Floyd Cline Family Cemetery

Right Hand Fork of Gilbert Creek


by Jeff Cline and Jeff's father, Charles Cline and Jason Cline

Note: When Jeff Cline was a candidate for Sheriff of Mingo County WV, part of his campaign efforts was to clean up cemeteries in Mingo County WV. While conversing with him in email, I asked if he would get the names and dates contained on the headstones. As you can see, he did! Way to go Jeff!


Cline, Floyd; b. Dec 15, 1897; d. Aug 26, 1965

Cline, Virgie; b. July 15, 1892; d. Nov 4, 1966

Cline, Jason; b. July 11, 1932; d. Sept 11, 1986

Cline, Teresa Cheryl; b. Oct 5, 1952; d. Dec 24, 1990

Cline, Amanda; b. 1878; d. 1973

Cline, Anthony; b. Jan 16, 1873; d. Nov 23, 1969

Cline, John Jr.; b. May 23, 1950; d. Sept 3, 1950

Justice, Filbert Irvin; b. Aug 4, 1944; d. May 1964

Justice, Lonnie; b. Mar 1, 1917; d. May 19, 1988

Justice, Liddie; b. Mar 1921; d. Mar 1963


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