Will Book 2, p. 2

The last will and testament of me Jacob Good Am (Amen?)
I deliver my soul to God and my Body to be buried in Christian like manner Item I bequeth unto my Son Peter Good my Lands or Estate I now live on as long as my wife Susanah lives after her Death the Land shall be appraised & Peter shall have Four Years to buy it in & every one of my Child shall have an equal part
Item My Son Peter shall give? his Mother each year fifteen Bushels Wheat & Six Bushels Rye & Six Bushels of Indian Corn & One Hundred & Fifty Pounds of Pork & one Peck of Salt & a Quarter of an Acrea of Good Ground Sowed in flax & he shall Pul & Break the Produce. & he shall Build her a House & keep her in Fire Wood. My wife Susanah shall also have my Snip mare with Colt now & Two Cows & two Sheep. The above Peter shall keep (the colt of the before mentioned mare Three Years in Good Groing order) & also a the above mentioned Creatures for the use of my Wife
the said Peter my son must keep & maintain for her use in Good order as long as she lives Item I give my Wife Susanah my Iron Stove & Iron Kettle & Iron Pott, my Pewter Dish & two Spoons all the Wool & Linnen made & to be made within this present year
Item If my wife Susannah shall be taken Sick I enjoyn all my Heirs to take care & provide every thing necessary for her well doing. Item I also bequeth my Wife my large Pewter Bason & Bed & Bedstead & all the Tea ware & a Pan & an Iron Ladle & after the Decease of my wife Susanah all the Effects she then possesses Except the Bed shall be sold & Equally devided among The Children,
Item to my Son Peter I give a mare called his, Also to my Son Abraham I give a mare Colt Called the English Colt, I desire my Son Abraham shall live with my Son Peter until he is Eighteen Years old in that time Peter shall pay & give him Six months to go to School. & if Abrahams Mare shall have a Colt before he is of age, the said Peter shall have it as long as he is with him & the said Peter shall give him the said Abraham when he is Eighteen Years old a Compleat suit of Colothing
Item, Exclusive of the above mentioned effects all my Estate shall be equally divided amongst my Children & my Wife shall hand/handle?
Childs part with them directly after my Death.
I empower Peter Putnam to Sign & make a Right of Half my Lot of Land as Divided by me for my Son Isaac Good he having made satesfaction for it & now Possesses it
Item If my Son Peter shall Die without a lawfull Heir that my Son Abraham shall possess every thing I have left to my Son Peter
Item Peter Good shal be obliged to take to Mill & fetch to my wife the grain I have left & she shall have half the Garden for her use & half an acrea of Ground in good fence & a third part of all Fruit on my part of the Lot & I appoint Isaac Good & Peter Putnam my Executors to my above mentioned Estate
As Witness my hand and Seal this First day of April One Thousand Seven Hundred & eighty

In Presence of A Copy Jacob X Good his Mark
Michael Miller
Henry Lighter
William X Bell mark

At a Court held for Hampshire County the 9th day of May 1780 - The last Will and Testament of Jacob Good
Deceased (wrote in German) was presented in Court by Isaac Good & Peter Putnam the Executors therein named proved by the oaths of Michael Miller & Henry Lighter two of the witnesses thereto and this Translation thereof was also proved by the oath of Anthony Baker and ordered to be Recorded. And on the motion of the said Executors who made oath according to Law Certificate is granted them for obtaining a Probate thereof in due form giving Security Whereupin they together with the said Michael Miller and Henry Lighter their Securities entered into and acknowledged a Bond in the Penalty of Ten Thousand Pounds for their due and faithfull administration of the said Decedants Estate and performance of his Will __________ Test
Gabriel Jones Cl: Cur: ??