the John C Brady farm, on the Potomac River 4 miles above Cumberland, at public sale last Fri before the courthouse.  It was bought by F R Brady at $14,780.  The court has confirmed the sale.




  Little Miss Katharine Hazel Neuhauser celebrated the seventh anniversary of her birth on last Sat afternoon by entertaining a number of her young friends at her home on Main St.  The little people had a nice time playing and eating refreshments.




  May 4, 1915, the home of Rev I F Roberts, near New Creek, was made a beautiful scene when William D Rotruck and Ida B Harris were united in marriage, Rev Roberts officiating.  The bride and groom are a couple of Grant County’s popular and most highly esteemed people, and we wish for them a happy life.




  Mrs Pearl Rinker, 26 years, wife of E R Rinker of Old Fields W Va, died last night at the Western Md Hospital following an operation.  Her body was removed to the Wolford morgue, where it was prepared for burial and will be taken to her late home for interment.

  Cumb News of 23rd




  Hurled form a car and covered with many tons of coal in a freight wreck, J Russell Burkett, 35, a brakeman employed on the W Va division of the Western Md RR, was killed at 9 o’clock last night at Warnock’s near Piedmont in a derailment of 11 cars of coal in his train – Cumb Times 6th




  Remaining uncalled for in the Post Office at Keyser W VA for the week ending May 6, 1915:  Jas M Breiser, Duncan Bros, Elmer Horsey, Chas W Jackson Pancake and Martin.




  Miss Helen Fetzer entertained a few of her young friends on Tues afternoon at her residence in honor of her 7th birthday.  The crowd of little folks had an enjoyable time playing games and partaking of refreshments.




  John C Fisher, a prominent farmer and stock dealer died Sat, May 1, 1915 at his home near Moorefield.  A short time ago he sustained a stroke of paralysis from which he never recovered.  Mr Fisher was formerly Sheriff of Hardy Co and was a man of considerable business ability.  He was about 65 years of age and is survived by two sisters and three brothers.




  Geo H Zimmerman, Div Engineer with the Consolidate Coal Co and Miss Flora Craft, daughter of Eld Joe Craft, were united in marriage Sat night at McRoberts, the bride’s father performing the ceremony.

  Hamp Review


MAY 14, 1915




  The Calendar Coterie and a number of friends were entertained last night at the home of Mrs J B Fetzer at a strawberry shortcake feast.


  Dr L H Gaston and C L Everhart returned yesterday from a short trout fishing trip near Davis.  They caught a fine string of speckled beauties.


  Mrs. M H Smith returned home Sun night from Martinsburg, where she was called a few days ago by the death of her brother, James Barrick.


  Mr and Mrs Chas K Wilson and Mrs C Umstot, of Burlington, attended the funeral of their cousin, Mrs Hannan, at Moorefield Wed.


  Rev R E L Strider left Sat for a short trip to Washington DC.  Rev Strider expects to take up his regular work again on the last of this month.


  Mrs T J Grove and Mrs F L Judy of Petersburg, came down yesterday and stopped off at Cumberland en route to Clarksburg and Fairmont on a visit.


  Last Sat evening while working on Ft Hill some men heard the noise of a bell and looking up saw a buzzard with a small bell on its neck flying over them.


  At the home of the Bride, at Antioch on Wed evening, May 12, 1915, Joseph H Doll and Miss Eva E Mott, the Rev R G Hammond of Keyser officiating.


  Mrs f H Babb returned latter part of last week from a visit to her father.   Hon A C Scherr, who has been under a doctor’s care in Baltimore for some time.


  Mrs Sallie Chambers of Moorefield, left Thurs for Salisbury Md to visit the home of her nephew, Dr James H Carpenter, stopping off on the way in Cumberland.


  Misses Florence Dawson and Eleanor Linthicum of Martinsburg, returned home Sun evening after a short visit to the former’s sister, Mrs Roy Warner.


  James Kuykendall of Charleston passed through yesterday on train 55, on his way home from Moorefield, where he was called on account of the death of his sister, Mrs Hannan.


  Mrs M B Woolf, Mrs M G Davis, Mrs Ast, Misses Myrtle and Anna Vossler, Messrs Marshall Carrier, Ezra Shaffer and Billie Davis motored to Meyersdale Sun in Mrs Woolf’s car.


  Mr D T Usher has as his guests for some weeks his mother, Mrs S T Usher, his brother E M Usher, and niece Miss Lacia Lowery, of North Wilkinsboro NC/  They arrived Fri.


  Mr and Mrs Albert Harness of Ben Bush were in Davis Tues.


  J M Lashley has resigned his position as manager for the Davis Hardware & Furniture Co.  He has been with the company since its organization and is one of the best-known hardware men in the State.  C I Pell is the new manager.


  Mr and Mrs Eugene Coffman were called to Tunnelton yesterday by the death of Mrs Thos Fisher.


  Fire Tues morning destroyed some outbuildings on the rear of the lot belonging to Rain Coleman (colored).  Davis News of 11th




  James W Barrick, aged 46, died at his home in Martinsburg on May 6, 1915.  he was born and reared in Keyser and was a son of the late Wm Barrick.  He lived in Martinsburg for the last twenty odd years, and was engaged in the tin and stove business.  He is survived by a widow, one son and two step sons, also two sisters and two brothers, vis:  Mrs Emma Shipley and George Barrick of Martinsburg; Mrs M H Smith and Edward Barrick of Keyser.




  While working on the New Creek road last Mon week at the Old Caldwell Mill, Arthur Charlton and his hands dug up a bunch of 28 water snakes, some of which were right large.  On the previous Sat they dug up 8 water snakes.




  Mrs J H Ha** (nee Miss Rea Kuykendall) of Fisherville Va, died Mon, May 10, 1915 at the home of her father, Geo H Kuykendall at Moorefield of tuberculosis.  She is survived by her husband and one little son, her father, on e sister and four brothers.  Interment was at Moorefield on Wed.


  Miss Barbara Fuller died at the home of Mr J W Taylor near Purgitsville on Fri April 2nd 1915 in the 78th year of her age.  She had been a consistent member of the United Brethren church for 48 years.  The end was a triumphant one.  The greater portion of her life was spent in the home of the late Mr and Mrs Granville Shoemaker, following both of them to the grave.  She spent the last eight years of her life with Mr and Mrs J W Taylor, near Purgitsville, who tenderly cared for her in her declining years.


  James Bennett, aged 50 years, died May 12, 1915, at his home at Slanesville, Hampshire Co.




A sumptuous dinner was held in honor of the 63rd birthday of Mr Sollars.  It was indeed a pleasant occasion and those present not only enjoyed the splendid dinner, but also the pleasant intercourse.  Uncle Ben not only received congratulations of all, but many nice presents among which was a gallon of pure maple syrup, which pleased him immensely, for B R always had a sweet tooth.  Those present were Mr and Mrs Will Reckley and daughter, Miss Alta of Hambleton; Mrs Daniel Wilson of Kitzmiller, Mr and Mrs Santford S Liller, Miss Rose Kabrick, Mr and Mrs F W Sollars of Keyser.  In the evening a number of other friends dropped in to offer congratulations.


MAY 21, 1915





  J Campbell, 43 years old, Lafayette Ave, who was hoistman at the B&O ash dump in the yards here, was dragged out of the dump by the hoist yesterday dead.  He had been missing since yesterday, but it had not been suspecte4d that he had fallen into the dump.  He evidently met death in a standing position, as the body was carried up full length.  It is thought the man was stunned before he fell in, otherwise he could have crawled out.  In the meantime, he had been covered with ashes which were drenched with water.  Surviving are his wife and two children.




  Mrs Sanford Rogers died on May 10th 1915 at the home of her daughter, Mrs Thrush near the town reservoir.


  Harrisonburg Va;  May 12, Wm H Marshall, aged 76 years died Mon near Elkton.  He was a miller and left a large estate.  In his will he left $15,000 to the Rockingham Memorial Hospital at Harrisonburg.


  Elkins, May 14  Oscar S Ray, aged 38 years, died Wed night at the tuberculosis sanitarium near Terra Alta following a lingering illness.  He is survived by three brothers, Henry M, Wm S and Lloyd S and two sisters, Mrs W A Bailey and Mrs Dorsey M Daniels.  He was a son of the late Henry Ray.




  Benjamin Franklin Kump, 75 years old, died Thurs May 13, 1915 at his home in Romney.  He not been well for some time, but was able to go about until a few days before his death.  He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and two sons, H G Kump of Elkins, Miss Volunta and G K Kump of Romney and Mrs John Harness of concord.  Mr Kump was a member of the Lutheran church and was a solider in Gen Imboden’s command through the civil war, having been a member of the 18th Virginia cavalry.




Benjamin Baird of Atlanta Ga and Miss Hazel Wade, daughter of Mr and Mrs Fred Wade, this city, were married Tues at the parsonage of St Paul’s Lutheran Church Cumberland, by Rev Martin L Enders.




  Mrs Susan M Carskadon, the mother of Capt E B Carskadon of Co I, W Va National Guards of this city, died at her home at Headsville, Mineral County, Mon morning, May 17, 1915 at 1:30 o’clock.

  Capt Carskadon was called to his home Sat night on a receipt of a message telling of her serious illness.  He reached there several hours before her death.  Mrs Carskadon was 77 years.  She had been in failing health for some time, but did not take seriously ill until a few days ago.

  Mrs Carskadon spent the winter here with her son and his family who reside near Winfield and she returned to her home a few months ago.  The deceased was known by a number of Fairmont people and had several relatives living in the city.  She was an excellent Christian woman and was loved by all who knew her.

  Her husband has been dead a number of years.  Besides Capt Carskadon other surviving children are James W of Headsville and Mrs B L Harmison of Mt Lake Park Md.

  Rev Dr J C Broomfield, Mr Eli Musgrave and Miss Eleanor Carskadon, the latter a granddaughter of the deceased, went to Headsville yesterday to remain until after the funeral.  Fairmont Times

  Before marriage the deceased was Miss Susan Sheetz, a daughter of the late James Sheetz and was a widow of the late Isaac Carskadon.  She was taken with pneumonia last fall and never fully recovered, and her death it is thought, was caused by heart trouble.

  The funeral took place Wed morning at Headsville.  A number from here attended the funeral.





  T T Stickley, one of the last known citizens of Hampshire co, died at his home at Junction, Mon morning, May 10th, after a long illness of a complication of diseases.  Mr Stickley was a member of the County Court, faithful in the performance of his duties and will be greatly missed in that body.  As a friend he was loyal and kind, and a good neighbor.  Funeral Services were held at his late home Wed morning.




  “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” a sprightly and tuneful operetta founded on Grim’s well know fairy story will be produced under the auspices of the Ladies Guild of the Episcopal Church, debt in Music Hall, on Thurs May 27, 1915, and promises to be one of the theatrical events of the season.

A large chorus of Keyser’s pretty girls, from the various church denominations, have been faithfully rehearsing whi8le the cast is in excellent hands.

Mrs C K DeVries is Queen; Miss Mary Holroyd is Snow White; Mr Claudius Terrell is the Prince; Mr Marshall carrier is Carl the Hunttsman; Miss Julia Wright is Daffodil; Miss Virginia Wright is Arbutus and little Miss Margaret Shaffer is Violet.

  Several of the “Now and Then Minstrels” boys have been enrolled as dwarfs and promise to give a good account of themselves.  Charley Hodges as Hands and George Loy as Max are alone worth the price of admission.

  The costumes are by Jones of Baltimore, and Prof J Harrison Isles has charge of the music.  Judge Morrison is helping to direct the show and Prof J E Edwards of Cumberland will help Mr J E Patchett with the stage work.




  Miss Lucy Streets of Keyser and Miss Made Amtower of Claysville, were here on a pleasure ride last week.


  J J Idleman formerly of Mt Storm, now of Schell, was the guest of ye scribe last week.  He contemplates starting for Panama Exposition soon and likely to visit the great Panama Canal.


  W A Duling autoed to Keyser last week.  Misses Grace and Bernie Duling went with him/


  Mrs Minnie Duling had a chicken hatched with four perfect legs.  It lived until devoured by an old house cat.


  Messrs O A Hood and H G Fisher of Keyser, were business visitors here Tues.  Mrs H G Fisher and little girl were with them.


  V F Alkire of Keyser was out at his mountain farm last Mon.


  D A Arnold of Knobley, took a nice drove of cattle out to his farm, Highland Croft Tues.


  Mr Fred Burgess of Laurel Dale, was out at the McHenry sawmill Tues.


  C E Barb went to Keyser today, Wed, after his auto, which has been there for repairs for some time.


  Fil Reel is singing “Nobody works but Father”  It’s a great big boy.  All are doing well.  Congratulations.




  Miss Nellie Bennear has gone to Michigan, where she has been employed as a nurse in a hospital.


  Miss Maude Sallaz, who taught school three years in Elk District, was married May 12 to Mr Ora Ellis White of Buckhannon.


  Miss Mary Mason returned Tues evening of this week from the Sate S convention at Charleston.


  R Marsh Dean and Dr P S Keim were two attendants at the K of P federation at Keyser last Mon.


  Miss Alverda Ott, daughter of mine superintendent J E Ott, graduates from the Belington high school this term.


  Mrs Jessie Oates was operated on for hernia at her home last week.  Dr P S Keim was the operating surgeon, Dr E J Miller of Blaine, administered the anesthetic, and Miss Nellie Bennear was the nurse.  The operation was a complete success and the patient is recovering rapidly.


  Rev W W White of Ridgeley, was in town last Sat received many friendly handshakes.  He attended the quarterly meeting.


  Mr Morgan Bane traded his old machine and now has a fine new Overland.


  Mr Cloud Dixon has a brand new machine, which replaces his old one, and it travels well, but I cannot call its name.




  Mrs Sarah M Norwood, wife of Jas T Norwood, was born Dec 4, 1855 and died May 14, 1915, aged 59 years, 6 mos and 10 days.  She had been a devoted Christian for 35 years and died a triumphant Christian death, fully trusting in her Lord.  All through her serious illness, she was patient and kind.  She was a kind and loving wife and mother and will be greatly missed in her home.  May her afflicted husband and children meet her in the better land, where sorrowful partings are no more.

  She leaves to mourn their loss a husband and five children, who are all grown, and one grand child, little Elizabeth Shobe.  He children are as follows:  Fred and Marshall at home, William of Forman, Mrs J N Shobe and Mrs H J Dawson of Keyser.

  A loving one from us has gone

  A voice we loved is stilled

  A place is vacant in our home

  That never can be filled.




  We thank our many friends for their kindness during the illness and death of our dear wife and mother, Mrs Sarah M Norwood.  Husband and Children.





  Aunt Susan Carskadon (nee Sheetz) died sun night at the home of her son, J W Carskadon, and will be buried today (Tues).  Only a few days ago she was paralyzed in her brain.


  Born unto E B Staggs and wife, a daughter last week.


  Rev D M Glick is spending some time here with relatives recuperating.  After having spent three weeks at the Western Md Hospital he came here Sat.  His surgeon told him his trouble was gangrenous appendix and general peritonitis.


  J B Leatherman and G S Arnold will attend the M & S Meeting to be held at Harman last of this week.




  May 20  Lewis J Miles, a Slav, aged about 40 years, was found dead last night at 10 o’clock by Car Inspector Dawson on the Western Md railroad just at the new “Y” in Westernport.  He was identified by Supt P Tibbetts, who sent a message here that Miles was missing.  The body was taken to a morgue where it awaits the arrival of relatives.  He is survived by two children and a brother.  His home is at Beryl.


  Mr and Mrs Arthur Welton and son of Cumberland, are the guests of Mrs Aaron Welton.


  William Bowers of Westernport, has returned from Baltimore.


  Charles H Groves was seriously hurt in a coalmine by a fall of coal.  His head was severely injured.  It has not been ascertained as the seriousness of his condition.


  The commencement of the P H S is to be held at the Piedmont Opera House Fri evening at 8 o’clock.  The address is to be made by Prof Walter Barnes.  The graduates are:  Dorothy Weber Harris, Grace Catherine Stotler, Rilla Ebred Minnear, Margaret Karb, Curtis Maxwell Sigler, Floyd Leslie Davis.




  Mrs Rachael Stevenson returned Mon from Fairmont where she was visiting her daughter, Miss Mary who is a nurse.


  Mrs Arthur Wells and little son arrived home Tues morning from a visit to relatives at Garrett Ind.


  Mike Dugan was in Cumberland Tues to see his son, Tom who has been quite ill for the past few days.


  Dr and Mrs W T Highberger of Maysville, came down yesterday on a short visit to relatives.


  Dr Ben Dawson of Berkeley Springs, came up first of the week and yesterday, took his wife and baby home with him.


  Miss Lucy Kuykendall, accompanied by Miss Mary Guthrie, returned to Romney yesterday after a short visit to her home folks here.


  A C Feather and son Norris expect to leave tomorrow for the home of Mr Feather’s father, in Preston Co, where they will make their home.


  Hon Sam B Montgomery, of Kingwood, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal, took in the “get-together” meeting here Mon night.


  Misses Elizabeth Nesbitt, of Cumberland, and Della Vink of this city, who have been to the Panama Exposition at San Francisco, have returned.


  Mrs Lee Wagoner has returned home from a visit to Brunswick and other places for a couple of weeks.  Mr Wagoner is still in the hospital at Washington.


  Capt John Carr was at Baltimore first of the week to see his sister, Miss Emma, who has now left the hospital and hopes to be able to come home next week.