Regiment, Virginia State Fencibles

Submitted by PAUL BURIG; typed by PHYLLIS DYE SLATER.

This roster was found by the late AUDRA RICKEY WAYNE during her decades of research.

Alonzo Loring, Capt.
Nathaniel L. Dorsey, 1st. Lieut.
Jno. H. Stalman, 2nd Lieut.

1st. Sergts:
George C. Trimble
James A. Lewis
John W. Orr
James Duffy
Samuel Lewis

Philip Duffy
Philip Rose
Thomas Owens
Jeremiah B. Sheppard
Nehemiah Sykes
George S. Temple

William W. Busby
George W. Boring
Jno. D. Brown
John Beaille
Philip M. Bier
Gus K. Kartwright (Cartwright)
Charles Carroll
Samuel Camplain
Robert Downey
Thomas Donnelly
Jno. Ellison
Geo. W. Ellwich
Frederick Granger
Charles F. Gone
John Good
Henry G. Harding
Richard Harding Jr.
Alfred F. Hullihen
Andred Hauelain (Manfred Hullihen?) 
Andrew Long
James Mathews
Philip H. Moore
Henry Miller
Wm. H. Moystan (Moyston)
Samuel Millar (Mellor)
Samuel B. McCulloch
William Neel
Edward Pearson
Jos. H. Pendleton
Michael Quinlin
J. Thornton Russell
Charles W. Russell
Victor Savagoet
Frederick Sidler (1)
Frederick Sidler (2)
Daniel M. Sliniver (Shriver)
Jas. W. Sweeney
T.V. Slinnan
Robert Sweeney
Jacob Taylor
James M. Todd
Douglass Wells
James S. Wheat
Simeon D. Woodrow
Neil Woodrow
S. Chatham Wheat
Noah Zane
Eugene Zane
Geo. W. Wickham