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(10) JOHN JACOB BROMER was born December 18, 1863, in Wheeling, West Virginia. John was born the year West Virginia became a state. John was the 10th child of G. Frederick and Margareth Vollmer Bromer. He did receive some of the Bromer property but I think he sold it to one of his brothers. John was a member of the Zion Lutheran Church. He was a farmer and lived at 71 Bethlehem Blvd. John was married on September 10, 1885 to Emma V. Pebler. Emma was the daughter of Martin Pebler, born in Germany Febuary 1838 and died in 1915, and Mary Marie Beck Pebler, born in Germany 1842 and died in 1912. (Martin was the son of Henry and Catherine Pebler.) Emma's parents owned a Stogie Factory called Pebler's Stogies. Emma's Grandmother was Kathy Sherman (1817 to 1909) and was also born in Germany.

     John and Emma had seven children, two sons and five daughters. Two of the children died a young ages.

A. Adelaide Bromer b Oct 11, 1886; d Nov 13, 1956; (M) Frederick Beck d Jul 1953.

B. Flora M. Bromer b July 3, 1892; d Aug 14, 1925.

C. Emma Helena Bromer b July 12, 1897; d Oct 10, 1979; (M) Julius Evertt Seevers b 1890; d 1962.

D. Bertha Bromer b Oct 3, 1900; d Oct 16, 1990; (M) George Dewey Yates b June 26, 1898; d July 19, 1987.

E. Paul Edward Bromer b Oct 8, 1903; d May 22, 1991.

F. Clara Elizabeth Bromer b March 23, 1906; (M) Harry Hieronimus b Feb 19, 1900; d July 6, 1987.

G. Ellsworth Bromer b Jan 26, 1908; d Dec 4, 1922.

     The family plot is located at Greenwood Cemetery in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Page 221.

A. Adelaide Bromer was born October 11, 1886 in Wheeling, West Virginia and died in Danville, Iowa on May 5, 1956. Adelaide was married to Frederick Beck. The marriage took place in Milton Montgomery's home in Bethlehem. I know nothing about Frederick Beck. Frederick and Adelaide had three known children. They were all born in Iowa from what I can tell.


     I know very little about the Becks. The following was told to me by Clara Bromer Hieronimus. First, Mary A. Beck was a minister and was married to a minister. Second, Elizabeth Beck married a man named Shank, who is an attorney and they have three children. Third, Martin Beck is married and has two daughters and they all live in Danville, Iowa.


Page 222.

B. Flora M. Bromer was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. She was never married. Flora worked in the Coluring Millinery in Wheeling. She went to school and became a nurse. She was a nurse for seven years and then was involved in a tragic accident that took her life. In March of 1924 she was in an automobile on a return trip from Cambridge, Ohio and about five mile outside of Cambridge the car she was in rolled over two or three times. Flora received a broken back and died a year and a half later, on August 24, 1925. Flora was to have been very intelligent and loved by everyone. She lived at 509 S. Front St., Wheeling at the time of her death.


C. Emma Helena Bromer was born July 12, 1897 in Wheeling, West Virginia and died October 10, 1978 at the age of 82. Emma married Julius Evertt Seevers in 1916. Emma and Julius had four children, two sons and two daughters. I found one of the daughters on May 20, 1989. Her name is Martha Emma Seevers Cooper and she lives in Dayton, Ohio. I wrote to Martha and she told me some information on her section of the family. Martha told me her father was not a stable person and they moved around a lot. Emma Helena Bromer Seevers is buried in Dayton, Ohio.

     Emma and Julius' children are as follows.

(A) MARTHA EMMA SEEVERS b Oct 30, 1918; (M) 1st Walter Baumback; (M) 2nd Charles Cooper.
(B) JULIUS EVERTT SEEVERS (Bud) b Dec 27, 1923; (M) Kay --.
(D) PAULA SEEVERS; (M) Robert Eugene McGee

Page 223.

Letter (Click Here)
Written by Martha Emma Seevers Cooper, May 20, 1989.

(A) MARTHA EMMA SEEVERS COOPER was born Oct 30, 1918. Her birth could have been in Wheeling, West Virginia or Bellaire, Ohio. Her mother was from West Virginia and her father was from Bellaire, Ohio. Martha was married twice. In 1948, she married Walter Brumback and they had one daughter, Christine Ann Brumback. In 1951, Martha married Charles Cooper from, German Town, Kentucky. Charles died in 1979. The children were:

a. CHRISTINE ANN BRUMBACK (M) Raymond Brumback.

Page 224.

c. PEGGY SUE COOPER (M) -- Essman.

a. CHRISTINE ANN BRUMBECK married Raymond Bucholtz and they have two known children, Steven Lee and Patty Ann.

b. MICHAEL EDWARD COOPER married Vicki -- and they have two children, Michael E., Jr. and Kenneth Charles.

c. PEGGY SUE COOPER was married to a man named -- Essman.

(B) JULIUS EVERTT (Bud) SEEVERS married "Kay" and they had three children:


(C) RICHARD SEEVERS married a girl named Dolly. Their children were:


Page 225.

(D) PAULA SEEVERS married Robert McGee and they live in Ohio. Robert is a carpenter and owns a Hobby Shop. Paula and Robert had six children:


     I never wrote to any of the younger family members.


D. Bertha Bromer was born October 3, 1900 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Bertha lived in the Good Shepherd Nursing Home until her death in 1990. She married George Dewey Yates, the son of John and Cora Morris Yates. They were both members of the Christ Methodist Church. They lived at 129 Park St., Wheeling, W.Va. and George died in 1987, also while at the Good Shepherd Nursing Home. George worked his entire life for the Columbia Gas Co. Bertha and George had two children, a son and a daughter. George had a sister, Hilda Yates Gwennap, who lived in Warwood, W.Va.

     The children of Bertha and George both moved out of the Wheeling area.

(A) HILDA YATES (M) Lester Ware.

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E. Paul Edward Bromer was born in Wheeling, October 8, 1903. Paul was never married. He worked his life doing odd jobs around the Bromer and Wolfe farms. I was told by Helen Hemmenn that Paul was treated as an outcast and everyone thought he was retarded. My wife and I met Paul in 1989. I had visited him on several occasions after that. He seemed to be a very nice person and had a good memory of the past. He was able to supply me with a lot of dates and facts about the Bromers. I don't feel there was anything wrong with him mentally. Paul lived 87 years. He was very active at the Senior Citizens Building on Chapline St. (Wheeling) and belonged to the Zion Lutheran Church. I was saddened by his death.


Page 228.

F. Clara Elizabeth Bromer was born March 23, 1906 in Wheeling, West Virginia. Clara is a wonderful and very likeable person. My wife and I met her in the mid-seventies. We visited her many times and were supplied with a lot of pictures and facts that made this book possible. When we visited her it would always be with Helen Hemmenn. They would speak in German and recite rhymes in German. Clara spent her life as a housewife and was the main person named in her father's will. This leads me to believe she took care of her father in his old age. Clara was married on December 1, 1923 to Harry Hieronimus. They built their home at 30 Birch Lane in Bethlehem. Harry was from Cameron W.Va. and was born Febuary 19, 1900. He worked for the Wheeling Electric and Gas Companies. Harry died July 6, 1987 and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling.

Clara and Harry had six children, four daughters and two sons.

(A) JEAN ELIZABETH HIERONIMUS b June 30, 1924; (M) Harold Pfefferman b Feb 10, 1924.
(B) NANCY LEE HIERONIMUS b Dec 27, 1925; (M) Elmer John Jaquay b Jan 15, 1924; d Feb 21, 1983.
(C) MARY KAYTHERINE HIERONIMUS b Aug 23, 1927; (M) Raymond Robinson b Feb 6, 1928.
(E) PHYLLIS MAY HIERONIMUS b Sept 8, 1932; (M) Allen Kaufman b Oct 27, 1931.

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     The six children of Clara E. Bromer and her husband Harry Hieronimus are as follows.

(A) JEAN ELIZABETH HIERONIMUS was born June 30, 1924 in Wheeling. She married Harold Pfefferman and they did not have any children.

(B) NANCY LEE HIERONIMUS was born December 27, 1925 in Wheeling. Nancy married Elmer John Jaquay and they lived in Canton, Ohio. Elmer died February 21, 1983. They had three children Sharon, Terry and Bruce. Sharon died of Leukemia and Terry died at birth. Bruce married (1) "Kathy" and their children are Daniel [error: David], Jennifer and Jeremy Jaquay; (2) Patty.

     Wheeling Intelligencer, 15 August 2007 - Submitted by Brenda Kendig-von Fehrn.

     JAQUAY, Nancy Lee, 81, of Canton, Ohio, passed away July 31, 2007.
     Nancy was born December 27, 1925 in Wheeling, W.Va., daughter of the late Harry and Clara (Bromer) Hieronimus.
     She graduated in 1943 from Wheeling High School; and was an assignment commissioner for the Stark County Family Court, retiring in 1990 following 35 years of service. She was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church; TLC Outreach Program; and was an avid bridge player.
     Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Elmer J. Jaquay; daughters, Sharon Camille Jaquay, and Terry Lynn Jaquay; and sister, Kay Robinson.
     She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, Bruce and Patty Jaquay of Canton; three grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; brothers, Charles (Joann) Hieronimus of W.Va., and James Hieronimus of Texas; and sisters, Jean (Harold) Pfefferman and Phyllis Kaufman, both of W.Va.
     In accordance with her wishes, her body was donated to Ohio State University.
     A memorial service will be held Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 11 a.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, 415 West Tuscarawas Street, Canton, with Pastor Darlene Grega officiating.
     The Reed Funeral Home, Canton Chapel is in charge of arrangements.
     In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Trinity Lutheran Church.

(C) MARY KATHERIN HIERONIMUS was born August 23, 1927. Mary married Ray Robinson and they had two sons, Gary Lee and Dennis Roy.

     Gary Lee Robinson married Kathlean A. Weisenberg and they have a daughter, Brittany.

Page 232.

     Dennis Roy Robinson married Robin Leasure and they have one known son, Seth Michael Robinson.

(D) CHARLES EDWARD HIERONIMUS was born May 6, 1930. He married Joann Kindleberger and they have two sons, Charles Keith and Terry.

     Charles Keith Hieronimus, a dentist, married Terri Lynn Mengen, a registered nurse. They have three children, Jason, Justin and Katlin.

     Terry Hieronimus married Patricia Jo Brozobich and they have no known children.

(E) PHYLLIS MAY HIERONIMUS was born Sept. 8, 1932. She married Allan Kaufman and they have two known sons, Scott and Kevin. Scott married Christine Secost.

Page 233.

(F) HARRY JAMES HIERONIMUS currently lives somewhere in Texas and was never married.

G. Ellsworth Bromer b Jan 26, 1908; d Dec 4, 1922. Nothing else known.

(11) CHRISTINE ROSINA BROMER was born on January 7, 1865 and died April 14, 1956, at the age of 91. Christina was the youngest of the G. Frederick Bromer children. Records at the St. James Lutheran Church in Wheeling show Christina's birth as January 1865. She was Christened as Rosina Christina Bromer; father, Frederick Bromer; mother, Margareth Vollmer (Volume 1 Page 38).

     Christina married John Henry Hemmenn on January 10, 1884. John was the son of a local farmer. The Hemmenn farm was in the Northwestern section of Bethlehem. John's mother and father were from Saxon, Germany. His parents were married in 1854. His father's name was John Gotfreed Hemmenn and his mother was Sophia Piehler. John Henry had two sisters. Their married names are Mrs. W. R. Buskirk and Mrs. W. C. Kettler.

     Listed below is some information I obtained from the 1880 census on page 6. This information is on John Hemmenn, husband of Christina.

District 1, Enumeration 214. Census year began June 1, 1879 and ended on May 31,1880.

John Gotfred Hemmenn, 60-WM, Wid, Farmer, Saxon Ger, 1820
John, 24-WM, Son, Coalminer, b 17 Mar 1856
Amelia, 18-WF, Dau, Housekeeper
Louis H., 15-WM, Son, b 1865
Mary, 13-WF, Sau, b 1868
Annie, 10-WF, Dau, b 1870
George, 8-WM, Son, b 1872.

     Besides farming, the Hemmenns were known for their florist business and they had a large greenhouse in Bethlehem. The Hemmenn name is still well known in Wheeling today. They have an automobile repair business in South Wheeling, owned and operated by Bud Hemmenn.

     John and Christine had nine children, six daughters and three sons. The children were all raised at the Hemmenn homestead located at 60 Village Drive in Bethlehem. Helen, the last born, still lives there today (1991).

Page 234.

     Listed below are the nine children of John and Christine Bromer Hemmenn.

A. Estella Anna Hemmenn b July 29, 1884; d March 1, 1971; never married.

B. Edna Ann Hemmenn b Jan 11, 1887; d June 19, 1978; never married.

C. Harry Bromer Hemmen b Sept 23, 1889; d April 19, 1966; (M) Florence Louise Kettler b 1891; d June 7, 1949.

D. Karl Hemmenn b Nov 4, 1890; d April 15, 1893; never married.

E. Signora Hemmenn b Nov 4, 1892; d April 13, 1973; never married.

F. Edward Hemmenn b Sept 23, 1893; d March 17, 1979; (M) Gertrude Block.

G. Margaret Hemmenn b July 3, 1896; d June 20, 1954; never married.

H. Dori Hemmenn b Aug 23, 1898; d May 24, 1978; (M) 1st -- Faucett; (M) 2nd -- Beach.

I. Helen Hemmenn b Jul 1, 1901.

Page 235
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A. Estella Anna Hemmenn was born July 29, 1884 and died March 1, 1971. Estella is buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery and was not married.


B. Edna Ann Hemmenn was born January 11, 1887 and died June 19, 1978. Edna was not married and is buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery.


C. Harry Bromer Hemmen was born September 20, 1888/89 and deid at the age of 77 on April 19, 1966. Harry married Florence Louise Kettler on April 30, 1912. Harry was a gardner and lived on Dogwood Lane in Bethlehem. Harry was an Elder at the Bethlehem Presbyterian Church and a member of the Brotherhood Society.

     Harry and Florence had three children, one son and two daughters.

(A) CHARLES (Bud) MEMMENN (M) Jane Archer.
(B) ELEANOR LEE HEMMENN d Sept 1, 1988; (M) Charles W. Travis.
(C) KATHRYN HEMMENN (M) Larry Schuler.

(A) CHARLES HEMMENN. I never met Charles. he goes by the name of Bud. He owns an automobile repair center in South Wheeling. Bud married Jane Archer and they have four children.

a. SANDIE HEMMENN (M) -- Polanski
b. PEGGIE HEMMENN (M) -- Yates
d. HOLLY HEMMENN (M) -- Young.

(B) ELEANOR HEMMENN. I know nothing about her except that she died September 1, 1988. She was married to Charles W. Travis and they have two children.

a. JEAN TRAVIS (M) -- Rowan.

Page 237.

(C) KATHRYN HEMMENN. I know nothing about her except that she was married and had one child.


D. Karl Hemmenn was born in Wheeling on November 4, 1890. Karl died at a young age and was killed by a train. He died on April 15, 1893 and is buried at Peninsula Cemetery, Wheeling.

E. Signora Hemmenn was born in Wheeling on November 4, 1892 and died on April 13, 1973. She is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery.

F. Edward Hemmenn was born September 23, 1893 in Wheeling. He died on March 17, 1979. Edward married Gertrude Bock on October 12, 1920 and they had three children.


G. Margaret Hemmenn was born July 3, 1896 and died June 20, 1954. She was never married and is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery.

H. Dori Hemmenn was born August 23, 1898. Dori was married twice. Dori was also the only Hemmenn daughter to get married. She married a man named Fawcett first. She then married a man named Roy C. Beach. Roy died in 1954 and they lived in New York State. Dori worked at the Wheeling Library and is buried at Mount Olivet. I do not believe they had any children.

Page 238.

I. Helen Hemmenn b Jul 1, 1901. Helen was the baby of the family. My wife and I met Helen in 1987. She has provided me with a lot of information and some pictures. She was of the old German style. Helen was still living (typing) letters and very active in her chuch at the age of 91. She was very healthy when I met her; in fact at the age of 91 she was still driving and would drive ehr car all the way to Charleston, W.Va. by herself. She was still living by herself in the Hemmenn homestead in Bethlehem in 1991. I have put some of the letters that Helen wrote to me in this book.

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