-In Memoriam-

From: West Virginians
Published by The West Virginia Biographical Association, 1928

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     The late William Sobieski Brady, who was an organizer of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company and for years its president, and later chairman of the board of directors, was born in Wheeling, W. Va., September 4, 1853, and died November 24, 1923. For the greater part of his business career Mr. Brady was active in the administration of glass-manufacturing enterprises, and it was largely due to his capabilities that the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company has become the largest concern of its kind in the world.
     Mr. Brady was the son of Sobieski and Mary E. S. (Caldwell) Brady. He was a member of an old and distinguished family of Wheeling, where his father, in his lifetime, was a business and civic leader. William S. Brady attended public schools and Linsly Institute, and began his business career as cashier of The Wheeling Intelligencer, with which he remained until, at the age of 27 (1880), he became cashier of Hobbs, Brockunier & Company, of Wheeling. Seven years later he launched the first important project of his career, becoming one of the organizers and an original stockholder of the Fostoria Glass Works, Fostoria, Ohio. He was first secretary of the company, directing affairs in the plant at Fostoria until 1892, when the company transferred its activities to Moundsville, W. Va., where a larger and more modern plant was built. Mr. Brady continued as an active executive of the company for eight years more, retiring in 1900, but retaining his interest in the corporation.
     In 1900 he was an organizer and incorporator of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, at Wheeling, which, as stated, grew to be the largest organization of its kind in the world. For a number of years Mr. Brady served as president of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, and after resigning that office became chairman of the board. During his lifetime Mr. Brady was also interested in various important business enterprises besides. He resigned from active business in 1921 and retired to his country home, "Redcliffe Farm," at Charlottesville, Va., where he resided until his death on November 24, 1923.
     Mr. Brady is survived by his widow, who was Isabella H. Wilkinson, daughter of the late Howard P. Wilkinson, a prominent Wheeling citizen, who died March 16, 1927. Mr. Brady was twice married. His first wife, who passed away in 1915, was Sallie Zane Hildreth, daughter of the late Dr. E. A. Hildreth, who in a former generation was a foremost physician of Wheeling. Mr. Brady was married first in 1879, and for the second time in 1921. A son, born of the second union, died in infancy.
     For many years Mr. Brady was a vestryman and warden of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church of Wheeling. In politics he was Republican, and although he took no part in public affairs officially, few men were better known. He was, indeed, in the best sense of the word, a noted public figure. He was a member of the Wheeling Country Club, the Fort Henry Club and the Redlands Club of Charlottesville, Va.
     His widow, Isabella H. Wilkinson Brady, now resides with her mother at 12 Walnut Ave., Woodlawn, Wheeling.