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Legal Definitions
Look-up Volunteers
Books - Pauline Haga
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Monroe County Court Records at the Archives

Monroe County WV Genealogy: Help Desk

Microfilm Available via Interlibrary Loan From West Virginia University
To order a complete inventory of all microfilm available for West Virginia counties, write to:
    West Virginia and Regional History Collection
    Morgantown, WV  26506

Reel 139 - City Recorder-Inventory of Records; Mayor-Inventory of Records; Order Book 1799; List of Sales 1804-1885; Reports to County Court of Accounts 1861-1864; Index of Wills, Inventories, Sale Bills, etc; Births 1853-1855; Marriage Bonds 1799-1850.

Reel 140 - Marriages 1799-1892; Deaths 1853-1860; Church Memberships 1840's-1890's; Burials 1830's, 1840's; List of Wills-Inventories 1799-1899; List of Inventories, Appraisal, Bill of Sale 1805-1831; Wills, Abstracts 1799-1823.

Reel 141 - Appraisals 1805-1822; Wills 1824-1861

Reel 142 - Appraisals 1823-1828

Reel 143 - Appraisals 1829-1852

Reel 144 - Bills of Sale 1853; Appraisals 1853

Reel 145 - Appraisals 1853-1855; Settlements of Estates 1853-1855; Bills of Sale 1853-1855

Reel 146 - Settlements of Estates 1855-1857; Appraisals 1855-1857.

Reel 147 - Appraisals 1858-1861; Settlements 1858-1861; Bills of Sale 1858-1861

Reel 148 - Settlements of Estates 1861; Appraisals 1861; Bills of Sale 1861

Reel 149 - Appraisals 1814-1858; Bills of Sale 1814-1858; Guardianship Accounting; Settlements 1814-1858


Look-up Volunteers

Write to any one of the volunteers listed below to ask for general or specific information from the resources they own.  Please specify that your request is for Monroe County, WV since some of our volunteers do lookups for more than one state/county!

1810 Monroe County Census Karl Mann

1820 Monroe County Census Karl Mann

1850 Monroe County Census; Sandy

Blue Sulphur Cemetery Karl Mann

Branches of the Robert Pine Family (Pyne), Laurence James Pine; William Pine

Cemeteries of Monroe County, WV (1996); Karl Mann

History of Monroe County; Karl Mann

Merediths and Selveys of Virginia and West Virginia; Jocelyn Johnston

Record of Jacob Mann of Indian Creek, Dr. Margaret Ballard; Karl Mann

Summers County Cemetery Karl Mann

Thomas Smithson of Baltimore Co., MD and His Descendants, Diane Dieterle; Diane Dieterle

Want to be a Lookup Volunteer?  All you need is a published resource pertaining to Monroe County and permission to copy or quote from it (excluding public records which you have personally gleaned and expired copyrights).  Write to the county coordinator.



Births 1853-1969
Index to Births 1853-1939
Deaths 1853-1969
Index to Deaths 1853-1937
Marriages 1799-1969
Index to Marriages 1799-1965
Marriage Records - Minister's Returns 1799-1960
Marriage Records - Colored 1874-1920
Wills 1799-1969
Wills & Inventories 1804-1923
Deeds 1789-1901
Deeds & Survey Records 1799-1854
Index to Deeds 1789-1969
Trust Deeds 1886-1903
Order Books 1799-1934
Vacation Order Books 1881-1929
Fiduciary Index 1799-1969
Fiduciary Records 1799-1925
List of Fiduciaries 1880-1887
Settlement of Fiduciaries 1884-1928
Appraisements & Sales Bills 1885-1931
Bonds 1852-1927
Revolutionary War Materials, ca. 1820-1825
Military Militia Matters, ca. 1825
Civil War Declarations of Amnesty 1865
Discharge Book 1917
B. B. Parker Collection n.d.
Index to Law & Chancery Orders 1789-1989
Chancery Orders 1848-1930
Superior Court Chancery 1831-1855
Chancery Memorandum Book 1855-1940
Law Memorandum Book 1885-1931
Law Orders 1833-1842
Common Law Orders 1843-1858

Records filmed at Virginia State Library: shelved on 4th floor as Mi 42-8.6
Births 1853-1859, 1860, 1862
Marriages 1854-1858, 1860-1861
Deaths 1854-1860, 1862
***courtesy of Margureitte


Books by Pauline Haga
Box 1061
Crab Orchard, WV  25827

  • 1850 Monroe Census  $25
  • Miscellaneous Records  $22
  • 1860 Monroe Census  $23
  • Deaths 1853-1870  $23
  • 1870 Monroe Census  $23
  • Three Vols. of Revolutionary War Records A-Z. Actual handwritten war records (copies from courthouse) $25 ea. Vol. or $2 per page.

Send $2 postage for first copy, $1.50 per additional copy to the above address. 



The person appointed by the Court to manage or oversee an estate when the deceased had no Will; also known as Commissioner and Fiduciary. 
Person who makes and swears to an affidavit. "Further Affiant sayeth naught" means the Affiant has nothing more to say.
A written statement sworn to and signed by the Affiant in the presence of an official with authority to administer an oath (i.e. notary public, county clerk, justice of the peace, etc.).
Person to whom property is given, sold or transferred.
Person giving, selling or transferring ownership of property to another.
Persons to whom property is transferred (" heirs and assigns forever...").
A person entitled to receive property through a trust or from an estate through a Will.
A gift of money or other property given through a Will. Also known as a specific bequest ("...bequeath").
An amendment or addition to a Will and executed in the same manner as the Will.
A gift of real estate given through a Will ("...I give, devise, and bequeath...").
A person to whom real estate is given through the Will. (See "legatee").
When the deceased had no Will and no heirs, all property returns to or "escheats" to the State.
The person named in a Will to manage or oversee the estate.
Person responsible for managing or overseeing the estate. Also called Administrator, Executor or Guardian (in cases of minor or incompetent wards).
The person who gives or sells property (real estate) to another for consideration (i.e. love and affection or money).
The person who receives or purchases property from the Grantor; one to whom property is granted.
Person who inherits according to the laws of the state when the deceased had no Will (See "intestate"); i.e. surviving spouse, children, parents, siblings, etc. (See "beneficiary").
Property such as stocks, bonds, money (whether cash or accounts), patents, copyrights, etc. These assets are representative of something of value or worth.
Without a Will.  One who dies without a Will dies intestate.
Person to whom property other than real estate is given through the Will.   (See "devisee").
Property such as real estate, furniture, jewelry; assets that can be touched or seen.
With a Will.  One who dies with a Will dies testate. 
One who makes or made a Will.
A white male over 16 years of age; taxable.

See also: Direct Line Software's "Legal Terms in Land Records"


Wagon Trails and Main Routes Into/Through (West) Virginia

    National Road n.k.a. U.S. Rt 40/I-70 E-W from Philadelphia, PA through Baltimore and Hagerstown, MD and Wheeling, WV.

    Warrior Path n.k.a. U.S. Rt. 11/I-81 N-S from Harrisburg, PA through Hagerstown, MD to Wytheville, VA: Intersects U.S. Rt 60 near Lexington, VA; Intersects U.S. Rt 40 at Hagerstown, MD.

    Seneca Trail n.k.a U.S. Rt. 219 N-S from Fort Niagara, NY through Elkins, Lewisburg and Peterstown, WV: Intersects U.S. Rt 40 at Keysers Ridge, MD; Intersects U.S. Rt 60 at Lewisburg, WV.

    James River-Kanawha Turnpike a.k.a Turnpike Road, a.k.a. Midland Trail n.k.a. U.S. Rt. 60 E-W from Williamsburg, VA through Richmond, VA, Lewisburg, Charleston and Huntington, WV and beyond Lexington, KY (ends at Long Beach, CA).  Intersects U.S. Rt 219 (Seneca Trail) at Lewisburg WV; Intersects U.S. Rt. 11/I-81 (Warrior Path) near Lexington, VA.