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     (1) KATHERIN MARGARET BROMER SPAAR was born May 16, 1841. Katherin was the first born of G. Frederick Bromer and his wife Margaretha. Katherin died on November 3, 1908 and lived to be sixty eight years of age. Katherin married Anton Spaar in 1861. Katherin being the oldest child received the sub-division of the Bromer farm which contained the original Bromer homestead on Fairmont Pike. Her great grandchildren told me she operated a small greenhouse on the farm. She grew vegetables which she carried to the Market square in downtown Wheeling to sell on a daily basis. Anton was said to have been a heavy drinker and Katherin raised the five children by herself.

     Katherin was referred to as Margaret by all her friends. When Margaret died the Wheeling Newspaper showed her as a very prominent person and one of the most highly respected Citizens in the city of Wheeling. She was also an active member in the Ladies Aid Society. And she was said to have favored her son Louis.

     Following are articles copied from the Wheeling obituaries - Dated November 4, 1908.

(article 1)


     At 2:40 O'Clock on Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Katherin M. wife of Anton Spaar, of east twenty ninth street passed away. The deceased who has been in ill health for the past two years was 68 years of age and was known to a wide circle of friends. The immediate cause of death was paralysis. Deceased leaves besides her husband four sons, and two daughters. Henry, William, Frederick and Louis Spaar. And Mrs. H. F. Myer and Miss Nellie Spaar. Deceased died in the house in which she was born and reared. She was the daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Frederick Bromer. Deceased was a kind Mother and a life long Christian being an attendant at the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. She was prominent in her work of the Ladies Aid Society and other Christian work.

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(article 2)


     This afternoon from her late home at the east end of twenty ninth street. Will take place the funeral of Mrs. Katherin M. Spaar wife of Anton Spaar. Who's death occurred on Tuesday afternoon at 2:40 O'Clock. Services will be held at the house at 2:20 O'Clock after which interment will be made at Mount Zion Cemetery.

(article 3)


     Mrs. Katherin Spaar wife of Anton Spaar and one of the best known and most highly respected residents of the city, died on Tuesday afternoon at 2:40 O'Clock at her home on the East end of twenty ninth street. Age 68 years. She had been sick for some time and her death was not unexpected, but was never the less a great shock to her family and friends by whom she was much loved and respected. Funeral services will be held in her late home on Friday afternoon at 2:30 O'Clock after which interment will be made at Mount Zion Cemetery.

NOTE: The first Newspaper article shows Katherin had four sons. But I can only account for three. I feel the Newspaper made a mistake and named one of the sons Henry, which was really her son-in-law.

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     Katherin M. Spaar and Anton Spaar had five children. They were all born in Wheeling.

A. William Charles Spaar b 1865; d October 9, 1942 ; m Mary Louise Paulus b July 10, 1865; d June 25,1950.

B. George Frederick Spaar b July 22, 1867; d October 24, 1954; (M) Mary Schrader b Unknown; d 1939.

C. Jeanetta (Nellie) Spaar b 1874; d July 19, 1930; (M) Henry F. Myer b 1871; d October 7, 1945.

D. Louis William Spaar b January, 1881; d June, 1968; never married.

E. Thusnelda Louise Spaar b November 27, 1884; d June 30, 1985; (M - 1) Frank C. Brown b Unknown; d Unknown; (M - 2) Cornelius Abe Willemsen b May 12,1892; d 1966.


A. William Charles Spaar was born in 1865. The actual date is not unknown. William married Mary Louise Paulus. Mary was the daughter of George Paulus and Margaret Stricklin. They were married September 30, 1886. William died October 9, 1942 and his wife died June 23, 1950. They were both buried at Mount Zion Cemetery. Their place of residence was listed as 378 Fairmont Pike in Wheeling. They had eight children, three sons and five daughters.

(A) George A. Spaar Unknown August 10, 1966.
(B) Howard Spaar.
(C) Mary Matilda Spaar. (M) Carl Byrd.
(D) Clara Spaar. (M) George Gardner.
(E) Nora Thusnelda Spaar b March 26, 1892; d November 7, 1964.

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(F) Mamie Spaar.(M) Frederick Ochsenbein.
(G) William Alonzo Spaar b 1894; d September 9, 1926; (M) Mildred Brownfield
(H) Mary Spaar. (M) Baker.

(A) George A. Spaar, there is nothing known about him except that he died on August 10, 1966 and was buried on August 12, 1966. He lived in Shadyside, West Virginia.

(B) Howard Spaar is a complete mystery.

(C) Mary Matilda Spaar. The only thing known about her was she was married to a Carl Byrd.

(D) Clara Spaar. The only thing known about her was she was married to a George Gardner.

(E) Nora Thusnelda Spaar, was born March 26, 1892 and died on November 7, 1964. This is all that is known about her.

(F) Mamie Spaar. The only thing I know about Mamie was she was married to Frederick Ochsenbein and was said to have lived in Greggsville. Where this town is, I don't know.

(G) William Alonzo Spaar was married to Mildred Brownfield. He was born in 1894 and died on September 9, 1926. Following is his obituary as I copied it from a Wheeling Newspaper.


     William Spaar, aged 32 years passed away at the family home, Fairmont Pike Right Hand Run, yesterday morning at 4:30 O'Clock. Death followed an illness of eight months and was attributed to complications. Mr. Spaar had been a lifelong resident of the Right Hand Run section and leaves a host of friends to morn his untimely death. He served in France during the World War as a member of the 37th West Virginia infantry.
     He was a staunch member of the First Christian Church. And until the time of his illness had taken an active part in Church activities.

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     Surviving him are his parents, William and Mary Spaar, of Right Hand Run. His wife Mrs. Mildred Spaar, Two children Charles and Clifford, both at home, Five sisters Nora at home; Mrs. Fred Oschenbien; Mrs. Mary Baker; Mrs. Carl Byrd; and Mrs. George Gardner all of Wheeling. Two brothers, George and Howard Spaar, both at home, also survive.
     Funeral services will be conducted from the home of his parents on Caldwells Run, at 3 O'Clock to-morrow afternoon. Rev. W. H. Fields pastor of the First Christian Church will have charge of the services. Interment will occur in the Mount Zion Cemetery.


SPAAR - On Thursday September 9th, 1926, at 4:30 O'Clock p.m. at the residence of his father William C. Spaar, Right Hand Run, WILLIAM ALONZO SPAAR beloved husband of Mildred Brownfield Spaar, in the 33rd year of his age.
FUNERAL SERVICES Saturday, September 11 at 3 p.m. Interment Mt. Zion Cemetery. Friends respectfully invited to attend.

     As you can see by the announcement William and Mildred had two children, Charles & Clifford.

(H) Mary Spaar, nothing is know about Mary except that she married a man named Baker.


B. George Frederick Spaar was born on July 22, 1867. George was married to Mary Schrader. The date they were married is not know. They lived at RD #2 Fairmont Ave. George was said to have been a Gardner. Following is the obituary of George F. Spaar. He must have gone by the name of Fred to his friends.

Page 33.

FRED G. SPARR died Sunday at 10:40p.m. in the Ohio Valley General hospital. He had been seriously ill for the past week after suffering a fall. He was a resident of RD 2 Fairmont Ave.
     He was born July 22, 1867, on the farm adjoining his present home, son of Anton and Margaret Bromer Spaar. He had spent most of his life gardening. Deceased was a protestant by faith. Hi.s wife Mary Schrader Spaar, died in 1939.
     Surviving are a son, Herbert H. of Fairmont Ave; a brother, Louis of Akron; a sister, Mrs. Nellie Williamson of Cuyahoga Falls, O.,and several nieces and nephews.
     Friends are being received at Kepner's, Thirty-sixth and Jacob at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Interment will be made in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

     George F. Spaar and his wife Mary are know only to have had one child.

(A) Herbert H. Spaar b. Unknown; d 1979; (M) Wilma I. Friend b 1900; d February 22, 1980.

Following is the death notice of Wilma I Friend Spaar:

SPAAR, WILMA I. FRIEND, 79, of 264 Fairmont Ave., Wheeling. Died Friday at the Ohio Valley General Hospital. She was a protestant by faith. She was preceded in death by her husband Herbert R. Spaar.

Page 34.

     Herbert died in 1979. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Elda Becker, of Wheeling, a brother, Arden Friend of Greensboro, N.C., several nieces and nephews. Friends received at the Kepner Funeral Home, 36th and Jacob St. Wheeling from noon-3 and 7-9 p.m. Sunday and 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Monday. Final arrangements are incomplete.


SPAAR - On Friday February 22, 1980, Wilma Spaar, widow of Herbert H. Spaar, in her 80th year.


     The above home belonged to Herbert H. Spaar and Wilma Spaar. The house still stands today (4-91) at the corner of East 29th Street and Fairmont Av. They had no children.


C. Jeanette Spaar was born in 1874, in Wheeling. She was known by two names. She was called "Sis" and sometimes "Nettie." Jeanette died at the age of 56, on July 19, 1930. She was married to Henry F. Myer. Henry was born in 1871 and died on October 7, 1945. Both Jeanette and Henry grew up in the Wheeling area. They owned some of the original G. Frederick Bromer property. They sold the property and moved to Akron sometime around 1910. Their places of residence in Ohio were 15 Adams St. in Sagamore Hills, Ohio and at 358 Welch St. in Akron, Ohio.

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     Henry left a sister in Wheeling; her name was Mrs. Harry Custer. Both Jeannette and Henry are laid to rest at the Tallmadge Cemetery in Tallmadge, Ohio, Lot 13 section C. They had three known children, two sons and one daughter.

(A) Julies A. Myer.
(B) Elverna J. Myer. (M) W. J. Gibson. Elverna buried Rosemont Cem., Fairlawn, OH
(C) Elwood C. Myer

(A) Julies A. Myer, I have no information on.
(B) Elverna J. Myer married W. J. Gibson and lived in the Akron area. They had three children.

a. Betty Gibson - Married William McCathen who was an attorney in Akron. They were also the owners of the G.I. cab company, in partnership with Jack Gibson.
b. Jack Gibson - I have no information on.
c. Jay Gibson - I have no information on.

(C) Elwood C. Myer - I have no information on.


D. Louis William Spaar was born in Wheeling, West virginia in January, 1881. Louis never married and died in June 1968. Louis moved from Wheeling to Akron, Ohio the same time his sisters did. Louis lived with his siter Thusnelda Willemsen and worked at the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. He lived the later part of his life in a small house in Clinton, Ohio. Louis was said to have loved animals and had a lot of pets. Louis was cremated when he died. His ashes were buried at the Tallmadge Cemetery in Lot 13, section C.

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E. Thusnelda Louise Spaar, Brown, Willemsen was born in Wheeling, West Virginia on November 27, 1874. Thusnelda, her sister Jeanetta and brother moved to Akron, Ohio sometime around 1910. Thusnelda sold all the property she acquired from G. Frederick Bromer to Frederick C. Bromer. Thusnelda married twice, first to a man named Frank C. Brown. They had two children, Robert and Janette. She became divorced from Brown and married Cornelius (Abe) Willemsen. Cornelius went by the name of Abe and Thusnelda went by the name of Nelly. Abe, Nelly and the two children settled on Route 91 in Stow, Ohio. They built one of the first Sears & Robuck prefab homes in this area. The home was built across the street from the Adell Durbin park on Route 91, and still stands today, 1991. Later they purchased a small farm on Stow Road. Stow Echo school is located there today along with the house. Abe put in an orchard, and grew stark golden delicious apples. Plus he had some dairy cows. He then opened his own business, which he called the Falls Dairy. He was one of the first in the area to deliver milk

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door to door. He also had a Dairy store at the corner of Edison street and Front street in Cuyahoga Falls. The dairy sold out to Reiter Dairy at a later date. Nelly and Abe are both buried in Dade City, Florida. The two children went by their step father's name of Willemsen.

(A) Robert Corneilus Willemsen b May 21, 1915; d July 21, 1991; (M)1. Christine; (M)2. Julane; (M)3. Francis; (M)4. Lucy Edith Ceglia June 11, 1928
(B) Janette Louise Willemsen b April 10, 1914; d October 12, 1970

(A) Robert C. Willemsen was born May 21, 1915 in Akron, Ohio. I met Bob in 1989. He is a very fine person. My wife and I fell in love with him and spent as much time as possible with him and his wife Lucy. Bob was retired from Chrysler. And Lucy was a retired Nurse, she worked at the Childrens' Hospital in Akron as a supervisor and later was the head of the First Aid Dept. at the Chrysler Plant in Twinsburg Ohio. Bob was married four times, twice to the same person. Bob and Lucy lived on Englewood Drive in Stow. They spent their winters in Naples Florida. They are both avid fishing people. In 1990 Bob found out he had cancer of the colen. Bob did not have any children to Lucy. But he did have three children to prior marriages. This was two daughters and one son. Bob was very active with reading and collected old pistols.

(a) Judith C. Willemsen (m) Kempthorn; lived on Broad Blvd. in Cuyahoga Falls.
(b) Andrew T. Willemsen.
(c) Sandy Willemsen?

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