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I am the newCounty Coordinator forMonongalia County. I volunteered to update this website from a long period of inactivity. Please bear with me as I change the format and verify links. I hope you will give in return, as well. If you have something that you would like to contribute, please contact me and I will add it to these pages. Thanks!

I hope that this will help you to get to know the Monongalia GenWeb as part of theWest Virginia, US and World GenWeb network and understand how we all should be stewards of all of our family histories, guardians of our ancestors and protectors of their heritage and their last plat of land. We all are Coordinators keep the research progressing and accessible to all. The power and authority of solid and scholarly research is using the records. Records have been lost enmass, more records are being lost daily all over theUnited States. Individually we do the best we can  which is always less that some of what all others accomplish, together we can make use of our time progress more quickly and accomplish more within this life than we could by ourselves. This is what the Gen Web is all about. But too many people only take information they find relevant to their ancestor. What are everyone just volunteered to provide the entire name in the page before and the page after as well as the page that they were studying - not a total verbatim account but an index of names, localities and dates.  We would progress to compiling a genealogical index based upon sources from which we can all draw.

Thanks to our previous Coordinators for their hard work:

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