Page 105.

(9) LEWIS WILLIAM BROMER was born September 8, 1861 in Wheeling, West Virgina. Lewis sometimes spelled his name Louis. I will spell it Lewis. Lewis was very close to his sister, Catherine Bromer Wolfe. His portion of the original Bromer farm bordered with Catherine's. From what I could find, Lewis seemed to be the most prosperous of the Bromer children. Lewis built his home at the end of Cedar Lane in Bethlehem. He turned his part of the farm into a thriving dairy, which stayed open until the late nineteen thirties.

     Lewis's older son, William Elsworth Bromer, was said to have been the first person to deliver milk door to door in the Wheeling area. Lewis laid out part of the farm and named it West View. He sold lots and built homes which are still there today (1991) West View is shown in platt book two on pages 58 and 59. Most of it was never developed. The entrance to West View is half way up Valley View Road. The road today is called Ash St. But if you look at the map of West View the street is Bromer Ave. Also there is a stream running through West View and is named Bromer's Run.

     Lewis married Mary W. (Molly) Beck Carnahan. Mary was the daughter of William and Caroline White Carnahan. William was born in Butler, Pennsylvania. Caroline was born in Wheeling. Mary was born September 7, 1861 in Steubenville Ohio. Lewis also raised turkeys on the farm after the dairy closed. I was told he suffered arthritis in his legs to the point he had a very hard time walking.

     Lewis and Mary were married on April 1, 1886. They had two children.

A. William Ellsworth Bromer b Nov 3, 1887; d Jan 5, 1927; (M) Elizabeth L. Gasser b March/April 23, 1885; d Jan 26, 1959.
B. Florence Bernard (Pete) Bromer b Dec. 21, 1895; d July 4,1976; (M) Jessie Irene Huggins b April 25, 1898; d Oct 2, 1955.

     Following are the death notices of Louis/Lewis and Mary Beck Bromer.

Page 106.



BROMER - On Friday Oct. 33,1954 at 11:39 p.m. at his late home on Cedar Lane LOUIS WILLIAM BROMER, in his 93rd year.
     Friends and relatives are being received at Kepner's, 1308 Chapline st., where services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. Interment at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.


     Services for Louis William Bromer, 93, of Cedar Lane, Bethlehem, who died Friday night at his home, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Kepner's 1308 Chapline St. The Rev. R. C. Snedeker and Dr. W. D. Lewis will be in charge. Interment will be made in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
     Surviving are one son, Florance Bromer, of Cedar Lane; a daughter in law, Mrs. Elizabeth Bromer, with whom he made his home; and a sister, Mrs. Christine Hemmenn of Bethlehem; three grandchildren and 12 great grand children.


BROMER - On Tuesday, October 11, 1938 at 11:45 o'clock a.m. at her residence, East Bethlehem, Mary {Mo11ie} BECK BROMER, wife of Louis William Bromer, in her 78th year.
     The body was removedto the F. Schmeichel and son funeral home, 2217 Chapline St. and Tuesday afternoon was returned to the Late residence.
     Private services at the home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock will be followed by additional services at 2:30 o'clock in the Mount Olivet Cemetery.


Mt. Olivet Cemetery

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Page 115.

A. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH BROMER was born November 3, 1867 in Wheeling, West Virginia. William died at a young age of forty. William was said to have been a very hard working farmer and was the first dairyman to deliver milk door to door in the Wheeling area. William died on January 5, 1927.

     William was married to Elizabeth L. Gasser. Elizabeth was born in Sardis, Monroe County, Ohio, to Samuel Gasser and Marian Bigler Gasser. Marian was from Monroe County. After William died Elizabeth wanted to leave the farm and open up a beauty salon. But Lewis W. and his wife Mary C. talked Elizabeth into staying on the farm to raise her two children. Elizabeth stayed and in 1938 Mary, Lewis's wife, died. This left Elizabeth, Lewis and the two children on the farm. Elizabeth did not die until 1959 and Lewis died in 1954. This means Elizabeth and Lewis lived together for over 16 years and raised the two children. The two children of William and Elizabeth were both girls.

a. MARY LOU BROMER b June 22, 1918.
b. LOTA BROMER b March 12, 1922; d 1943.

     Following are the death notices I found. Take note that William E. Bromer died one day after his uncle, Frederick Charles Bromer.


BROMER, WILLIAM ELLSWORTH - On Wednesday, Jan. 5, 1927 at 1 o'clock a.m. at the Ohio Valley General Hospital. William Ellsworth, beloved husband of Elizabeth Bromer, in the 40th year of his age.
     Funeral from the residents of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bromer Left Hand run. On Saturday Jan. 8, at 2 p.m. Interment in Mount Olivet Cemetery. Friends of the family respectfully invited to attend.

     As I go on through the book I will attempt to use the actual Death Notice out of the newspaper. I have not done this as of yet because of the poor quality of copies I have.

Page 116
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Page 117
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Page 118.

a. MARY LOU BROMER MCGRATH was born June 29, 1918 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Mary Lou lived on the Bromer farm all of her natural life. I met Mary Lou sometime in the nineteen seventies. When I first met her she had her complete wits, but was reluctant to giving me a lot of information. Mary Lou was very fortunate throughout her life. First she inherited one half of the L. W. Bromer sub-division of the original Bromer farm. This was somewhere between 50 and 70 acres. She also received all of the stock which L. W. Bromer had. This was quite large and as an example she had a large amount of shares of Life Savers and Vicks. After everyone passed away, except Mary Lou's children, she lived in the L. W. Bromer home. From what I could see she never worked and lived off of her Inheritance. Today, June 6, 1989, Mary Lou only owns four acres of the original property. My wife and I would visit Mary Lou at least twice a year from 1985 to 1989. Each visit we found Mary Lou was becoming more and more at poor health. In 1990 her son Lewis McGrath had her put in a retirement home. It was a shame to see what had happened to the large L. W. Bromer home. The roof had leaked throughout the house and the trees and weeds almost made entrance to the home impossible.
     Mary Lou was married to Ray E. McGrath. Ray was born in 1914 and died of a heart attack in 1959.


     Ray and Mary Lou had five children. This was three sons and two daughters.


Page 119.


     This picture was taken in 1989 at main entrance of the L. W. Bromer Home that now belongs to Mary Lou Bromer McGrath. This is myself L. W. Bromer and Mary Lou Bromer McGrath. As you can see, the weeds and property were not taken care of.

(a) LEWIS ECKLINE (Sonny) McGRATH was born in Wheeling. Lewis lives on two acres of the Bromer farm which Mary Lou gave to him. Lewis married Delores Huggins. They do have children but I don't know how many. What is interesting is Lewis and Delores are both cousins to me but they are not related to each other. Lewis is my cousin through Mary Lou Bromer McGrath and Delores is my cousin through my grandmother Jessie I. Huggins Bromer. Lewis's two acres of ground set behind the large L. W. Bromer home where his mother Mary Lou lived. Lewis will probably take over what his mother leaves behind. There is a large amount of old Bromer Items still in the home such as old dishes and furniture.

(b) RALPH EDDIE McGRATH - Nothing known.

(c) RAY EDWARD McGRATH - the only thing I know about Ray is he was married to Mary F.? and that he died of a heart attack in 1985.

(d) SUSAN LOU AN McGRATH - Nothing known.

(e) KATHY VIRGINIA McGRATH - Nothing known.

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Page 121.

b. LOTA VIRGINIA BROMER WEISINBORN was born March 12, 1922 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Lota was 21 years old when she died. Lota married Harry Weisinborn. After Lota's death Harry did get remarried. Lota had one child that lived. This was a daughter and Lota died while giving birth to the second child which was a stillborn male.


(a) MARGARINE WEISINBORN was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. Margarine did inherit some of the L. W. Bromer Items such as stock and a piece of property in south Wheeling. Margarine married a man named Frederick Templin and they do have children.

     Below is the death notice of Lota Virginia Bromer Weisinborn.


Page 122
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Page 123.

B. FLORANCE BERNARD (Pete) BROMER was born December 21, 1895 in Wheeling, West Virginia. I will refer to him as Pete throughout the book; this was what he would have requested. Pete was said to have been a hard, stubborn man, and was very demanding. His wife Jessie had to have his meals ready and waiting, no matter what time he would come home from working. And they had better be hot. Jessie was said to have been a very clean housekeeper and had the cleanest home in the area. Pete was a womanizer and was to have made Jessie's life very hard.

     Pete was in the U.S. Army and served at Fort Meade, Maryland. It was said Pete was very secretive with his father L. W. Bromer. Therefore, Pete did not get along with his own children. For some unknown reason Pete was bitter toward his son L. W. Bromer and did not give him the farm when he was older.

     When L. W. Bromer I died, he willed a large section of the farm to Pete. This section contained the house Pete built in the nineteen thirties and approximately 40 plus acres of land. This was the end of anyone owning property in Bethlehem with the name of Bromer. Pete sold the farm in the early sixties to a man named Vincent Lazear. Pete sold the property for $15,000 or about $300 per acre. Today the property is owned by a doctor from Canada. The Doctor bought the farm from Vincent Lazear in 1989 for $250,000, or a little over $6,000 per acre. The Doctor has developed the property into a residential area which consist of 32 lots and is called Renaissance Way. The lots are selling for around $50,000 each and the requirements to build are no less than a $300,000 home. The original lot number 10 is where the old Bromer Barn stood and Lot number 13 is where Pete's home once stood. It is not known why Pete sold the farm and did not keep it in the Bromer name as the original G. F. Bromer would have wanted it to be. When Pete sold the property he would not allow his son or daughter to remove anything from the house. The house was said to have contained all of his furniture and many old antiques.

Page 124.

     Everything was sold with the property and Vincent Lazear was said to have been mean and would not allow any Bromers on the property. Shortly after Vincent bought the farm he attempted to sell it. But everyone in the Bethlehem knew Vincent paid a small amount, or you could say stole it from Pete and no one would give him the price he was asking. This is why I said earlier this was the end of the Bromer name in Bethlehem.

     After Pete sold the farm he moved into a old run-down apartment house in South Wheeling. This was located on Jame's Street. When Pete died he was still employeed at the Nortaman meat packing plant.He was very active in card playing and in bowling. It was also said he was a heavy drinker and had a girlfriend named Fanny locast. Fanny was the wife of Pete's boss at the meat packing plant.

     It is a very sad ending for a family that could have been very wealthy today. But for some unknown reason Pete was very bitter and so it is what it is.

     Pete married Jessie Irene Huggins on September 14, 1918. Jessie was the daughter of Sheppard and Julia Shane Huggins. Sheppard Hoyt Huggins was born January 16, 1853/4 and was the son of Richard and Susan Conners Huggins. Julia J. Huggins was born May 20, 1863 and was the daughter of August and Julia Hornszeller Schane. Jessie came from a large family. She had four brothers and three sisters. The name Huggins is also German. A book was devoted to the Huggins family and can be found in any library. The title is "HUGGINS FAMILIES OF Western Pa. And Northern W.Va." and it was written by Charles E. Huggins. I could go on with a lot of information I have on the Huggins but I suggest reading the above book for more information. But I will display some of the pictures I have aquired of the Huggins family.

     Pete and Jessie had two children, one daughter and one son.

Page 125, Top.

(A) LEWIS WILLIAM (BILL) BROMER b Nov 23, 1920; d Oct 9, 1976; (M) 1st. Irene W. E. Yost b March 22, 1921; d May 2, 1987; (M) 2nd Winnie M. Franklin (Babb) b March 26, 1923.
(B) RUTH EVELYN BROMER b Sept 2, 1922; (M) Herbert Marsh b July 6 1920.

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Page 147.

(A) LEWIS WILLIAM BROMER was born November 23, 1920 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Lewis was the second Bromer in the United States named Lewis William, but went thru life referred to as Bill. I will refer to him as Bill throughout my book. Bill lived in the Wheeling area until 1961 when he moved to Florida with his second wife and four sons. Bill owned some of the original Bromer property (2 acres). He sold his share when he moved to Florida. I believe he was bitter because he watched all the other Bromer descendents grow up and take control of their parents' farms. But for some reason Florance B. Bromer only gave his children a small portion of land. Bill served in the U. S. Army in 1943/44. He worked for Wonder Bread and after moving to Cocoa, Florida he started his own route delivering Wonder Bread products. He was also very active in the Mason's. Bill died in 1976 from cancer and is laid to rest on Rt. 1 in Florida.

     Bill was the last born male in his generation. It was fortunate that he had six sons in his two marriages or the Bromer name would have died out from the G. Frederick Bromer group. Bill was married twice. He was married first to Irene W. Elizabeth Yost. They had two children, both sons. His first son was named Lewis William after him. This is the Author of this book. Bill was only married to Irene a short time. Irene was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Aderly Myers Yost.

     I will go into the Yost family with the little information I found. William Joseph Yost was from Mannington, West Virginia. William was born July 22, 1885 and died June 23, 1946. He was the son of Amous and Emma Pyles Yost. Amous was married to Elizabeth Aderly Marie Myers. Elizabeth was from Wheeling, West Virginia. Elizabeth was the daughter of Louis and Minnie Ritz Myers. Elizabeth was born Febuary 8, 1888 and died May 12, 1942. Both William and Elizabeth are buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Wheeling. William and Elizabeth had four children that I know about.

(A) EMMA MARIE YOST b June 7, 1914; d Sept 8, 1981; (M) Willis C. Myers.
(B) OLIVE YOST b Nov 7, 1920; d Dec 10, 1984; (M) James Hall.

Page 148.

(C) IRENE WINNFRED ELIZABETH YOST b March 22, 1921; d Feb 5, 1987; (M) 1st Lewis William Bromer b Nov 23, 1920; d Oct 9, 1976; (M) 2nd William Vardy Hutchison d Oct 19, 1994.

(A) EMMA MARIE YOST was born June 7, 1914 in Wheeling, West Virginia. She was married to Willis C. Myers and they had two children, Irene and Willis Jr. Irene lives in Wheeling and was married twice. Willis moved to Califorina and is married with children. Emma went by Marie to those that knew her. She owned her own Bar in South Wheeling and took care of Lewis W. Bromer III until Lewis was about four years old. She was a very good person and was dearly loved by all that knew her.

(B) OLIVE MARY VIRGINIA YOST was born in Wheeling, West Virginia on November 7, 1920. I don't know much about Olive. I do remember visiting her when I was small. I know they had a son named Jim, after his father. They had other children but how many, I don't know.

(C) IRENE WINNFRED ELIZABETH YOST was born in Wheeling, West Virginia on March 22, 1921. Irene was married twice, first to Lewis William Bromer (BILL). They had two sons, Lewis William Bromer III (LEW), and David, who died at a very young age. Irene then married William V. Hutchison. They moved to the Pittsburgh, Pa. area in the 1940s. They left Lewis in the Saint Alphonsus orphange in Wheeling for almost four years and then won custody from Marie Myers and moved him to Pittsburgh. Irene and William then had three children of their own. One daughter named Gloria and two sons Jim and Bill. Irene lived a terrible life. William was a drunk and would beat her bad. They were divorced in the late sixties and William was remarried. Irene lived by herself until she died in 1976. Irene is buried in the Penn Lincoln Cemetery in Westmoreland County, Pa.

     There was also a son in the Yost Family who was the brother of Irene. But I can find no records on him.

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Page 151.

     NOW back to LEWIS WILLIAM BROMER (BILL). Bill was, as I said before, married twice. I will now cover some about his second wife, Winnie Marie Franklin (Babb). Winnie was born March 26, 1923 in Bellton, Marshall County, West Virginia, the daughter of William Edward Franklin and Winnie Bell Phillips. The name Babb came from her real father which she never knew. After Bill and Winnie were married they lived in Wheeling. They had four sons. In the early sixties they moved to Cocoa, Florida. I met Winnie in 1973 and we became friends. After my father died, Winnie moved to the Akron area where we lived close by. She is a very nice person and I liked her a lot. Winnie's mother was from Bronns run Wetzel County, W.Va. Her parents are both buried at Meadow Dale Cemetery. Winnie's adopted parents were Harry Jefferson Babb and Alcinda Jane Harlan Babb. There were six children in her family. They are as follows.

(A) WINNIE MARIE FRANKLIN (BABB) b March 26, 1923; (M) 1st unknown; (M) 2nd Lewis William Bromer b Nov 23 1920; 2 Oct 9, 1976.
(B) RUTH FRANKLIN b March 11, 1914; (M) 1st William Crow; (M) 2nd Edward Francis Englehart.
(C) JOHN PAUL FRANKLIN b Nov 11, 1915; (M) Lucille Pyle.
(D) WILLIAM ELWOOD FRANKLIN b Feb 9, 191-; (M) Kathline Shaffer.
(E) GEORGIA FRANKLIN b Feb 7, 1910; (M) Edger L. Snyder.
(F) EULAH R. FRANKLIN b July 15, 1912; (M) Ray Hart.

(A) WINNIE MARIE FRANKLIN (BABB) was born in Bellton, West Virginia, on March 26, 1923. She married Lewis W. Bromer and had four sons. After Bill Bromer died she moved to Stow, Ohio and lived in a senior citizen building.

(B) RUTH FRANKLIN was born in Bellton, West Virginia on March 1, 1914. Ruth worked and retired from Kent State University.

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Page 162.

     Ruth was a super person. She was married twice and had more children than I know.

     The rest of the Franklins I know nothing about.

     Lewis William Bromer (Bill) and his two wives, Irene W. E. Yost and Winnie Marie Franklin (Babb) had a total of six children. They were all boys as follows.

a. LEWIS WILLIAM BROMER III; (M) 1st Diane E. Jackson; (M) 2nd JoAnn Jacqulyn Farmer.
b. DAVID ALLEN BROMER b Feb 24, 1945; d March 29, 1945.
c. WILLIAM JEFFERY BROMER (M) Gisila Helena Maas.
d. CARL BERNARD BROMER (M) 1st Glenda Marie Bell; (M) 2nd Pamela Sue Hirsch.
e. THOMAS ARDEN BROMER (M) Nancy Lee Briggs.
f. HARRY MICHAEL BROMER (M) 1st Sally Coe; (M) 2nd Karen Sue Eilerman Shipley


The Bromer Boys, L to R: Lewis William III, Thomas Arden, Carl Bernard,
Harry Michael, William Jeffrey. In the center is Lewis William Bromer II.

Page 163.

a. LEWIS WILLIAM BROMER III was born October 7, 1942 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Lewis was known and went by the name Lew all his life. Shortly after Lew was born, his Mother and Father were divorced. Lew was put in the custody of his Aunt Emma Marie Myers. He lived at the Myers residence in Mozart, W.Va. for a couple of years. E. Marie Myers and Lew's mother, Irene Yost Bromer, fought in court for the full custody of Lew. Irene and Marie were sisters. The court system put Lew in Saint Alphonsus Orphange in Wheeling for a short period until the court decided on custody. Lew's mother won the rights to her son. By this time she was remarried to William V. Hutchison. William and Irene then moved to Pittsburgh, Pa. Lew's real father, Lewis William Bromer (BILL), must not have wanted his son because there is a letter that shows he paid off his rights for one hundred dollars. A copy of this letter is in this book. After the move to Pittsburgh Lew's mother had three children to William Hutchison. The Stepfather then began to mistreat Lew in many ways. He received many beatings for no apparent reasons. When Lew reached the age of sixteen he ran away from home and lived in the garage of a friend (Wayne Heckman) until he was old enough to join the Military

     Lew joined the U.S. Army at the age of eighteen and was stationed at Fort Mommouth, N.J. He went to school and became a teacher in the 595th Signal Corps. Lew finished High School while in the service. Lew was released from the service with a Honorable Discharge in 1964. Lew then went to work for the Standard Oil Co. of Ohio and after seven years worked his way up to a District Manager in the Pittsburgh area. He then left the Oil Co. and sold candy for Letty Lane Candy Co. Lew then decided to something more with his life and joined the Campus Police Department at the University Of Pittsburgh. Lew then worked three jobs for approximately four years. He was a policeman, pumped gas part time, and drove School Bus part time. At the same time he went to night school at the University of Pittsburgh, and worked toward a degree in Business Administration and minored in Law Enforcement. After college, Lew went to work for Midas Muffler and worked his way

Page 164.

up to the Regional Supervisor of Sales and Training for North Eastern Ohio.

     Lew had a difficult childhood which I feel made him a strong and sensitive person. He strived to make a good life for himself and have a family like he dreamed of when he was a child. Lew was a high achiever in all he did. But there was always that empty spot about where his real family came from. Lew did not know his name was Bromer until he was around twelve years old, and did not meet his Father until he was in his thirties. He wanted to know his true heritage. This is how and why this book came about. The relatives he met made a lot of those dreams come true, and a deep love for everyone of those relative came about.

     Lew was married twice, first to Diane E. Jackson and then to JoAnn J. Farmer. I will cover them as I did for Bill Bromer's two marriages.

     Diane Elaine Jackson was the daughter of Clyde and Ruth Anderson Jackson. They were all from the Turtle Creek section of the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. Diane had a sister named Janice. Lew and Diane were married at a very young age and it did not work out. They had two children one boy and one girl. I don't have any more information on their family. Lew and Diane were divorced in 1967 and never associated again. Diane raised the two children herself.

     Lew was married a second time to JoAnn Jacquyn Farmer. JoAnn was the daughter of John Joseph and Harriet Amanda Toma Farmer. John Joseph Farmer was born in County Galway, Ireland and was the youngest of seven children. He was born April 12, 1902 and died on September 29, 1967. He came to the United States at the age of seven. John then married Harriet August 25, 1927. They had four children. Three daughters and one son. John was crippled at a young age and wore a brace on his left leg all his life. He was a Barber most of his life and raced homing pigeons as a hobby. He won many races and is the hall of fame for this was a big part of his life. Harriet went by the nickname of Tootie. She was the type of person that never met a stranger. Her hobby was playing cards.

Page 164.

John and Harriet's children were as follows.

(1) AUDREY BELL FARMER b Oct 19, 1929; (M) Elwood Penn Brady.
(2) RICHARD JOSEPH FARMER b Oct 12, 1932; (M) Joan Marie Olack.

(1) AUDREY BELL FARMER was born October 19, 1929 in McKeesport, Pa. She married Elwood Penn Brady. They had three children. One daughter, Debbie, and two sons, John and Scott.

(2) RICHARD JOSEPH FARMER was born October 12, 1932 in McKeesport, Pa. Richard married Joan Marie Olack on April 30, 1955. They had six children, two daughters, Dawn and Denise, and four sons, John, Mike, Richard and Christopher.

(3) JOANN JACQULYN FARMER was born in McKeesport, Pa. JoAnn was a twin daughter and went to McKeesport High School. JoAnn married Lewis W. Bromer (Lew) on December 11, 1966. They moved to Akron, Ohio in 1979. JoAnn became involved with Beauty supplies and was a manager for Barnum Beauty Supply Co. until 1989. At this time JoAnn decided to change her career and studied very hard to obtain her Real Estate License. JoAnn was sponsored by the Robert Strucke Real Estate Company, taught herself, and achieved her State License on December 13, 1989. By 1991 she started to become successful and sold a lot of homes in the Summit County area. JoAnn and Lew raised three children in one of the largest homes on Broad Blvd. in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

(4) MARY MICHELLE FARMER was born in McKeesport, Pa. and was the twin of JoAnn. Mary Ann married Gerald Price. They had one son named Brian. Jerry was a Policeman with Lew Bromer and this is how he met Mary Ann.

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Real Estate License
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     Listed below are the children of Lewis William Bromer (Lew) to his two wives Diane E. Jackson and JoAnn Jacqulyn Farmer.


(a) LEWIS CLYDE BROMER was the son of Lewis W. Bromer (Lew) and Diane E. Jackson. When he was born he went by the nickname of Bubby. He was born in Braddock, Pa. Lewis C. grew up without a father. His real father, Lewis W. Bromer (Lew), attempted many times to meet him but failed. In the spring of 1990, Lewis W. and his daughter went to where Lewis C. worked and they met. Lewis C. worked at a Pet Store in Monroeville, Pa. Lewis C. married a girl named Colleen and they have one child, a son, Lewis Travis Bromer.


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Page 177.

(b) GAYLE ELAINE BROMER was born at the Wright Patterson Army Hospital in New Jersey. Gayle gre up not knowing her father and obtained a good education. She is a teacher in the state of Virginia in a small town named Sprouses Corner. In the early nineteen eighties, I met Gayle and we talked for a short time. I have since spoke to her via telephone a couple of times and my daughter, Christine, to my second marriage, wrote to her. But we never really got to know each other.

Page 177, Pictures
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Page 178.

(c) CURTIS EDWIN BROMER was born in McKeesport, Pa. Curt went to Grade school in Elizabeth Twp. and graduated from high school in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He was very active in football and was always on a winning team. He was also active in wrestling in Jr. High School. Curt was always a good and kind hearted person and was easy to make friends with. After he graduated high school he took classes at Akron University. He also had a love for motorcycles and would buy them and fix them up and sell them for a profit. Curt is an aggressive person and worked many jobs looking for the ones he could make the most money at.

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Page 184.

(d) CHRISTINE EVONNE HARRIET BROMER was born in McKeesport, Pa. Christine went to grade school in Elizabeth Twp., Pa. and high school in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio. She was very active in softball. Christine was selected as the Gold Key winner in Achievement, Scholastic Art Awards in 1987 in Northeast - Central ohio. Christine was also very active and good in photography. Christine, like her brother and sister, is a very warm-hearted person.

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Page 191.

(e) CYNDIE ERICA JESSIE BROMER was born in McKeesport, Pa. Cyndie went to grade school in Elizabeth Twp., Pa. and is senior at Cuyahoga Falls High School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, at the time of this writing. Cyndie, like her brother, Curt, and sister, Christine, is very big-hearted and had many friends. Cindy was active in softball and T-ball when she was young. While in high school she worked at Arby's restaurant and was awarded Employee of the Month, September 1990.

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Page 195.

b. DAVID ALLEN BROMER was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. David died at the tender age of one month and five days, on March 29, 1945. David was buried at Mount Zion Cemetery in Lot 841. His death certificate showed the cause of his death as Diarrhea and he had no circulation of his blood. This gave him Gangrene of the feet and caused dehydration. Had David lived, it is likely he would have been a cripple.


Page 197.

c. WILLIAM JEFFERY BROMER was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. Bill went to Brevard Jr. College for his Associate Degree and has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Bill has his own business and is a private exterminator. Gisila, his wife, works for an electronics company and is over about thirty people. Bill was married to Gisila Helena Maas, born in Neubrauudenburg, germany, the daughter of Georg Maas. He met Gisila while serving in the U.S. Army near Gelnhausen, Germany. They had one son, Georg Lewis Bromer.

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d. CARL BERNARD BROMER was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. Carl served in the U.S. Air Force and upon completion of Officer's Training School at Lackland A.F.B. Texas, he became a Commissioned Officer. Carl was a pilot and received instructions in all phases of the F-4 Phanton Fighter Bomber. Carl graduated from High School in 1964. Then received his A.A. Degree in 1967 from Brevard Jr. College. Carl went on to receive his B.S.E.E. Degree from the Florida Institute of Technology.

     Carl lived in Waco Texas for a period of time and was a distributor for the Leadership Motivation Institute. Carl currently lives in Dayton Ohio (1991) and holds an Executive position for the Eskco Company. Carl was married twice, first to Glenda M. Bell. Carl and Glenda had two sons, Jeffery Scott and Christopher Lee. Carl's second wife is Pamela Sue Hirsch. Carl and Pam also had two sons. Their names are Josuha Reynolds and Mark Lewis.

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e. THOMAS ARDEN BROMER was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. Tom went to public school in Florida. He received his undergraduate degree at Brevard Jr. College. Tom then went to the University of West Florida and received his teaching degree. Tom left teaching and worked in Real Estate sales for a short period of time. When Tom was a teacher, he was outstanding in the teaching field. He was the Industiral Arts teacher at Poinsett Middle School in Rockledge, Florida. They earned eleven first place awards in the Annual Florida Arts Association competition. Tom's class was also active in making toys for needy children at Christmas time.

     After Tom left teaching and real estate he was married and moved to Kentucky. Tom and his wife purchased a farm in Claypool, an area outside Bowling Green, Kentucky. I visited Tom's farm in 1989. he had a brown/white milking cow that they raised from a calf, and it became a loved pet. They named her Charlotte. Tom and his wife, Nancy, devoted the farm to being an Apple Orchard. They had a lot of Apply trees planted and hoped to start selling them within a year or so. Besides the farm, Tom works for Hedback Distributing Company as a territory manager, distributing Bryant heater and air conditioning products.

     Tom married Nancy Lee Briggs, daughter of Eugene and Llian Briggs. Nancy's parents were from Bowling Green and this is why they moved to that area. Tom and Nancy have two children, one son, Jonathan Thomas, and one adopted daughter, Katherine Marie, of Korean descent.

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f. HARRY MICHAEL BROMER (MIKE) was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. After graduating from high school, Mike worked as a diesel mechanic for three years. As you may have noticed, I refer to him as Mike, this is what he preferred to be called. Mike then moved to Ashville, North Carolinia. Mike worked at a local Hospital and was in charge of all their construction and maintenance. Mike then moved to Dayton, Ohio and started his own sub-contracting business. The name of his business was BROMOCO and specialized in New Residential Construction. The construction business has provided Mike and his family with a comfortable life. Mike was married twice, first to Sally Coe. Mike and Sally had three daughters, Rebecca, Heather Marie and Sarah. Mike then married Karen Sue Eilerman. Karen had been married before she met Mike and had a son named Justin Shipley. Mike and Karen then had two children of their own, Kimberly Ann and Daniel Eilerman.

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(B) RUTH EVELYN BROMER was born September 2, 1922 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Ruth was owner of part of the original Bromer Property and gave or sold her share to Lewis W. Bromer (Bill) before she moved to Florida. I know very little about my Aunt Ruth. Shd did marry Herbert Marsh, born June 6, 1920. They were married on August 24, 1940. Ruth and her husband live in Palm Ray, Florida and have three children, Patricia Ann, Carroll and Herbert Richard.

     The only thing I know about the children are: Herbert Jr. was named after his father and went by the name Ricky. Patricia Ann Marsh had a daughter named Tracy.

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