Page 46.

(2.) MARY MATILDA BROMER HELLSTERM was born in 1844. The actual date is not known. She was known by the nickname of Tilly to all her friends. Tilly was married on October 14, 1864. She married a man named Reinhardt Hellsterm. They had no children of their own, but did adopt a girl named Mollie Berghoff. Not having any children of her own was the reason she did not receive any of the original Bromer Property. Her last known residence was in Wellsburg, West Virginia. It was said she did not get along with her sister Catherine A. Bromer Wolfe, and they had an argument right before she moved to Wellsburg. This is all I could find on them. I was also told that Mollie Berghoff had no children.

     The following information was obtained on May 8, 1995 by Lewis W. Bromer. Mary was born on December 22, 1842 in Wheeling, Virginia. Her father was George Frederick Bromer and her mother was Margareith Fulmar. Mary was not included in the inheritance of G. F. Bromer because she had no children of her own. Mary was married to Rinehart Hellsterm. Rinehart was born in Germany 1842, day and date unknown at this time. Mary and Rinehart were married in Wheeling, West Virginia October 14, 1864. They had no children but did adopt a daughter. The little girl was given the name Mary Matilda Hellsterm. There was supposed to have been a disagreement between Katherin Bromer Wolfe and Mary. Mary and Rinehart moved to Wellsburg shortly after. Rinehart did prosper in the Wellsburg area and purchased land in the section of Wellsburg known as Lazearville. Rinehart and Mary owned many lots and before Rinehart's death he was the sold owner of the Lazear Glass Company. Their daughter Mary Matilda was married to Alexander Franklin Berghoff. They had children and lived out their lives in the Brooke County Area of Wellsburg.

     Upon the death of Mary Matilda Bromer Hellsterm, she had the holdings of a lot of property. She gave to each of her surviving relations $150.00 cash. This was a lot of money at that time.

(3) GEORGE MICHAEL BROMER was born December 15, 1849. George lived to the age of 63. George married Louise Mollie Kratz in 1872. George took after his father in acquiring property. He started off by first receiving Lot #1 from his deceased father. George would have received this sometime in the year 1891. Then he made property transactions in 1909. Land Book 32 - page 210. But his first property was purchased from John and Sarah Jane Huss. This was 63 acres in the Mozart area. He purchased this in the year 1875. He paid 7,000 dollars. The land George received from G. Frederick, his father, he divided into lots and sold. This property is at the intersection of 29th Street and Fairmont Pike. There are approximately twenty five homes nestled there today. George and Louise lived in a log cabin in Mozart. This land they farmed and turned into a small village as it is known today as Mozart. George must have been a very good and generous man because he donated property for the Mozart School district. There was a School built on the property which serves as an Apartment Bldg. today. George also donated property to the Community in which a Community recreation Building was built and still stands today (1991). The Log cabin he lived in still stands today and is owned by Randy Richardson.

     George and Louise had six children. Four of the six died

Page 47.

at very young ages. The sad part was two died on the same day which was October 1, 1876. They all died of the Black Plague, which was Diptheria. The other two children lived normal lives and raised their own families in the Mozart area, George and Louise were also members of the Christ Lutheran Church in Mozart. Louise must have been very active in the Church. Still today you can see her name is on the Stained Glass windows in the Church.

     Following are the three Obituaries from the Wheeling Newspaper.




     When Mrs. George Bromer of Mozart Heights became alarmed yesterday afternoon because her husband had been missing from the home for several hours, a search of the neighoorhood resulted in the discovery of Mr. Bromer's dead body lying in the barn a short distance from their home.
     Coroner Mitchell was called and rendered a verdict of death due to acute heart trouble. Mr. Bromer was one of the best known residents of Mozart Heights and in spite of his advanced age of 65 years had been apparently in the best of health. He had been a residence of this vicinity practically all of his life and is survived by a large family. Arrangements for the funeral have not been completed.

Page 48.


     George M. Bromer, for more than two score years a resident of Mozart Heights, was found dead in the loft of his barn, Monday night. He had been husking corn and when he failed to come to the house his daughter searched for him and found his lifeless body. Coroner Mitchell rendered a verdict of death due to Heart Failure. The deceased was a member of Christ Lutheran Church and is survived by his wife, a son, Grover and a daughter Miss Jessie Bromer. Funeral arrangements are incomplete, although interment will probably be made Thursday at Mt. Zion cemetery, with Rev. Snyder officiating.

Also I found the obituary of Louise M. Bromer as is retyped below.

BROMER, MRS. LOUISE M. - On Friday October 12, 1922 at 1 O'clock a.m. at the home of her daughter Mrs. L. H. Schubert, Mozart Hill. Mrs. Louise M. Bromer, widow of the late George M. Bromer, in the 75th year of her age.
     Funeral services at the late home, Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Friends of the family invited to attend; interment in Mount Zion cemetery.

     On the following pages you will find several pictures the Bromer and Kratz Family.

     George M. and Louise M. Bromer had six children.

A. Wilhemia Virginia Johanna Bromer b Oct 1,1873; d Oct 1,1876; (M) no.
B. Elizabeth Louise Bromer (Katie) b Aug. 31, 1875; d Oct 1, 1876; (M) no.
C. Mary Bromer b 1877; d April 14, 1879; (M). There is a conflict with this person, may be a Bramer.
D. Jessie May Georgena Bromer b March 7, 1879; d Jan 23, 1947; (M) Louis H. Schubert b Sept 8, 1868; d April 14, 1951
E. Berty Bell Bromer b August 31, 1881; d 1881.
F. Grover George Bromer b August 1, 1884; d. 1966; (M) Anna Brinkman

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Page 54.

A. Wilhemia Virginia Bromer was born October 1, 1873. She died on October 1, 1876. She lived to be exzctly three years of age.


B. Elizabeth Louise Bromer was born August 31, 1875 and died on October 1, 1876. Both her and Wilhemia had nicknames and were called "Minnie" for Wilhemia and Elizabeth was called "Kate." They died on the same day. What was mysterious was that it took weeks before their actual burial.


C. Mary Bromer was born in 1877 and died April 14, 1879. There is a conflict as to whether or not this was a Bromer or BrAmer.


D. Jessie M. Bromer was born March 7, 1877 and died on January 20, 1947. She lived to the age of 69. Jessie married Louis H. Schubert in 1903. Jessie was very active in the community as you will see when you read her obituary. Her husband Louis was a painter and did some farming. Louis was the son of August Schubert and Wilhelmina Piehler.


Page 55.

Following is the obituary of Jessie and Louis Schubert.

MRS. SCHUBERT SERVICE SET - Funeral services will be conducted Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Schmeichel Funeral Home for Mrs. Jessie May Schubert, 69, wife of Louis H. Schubert and a well known and pioneer resident of the Mozart Community, who died early Monday morning at her home.
     The Rev. W. W. Sutton, pastor of the Mount Olivet Methodist Church, and the Rev. Luther K. Clare, minister of Christ Lutheran Church, Mozart, will be the officiating clergymen.
     Interment will be in Mount Olivet Cemetery.
     Mrs. Schubert was born in Wheeling, March 7, 1877, a daughter of OF the late George M. Bromer and Louise M. Kratz, and was educated in the local schools. A member of the Mount Olivet Methodist Church, Mrs. Schubert had been active in church and community work for many years. She was a member of the Ladies Aid Society and the Mission Circle of the church and belonged to the Ladies Community Club of Mozart.
      Surviving are her husband, three sons, Elmer A. and Carl E. Schubert, both at home, and Ray T. Schubert of Columbus, O. A brother, Grover Bromer of Mozart, and two grandsons, Grover and Richard Schubert of Columbus, Ohio.


SCHUBERT - SATURDAY, APRIL 14,1951 at 2:55 a.m. in the Ohio Valley General Hospital, LEWIS HENRY SCHUBERT, 82, resident of Mozart. Friends and relatives at Kepner's 36th and Jacob St. Interment at Mount Olivet Cemetery.


SCHUBERT - MONDAY APRIL 20, 1947 at 3:40 a.m. at her home in Mozart. MRS. JESSIE MAY SCHUBERT beloved wife of Louis H. Schubert, in her 70th year.

Page 56.


     Jessie May Bromer Schubert and her husband Louis Henry Schubert had four children, all sons.

(A) Earl George Lewis Schubert b Jan 5 --; d July 16, 1881.
(B) Ray Thomas Schubert b August 22, 1907; d May 22, 1988; (M) Myrtle Mary Humphrey b April 15, 1909
(C) Elmer Albert Schubert (Fritz) b May 14, 1909; d 1968; (M) Edna Reineke
(D) Carl Edward Schubert (Mike) b June 23 1913; d Oct 7, 1990; (M) Mary Richardson

(A) Earl George Lewis Schubert's birth year is unknown but he died July 16, 1881 at a very young age.

(B) Ray Thomas Schubert was born August 22, 1907 in Wheeling but is shown to be born on the Marshall county side. Ray died in Columbus, Ohio on May 22, 1998, and is buried in Franklin, Columbus, Ohio. Ray worked for Goodyear as an Office Manager. Ray was married September 19, 1931 in Wheeling. To Myrtle Mary Humphrey. Myrtle was the daughter of Richard Gilbert Nowell Humphery and Jennifer Williams. They also owned some of the

Page 57.

original Bromer property which was passed down through Fay's parents, Louis and Jessie. Ray and Myrtle had two children both sons.

a. Richard Thomas Schubert; (M) Marilyn Ann Thompson.
b. David Bruce Schubert; (M) 1. Peggy McConnaugh; (M) 2. Mary Evlyn McGrew; (M) 3. Lisa Linn Maurer.

a. Richard Thomas Schubert was born in Wheeling August 8, 1936. Ray made a career in the United States Air Force. He did obtain the status of an officer. He did serve in different parts of the world as you will see by where his children were born. Dick served from October 1, 1956 until he retired on September 30, 1986. Dick met his wife in England. They were married on June 23, 1962. Marilyn Ann Thompson was her name and she was the daughter of William David Thompson and Rose Carpenter. Marilyn was from Bristol England. After retirement Dick and Marilyn retired and settled in Vienna, Virginia at 9349 Sibelius Dr. Dick and Marilyn had three children which were two daughters and one son.

(a) Natalie Teresa Schubert, b Suffolk, Eng.
(b) Jody Lynette Schubert, b Bryan, TX
(c) David Thomas Schubert, b Scott AFB, IL

Page 58.

b. David Bruce Schubert was born in Columbus Ohio. David was married three times. His first wife was Peggy McConnaugh, which he married in Dayton, Ohio. David and Peggy had no children. David then married Mary Evlyn McGrew in Columbus, Ohio on January 15, 1977. David and Mary had one child, a daughter. David's third wife was Lisa Linn Maurer. David and Lisa were married on November 26, 1985 in Cancun Mexico. David and Lisa have three Children which are two sons and one daughter.

(C) Elmer Albert Schubert was born May 14, 1909 and married a girl named Edna Reineke. Elmer died in 1968. Elmer is buried in Mount Olivet cemetery and nothing more is known of him.

(D.) CARL EDWARD SCHUBERT was born June 23 1913. Carl was known to everyone as Mike. Why he was called Mike is not known. My wife and I met Mike in 1988. He was a super nice person and kept the property he owned neat, trimmed and clean. Mike liked to farm and kept a good size garden. He was a painter and had painted a lot of the houses in the Mozart area. Mike married Mary Richardson on June 18, 1954. Mike was a small man only about 5'5" and weighed around 140 lbs. Mike sold the original Schubert homestead of his parents in 1989. But when he died he still owned a large portion of the Schubert farm. Mike lived with

Page 59.

Mary in the original Richardson home on Fisher Lane in Mozart. They had no children. Mike was raised with Benny Bromer Hylton in Mozart and they were very close. Mike had heart problems and on October 7, 1990 I received a telephone call from Penny Hylton that Mike had passed away at 5:45 a.m. on the 7th. Following is the obituary of Mike.

SCHUBERT, CARL E "MIKE" 77 of 21 Fisher Lane, Mozart, Wheeling died Sunday in Ohio Valley Medical center, Wheeling. He was a self employed painter, a member of Christ Lutheran Church, Mozart, and an Army Veteran of World War II. He was preceded in death by two brothers. Surviving are his wife, Mary Richardson Schubert; two nephews Richard Schubert of Virginia and David Schubert of Columbus, O. Friends received 7-9 p.m. Monday and 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Tuesday at Kepners Funeral Home, 36th and Jacob streets, Wheeling where services will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Interment will be in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Wheeling.


SCHUBERT - ON Sunday, Oct, 7, 1990, Carl E. "Mike" Schubert - Beloved husband of Mary Richardson Schubert, in his 78th year.

Photo & Obituary

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Page 62.

E. Berty Bell Bromer was born August 31, 1881 and died the same year, date unknown.


F. Grover George Bromer was born August 1,1884. He was called by the name Joe to most. But I will refer to him as Grover. Grover had an extremely active life as you will see. Grover and his sister Jessie Bromer Schubert inherited the farm lands of both George M. Bromer and Louis H. Schubert. Grover was married to Ann Elizabeth Brinkman, Daughter of Henry W. Brinkman and Wilhelmina Hoffmeister. Henry W. Brinkman was born October 19, 1855 and died December 13, 1895 and was a local merchant. Ann Elizabeth Hoffmeister had a sister Flora W. Hilmes of Wheeling and three brothers Fred A. Hoffmeister and Henry W. Hoffmeister of Wheeling and Edward c. Hoffmiester of Meadville Ohio.

     Grover was an active member in the Masonic Lodge in Wheeling. The Wheeling Directory shows him as the President of the Wheeling Ceiling and Roofing Company and in 1907 as the chief billing clerk of the Corrugating works. Grover also worked for the Wheeling Steel Co. and had to quit because of ill health. He then took some of the land his father gave him and started a flower farm. Grover took a job at a florist shop in Downtown Wheeling until he learned how to do Flower arrangements. He then opened his own Florist Shop at the top of Mozart Hill. He worked in his shop until he died on December 12, 1966.

     Grover ran for state Legislature for Marshall county in 1924 on the Democratic ticket, but lost.

     Grover and his wife Ann were very active in the Christ Lutheran Church in Mozart and did a lot of work there in December of 1966. Following are the wedding announcement of Grover and Ann, plus their death notices.


     The Marriage of Miss Anna E. Brinkman to Mr. Grover Bromer took place Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, at the house of the brides parents on the south side. Mr. Bromer is chief bill clerk at the corrugating works, Miss Brinkman was stenographer at Bloch brother's.


     Mrs. Anna Bromer, aged 62, died Sunday evening at 8 o'clock at her home at Mozart. She was the wife of Grover G. Bromer, Florist of that section.
     She was born in south Wheeling November 4, 1885, a daughter of the late Henry W. and Wilhelmina Hoffmeister Brinkman and was married in 1907. And since her marriage had resided in Mozart.
     Surviving are husband, two daughters, Mrs. Hazel E. Westmeyer of Santa Ana, Calif. and Mrs. Bernice Hylton of McFarland, Calif. A sister, Mrs. Flora W. Himes of Wheeling; three brothers, Fred H. and Henry W. Brinkman of Wheeling and Edward C. Brinkman of Meadville, Ohio, four grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
     The body is at Kepners, 36th and Jacob Sts., pending services.


     A retired florist died Tuesday in Ohio Valley General Hospital. Born in Mozart Aug. 1, 1884 he was the son of George and Louisa M. Kratz Bromer. He was a steel industry salesman before becoming proprietor of a florist shop in 1923. He was a member of Christ Lutheran Church and was affiliated with the Masonic Lodges. His wife Anna Brinkman died on Oct. 31, 1949.
     Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. Wilbur Hylton of McFarland Calif.; four grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Several nieces and nephews. Friends will be received at Kepner's Thirty-sixth and Jacob St. after noon today. Funeral arrangements are incomplete.


Interment at Greenwood Cemetery, National Rd., Wheeling.

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     Grover and Anna had two children, both were daughters.

(A) Hazel Virginia Bromer b May 13, 1908; d Jan 14, 1950; (M) Eugene H. Westmyer b June 10, 1908.
(B) Bernice (Benny) Bromer b March 16, 1914; (M) Wilbur Bower Hylton b Nov 25, 1913.

(A) Hazel V. Bromer was born in Wheeling on May 13, 1908. Hazel married Eugene H. Westmyer on August 23, 1930. They were married in Wheeling. They moved to Santa Ann Calif. Hazel died on January 14, 1950 and is buried in Orange Calif. Not a lot is known about their family. Hazel and Eugene had three children, two daughters and one son. Eugene was self employed and owned his own Business as a G.E. service man which he operated out of his home. The children of Hazel and Eugene are as follows.

a. Phyllis Ann Westmyer; (M) William Bruce Tidball b Jan 10, 1931
b. Shirley Irene Westmyer.
c. Robert Grover Westmyer; (M) Joyce E. Daetweiler.

a. Phyllis Ann Westmyer was born March 16, 1933. Phyllis married William Bruce Tidball. William was the son of William Roddie Tidball and Lucille Blanch Sears. William was a Methodist and served in the U.S.A.F. from 1951 to 1952. Phyllis and William were married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Phyllis and William had six children, three sons and three daughters.

(a) Melinda Ann Tidball; (M) Elmer Morris Sammors.
(b) Cynthia Lynn Tidball. (c) Kevin Bruce Tidball.

Page 77.

(d) Sandra Kay Tidball; (M) Brian John Bruns
(e) Brian Lee Tidball; (M) Lynn Jamie Woodmas
(f) Daron Gene Tidball.

b. Shirley Irene Westmyer was never married but she worked for the Telephone company for over 30 years. She was of the Catholic Faith.

c. Robert Grover Westmyer was born in Calif. Robert was an engineer and spent time working in Africa. Robert married Joyce Eleanor Daetweiler and they have three sons, Daniel Brant, Kenneth Robert and John Eugene.

Page 78.

B. Bernice Grace (Benny) Bromer, was born March 16, 1914 in Mozart, Wheeling, West Virginia. I will refer to her as Benny. I came to know Benny in the late 1980s. And I must say I have no regrets, for she is one of the finest people I have ever met in my life. We are third cousins and I wish I would have met her sooner in life. Benny grew up in the Mozart area. Benny worked three different jobs in the Wheeling area. She was a secretary with the Marshall County court house for six years, worked at the Valley Coal co. in Triadelphia for 2 years and worked at the Continental Can company, Wheeling, for five years. Plus she was with the Voice of America in Delano Calif. for over 28 years. Benny is very active in her church, Church of Our Saviour, Lutheran L.C.M.S. Benny married a very good man on December 8, 1945 in Wheeling, Wilbur Bowser Hylton. Wilbur is the son of Luther E. Hylton and Anna R. Bowser. Wilbur was born on November 25, 1913. Wilbur was a salesman and sold Petroleum products and then Agricultural Chemicals until retirement.

     Benny also deserves credit for helping me find a lot of the information in this book.

     Benny and Wilbur had one child, a son, William Bramer Hylton. He married Linda K. Holloway.

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