From "History of Wheeling City and Ohio County, West Virginia and
Representative Citizens," by Hon. Gibson Lamb Cranmer, 1902.

Typed by Laurie Birks Dean.

pp. 521-522

     Charles H. WATKINS, Jr., of the firm of C. H. Watkins, Jr., & Co., of Wheeling, West Virginia, is prominent as one of the leading business men of that city. The firm of C. H. Watkins, Jr., & Company, succeeded White, Handley & Foster, who established the business in 1895, at Nos. 2245 and 2247 Main street, as the successors of J. W. Blatchley.
     The present firm has handled the business since February, 1901. Associated with Mr. Watkins are J. Wilson White, David White, Harry A. Watkins, Walter G. Sadler and others. They handle exclusively retail furniture and carpets, draperies, chinaware, stoves, and a general line of house-furnishing goods, besides having an undertaking department, which has been built up most rapidly since February, 1901.
     The building occupied for this business is large and commodious, and has electric lights and all other modern conveniences, especially in the line of furniture. The main room on the first floor, 187 feet deep, contains the office, heavy furniture, chinaware and pictures. Besides this there are three other floors; one floor is devoted to the carpets, rugs, draperies, blankets, comforters and bedding, besides bedsprings, kitchen utensils, safes, stoves, etc. On another floor are the fine pieces of parlor furniture, carpets, chairs, etc. In addition to this the city morgue is also located within the building.
     Mr. Watkins was born on the Island, in Wheeling. In January, 1896, he was one of the founders of the firm of Exley, Watkins & Company, and at this writing is still an officer and director of the company. He is a member of the board of trade and belongs to several social orders.
     Some members of the firm of C. H. Watkins, Jr., & Company have long been interested in the house furnishing business, - especially the White brothers, - who have been in the same line of trade in different capacities for more than seventeen years. Mr. Watkins does some business on the installment plan and has so far proved most successful in his business career. His portrait accompanies this sketch, appearing on a preceding page.