JUNE 11, 1915





  Tuesday’s election for Mayor and one Councilman was one of the most strenuous Keyser has ever seen, and while there was no especial excitement, considerable work was done and the largest vote ever polled in the city was cast.  There was no politics in it, but a number of matters, in which the people were interested, combined to create a desire for a change, and when the people get a notion for a change firmly fixed something is going to happen, and it did.

 The candidates were:  For Mayor, F H Babb, the present Mayor and W C Pifer.  For Councilman, John S Ward and C G Scribner.  There were 982 votes cast, as follows.

  Total vote for Mayor – Babb 372, Pifer 608.  Pifer’s majority 236.

  Total for Councilman, Ward 695, Scribner 371.  Ward’s majority 234.

  Mr. Pifer says he did not spend anything in the campaign, and Mr. Ward spent only $1.50 for cards.




  Mr. John Goodwin Wolfe died between 7 and 8 o’clock Mon morning, June 7, 1915, at the home of his son, Herbert on Main St.  Mr. Wolfe had been in bad health for some time, but was feeling better sun and his death was a shock to his wife, who found him dead in bed.  Mr. Wolfe got up about 7 o’clock and at that time Mr. Wolfe called to his little grandson in the next room.  Later when Mrs. Wolfe went to the room she found him dead.

  Mr. Wolfe was born in Fincastle Va in 1853, and was a son of Rev J W Wolfe, a prominent member of the Baltimore Conference, M E Church South.  He was married in 1871 to Miss Mary Susan Davis of Romney, and came to Keyser 30 years ago.  He was for some time a passenger brakeman on the B&O, and for one term was mayor of South Keyser.   He was a congenial man and had a large number of friends in this city, who deeply sympathize with his widow and family.

  He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Mamie Carder of Grafton, and three sons, Marvin of Parkersburg; John M and Herbert W of Keyser; one brother Wm of Ashville NC and two sisters, Mrs. J P Gaw of near Staunton Va and Mrs. Nannie Guthrie of Springfield W Va.




  Floyd Knight, one of the leading citizens of Keyser, died very suddenly Sun night, June 6, 1915, at his home on corner of Center and Davis streets.  Although 73 years of age, Mr. Knight was quite active and had the appearance of being a much younger man.  He had not been feeling very well of late, but retired as usual.  About midnight, Mrs. Knight awoke and heard him breathing unnaturally and in a short time he was dead.

  Mr. Knight had lived in Keyser about 38 years, and had engaged in the butcher business and other business, but had led a retired life for some years.  He served the county as sheriff for a couple of terms.  The deceased was a member of Olive Branch Lodge, Knights of Pythias and New Creek Council, National Union.

  Mr. Knight is survived by his wife, who was a Miss Ridgeley, and one son, Chas R Knight and two daughters, Mrs. D S E Hershey of Charleston W Va, and Mrs. Frank C Reynolds, of Keyser.

  Funeral Services were held at the home at 3:30 o’clock Wed afternoon, conducted by Rev a V Lonier, after which interment took place in Queen’s Point Cemetery.




  Last night the Inter-Society contest was held at the Prep School and was an interesting event.  Following is the program:

  Instrumental duet, The Misses Kaplon

  Rosalind’s Surrender, Miss Kathryne Cofforth

  One Niche the Highest, Miss Myrtle Masteller

  Instrumental Duet, Misses Daddysman and Cadden

  Oration, Victory from Defeat, Walter Ballah

  Unknown Heroes, J Lynn Mott

  Instrumental Duet, Misses Kaplon


  Resolves, That the US should Maintain a Stronger Navy

  Affirmative – Thomas R Bosley, Harry Carskadon,

  Negative – Paul Hartman, Joseph H Spicer

  The declamation was won by Miss Masteller of the Reynolds Society.  The Oration was won by Walter Ballah, of the Davis Society.  The debate was won by the negative representing Davis Society.






  Paul Williams has returned to his home here.


  W S Welton, of Petersburg, was here Memorial Day.


  Miss Ada Poling came home from Martinsburg to spend several days.


  Miss Carpenter, of Winchester, is the guest of Miss Rebecca Baird.


  Miss Susan Brady of Keyser, visited her old home here for several days last week.


  Mrs. G A Gibbons spent Sun with her daughter, Mrs. John G Lynn in Cumberland.


  Mr. and Mrs. I V Cowgill left Tues to visit Mrs. Cowgill’s old home in Scio Ohio.


  Elmer S Fletcher has been appointed postmaster at Capon Springs, succeeding G W Farmer, and Peter L Holland has been appointed at Green Spring.


  During a thunderstorm Sun evening lightning struck the house of Mrs. Rebecca Linthicum, occupied by Mrs. Virgie Green, tearing a hole in the roof and knocking plaster from the walls.  The damage is covered by insurance.


  R W Dailey Jr, has returned from Chicago, where he attended a medical college during the winter.


  C G Umstot, John Sloan and Miss Lyde Sloan, were among the visitors here from Burlington Thurs.


  Mrs. Miranda Wilson accompanied her daughter, Mrs. J M Miller of Charles Town to Atlantic City last week.


  Mrs. Belle Davis of Romney, and Mrs. N B Guthrie of Springfield, attended the funeral of John G Wolfe in Keyser last Thus.


  Miss Edna Wirgman returned Sat from Baton Roughe, La, where she taught in an institution for the deaf the past term.


  Capt W B Colston and Miss Jane Colston of Martinsburg, spent several days last week at W B Cornwell’s.


  E R Thompson left Fri to visit friends in Charleston.


  Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hall of Keyser, spent Thurs here.


  Mrs. Ed Young of Cumberland, has been visiting friends here.


  Mrs. Ed Young of Cumberland has been visiting friends here.


  Mrs. Elizabeth Bonney of Hagerstown is visiting Mrs. Lewis Beckman.




  In spite of the threatening weather Tues, the baby show held by the Women’s Civic Club on the grounds of the Davis Mansion was a decided success.

  Fifty-nine babies were entered in the show. 

  In the first class up to one years were:  Madeline Shomo, Paul Seville, Elizabeth Liller, Katherine Hood, Minnie Cappellenti, Albert Jones, Edgell Grayson, Irene Davis, Josephine Harr, Phylis Linthicum, Anna Lee Taylor, Walter Davis, Chas Smith, Helen Wiley, Helen Short, William Salyard, Raymond Rice, Maurice Maxwell, Nancy Kemphfer, Wm Glenn Lee, Anna Plum and Thomas O’Connor.

  The first prize was given to Norma Leota Malcolm and the second to Walter Leroy Davis.

  In the second class from one to two years were:  James Goldsworthy, Wm Grayson, Walter Allen Russell, James Neville, William Pulliam, Helen Ervin, Preston Ambrose, Anna Murphy, William Wageley, Roy Rafter, William Walcott, James Carnell, Charles Pyles, Clinton Winter, Robert Lee, Effie Sears, Nellie Shelton, Vivian Sievers, William Dye. 

  The first prize was given to Charles Pyles and the second to William Hunt Walcott.

  In the third class from two to three years were:  William Shrout, James Pyles, Marion Perkinson, Philip Baker, Lucille Wotring, Vita Mayson, Boyd Ost, Elvin Shoppert, Glenn Rafter, Bertha Inskeep, Grace Plum, David Romig, Emma Isles and Richard Davis.  

  The first place was given to Emma Isles and the second to Glenn Rafter.

  The prizes for the youngest baby was given to Anna Lee Plum, aged five weeks.

  The judges prize was given to William Grayson.

  The prize for the fattest under one year to Minnie Lora Cappellenti, aged ten weeks.

  The prize for the most popular baby was won by Eugene Taylor and Raymond Rice, aged five months from the Star of Hope Refuge Home at Burlington was given a prize also.

  There were two other babies from out of town, Philip Riley, Baker and William George Dye from Burlington.

  The judges were Mrs. Robert McDonald, Cumberland; Miss Ann Sloan, Lonaconing; Mrs. Allen Luke, Luke; Mrs. E Z Tower of Oakland.

  The lucky tree provided a very satisfactory feature and lots of interest was taken by the youngsters in hooking packages, especially after it was known that several packages contained money.

  The costume dancing by eight young ladies was artistic and graceful.  Taking part were Misses Julia Wright, McMackin, Burkhart, Wilson, Woolf, Vossler, Virginia Wright and Nita Shaffer.

  Mrs. Jarley’s Wax Works was given in a special tent for a five-cent admission and each character was excellently taken and much enjoyment afforded the audience.  Mrs. Ast made an admirable Mrs. Jarley, and her introduction to her different figures was both witty and pleasing.   M

  Messrs Billie Davis and Porter Liller were property men, Claudus Terrell was Sir Walter Raleigh, Miss Elsie Hoffman a Parisian Bride, Miss Pauline Gelwicks was Priscilla, Miss Joretha Liller was a French Doll, Miss Tabitha Thompson was a Japanese Maid, Messrs William Woolf and Marshall Carrier were Humpty Dumpty Clowns, Miss Eloise Liller was a Gypsy maid and Miss Myrtle Vossler and Mr. Ezra Shaffer were Cynthia and Ruben.

  A good concert by McIlwee’s band and fancy dancing were features of the entertainment at night.  A nice sum was realized by the club, which will be used toward paying for playground apparatus.




  Mr. Lon Keller has been at Thomas or nearby towns assisting in some mining operations.


  Tomatoes are making a very poor start.   The frost a fortnight ago and the little black fleas have made the tomato plants few and far between.


  Las Sun night during a severe thunderstorm the barn of Mr. W T Dixon was struck by lightning and the building and all its contents entirely consumed.  The loss consists of about four tons of hay, thirty bushels of oats, agricultural machinery, vehicles, harness, etc.  The loss is about #2500 or more.  The violence of the electric current threw three pieces of timber some distance out into the meadow.


  Mrs. Nannie Kelley of Luke, daughter of Mrs. Nancy Ruckman, was a visitor here last Sat, the guest of D C Arnold and Mrs. R M Dean.


  There are three happy boys in town.  They were paroled by the governor of this state, and they are might glad they are back home again and everyone gives them the glad hand.


  Two auto loads of our citizens went to Keyser last Fri evening to hear Gov Hatfield, and returned after the speaking that night.


  The new cornet band, or brass band (we have a band, but it is not christened to our knowledge” serenaded Uncle John on the event of the 75th anniversary of his birthday.  It was a pleasant affair, the young musicians did their best, and Uncle John enjoyed the serenade.


  The Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows and Redmen held joint memorial services in the Nethken Hill Church last Sun afternoon at 2:30.  There was a large audience and the services were impressive.  Ex Mayor W H Kight announced the program:  Singing by choir and congregation, “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name:” anthem by choir, “Thou Art My God:” prayer by Rev U S Landstreet of the M E Church; duet by Mrs. R Marsh Den and Miss Adna Middleton, “Lead Kindly Light;” oration by Benj Frank Shaffer of Cumberland, Past Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias of Md.  “Lead Me Gently Home, Father;” eulogy by R Marsh Dean.  This speaker never appeared at better advantage, and to say the least his eulogy was a perfect gem.  Singing by choir and congregation, “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” benediction by Rev C J Racy of U B Church.


  Miss Irene Jackson has gone to Terra Alta and entered the state Sanitarium.


  Mrs. D C Arnold returned the first of this week from her visit to her sister, Mrs. Mantie K Naylor, east of Washington.  Mrs. Naylor’s husband is critically ill, with no hope of recovery.


  On Memorial Day last Sun, the Masons in this vicinity went to Hartmonsville in three autos and decorated the grave of their brother, Walter S Arnold, and returning, decorated the grave of their brother, J Frank Dixon.







  Mrs. Margaret Gilmore, died at her home on Fairview St Fri morning at 9 o’clock at the age of 81.  She had been an invalid for 30 years.  She is survived by two daughters, John S Little and Miss Mary, and one son T J Gilmore.  The funeral occurred from the St Peters Church yesterday morning.


  Misses Mary and Lucy Wolfe, of Erie Pa, arrived home to attend the commencement of P H S.  Miss Edna Wolfe is one of the graduates.


  Misses Alma Mellor and Grace Carsley are on an extended visit in Massachusetts.


  Chas T Neff Jr is at Morgantown W Va “visiting his brother, Leon Neff.’


  Mrs. J H Isles, of Keyser, is visiting Miss Hazel Wolfe.


  Jas Martin and family have arrived here from Washington.


  Rev Alan Parsons, son of Dr E H Parsons, who has just been ordained a minister of the Episcopal Church was married to Miss Jeanette B Hill at Staunton Va, June 15th.  He had been placed in charge as rector of the Episcopal Church at Chester this state.




  Mrs. Lucy Kuykendall and daughters of Keyser, are guests of Mrs. Charles Blue.


  Miss Mary Pancake, from up the river, Miss Carrie Wilson of Romney, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heiskell of South Branch were among the guests this week in town.


  Miss Sarah Harmison of Romney, is spending the week with Mrs. Brady Thompson.


  Miss Lucy Blue is visiting in Moorefield.


  N B Guthrie is in Ashville NC.


  Mrs. B A Franklin and little folks have returned from a month’s stay with relatives in Tenn.



JUNE 15, 1915


  Children’s Day services were held at the church last Sun night in the presence of a large audience.  The church was beautifully decorated with laurel, spruce and roses.  A nice program, consisting of recitations and pantomimes, was well rendered with good music, interspersed by Miss Alma Grayson on the organ and Mosby and Oscar Rogers with violins.  Rev burgess and others from Laureldale, and Henry Burgess and family, and Mrs. Sherman Carnell and daughter from Claysville attended the service.


  Miss Catherine Grayson, who has been visiting home folks a week or two, returned to Westernport Mon.


  Evelyn and Paul Martin of Keyser, are visiting their uncle, M Martin here.


  Lynn Mott, a graduate of the Prep School at Keyser, has gone to Luke, where he has a position as bookkeeping for the Lukes.


  Mr. and Mrs. Wm T Martin of Chicago Junction, Ohio, who were here last week attending the funeral of her father, Isaac Leatherman, have gone home.


  Surveyor D G martin was at Keyser on Business Tues.




  The will of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Stehley was admitted to probate by the county court of Berkeley Co last Fri.  It is dated May 19th, 1913 and is witnessed by T D Leps.  A A Jordan and Wm MacDonald of Keyser,.  The real estate in Harrisburg Pa and Hagerstown Md is given to the sons, Dr F of Keyser and John Z Stehley of Berkeley Co, and the household goods at Falling Waters to the daughters, Kate and Maria Stehley.  On July 26, 1913, a codicil was attached, which gave the property in Harrisburg to all of the children, share and share alike.




  Mrs. John G Wolfe, and family through this medium, wish to express their appreciation of the kindness of their friends and neighbors during their late bereavement and to extend to them their thanks.




  County Court met last Mon and granted licenses to the following:


Hotel and Restaurant


At Keyser – E S Stotler, W L Wagoner, W C Burkhiser, Wm Smith, Mrs. A I Bier, Fred Hamill, Frank R Troy, W W Welker, S F Amtower


At Piedmont – Rhoages Sisters, Sprigg Orndorff, T Kenny, C W Minear, Chas M Campbell, R T Cauffman, R L Codire, A W Roby, Gilmore Sisters, Mrs. Mary Baughman


At Elk Garden – P F McNally, Mrs. Kate Wilson


At Burlington – Mrs. Nannie J Shank


Pool Room and Bowling Alleys


At Keyser – W W Woodward


At Piedmont – Chas Randolph


Drug Stores


At Keyser – Arza Furbee, Romig Drug Co, Grusendorff & Scott


At Piedmont – J E Suter, H Clay Shaw


JUNE 18, 1915




  Mrs. Santemyer of Riverton is here to see her son R T Santemyer, who is ill at the hospital.


  Mr. and Mrs. H G Wilson and Miss Pauline, Miss Kinsey and Claudius Terrell, motored to Petersburg Mon.


  Truman Swinebart and sister and Mr. and Mrs. W P Bazzle motored to Petersburg Mon and spent the day.


  The Thimble Club met with Mrs. O F Spotts at her home no Orchard St Thurs afternoon at 2 o’clock.


  Miss Rose Kabrick and Mrs. L L tucker left Tues evening on an extended visit to relatives in Clear Lake Iowa.


  Mrs. Arthur Fisher and children of Davis, are visiting at the home of her uncle, W W Davis, 124 Grand Ave. – Cumb Times of 16th


  Mrs. Charles Broome has returned from Grafton, accompanied by her mother Mrs. Randels, who will visit here for some time.


  Mrs. George Shoemaker, who has been at the Hoffman Hospital for the past three weeks, returned to her home on Piedmont St Mon.


  Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Gus Nadele of NY, a son.  Mr. Nadele is a son of Mr. Ernest Nadele of Medley, Grant Co and well known here.


  Mrs. Charles Broome, Mrs. Ed Geldbaugh and Mrs. D A Kesner and Miss Elsie Kesner were in Oakland Wed attending the Lutheran Synod.


  Miss Kate Scherr, who ahs been the guest of friends here, will leave Mon for a visit to her sister, Mrs. Frank Babb of Keyser.  – Charleston Gazette of 12th.


  Mrs. P Q Shrake and daughters, Misses Katharine and Grace of New Matamoras Ohio, are here to spend a few weeks with Mr. Schrake who has the contract of building the dormitory.


  Mrs. Ida L Wolford and sister, Mrs. Wm Angwin of Frostburg Md and Mrs. McGowan of Keyser, have returned after spending a few days in Hagerstown.  – Martinsburg Journal of 10th


  Mrs. Evan Mathew of Cumberland and Mrs. George Barker of Keyser, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boette, have returned to their homes. – Parkersburg Sentinel of 12th.


  Mr. Chandler Rinehart and daughter, Miss Cora of Wichita Kan, arrived Tues night to visit relatives and friends for a while.  Mr. Rinehart was formerly a Keyser busine3ssman, but has been in the west for several years.


  Boyd M Smith left yesterday morning for Ashland O.


  Mr. and Mrs. E J King of Brunswick, who attended the funeral of Mrs. Newcome, returned home.


  Mrs. Fred chandler of Cumberland, came up last night and is the guest of the Misses Rice at McCoole.


  Mrs. W E Woolf and a party of friends will leave today on an auto trip to Luray and other parts of Va.


  Mr. and Mrs. T H Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Davis and Mrs. Mollie Cook, motored to Cumberland Sun.


  Rev Mr. Lnler, who has been spending ten days with his uncle, Rev A N Perryman, leaves tonight for his home in Indiana.


  T D Leps and little daughter Dorothy, went to Pocomoke city Md Tues to attend marriage of Miss King, a sister of Mrs. Leps.


  Mrs. John Wilt and two children returned to their home at Elkins Wed after a couple of weeks’ visit with Mrs. N D McCoole.


  Mrs. Jacob Avers went down to Ridgeley yest4erday to see her new granddaughter, who arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Miles Wed.


  Mr. F P Kelley of Fairmont, spent from Sat to Thurs here with his family.  He had been on a fishing trip and stopped off on his way home.


  Walter Lowry left yesterday for Mansfield Ohio, where he will attend the reunion of his old regiment.  His daughter, Miss Daisy accompanied him.


  Mrs. Leah Sincell of Oakland, who has been spending some time with her daughter at Cumberland, came up yesterday and will spend a while with Mr. and Mrs. John T Sincell.


  Mrs. Murray Winters returned home last Sat from Cumberland with her son, John who underwent an operation at the Western Md hospital ten days ago.


  Miss Mary Vance, a nurse at the Hoffman Hospital, who was operated on for appendicitis a couple of weeks ago, went to her home at Petersburg Sun to spend a month.


  W R Earl, a machine shop foreman, left Tues for Baltimore, where he will take a similar position at Mt Clare shops, and which places him in line of promotion.


  Rev G A Gibbons of Romney, stopped off here a few hours yesterday to see E W McGill.  He was on his way home from a visit to his son, Dr Page Gibbons, at Morgantown.


 Clarance Vossler came down from Maysville yesterday and took his mother and sisters back with him.  They have closed their Mineral St home for the summer.


  Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Crawford of Keyser, were guests over sun of the former’s mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford.   Terra Alta Republican of 17th




  Mrs. Virginia Pritchard, aged 29 years, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm M Smith, died Tues morning, June 15, 1915 at the home of her parents after a long illness of tuberculosis. 

  The funeral took place from the home at two o’clock yesterday.  Services were conducted by Rev R Ghammond, and interment was in Queen’s Point Cemetery.


  Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Newcome died Sat, June 12, 1915 at the home of her son, J W Newcome on E Street, at and advanced age.   The funeral took place at 2 o’clock on Mon, Services were conducted at the home by Rev A V Lonier, after which interment took place in Queen’s Point Cemetery.   The pallbearers were her grandsons, J E Kinney, Jas Newcome and John Newcome of Keyser,  E J King of Brunswick, L H Paugh of Grafton and Jos Newcome of Hardman.


  Wed morning Mrs. John T Sincell received a telegram announcing the death of her brother, Mr. R Ernest Brown, aged about 33 years, which occurred that morning at a hospital in Pittsburgh.  Mr. Brown had been ill for several years.  He spent a couple of weeks here with his sister, going to Pittsburgh Thurs of last week.


  Miss Rhea Morgan, a sister of Mrs. Harry Atkins, died at her home in Pittsburgh Sat and was buried Mon.




  Licenses were issued at Cumberland as follows:


  June 15 – Stephen Rowan and Nora Virginia martin, both of Cumberland Md.


  Adam Wellington Johnson of Westernport Md and Mary Edna Beeman of Moscow Md.


  William Edwin Bishoff of Grafton W VA, and Emmaline Gertrude Robinette of Cumberland Md.


  June 16 – Calvin Marcus Day and Bessie Viola Saville, both of Higginsville W Va.




 Tues, John A Godlove, of Capon Bridge, died suddenly as he was in the act of crossing the street.  Spectators saw him throw up his hands and fall.  Running to his rescue they discovered him to be beyond human aid.  Mr. Godlove was 76 years of age.


JULY 23, 1915




  We learn that Rev J Howard Wells, pastor at Harrisonburg Va, has had his tonsils removed at the Md General Hospital of this city.  Baltimore Methodist


  Mrs. C W Shelly and daughters, Misses Lurah and Ione, have returned from their visit to Romney.  They were accompanied home by Miss Catherine Arnold.


   Mrs. John Stevenson and children and her visitors, Mrs. Latimer and children of Washington, spent Wed at Bloomington and yesterday at Oakland Park.


  Miss Bess Wilson returned last night from Piedmont, where she was called by the illness of her father, Jackob Wilson, who is very much improved.  – Elkins Inter Mt of 21st


  H G Steorts and daughter, Miss Louise, and Mrs. Will Moler motored to Terra Alta Sun and spent the day with Mrs. Steorts, who is spending the summer there.


  Attorney H G Fisher, accompanied by H H Stover, L F Sawyer and W H Griffith, left in his auto Wed on a trip to Atlantic City and other parts of the east.


  Mrs. D H Frye of Richwood W Va, is expected today and tomorrow, accompanied by her little son, Tom Jr, who has been spending some time here with his grandparents, will go to Somerset Pa on a visit.


  We learn from the Winchester (Va) “Star” that Mr. and Mrs. A R Heltzel of Wardensville W Va, are in this city.  Brother Heltzel who is a leader in our church in the Moorefield district, is here for medical treatment. – Baltimore Southern Methodist


  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chance and daughter, Miss Helen and son Harry of Urbana Ohio, stopped off her Wed for a short visit at the home of Col T B Frye.  They have been on a trip to Washington and other eastern points and were on their way home.  Mr. Chance is a cousin of Col Frye.


  Mr. and Mrs. A C Scherr and daughter, Arnold, who have been in Baltimore for the past several weeks where Mr. Scherr has been taking special treatment at John Hopkins Hospital are now at Elliott Springs Va.  The many friends here of Mr Scherr will be glad to hear that his health is much improved.


  Miss Janet Lamden who has been spending the winter here, will leave today for her home in Montgomery.  – Charleston Gazette of 20th.


  ? of Moorefield are visiting Mrs. Parson’s grandfather, Mr. Robert Stickley who is 87 years old.


  The following members of the Royal Neighbors visited the Westernport Lodge last Tues and assisted in an initiation:  Mrs. Maude H Gurd, Mrs. Chas Spotts, Mrs. Huber Kerchival, Mrs. O T Stafford and Miss Lillie Sindy.


  Wed Miss Mona Homan, of Antioch, well known to many of our readers, sustained a painful sprain of one of her hands in an auto accident.  Her brother in law, Henry Clause, was taking her home from Ridgeville in his machine and was going at a slow gait, when the auto swerved off the road and turned over, throwing them out.  The only damage was the injury to Miss Homan.


  Mrs. Charles Twigg left today for a visit with relatives at Urbana Ill.  – Elkins Inter Met of 19th


Mrs. A Spates Brady of Piedmont, was in the city Sat enroute to her home at Mabie to visit relatives.  Elkins Inter Mt of 19th.


  Mrs. Virginia DeBerry of Romney, is the guest of Miss Elenor Miller.


  Paul Purgett of Keyser was a visitor here Sun.


  Mrs. Maurice Newman of Keyser, visited relatives here over Sun.


  Jack Furbee returned home Sun from Alma, where he had been visiting relatives for a month.


  Miss Lelia Kerchival of Keyser is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. L G Beerbower, Terra Alta Republican of 22nd.


  Mrs. C J Deahl was the guest of friends at Keyser last of the week.


  L H Mott was at Wheeling this week attending the State Funeral Directors and Embalmers Assn.


   Tues Geo B Thompson shipped a fine horse to his mother, Mrs. R W Weatherbee of Lindondale Vt.  The horse is four years old and was raised on Mr. Thompson’s Canaan farm.  P A Howard accompanied the horse to see that it gets through safely.  Davis News of 15th


  Mrs. N J Broadwater of Oakland, who was Miss June Bowden, a graduate nurse, formerly of this city, underwent an appendix operation at the Western Md Hospital Sat.  This is the second operation for Mrs. Broadwater.  She is reported doing nicely.


  Misses Alice and Frances Cunningham, who have been visiting their brother, W D Cunningham and family of Hagerstown for several weeks, have returned, accompanied by Pauline the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham.  Mrs. Cunningham will come to Cumberland this week to visit.  Cumberland News of 20th




  The funeral of E W McGill, who died July 15, 1915, took place Mon.  Services were held at the home at 6:30 am, by Rev G G Martin and the body was taken on train No 2 to Frenche’s station and then across the country to his old home at Levels, where it was laid to rest.  Rev Geo A Gibbens, his pastor conducted the services, assisted by Rev Mr. Martin.

   Among those accompanying the remains were:  Mrs. McGill, Mrs. N D McCoole, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie McCoole, Mr. and Mrs. W F Giffin, Mrs. E W Dawson, Mrs. M J Filler and Calvin Filler, Mr. and Mrs. J S Koontz, Mr. H G Steorts and Miss Louise Steorts, Mr. E C Heiskell, Paul Davis, P C McCoole of Paw Paw and Miss Hiett of Froks of Capon.




  Mr. W L W Zais, one of the best-known employees in the local B&O yards, was killed Mon morning soon after commencing work.  He was lowering a heavy piece of timber with a jack when the lever broke, striking him on the neck, causing death in a few moments.  He owned his own home in McCoole and was one of the most progressive and substantial citizens of that town.  He is survived by a wife and three children, one son, Walter, at home; two daughters, Mrs. Wm Ravenscroft of McCoole and Mrs. John Poland of Piedmont.

  The funeral was preached at the home in McCoole at 2:00 Wed by his pastor Rev V A Lonier of the M E Church.

  The Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias Lodges jointly had charge of the funeral.  The remains were taken to Westernport on No 5 and laid to rest.

  Mr. Zais was 50 years old and had worked for the B&O for the past 27 years.


  A bad auto accident happened Sun afternoon in McCoole, when a car driven by James Eagle, youngest son of Mrs. D W Eagle of Keyser, ran into a rig occupied by Mr. H R Stotler, and daughter Miss Grace and Mr. John Sigler of Piedmont.  The rig was badly smashed up and the auto went over the embankment and was almost a complete wreck.  In the car with the young Eagle were three other boys, none of whom were seriously hurt, but Mr. Stotler’s hands were mashed and he was pretty badly injured, as was also Mr. Sigler.  Miss Stotler, however, escaped with nothing worse than a bad scare.

  Young Eagle says that the brake on his machine broke and he was unable to control it on the steep hill.




  Editor J Frank Lantz of Hildreth Nebraska, a brother of Dr Percival Lantz of Alaska W VA, is visiting in these parts and called yesterday to shake the paw of the editor of the Daily News.  Mr. Lantz is editor of the “Hildredth Telescope” a bright sheet which scintillates with Lantz logic.  Mr. Lantz has been away for 17 years and is spending his time now visiting his brother.




  Contractor F W Davis has staked off the ground for an office building on the corner of Armstrong and West Streets for Judge F M Reynolds.  The building will front 18 feet on Armstrong St and run back 30 feet, connecting with his present office.  It is to be a handsome building, two stories high with fireproof vaults and all other modern conveniences.  It is to be of brick with Cleveland spotted pressed brick front.  C W Shelly is the architect.




  S T Cantrell has been appointed acting superintendent of the Cumberland division of the B&O RR with headquarters in this city.  Cumb News