[Counties From Monongalia]


W. Va. County Outline Map


1895 Atlas

  • 1784 - Harrison County was formed from Monongalia and Ohio Counties.
  • 1787 - Randolph County was formed from Harrison County.
  • 1798 - Wood County was formed from Harrison and Kanawha Counties.
  • 1816 - Lewis County was formed from Harrison and Randolph Counties.
  • 1818 - Nicholas County was formed from Greenbrier, Kanawha and Randolph Counties.
  • 1818 - Preston County was formed from Monongalia and Randolph Counties.
  • 1821 - Pocahontas County was formed from Pendleton,Randolph, Greenbrier andBath Counties.
  • 1831 - Fayette County was formed from Kanawha, Greenbrier, Nicholas and Logan Counties.
  • 1831 - Jackson County was formed from Kanawha, Mason and Wood Counties.
  • 1836 - Braxton County was formed from Kanawha, Lewis, Nicholas and Randolph Counties.
  • 1842 - Marion County was formed from Harrison and Monongalia Counties.
  • 1843 - Barbour County was formed from Harrison, Lewis and Randolph Counties.


Cities & Counties in Monongalia County West Virginia

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