History - Ohio County



The Wheeling Directory - 1839

Warwood A History, 1669 - 1975

History & Directory of Triadelphia, 1829 - 1934

History of Wheeling City & Ohio County, 1902

History of the Upper Ohio Valley, Vol. 1, 1890

The Bromer Family Book

The History & Genealogy of the Dague Family

A Tree of Four Ancient Stocks - Hervey, Huey, McCombs, McCuskey

(Courtesy Library of Congress. Provided by Jeanne Finstein.)

Wheeling, 1884

Wheeling, 1890

Wheeling, 1902

Wheeling, Volume 1, 1921

Wheeling, Volume 2, 1922


Descendants of John Caldwell (1787-1871) and Rebecca Hedges (1799-1877)

Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia

Property Owners Map, 1871

Wheeling Area Virtual Trolley Museum

Wheeling Area Yearbooks

BIRDSEYE VIEW MAP - - Wheeling, 1870


Mary Jane Pollock - Booklet
McColloch (Frazier) Homestead & Family Research
Civil War Token: J. W. C. Smith, Leather & Findings
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church - 1850-1950
Dennes/Dennis Casset
Carter Family History
Rev. James Thomas McClure Family
Items Found on the Old Craig Farm, Triadelphia
The Appearance of Things after the Storm - Wheeling Register, July 20, 1888
Evan & Jane Phillips, 1780s to 1800
A History of Echo Point Circle
The Family of Dr. William Stephen Webb
Sheriffs of County, to 1942
Sim's Index to Land Grants in W. Va. - Ohio County
Caroline Miller Hoch Huff, Victim of a Serial Killer
Wheeling Mayors
Article - Tom Sweeney, Naval Officer & Politician, 1945
Pugh-Tiernan Land Indenture, 1827
Biography of John Milligan II - [See John Milligan, Sr.]
Pioneers To Ol' Lawrence County - Vol. 1, Northern Families
Valley Camp Coal Mine Explosion, 1966
Remembering Sylvia Sligar
Joseph W. Seigh & The Wheeling Can Company
The William Gundling Family & Home - Wheeling Island
Article - Last Slave Sale in Ohio County
Article - A Heroine - Elizabeth Zane
Article - Minnie McConn, Little Girl Pauper Thief
Article - Corpse Missing, 1891
Article - William McConn Suicide
Article - Early Settlers in Wheeling
Article - Discrepancy About Early Settlers In Wheeling
Article - Old Time Wheeling - 30 Apr 1889
Article - Jesse James' Ancestors
Article - Mrs. Rebecca Wilson's Death
Article - Raymond J. Falland, County Clerk - 1966
Alexander Burns, Revolutionary War Patriot
Attorney Aquila B. Caldwell Document - Louisiana, 1846
Hartzell-McGary-Brake History & Genealogy
Captain John Shallcross
Newspaper Articles - Miscellaneous
Old Wheeling Street Names
Jamboree Memorabilia
Emily Hooper Rose
Mrs. Maxwell, mother of W. A. G. S. Member, Bill Maxwell
My Friend, Phyllis Dye Slater
George J. "Jerry" & Mary (Coss) Staley
In Honor of Clarice (Eller) Stanley
A Tribute to Henry M. & Naomi (Lowe) Hupp
New York Times Articles - Ohio & Marshall Counties
Craig, Moore, Kern & Pigman Family
John Milton Bell Family Bible
Criswell Family Records
Bible Records from DAR Book
Negro Feared Lynching - Killed Himself in Jail
Family of Frank G. & Lillian Caldwell
Ohio County Jail Inmates, 1880
Dr. Eliza Clark Hughes
Aviation History in the Ohio Valley
Golden Anniversary of Fred & Elizabeth Schunhoff
B. & O. Railroad's Semi-Centennial Exhibit
Keenan Family
Slater's Record Shoppe
The Senseney Family of Wheeling
George Eyster Senseney, Artist & Professor
Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia
Molly Scott, A Defender of Fort Henry
Notes On the Dement Family
Origin & Early History of the Giffen Family
Henrietta Foster Crosman, Actress
Churches of Wheeling, 1858
Marsh History Presented to Historical Society
The William "Big Bill" Lias Story
The Shallcross Family of Wheeling
The Scrapbook of Philabena Marie (Dresch) Brock
The Thompson M. Rine Family
Wheeling Hall of Fame - Booklet
Wheeling Area Yearbooks
Chris & Gene, The Long Brothers
Sterling Drug - History
Marsh Stogies Says Goodbye After 140 Years
The Shriver Family
Wheeling - The Gateway to the West
Ohio County
North Wheeling Hospital
Herald of Liberty Newspaper Items
Exploration & Early Settlements In West Virginia
Early Settlers of Ohio County
John Whetzall's Company of Rangers
Events In Wheeling, 1800s
Ohio County Tidbits
Calendar Change of 1752
The Old Stone Church
Forts of West Virginia
History of Monument Place
The Williamson Family Reunion, 1929
Early Medical Care, Physicians & Organizations
R. Patterson Letter - From "Notes On Kentucky"
A Wheeling Ghost Story
Bridge Blast '99
The Warwick China Company
News-Register Article - Warwick China
West Wheeling, Ohio
Attempt To Establish Medical College In Wheeling
Lewis Wetzel Cave
Some Ministers of the Ohio County Area
Humane Society Ledger, 1907
Wheeling's German Singing Societies
Acker Family Records - Ohio County
John A. Brinkmeir Visited St. Joseph, 1906
W. A. G. S. 35th Anniversary Celebration

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