Submitted by Carol J. Bell.

     The Holy Bible, 20th Century Edition (Philadelphia: A. J. Holman & Co., 1903) contains a comprehensive and illustrated history of the books of the Old and New Testaments. This edition measures 9 ˝" x 12 ˝" x 3 ˝". The pages of this Bible are in very good condition but the binder has been replaced. A piece of the original black leather binding with the words, HOLY BIBLE, is attached to the front cover. The original is owned in 2005 by Carol J. Bell (501 Olde Mill Lane, Norcross, GA, 30093). This Bell Family Bible passed from John to his son, Joseph H. Bell, to his daughter, Gertrude (Bell) Maxwell, to her first cousin, Willard D. Bell, to his daughter, Carol J. Bell.

     John Milton Bell is the great grandson of George Bell whose Family Bible is documented in Lois Russell and Doris Stiltenpole, "Three Bell Families' Bibles," Keyhole, Quarterly Publication of the Genealogical Society of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Vol. XXI No. 3 (July 1993): 104-107.


This is to certify that John Milton Bell and Leonora Jane Henderson were united in Holy Matrimony at the home of the bride’s parents on the 14th day October in the year of our Lord 1880 by Rev. M. M. Marling.


John Milton BELL was born near Valley Grove, November 19, 1857.
Leonora Jane BELL was born near Roney’s Point, November 10, 1857.

Their Children:
Earl C. BELL was born near Valley Grove, March 9, 1882.
Sumner S. BELL born September 18, 1884.
Ettie Fern BELL born October 22, 1887.
Jessie Malvina BELL born August 4, 1890.
Ralph Willard BELL born February 2, 1895.
Joseph Henderson BELL born May 8, 1897.
Mary C. BELL born June 24, 1900.

Ada Dora Thomas BELL born March 26, 1881.
Ida Lee Hervey BELL born October 19, 1887.
Chester E. MCCOLLOCH born May 29, 1878.
Lucy Downing BELL born March 30, 1892.
Gladys May Dague BELL born May 10, 1898.


Earle C. BELL and Ada Dora THOMAS were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, June 25, 1903, by Rev. John Achison.

Sumner S. BELL and Ida Lee HERVEY were united in marriage at the parsonage of Stone Church, Elm Grove, November 26, 1910, by Rev. W. E. Allen.

Chester Emery MCCOLLOCH and Etta Fern BELL were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, December 26, 1908, by Rev. W. P. Aiken.

Ralph Willard BELL and Lucile DOWNING were united in marriage at the parsonage of First U. P. Church, Wheeling, May 26, 1915, by Dr. Chas. H. Robinson.

Joseph H. BELL and Gladys May DAGUE were united in marriage at the parsonage of Stone Church, Elm Grove, October 22, 1919, by Rev. L. B. Lewellyn.

Wade M. KIMMINS and Mary BELL were united in marriage at the manse of Roney’s Point U. P. Church, June 26, 1924, by Rev. J. W. Bickett, D.D.


John Milton BELL died May 10, 1934.
Leonora Jane BELL died September 21, 1928.
Earl C. BELL died April 12, 1942.
Sumner S. BELL died January 25, 1959.
Ettie Fern Bell MCCOLLOCH died February 14, 1925.
Jessie Malvina BELL died April 1, 1911.
Ralph Willard BELL died April 21, 1918.
Joseph Henderson BELL died April 29, 1937.
Ida Lee Hervey BELL died July 31, 1931.
Gladys May Dague BELL died March 19, 1964.
Chester E. MCCOLLOCH died October 9, 1950.