This information is dedicated to all Bromers, past, present and future. But most of all to my wife, JoAnn J. (Farmer) Bromer. She spent many hours helping me find and put this information together.

     The Bromer name has existed for more than 450 years. And many exciting years of research have made it possible to share this information. The costs were large, but the end results was worth the time and effort.

     Records at the Ohio County Court House and information from friends and relatives have made this information a reality. Searching cemeteries was the most interesting part when seeking information. There were many dead ends, and false information had to be sorted through. A lot of errors were made in public records, and l am sure I have made a few. This was because of poor handwriting and improper spellings.

     I hope that Bromers and relatives of the Bromers for generations to come will add to and keep these records up to date.

     Lewis William Bromer
     January l99l