Stafford - White Cemetery

Gilbert, WV


Submitted by Vanessa Stafford Allen

This is a very nicely maintained cemetery, with railroad tie steps leading up the mountainside to it. It’s maintained by the White family. The cemetery is in three sections. The original section has a fence around it and is in the middle, with a section directly below it and another section directly above it. It’s in a very pretty location, with a view through the trees of the town of Gilbert below.


Arnold, Howard D.; b. Dec 17, 1921; d. Feb 8, 1972; husband of Tharon Hatfield Arnold

Arnold, Tharon H.; b. July 18, 1923; no death date; dau of William Ieager Hatfield and Dora Ann Mitchell Hatfield, wife of Howard Arnold, on double stone

Barger, Bill; b. Feb 13, 1878; d. Oct 28, 1951; Double stone for Bill & Minnie – “In Memory” across bottom.

Barger, Minnie; b. Apr 30, 1889; d. Mar 13, 1957

Barger, Minnie Marie; b. May 12, 1920; d. June 27, 1922; Daughter of William and Minnie Barger; “Our darling one hath gone before to meet us on the other shore”

Barger, William J. Jr. “Billy”; b. June 2, 1925; (no death date); Double stone for Billy & Mae – “Goodbye Til Morning Comes Again”

Barger, Mae Lawson; b. May 12, 1921; d. July 21, 2000

Barger, James R.; born and died 1929

Browning, Mamie White; b. July 7, 1904; d. Dec 29, 1960; wife of Marvin Browning; dau of John W. & Laura Cook White

Browning, George Dewey; b. 1898; d. 1967

Christian, Verla; b. May 16, 1938; d. Feb ??, 1939

Cline, Alonzo L.; b. 1890; d. 1960; husband of Iva Hatfield Cline; son of Harrison & Martha Davis Cline

Cline, Iva; b. 1893; d. 1960; wife of Alonzo “Lonnie” Cline; dau of Evermont & Julittie Hatfield

Cook, Josephine Barger; b. Feb 10, 1923; d. May 9, 1995; “Have Faith in God”

Cook, Carl Edward; b. April 1926; d. Sept 1926

Davidson, Rebecca; Died March 3, 1921; Age about 53 years; “Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection”

Davidson, Lloyd; b. April 29, 1888; d. Nov 8, 1975

Elkins, Rush; b. 1874; d. 1934; husband of Mary Ellen White Elkins; son of Uriah & Martha Stafford Elkins

Elkins, Mary Ellen; b. 1876; d. 1956; wife of Rush Elkins, double stone; dau of B.H. & Nancy Stafford White

Elkins, Ruth; b. Jan 31, 1903; d. Mar 19, 1903; “Suffer little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Elkins, Wilton; b. Feb 16, 1911; d. Apr 20, 1911; “With Christ in Heaven”

Elkins, Belva; b. Aug 11, 1912; d. Sept 9, 1912; “No pain, no grief, no anxious fear Will touch our loved one sleeping here.

Ellis, Louzettie Frances; b. July 27, 18(71?); d. July 28(?), 1888

Ferrell, G. W.; b. June 17, 1876; d. May 30, 1920

Griffith, Elmer H.; b. 1877; d. 1945

Griffith, Anna; b. 1888; d. 1936; Elmer & Anna on a double stone.

Hackney, Grant; b. May 9, 1880; Apr 7, 1945; “Gone to rest” “Our Father”

Hackney, Sarinia; b. June 7, 1884; d. Apr 1, 1951; “Gone to rest” “Our Mother”

Hatfield, James; b. 1839; d. 1909; also known as “Bullneck”, husband of Flora Ann Stafford Hatfield; son of Aly & Ann Evans Hatfield; age 70 Yrs; "Father"; Double stone for James & Flora – “Gone But Not Forgotten” across bottom.

Hatfield, Flora Ann; b. Nov 1, 1840; d. Nov 22, 1916; wife of James “Bullneck” Hatfield; dau of John and Levisa Spratt Stafford; “Mother”

Hatfield, Ed S.; b. 1864; d. 1934; full name "Edward Shannon Hatfield"; son of James & Flora Hatfield

Hatfield, Evermont Ward; b. Jan 17, 1866; d. March 10, 1950; husband of Julittie Morgan Hatfield; son of James & Flora

Hatfield, Julittie Maria; b. Feb 6, 1867; d. June 20, 1940; wife of Evermont Hatfield

Hatfield, Arthur Polar; b. July 27, 1905; d. Jan 15, 1974; son of Evermont & Julittie

The next three on a triple stone, marked :

Hatfield, Allie; b. 1899; d. 1984; wife of H. Howard Hatfield; full name Allie Breading Fletcher Hatfield; on a triple-stone with Howard and Maude; triple-stone marked “HATFIELD” across the top

Hatfield, Howard; b. 1874; d. 1961; full name Hannabal Howard Hatfield; son of James & Flora Hatfield

Hatfield, Maude; b. 1885; d. 1918; first wife of H. Howard Hatfield; full name Maude Justice Hatfield

Hatfield, Levisy; b. May 10, 1878; d. May 2, 1899; dau of James & Flora Hatfield

Hatfield, William Bill Ieager; b. Apr 1884; d. Oct 1958; husband of Dora Ann Mitchell White Hatfield; son of James & Flora Hatfield; double-stone for Bill & Dora – “In memory of children and grandchildren”

Hatfield, Dora Ann Mitchell; b. July 18, 1886; d. July 1962; wife of Bill Ieager Hatfield; dau of Micajah “Cager” and Clara Mitchell

Hatfield, Victoria Morgan; b. Jan 29, 1878; d. Jan 11, 1965; wife of M. Bruce Hatfield, son of James & Flora Hatfield

Hatfield, Dane W.; b. Feb 15, 1905; d. Nov 5, 1918; Daniel, son of Bruce & Victoria; “Died as he lived, without fear”

Hatfield, M. Bruce, Jr.; b. Oct 14, 1908; d. Oct 6, 1910; son of Bruce and Victoria; “God blesses in an early death and takes the infant unto Himself”

Hatfield, Fred W.; b. Nov 25, 1901; d. July 6, 1962; WV PFC CO K 12TH INF

Hatfield, Ronald, Jr.; Died 1978; “All Things With Love”

Hatfield, Ottaway; b. September 9, 1929; d. no death date; WEST VIRGINIA PVT 155 DEPOT BRIG

Lester, Carol; b. Nov 29, 1945; d. Jan 20, 1967; “At Rest”

Mitchell, Johnny; b. 1911; d. 1920

Morgan, Golda Augusta; b. July 7, 1880; d. Aug 18, 1964

Phillips, Robert Eugene; b. Mar 15, 1911; d. Nov 10, 1935; “Gone but not forgotten”

Rossi, Antonio; b. Nov 22, 1880; d. Oct 22, 1918; “This monument erected by his friends”

Runyon, Millard; b. May 6, 1809; d. May 13, 1899

Runyon, James B.; b. Oct 8, 1903; d. Feb 22, 1906; “Our darling one hath gone before to meet us on the other shore.”

Runyon, Gracie Pearl; b. Oct 22, 1900; d. Oct 14, 1915; “She was the sunshine of our home”

Sammons, Elsworth; b. 1918; d. 1993; husband of Helen White Sammons; dau of John W. & Laura White

Spratt, Catherine Buchanan; died Feb 9, 1868; Age about 75 years; wife of Isaac Spratt; dau of James and Mary “Mollie” Shannon Buchanan, mother of Levisa Spratt Stafford; “Dying words Lord raise me higher”

In the oldest section of the cemetery (near John Stafford and Catherine Buchanan Spratt), were nine unmarked or unreadable stones. Four were flat field stones planted on edge, and five were small upright headstones with no discernible marks.

Stafford, John; b. Feb 10, 1810; d. Mar 12, 1862; husband of Levisa Spratt Stafford; son of John & Nancy Runyon Stafford; “He lived as he died trusting in the Lord”

Stafford, J. W.; b. Oct 27, 1832; d. Nov 19, 1917; full name "John Wesley Stafford", son of John & Levisa; “Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give thee rest. Matthew XI–28”

Stafford, Isaac P.; b. Feb 6, 1835; d. Oct 17, 1907; son of John & Levisa Spratt Stafford; (verse unreadable)

Stafford, F. S.; b. Dec 15, 1838; d. Jul 20, 1908; full name "Floyd Shannon Staffprd", known as Doc Stafford; son of John and Levisa; (verse unreadable)

1898, monument to four infant children by Mr. and Mrs. Alex Stafford

One Son
Twin Daughters of Alex and Loventia Stafford
Thomas R.

Stafford, Mary; b. 1862; d. Aug 22, 1880; first wife of Alex Stafford, son of John and Levisa Stafford; dau of Eli & Mary “Polly” Ellis Trent; (verse unreadable)

Surber, Helen Hatfield; b. Dec 28, 1938; d. Dec 1, 1962; dau of Frank & Margaret Vitez Hatfield; died from a penicillin shot

White, B. H.; b. Jan 20, 1837; d. Apr 2, 1891; full name "Benjamin Harrison White"; husband of Nancy Stafford White

White, Nancy Stafford; b. 1843; d. 1929; wife of B. H. White; dau of John & Levisa Stafford; “Forever with the Lord”

White, John Wesley; b. 1879; d. 1950; husband of Laura Cook White; son of B. H. & Nancy Stafford White

White, Laura Cook; b. 1881; d. 1964; wife of John Wesley White

White, J. M.; b. May 24, 1883; d. Mar 25, 1917; "Monroe", son of B. H. & Nancy White

White, James Millard; b. Aug 31, 1907; d. Nov 4, 1978; son of Monroe & Dora Mitchell White

White, Herbert E. “Dobie”; b. Dec 19, 1910; d. Mar 11, 1994; husband of Belva Walls White; son of Monroe & Dora Mitchell White; double-stone for Dobie and Belva – “Wed Dec. 24, 1938" in the center

White, Belva M.; b. Apr 11, 1919; (no death date); wife of Herbert “Dobie” White

White, Harry; b. 1915; d; 1976; son of John W. & Laura Cook White
Footstone: Harry White; b. May 15, 1915; d. Oct 27, 1976; Capt US Army World War II

White, Opal; b. 1914; d. 1990; wife of Harry, on same double-stone; parents of Tom, Dick, & Harry White

White, Natasha Ann; b. August 12, 1971; d. April 20, 1990; granddau of Harry & Opal, dau of Tom & Marica, killed in an auto accident; (beautiful monument to their daughter)

Daughter of Thomas Franklin and Marica Kennedy White

“If Tears Could Build a Stairway, and Memories a Lane, I’d Walk Right Up to Heaven And Bring You Home Again”

“She spoke as softly as the morning dew, Her smile was as radiant as the morning sun, A perfect rose from the day she was born, She lived as roses do, the space of a morn.”


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