Monroe County Genealogy: 1999 Query Archive - January to June

Submitter: Carolyn Lucado Griffin (
Date: 01 Jan 1999
Seeking LOWE/STIFF FAMILIES. Seeking contact with descendents of Joshua LOWE and wives Lucilla DUNCAN LOWE, the daughter of Rev. Landon DUNCAN, who married on 27 November l838 in Giles Co.VA. She died about l850. He then married Mary FRY in December l850 in Giles Co.VA. The l850 Monroe Co. census showed Joshua 37, with Rachel E. l0, twin Sarah l0, Martha S. 9, Erastus P. 8, Mary P. 6, Alex (Alexander) C. 4, and Josephus W. 2. He appeared in the l860-l880 census records. In l860 he was in Peterstown, l870 in Forest Hill, and l880 in Red Sulphur District. His oldest daughter Rachel married Price Hopkins STIFF on 22 March l859. Please send me information about any of my ancestors. Carolyn Lucado Griffin (

Submitter: Carolyn Lucado Griffin (
Date: 01 Jan 1999
Seeking descendents of my greatgrandmother Sarah Elizabeth LOWE born 22 March l840. She was an identical twin of Rachel Elizabeth LOWE STIFF of Monroe Co. WV. They were the daughters of Joshua and Lucilla DUNCAN LOWE, the daughter of Rev. Landon and Sarah KIRK DUNCAN of Giles Co. VA. Sarah married Eugene Borum ANGEL on 9 April l86l at the home of Joshua LOWE in Monroe Co. WV. They moved to Giles Co. after l874.

Submitter: Carolyn Lucado Griffin (
Date: 01 Jan 1999
Seeking descendents of Erastus Preston LOWE born 2l September l842 in Monroe Co. WV. He was the son of Joshua and Lucilla DUNCAN LOWE. He married Elizabeth PENCE and had a daughter Laura E. born April l870. He appeared in the Springfield Twp, Monroe Co. census as 28 with Elizabeth 2l and Laura E. 4 months. Seeking contact with my ancestors. Carolyn Lucado Griffin (

Submitter: Carolyn Lucado Griffin (
Date: 01 Jan 1999
Seeking descendents of Alexander Campbell LOWE, the son of Joshua and Lucilla DUNCAN LOWE of Monroe Co. WV. He was born l7 June l846. He married Virginia GWINN of Red Sulphur Springs. I would like to contact my relatives. Carolyn Lucado Griffin (

Surnames: HEDDERLY
Submitter: John Hedderly (
Date: 05 Jan 1999
William P. Hedderly enlisted in the Monroe Battery (Chapman's) VA Light Artillery in 1863. Any reference to this surname gratefully received!

Submitter: Jean Allen (
Date: 14 Jan 1999
Looking for someone who has access to the 1877 Border Watchman newspaper in Monroe County. Need someone to look up article on P.H. SHANKLIN. Thank you, Jean

Submitter: Jamie Nickell (
Date: 18 Jan 1999
Hello, If anyone has any information on the Nickell Family in Monroe, I would love to here from you. I'm from the Nickell Family at Nickell's Mill on Second Creek. Also if you or someone you know has any old photo's of Nickell or related family members I'm willing to pay for copies. Also looking for info on the Hinchman family of Wolf Creek, and the Bowyer family in Monroe County.

Submitter: David Thompson (
Date: 19 Jan 1999
I would appriciate any, and I do mean any, information on the family OBERTON. My grandmother was Ethel Mae Oberton Thompson and was born in 1895 and died in 1958. She was married to Dorsey Thompson and lived in Summers County. I have heard of a Thomas Oberton Sharp from Monroe county but have hit a brick wall there also. Please send me any information you mave have on this family.

Submitter: Charles Young (hazychas@worldnet.att.nett)
Date: 21 Jan 1999
REED, MOSS, FOSTER, CAMPBELL, FERRELL. ROBERT REED born 1790 married JANE MOSS born 1803 both of Monroe County W. Va. at about 1820. Their cchildren were Shanton born 1826 Alex 1828 Joseph 1832 Rebecca 1835 Martha 1837 Thomas 1840 Elizabeth 1846

Submitter: Charlotte Fleming (
Date: 24 Jan 1999
Looking for any information on the families of Overton Reid, b. about 1849 in Monroe Co. He married Elizabeth Holmes Bostic in 1870. I believe her parents were Laurel and Susan Holmes of Monroe Co.. She was first married to Henry Alexander Bostic(k) who died in the Civil War. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Thomas Welch (
Date: 25 Jan 1999
DANIELS FAMILY--My grandmother was Alice Daniels Welch. She Married Walter Welch Nonember 2, 1882 in Fayette County WV. Alice was born May 1866 and her parents were Champion (Champ) T Daniels, and mother was Martha A (last name unknown). Would like info on Champion, his wife and their Families.

Submitter: june leclair (
Date: 31 Jan 1999
BARNABUS CURRY m. SARAH TAYLOR abt 1810 in Monroe Co. WVA They had the following children. Polly (Mary) married Jessie Browning John " Elizabeth Browning Robert " Nancy ? Houston " Hannah Mahon Elizabeth " James Mahon Jane " Edmund Browning William " Malvina McCoy Eli " Lucinda Fraley Are any of these your family? June

Submitter: Marguerite Mason (
Date: 31 Jan 1999
BAKER: Looking for information on Jacob and David Baker, who I find on Virginia Land Records in Monroe County in 1823, though Monroe became a part of WVA. Did these Bakers live in Monroe County any length of time? Anyone else researching this line in this area? Associated names with these Bakers are Wolf and Shriver.

Submitter: Bill Fenimore (
Date: 03 Feb 1999
I am trying to find birth information on Polly Cooper, born abt 1785 in Monroe County, mother's name "Marget", married Alex Dunbar in Monroe County 1808. I believe Polly's father was Jechonias Cooper of Greenbrier County and am trying to confirm this. Any leads will be appreciated.

Submitter: Sandy Sargent (
Date: 04 Feb 1999
I am searching for any information, lots or little, on a RACHEL MANN or MANNS. She was born around 1857. I am most interested in finding out who her parents were. Rachel Mann(s) married a Lewis Queen and had several children,and died , I believe, in the 1880's. Her three children were Milly, Marinda(Maranda), and Nannie. Any help or leads on this Rachel Mann(s) would be appreciated so much. She may have been related to a GARTEN family in some way also.

Submitter: Sandra Comer (
Date: 05 Feb 1999
Am looking for any information on the Fisher and Spade families from Monroe County. My gr grandfather was James Plunkett Fisher and gr grandmother was Martha Ellen Pyles Fisher. I believe James Plunkett Fisher's father was John Fisher and mother was Elizabeth Spade. I know that Elizabeth's parents were George Inzor Pyles and Elizabeth Arnott Pyles. Would appreciate any information on these families.

Submitter: Sherry (
Date: 11 Feb 1999
I am looking for information on a Malinda Moss born 1809/1810 in Monroe Co. She married an Andrew Higginbotham in Monroe Co - unsure of date- and had a possible 14 children. I have found her in the 1900 WV Mason Co Census listed as widowed and head. She is 90 years old and is living only with her daughter Mary and next to her son John. I believe that she and Andrew moved their family to the Putnam and Mason County area in the 1840's. Their son, John, is my GGGF. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

Submitter: Debbie Adkins (
Date: 12 Feb 1999
Does anyone have a Harvey Meadows b.1838 in Monroe County,married a Sarah Boon b 1834 in Monroe County chldren ,Callaway,Washington G., Eliza Jane, Mary Jane, Ulisus, Martha, Mintie, Sarah died he remarried? had at least 2 more children. Any! info at all I would appreciate so much Thanks Debbie

Submitter: Sherry (
Date: 15 Feb 1999
Looking for infomation on an ANDREW HIGGINBOTHAM b c 1812 who married a MALINDA MOSS b c 1809/1810 in Monroe Co. Eventually moved family to the Putnam and Mason Co areas, as it is believed that Andrew died 6.4.1857/1859 in Putnam Co. I have found Malinda in the 1900 Mason Co Census, she was 90 years old. I have info on their descendents. Thanks!

Submitter: Maggie Phillips (
Date: 15 Feb 1999
Samuel EARLY (s/o Daniel EARLY and Elizabeth ALLISON) b. 1782 in Augusta County, VA; m. Rebecca CAMPBELL (d/o Alexander CAMPBELL) on 12 Jul 1804 in Augusta County, VA. He d. Monroe County between 1860 and 1870. Their children and spouses are: 1. Cyrus EARLY b. May 1805; m. Martha HUMPHREYS (d/o Samuel HUMPHREYS and Polly McLaughlin) 20 Jan 1829 in Monroe County, VA; d. 9 Sep 1865 in Audrain, Iowa. 2. Andrew C. EARLY b. 1808; m. Elizabeth NICKELL (d/o John "Gap" Nickell and Nancy Unknown) 25 Dec 1833 in Monroe County, VA; d. Unknown. 3. Anna EARLY b. circa 1818; m. Andrew McLAUGHLIN 25 Jun 1833 in Monroe County, VA; d. Unknown. 4. Daniel Jack EARLY b. 1819; m. (1) Elizabeth NICKELL (d/o John NICKELL IV and Ann CURRY)--my gr gr grandparents. He m. (2) Mary MILLER (d/o John MILLER and Docia Unknown) 7 Jun 1854 in Monroe County, VA; d. after 1880 in Monroe County, WV. 5. William EARLY b. 1820; m. Hannah DUNSMORE (d/o James DUNSMORE and Margaret Reed) 24 Oct 1842 in Monroe County, VA; d. 30 Jan 1853 in Monroe County, VA. 6. Mary EARLY b. circa 1821; m. Richard SMITH 18 Oct 1836 in Monroe County, VA; d. Unknown. 7. Sarah EARLY b. circa 1833; m. John M. Ervin 10 Jul 1849 in Monroe County, VA; d. Unknown. Would love to share information.

Submitter: Cheryl Armstrong (
Date: 03 Mar 1999
Looking for family of George Rucker SMITH b. March 1893 Rockcamp, Monroe, WVa, d. Sept 11, 1962 Princeton,WVa. Children Rachel, Dreamalee SMITH THOMPSON, Robert, George Jr., Jeffrey, 2 half sisters Christine (Tinnie) LAFON of Anawalt, WVa., Hallie CROWDER of Waitville, WVa . Rita Martin Zurbuchen is the g-niece of George R. Smith

Submitter: Melissa Bailey Duggins (
Date: 04 Mar 1999
Wilson Abbott married Mary Keatley, 9 July 1821 in Monroe Co. This couple listed in the 1850 Raleigh County Census: Wilson, age 52; Mary, age 54. I have Francis Keatley for her father - need her mother's name. Any help appreciated!

Submitter: Melissa Bailey Duggins (
Date: 04 Mar 1999
Charles Dare married Sarah Robinson, 6 Nov. 1811 in Monroe Co. This couple is listed in the 1850 Raleigh County Census: Charles, age 34; Sarah, age 64 [his age is obviously wrong, or this is a son]. Need to know names of Sarah's parents. Any help appreciated!

Submitter: Melissa Bailey Duggins (
Date: 04 Mar 1999
James Goodall married Elizabeth Pence, 7 July 1831 in Monroe Co. This couple is listed in the 1850 Raleigh County Census: James, age 46; Elizabeth, age 43. I have the name of her father as Henry Pence - need her mother's name. Any help appreciated!

Submitter: Melissa Bailey Duggins (
Date: 04 Mar 1999
Samuel Higginbotham married Rebecca Lowry, 27 Sept. 1825 in Monroe County. This couple is in the 1850 Raleigh County Census: Samuel, age 45; Rebecca, age 45. Need to names of Rebecca's parents. Any help appreciated!

Surnames: HULL WHITE
Submitter: Melissa Bailey Duggins (
Date: 04 Mar 1999
Henry Hull married Emily White, 16 Sept. 1817 in Monroe County. This couple is in the 1850 Raleigh County Census: Henry, age 64; Emily, age 60. Need to know names of Emily's parents. Any help appreciated!

Submitter: Pam Dalton (
Date: 04 Mar 1999
Bradley DALTON/DOLTON on 1799 Tax List for Monroe Co. Need informaiton on Bradley and the two William Dalton's listed in tax list. Also interested in surnames Lankford/Langford; Robinson/Robertson in same area.

Submitter: Bob (
Date: 09 Mar 1999
I am seeking ancestral, family and descendant information on two families that lived in Monroe Co., WV during the latter half of the 1800s. The first family is that of John M. REED (bc 1839, Floyd Co., VA; dc 1920/25, Monroe? Giles Co., VA?) and his wife Sophia C. UNDERWOOD (b May, 1848, Floyd Co., VA; dc 1925/30, Monroe? Giles Co., VA?). John and Sophia moved to Monroe Co. from Floyd Co., VA c 1867 and had the following children, all of whom were born in Monroe Co.: 1. Andrew (b 1868) 2. Joshua "Josh" H. (c 1870 - 195?), 3. Mary (bc 1872; may have died young) 4. Michael Elkaney "Kaney" (Apr., 1874 - Aug 31, 1949, Cashmere, WV) 5. Josie M. ( May, 1877; m Luther B. Frances) 6. James Henry (Apr, 1884 - Feb, 1968; my g-grandfather) 7. John "Jack" (c 1887 - c 1925, Hinton, WV) Henry and Jack were well known for their music-playing abilities (fiddle/guitar) and lived in the Glen Lyn, VA and Hinton, WV areas, respectively, during their adult lives. Josh lived for a while in the Princeton, WV area and Elkaney resided in/around the Cashmere his entire life. As for the rest of the siblings, not much info is presently known. The second Monroe Co. family I'm seekinfg info on is the Joshua UNDERWOOD family. Joshua (bc 1826, Franklin or Floyd Co., VA; dc 1895?, Monroe Co., WV) had also moved from Floyd Co., VA to Monroe Co. about the same time that John and Sophia REED. He and his wife Mary ("Polly" or "Betsy";half-Indian?;c 1825 -19??) were the parents of Sophia (John Reed's wife) and her several siblings. Joshua and his family apparently resided in/around the Lindside area, near Peterstown for many years. Beyond this, not much information is presently known. Any information or personal data (names, dates, places, etc.) on the ancestors, family or descendants of John REED or Joshua UNDERWOOD would be very much appreciated. In fact, please feel free to forward any information that you may have to my e-mail address as well. Thanks very much, Bob

Surnames: BOYD
Submitter: Al Pugh (
Date: 14 Mar 1999
Looking for parents or info on Robert A. Boyd, b.Oct 8, 1848, d.Jan 20 1917, mar. Bessie H Lynch Oct 22, 1879. Children Mary C, Andrew Lewis, Robt A, Hubert B, William Oscar, Ernest Roland, Annie Margaret, Charles M, Nona B, John Gray, and Freida Lynch Boyd. All children and death at Union, WV. Marriage/Birth place unknown. Any help????

Submitter: Cathy Culpepper (
Date: 21 Mar 1999
CURRY/SHIELDS Seeking info on Henry Sloan Curry (b.1783 d.1827) married to Nancy Shields (b.1782 d.1866) in Bourbon Co. KY. in 1806. Who were their parents? Who were thier siblings? Where did they come from? I have info on generations following these two and am eager to share.

Surnames: PACK
Submitter: chris pack (abkkw@hotmailcom)
Date: 21 Mar 1999
i am looking for info on the packs of monroe co. in particular samuel pack, william pack, and arthur pack

Submitter: Kenneth Thomas (
Date: 21 Mar 1999
I am searching for any information on the following; John THOMAS, b: 23 June 1791 in Kent Co., DE. Married Mary 'Polly' BOGGESS b: 26 Feb 1798 in Monroe Co., VA. They were married 10 October 1815 in Monroe Co., VA. They were married by Rev. J. Wiseman. John was the son of Thomas THOMAS and Rebecca (MASTEN) THOMAS. John and Mary had the following children while in Monroe County: Rebecca THOMAS, b: 1816; Charles THOMAS, b: 1818; Andrew THOMAS, b:unknown; Thomas THOMAS, b: 1821; Samuel THOMAS, b: 8 Oct 1823; Mary Ann THOMAS, b: 1826; Sarah THOMAS, b: 1828; Elizabeth THOMAS, b: 1830; Allen THOMAS, b: 1832; Lewis THOMAS, 29 May 1835; Mastin THOMAS, b: 1838. In 1839 John THOMAS and his family moved to Carroll County, Indiana.

Surnames: KEEN
Submitter: Zell Cole (zscole@mailexcite)
Date: 22 Mar 1999
Looking for information about the descendants of John, Josiah,Israel Keen, who are listed in the 1799 Monroe Co.,(West) Virginia personal property tax list

Submitter: Sue Baldwin Coyle (
Date: 26 Mar 1999
I have an old Photograph given to me that was my grandmother's. The name on the back is Malisse Dunn. In the Monroe Co. Cemetery book I have found a Malisa Dunn b. 7/2/1851 and died 1/26/1918. She is buried in the Dunn Cemetery, It states she was the wife of G. L. Dunn 1839-1924. I would appreciate any information that anyone might have on her. I would be happy to share the photograph with her family!! (it's really nice) Thank you in advance! Sue from NJ (researching Mann, Comer, Broyles, Fleshman, Akers, Ballard, Mitchell, Harvey)

Submitter: D. Taylor (
Date: 27 Mar 1999
Marion Francis Brooks b. 9 Mar 1856 d. 3 Jul 1923 married Sarah Frances Carter. They had ten children. Mary Eunice, Bertha B. William Newton, Eula Mae, Edna Hellen, Frank, Walter, Charles Elmer"Doc", John Wesley, and Ernest Marshall. I am trying to find the parents of Marion Francis Brooks and Sarah Frances Carter. Sarah was said to be half Cherokee Indian.

Submitter: Ann Dillon (
Date: 31 Mar 1999
EPLING/THOMAS family. Trying to locate gravesites for Dryden Ballard EPLING and wife Martha Clementine THOMAS EPLING. Per Monroe Cemetery book they are buried without markers New Zion Union Church cemetery in Waiteville. Individuals who originally provided information (Ezra Ballard and Ira Epling) both now deceased. Trying to locate grave to place marker. Data for this cemetery compiled by Fannie & Jim Beane, and Guy and Mary Elizabeth Beane. Does anyone know how I might contact any of them? 

Submitter: Joyce Fluharty (
Date: 05 Apr 1999
I need to find a birth record for an Amanda BONNELL and or BEVERLIN supposedly born 27 June 1859 or 1860. Were records consistently kept for that year? She was supposedly born in Roanoke, MONROE County, WV? I would appreciate any information. Also,what month in 1860 would the census in this area have been done? Thanks! Joyce Fluharty

Submitter: Cathy Thompson (
Date: 06 Apr 1999
I am looking for ancestors of Joseph CARDEN, b. 1755, in Botetourt Co., VA. Records toward the end of his life indicate that he may have lived in Monroe Co., WV, and that his relatives may have been from West Virginia. I have detailed records of my direct lineage from Joseph CARDEN to present day, but am running into a wall finding his predecesors. He married a woman identified in his will only as Mary, about 1775. They had 10 children: Isaac, John L., Rachel, Mary, Allen Dickerson, Robert D., Joseph W. (my direct line), Nancy, Elizabeth, and Jane. Any information regarding the mother, father, etc. of Joseph CARDEN will be much appreciated. Willing to share information on later generations.

Submitter: J. S. Bush (
Date: 02 Apr 1999
Henry HEFNER lived in Monroe Co., W. Va., according to 1810 and 1820 census. He had sons named Joseph and Samuel, and possibly one named John. He lived in Tippecanoe Co., IN, until he died in 1840s. His wife, Sarah, may have been a HARPER. John HEFNER b. about 1804 lived in La Porte, IN, and his wife, Elizabeth, may have been a GRAHAM. The Hefners are probably connected to those of Pendleton Co., W. Va. Would like further information about Henry and his forebears.

Submitter: Vicky Cheatham (
Date: 02 Apr 1999
Does anyone have any information on the family of Henry Shrader and Lydia Mae Vass. I have no dates for Henry Shrader. Lydia Mae Vass was born 9-23-1898 in Hinton, Monroe Co, WV and died 11-5-1984 in Bedford Co, Va. I have a great deal of information on the Vass family but would really like to find out some information on this family and some ancestors of Henry Shrader. They may have moved at sometime to Buchanan Co or Russell Co, Va. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am willing to share any info that I have. Thanks, Vicky

Submitter: L. Rutkowski (
Date: 10 Apr 1999
I am looking for any information on the McClure family. In 1870 they were in Monroe Co. West Va. - William V. McClure(Born 1828) married to Eliza McClintic(born 1838). Their children were Edward(1861), James(1863), John(1864), Mary Ellen(1868), Thomas(1871), and Odella(1872). Williams parents were James W. McClure, born in Georgia, and Elizabeth. The William V. family moved to Webster Co. W. Va. before 1880. Thank You!

Submitter: sherry crawford (
Date: 16 Apr 1999
Nancy Essie BASHAM listed her age as 21 and birth in Monroe Co.VA when she married Merriatt COLLINS, age 71, on July 12,1882 in Monroe County. No parents were listed. Can anyone help with her parents?

Submitter: Barbara Huff (
Date: 17 Apr 1999
Searching for information on ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL who married SUSANNA JONES Sep. 28, 1817 in Monroe Co. Known children; Robert, Dr. William, John, Allen K., Aelx Wentworth, Margaret, and Mary. Would like to know what happened to this family, where did they go? Have information to share. Thank You. Barb Huff St. Paul, Indiana

Submitter: Jim Atwell (
Date: 18 Apr 1999
I am looking for information on the parents of William W. Black, born 1 Jan 1815 in Monroe co. WV. and married 15 Oct 1838 in Monroe co. WV. Elizabeth (Gore) Walker. He died 22 December 1855 in Tipton, Tipton co. Indiana. His wife was born 8 Jan 1811 in Monroe co. WV. and died 12 July 1886 in Neola Kansas. She is the daughter of James Gore and Sarah Farley who were married in Monroe co. 23 Dec 1807. They both died in Ekin, Tipton co. Indiana.

Submitter: T J Blair (
Date: 18 Apr 1999
Am looking for information on James William Vines who was born in Monroe County in 1844 and who served in the Confederate Army. Married to Jeanetta Nancy Hedricks. He was the son of Silas Smith Vines and Eliza Phoebe Dunsmore(5/16/1819-9/23/1904). Silas was the son of John Vines and Mary B Gregory(1799-1853) I would appreciate any information available .

Surnames: CHANDLER
Submitter: Jack Matheny ( )
Date: 21 Apr 1999
Looking for info on parents of Thompson Chandler, born 20 Feb. 1811, probably in Giles Co., Va. Thompson died 28 Dec. 1877 and was buried in Big Fork Cemetery, Little Sandy near Frame, WV. Thompson married Margaret "Peg" Smith in Giles Co. in 1831. "Peg" was born 31 Mar 1809 and died 9 Dec. 1882. She is buried in Old Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Bazoo, Monroe Co. WV. "Peg" lived for a while prior to her death with Cindy Chandler Mann in Summers Co. WV. Will gladly share information.

Submitter: Jeff Carpenter (
Date: 28 Apr 1999
I'm looking for info on a Cezareo Byas (Bias) Jones, b. 1873 or 74. First and second names may be switched. Nicknamed Jack and also went by CB. Mother was Mary Margaret (Byas?), Father was Charles Jones. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: THOMPSON
Submitter: Charles P. Thompson (
Date: 06 May 1999
Searching for a THOMPSON connection. I had a g-grandfather named George R. Thompson, b. July 18, 1833 somewhere in VA. He was located in 1853 in Pike County, MO where he married and had 13 children. In the 1870 Pike County MO census, he had a visitor on his farm named ARchi THOMPSON, age 72 and also from VA. We assume he was George's father-but have no proof. In the 1840 Monroe County, VA census there is an Archibald THOMPSON listed, with wife and 3 children. Archibald was in the 30-40 age group(b.1800-1810) and one of his sons was in the 5-10 age group (b.1830-1835). The ages are reasonably close to my George and ARchi. Can anyone tell me if the Monroe County Archibald (and son) are my Archi and George? Can anyone help?

Submitter: Verla Miller ( )
Date: 05 May 1999
Seeking info on Margaret Boyd, married to James Miller before 1750. Also Elizabeth Kinkead/Kincaid married to James Miller's son James about 1776. Also Hannah Young who married John Miller on April 20, 1793. The families sold their land in Monroe County by 1808. They moved on to TN then MO. 

Submitter: Kathy Foster Gaskins (
Date: 02 Jun 1999
Is there an 1840 Monroe County census available? I've found 1850 but this only led to more discrepancies in my data. Specifically, I am trying to find Hiram H. Foster, born July 1834, parents unknown. He later married a Mary Ann Petry, whose family also had roots in Monroe County. I believe her parents to be Mason Petry and Malinda Farley. I did find a Hiram Foster in 1850, living with David and Margaret Foster, both 26 (his brother and sister-in-law maybe?), but his age is listed as 19, not 15 or 16. Any and all help appreciated!

Surnames: FOSTER
Submitter: John Hutchins (
Date: 05 Jun 1999
Need roots/info on: Isaac Foster b. in the fall of 1801 (The several papers filed in quest of his pension give his age at various dates indicating he was born between 30 Sept. and 5 Dec., 1801; Copy of his discharge papers included in the National Archives with pension papers also in Box No. 35970, Cert. No.s 247143 and 359031) in Monroe Co., VA (now WV), resided in OH by 1831 and was still living there in 1867 (Western Standard Newspaper; 21 Nov. 1867. Quoted in Mercer County Monitor; Apr. 1985; Vol VI, #2, p. 18.). Isaac m. 10 Feb 1831 in Butler Co., OH Sarah (Sallie) Ann Jones with John Burke Esq. officiating (Cert. of m. incl. with pension papers). He died 11 Apr. 18__ per his widow's application for pension. [Witnesses were (her daughters) Margaret Bryer and Elizabeth Colton.]

Date: 05 Jun 1999
Seeking information on ancestors and descendants of Madeline Justice of Monroe Co W.Va. Married William Bowles of Henry Co. VA ??? On when. I know of one child, a son was born in Jul 1870 in Giles Co. VA.

Submitter: Sandra Comer (
Date: 06 Jun 1999
Would like to learn about the family history of the James Plunkett and Martha Ellen (Pyles)Fisher family, George and Elizabeth (Arnot) Pyles family, the William and Margarget (Harrison) Handley family, Augustine and Catharine (Rush) Comer family, and the Henry and Elizabeth (Truesdale)Arnot family. Would appreciate any information on James PlunkettFisher's parents. All these families are from Monroe County. Thanks!

Surnames: PYLE
Submitter: Sandra Comer (
Date: 10 Jun 1999
Would like to communicate with a relative of Ernie Pyle, World War II News Reporter, or someone who is knowledgeable about his family history. Thanks!

Submitter: Robert Shires (
Date: 12 Jun 1999
Trying to locate some information on my great grandparents. My grandfather was Sellie McNeer Shires. He was borned in Zenith, and his parents were Robert and Annie Carlyle Shires. My grandmother was Emma Marinda Shires, She also was borned in Zenith. Her parents were Algie and Marie Frances Miller. My grandparents moved to Rich Creek and passed away in 1990. Thank you for any info.

Submitter: Katreena Riley Crookshanks (
Date: 12 Jun 1999
Searching for ancestors of George Ailstock (Riley)b 1805 d 1850 Alleghany Co, married to Eliza ?. Also Harrison Ailstock Riley b 1830 Alleghany Co,d after 1910 Bath Co and married to Mary Elizabeth Thomas Aug 8, 1860.

Surnames: STORY
Submitter: Nancy C. Adkins (
Date: 13 Jun 1999
Could someone tell me who I could write to in order to have Monroe Co. VA. (now WVA.) SURVEY BOOK NO# 3 searched for my GGGGrandfather, Francis STORY in re: land. Possibly by virture of VA. Certificates granted. Time frame: 1785-1810. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Submitter: Jeff Swann (
Date: 14 Jun 1999
Looking for origins of DICK/DICKERSON/DICKSON/DIXON family of late 1790 Monroe Co., (W)VA. David DICK and Nancy DICKERSON/DIXON had a son, Andrew Jackson DICK who married Sept. 1 1857, Wayne Co., WV, Lucretia Stephens. On marriage certificate it states Andrew DICK was born in Monroe County. David DICK and Nancy DICKERSON are my ancestors, their daughter Matilda DICK married John DUNKLE on 12/13/1830 in Cabell Co., WV, my ancestors. This is the first clue I have had tracing the Wayne/Cabell DICK family outside of northwestern WV. Thanks for any help on DICK, DIXON, etc origins.

Submitter: LeAnn Kelley (
Date: 16 Jun 1999
Looking for information on families of Thornton KELLY, b. 1790s in VA, son of Jacob KELLY of Robson, WV; Thornton married Margaret "Peggy" WIATT in Monroe Co. WV, marriage bond dated 28 Jan 1817; consent given by bride's mother, Rachel WIATT; witnessed by Robert KELLY and Matthew P. WIATT. Thornton & Peggy KELLY's first son, Floyd KELLY, b. 1819, moved to Independence Co. AR about 1850.

Surnames: VANCE CART
Submitter: karen (
Date: 21 Jun 1999
I am searching for any information on Jacob Rice Vance he was found in the 1850 census of Monroe County. I can not find any further information on him or his wife Catherine Cart. If anyone has any information on him or Catherine please let me know.

Submitter: Denise (
Date: 26 Jun 1999
Looking for Pearlie(Pearly) Percy Adkins. Born in the late 1800's or early 1900's in Summers County. He married a Mary Cline Kirby. She was born in Monroe County. They had the following children. William Pearl Adkins/Atkins born 1918 died in 1962. Irene Cales, Mrs. Jimmy Bryant, and Mrs. Carol Cliffton. Their first names could be Polly and Cline. I don't have much information on this family. The obituary for William lists his sisters to be living in WVA in 1962. Any information is appreciated.