1908 Wheeling High Football Champions



Middle row, from left: Louis Brown McCammon
Front Row, center: Manager, Silas Steinhauser
Middle Row, 1st from left: Robert L. Plummer
Middle Row, 3rd from left: Richard Edward Pratt
Front Row on right: Russell Bryan Goodwin

     Robert L. Plummer, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Plummer, was born in Wheeling, July 15, 1893. He attended local elementary schools and graduated from Wheeling High School in 1911. While at Wheeling High, he was regarded as an outstanding student and received recognition for his achievements in athletics, mainly football, baseball, and track.
     His first position after graduation was with the old Wheeling Register as a reporter. With the entrance of the United States into World War I, he joined the Army Signal Corp, serving as a First Lieutenant. During this time, he was married to Rose Schwinn, daughter of Dr. Jacob and Rose Schwinn of Wheeling.
     In 1920 Mr. Plummer returned to the Wheeling Register, and when the News and Register merged, he went on to become editor and specialty writer for the Wheeling Intelligencer. During this period he was to become widely recognized for his authoritive articles about politics, industry, and business. Also at this time he wrote and published his book, "65 Years of Iron and Steel in Wheeling."
     His political career began in 1941. He was appointed City Manager to fill the post left vacant when Col. Walter C. Smith resigned to serve in World War II. When Col. Smith returned five years later, Mr. Plummer resigned and set his sights on the next race for Wheeling City Council. On May 22, 1947, the wartime City Manager and veteran newsman ran away with the election. He served as Councilman from Warwood from 1947 to 1950. He was then appointed City Clerk from 1950 to 1951, again the City Manager from 1951 to 1960, and subsequently was again called to serve as City Clerk from 1963 until his resignation and retirement in 1969.
     Mr. Plummer died June 22, 1970, bringing to an end a career and a life unique in the annals of Wheeling's history. After his death a resolution by City Council recognized him as one of the most outstanding public citizens ever to serve Wheeling.
     Bob Plummer loved this city. His competence, integrity, and a great love for the people guided him in his public career.

     Russell B. Goodwin - (1893-1968) - (Sports). Four-sports star at Wheeling High and three-sports standout at Washington and Jefferson College. Quarterback on W. & J. football teams that compiled 28-4-2 record. Played professionally with the Masillon Tigers. Officiated football for 30 years. Officiated the Army-Navy game and in the Rose Bowl and Cotton Bowl. He was an attorney who served on Wheeling City Council (1935-51) and was mayor of the city (1943-47).

     This photo postcard was presented to JACK KRAVANYA by LINDA CUNNINGHAM FLUHARTY, December 2004. Jack is avid collector of Wheeling High School memorabilia. The identifications and biographical information provided by Jack.