From: West Virginians
Published by The West Virginia Biographical Association, 1928

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     Both in industry and in public life John M. Garden has exerted an influence for progress and order, to a degree that places him definitely among the leaders of present-day life in Wheeling. He is at present chairman of the Board of County Commissioners of Ohio County, West Virginia, and has served on that body for fourteen years. Mr. Garden is acknowledged an expert in the operation of large electrical power plants. Since July 1, 1906, he has been superintendent of the power plant of the Wheeling Electric Company. Since that time the electric power plant and its constant operation has been continuously under his charge. No small part of his work during this time has seen the supervision of important expansion in the size and eguipment of this plant, which, naturally, has been forced to keep pace with the development of the city of Wheeling.
     For many years Mr. Garden has taken on himself a full share of civic responsibility, and his services in public office have been characterized by courage and intelligence. For two years he served in the second branch of the City Council of Wheeling, and for four years in the first branch of the City Council. He was elected County Commissioner for the first time in 1909 and re-elected in 1911. He retired in l9I7, but was again a candidate, and was elected, in 1920. He was chairman of the board from 1912 to 1914, and was again made chairman in 1926.
     He is a member of the Masonic Club, Knights of Pythias, Modern Woodmen and other associations. Since 1923 he has beep Chairman of the Democratic County Committee of Ohio County.
     He was born in Monroe County, Ohio, September 27, 1873, son of Nicholas D. and Ruth (Musser) Garden. He married, February 14, 1907, Bertha V. Blues of Wheeling. They have two children, Ruth Elizabeth and John Woods.