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     The name Bromer is not a common, everyday surname. In fact, the average person cannot pronounce the name without difficulty. Even more difficulty comes when someone attempts to spell the name Bromer. There are many varations in the spelling but they are all pronounced the same. Here are the most popular variations: BROMER, BROMMER, BROEMER, BROHMER, BROEMMER, BROHMMER, BROEHMER, BROOMER.

     Then to add to more of a problem, when someone did not know the correct spelling, they would write the following: BRUMER, BRUNER, BRAMER, BREMER, BROMSER.

     There are more variations but too many to write. The above are the most common and the variations I have found while doing my research of the name BROMER.

     Now what does the name BROMER mean and where did it come from? I have found the name BROMER dating back to the 15th century. The oldest known BROMER is BARTHEL BROMER. Barthel is listed by the L.D.S. as having a son born May 27, 1565. This birth took place at the base-rhin in Mittelbaghin. After that date the name BROMER can be found in several areas of Europe. By the 17th century the name BROMER can not only be found in Europe but in many areas of the United States. By the 19th century I can trace the BROMER name to over a thousand descendents in the United States alone. So the BROMER name did not die off or become extinct.

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     Where did the BROMER name come from or how did it orginate? This is difficult to answer, but here are items I have found that may be the answer. First, it is of German descent. There are a few possible meanings of the name BROMER. A book titled German American Names, by G. F. Jones, describes Bromer as a Celtic word meaning "swamp dwellers." The name Brom was derived from the word Bogg.

     It is also possible the name could be derived from the early berry pickers in Germany. The German word for Blackberry is Bromberry. It is possible the people which harvested the Bromberries were called the Bromers.

     I have spent many hours looking for items of interest toward the Bromer name. I did discover there is a coat of arms which bears the name Brommer and Bromser. Pictures are illustrated in this book. I also did a lot of reading on books from Germany. One of interest was a book by Roger Pilkington, titled, Small Boat on the Upper Rhine. I copied a chapter which makes for interesting reading and is also printed in this book. It is a story of Engelhard Bromser and his Bromserburg castle.

     Well the name BROMER will remain a mystery as to its real beginning but it does have a lot of history, as you will see in the remaining pages of this book.

     All of the Bromer families I have found have been prosperous in one way or another. Throughout history they all seemed to have accomplished a goal of some kind. I have not found any Bromers with a bad reputation. By this, I mean no criminal records or backgrounds. The Bromers I have found have all been of a family nature with a God-fearing background. They have all had strong religious foundations within their lives. They come from all walks of life, such as owning large farms, owning their own businesses, dairies and tailoring. Most have good educations and were involved in being ministers, devoted scholars and doctors in many fields. Therefore anyone that carries the Bromer name can hold their head high because they all come from good roots.

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     Religion within the Bromer families have followed a number of different paths. In Europe I have found two religions the Bromers followed. These were Catholic and Lutheran. But here in the United States I have discovered the Bromers in almost all religions. The Bromer families in New York, Boston and parts of New Jersey are of the Jewish faith. In November of 1990 I spoke to Carol Bromer, wife of Dr. Michael Bromer M.D. from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Michael is a Doctor of Neurology. Carol told me her family was from the east coast of the United States and were all Jewish. In Pennsylvania, the Bromer families were all German Catholic when they came from Kehl, Germany. But after they settled they became members of the Reform church. This information came from Agnes Bromer from Lafayette, Indiana. Agnes is the wife of Henry E. Bromer. Their family was from the Perkiomen Valley area of Pennsylvania. They still follow the reform church today. In Wheeling, West Virgina and Clermont County, Ohio, the Bromer families were all of the Lutheran Faith. These Bromers were from the Baden area of Germany. Today in the United States (1991) I have found the Bromers have branched off and follow many religions. It is also noted that some of the Bromers were ministers in their faith.

     The Bromer name was also seen in many wars throughout the world. The oldest one I have found was a son of Frederick Bromer of Kehl, Germany. He was killed while serving under the defeated Napoleon Bonapart in the battle of Waterloo in 1815. This was the Biedermeier period. There were privates such as Florance Bernard Bromer who served during the first world war in the U.S. Army, and a General Bromers who served in the German Army and retired on June 7, 1918. The most recent is Lt. Carl Bromer which was a pilot and flew the F-14 Jets in Vietnam.

     The rest of this book will be devoted to facts about the Bromer Families. Everything I have put together was found through Court Records, L.D.S., Libraries, and a lot has been obtained through living relatives. If you disagree with any of the information I have put together, please write to me. I will be happy to correct it with proof from your source. I only hope you will experience the gratification I have.

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     This book has been put together in family groups. I have made it as easy as possible to understand, and I have included an index by surname. I have in my search found BROMER families that feel they are not related to other BROMER families. But I feel very sure all people with the name BROMER will find they can trace their ancestry back to Germany. They, undoubtedly, came from the same original German family background. I have added some historical facts as I put the book together, to make for more interesting reading. In Europe the BROMER families can be found in the Alsace Loraine area which is in France today. The area was taken from Germany by France during World War II. Also Baden, Wurtenburg and the Bavarian regions had BROMER families. But in the United States there has been a BROMER in almost every state. Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and the basic North East coast seem to be the area most of the early BROMER families settled. Today, in 1991, the BROMER name is very widespread throughout the United States. I came from the BROMER family that settled in Ohio County, West Virginia in the year 1837. Therefore I will start with this family and proceed to other early BROMER settlers. I will show you how the families grew through many generations to the year 1991. Keep in mind the BROMER name is very old. In fact over 425 years old, from 1565 to 1991. And the future of the name looks as though it will never fade away.

     I have tried to be as accurate as possible but I am certain that errors will be discovered. Many records I have found or were sent to me were very hard to read and sometimes in conflict with court records. I gave preference to court and cemetery records. Please let me know of any errors that you may discover. As I will continue to keep files on all lines of BROMER families in all parts of the world.

     Please send me any additional information you may have concerning these or other BROMERS and related families. I will continue to answer each letter I receive. But I do request that you include a self-addressed envelope if possible. I have enjoyed the many years of research and promise I will not stop now,

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even though I have finished this book. If you enjoy the book, please let me know.