Trent Cemetery

Located at Salt Pond Hollow near Gilbert, WV


Submitted by L. Herbert Dawson

This cemetery is located about one-half mile south of Gilbert above both sets of tracks of the NW RR., It is located on the left side of the first hollow above Gilbert. Cross the new bridge on the opposite side of Clay's Supermarked in Gilbert., walk up the bottom to the lower set of railroad tracks., follow these tracks until you reach an unpaved road which leads to the upper set of tracks., follow the upper set of tracks to the first hollow on your right. Follow the left side of this ravine or hollow to the top of the hill.


Mitchell, Anna; 1865-1935; Mother

Trent, Causby; b. Feb 26, 1860; d. Mar 5, 1930; wife of David Trent

Trent, David; 1859-1942; husband of Causby, son of Alexander & Betty Mounts Trent

Hatfield, Laura (Perry); b. Dec 2l, 1878; d. June 15, 1933; husband #l Ballard Trent, husband #2 Lee Hatfield

Trent, Rayburn; b. Mar 1, 1894; d. Aug 8, 1922; son of Ballard & Laura Perry Trent

Trent, Guy; b. Aug 1, 1892; d. Feb 1, 1918; son of Ballard & Laura Perry Trent

Trent, Ballard; b. May 2, 1861; d. Jan 25, 1903; son of Alexander & Elizabeth Mounts Trent, h/o Laura Perry

Trent, Alexander, Sr.; b. Dec 14, 1829; d. Mar 17, 1908; husband of Elizabeth; son of Humphrey & Martha Smith Trent

Trent, Elizabeth (Mounts); b. Oct 12, 1829; d. Feb 19, 1922; wife of Alexander Trent (above)


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