From: West Virginians
Published by The West Virginia Biographical Association, 1928

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     Fred Miller King is president of the National Sales Agency, general agents of the Fidelity Investment Association, today one of the largest financial institutions in the United States, having succeeded in building up their tremendous power and usefulness through a system of creating cash estates by regular investment, although since its beginning in 1911 their stupendous growth has represented a contact with not more than one per cent of the American people. Mr. King is a very remarkable personality. He has been a leading force in the building up of this immense organization, and today, in his company's strength and prosperity, remains an inspiring and stimulating influence, developing and maintaining a type of sales representative whose spirit and determination is now the backbone of the Fidelity Investment Association's sweeping advance.
     Mr. King is, in addition, vice-president of the Central Motor Corporation, Wheeling; this firm distributes the Paige and Marmon cars in West Virginia and in parts of Ohio, Maryland and Virginia.
     Mr. King was born in Elmwood, Mason County, W. Va., February 1, 1889, son of S. W. and Hannah E. (Finemore) King. He attended Morris Harvey College at Barboursville, W. Va. From 1908 to 1912 he was a salesman for Noyes-Thomas, wholesale dry goods and notions, Charleston; W. Va. He left this firm to come to Wheeling as salesman and representative of the Fidelity Investment Association. In 1912 he organized the National Sales Agency, of which he has since been president, and as stated, has functioned as a leader and a source of education and inspiration to thousands of sales representatives.
     The Fidelity Investment Association, now about fifteen years of age, is known to all who are familiar with its undertakings as an enterprise of dignity and great constructive worth, being devoted exclusively to the creating of incomes, thus stabilizing in large measure the lives and the futures of hundreds of thousands of actual persons and millions of potential persons. Fidelity representatives are now operating in West Virginia, Illinois, Delaware, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia, whereas plans for extending their useful activity throughout the country are on the point of execution.
     The directorate of the Fidelity Investment Association is read with pride by all Fidelity representatives, confident that back of their labors stand men of high integrity, influence and community conscience. The city of Wheeling has a large representation on the board of directors, which includes the names of the leading business men, financiers and such citizens. Much favorable attention has been indirectly called to the activities of Fidelity through the Fidelity Studio, the broadcasting station at Wheeling, a foremost radio center in the Middle West.
     In all the great expansion of the Fidelity Investment Association, the work of Fred M. King has been a tremendous factor, and in the wonderful growth now before him, a growth which promises to dwarf the present figure of the company's resources - over $14,500,000 - it is certain that his personality will be heavily relied upon for success.
     Mr. King is a member of the Fort Henry Club of Wheeling, the Wheeling Country Club, a member of the lvletliodist Episcopal Church, South, and, although not now a member of the Rotary Club of Wheeling because of frequent absences, was one of the founder members.
     During the World War he and his entire organization were active in all the civilian campaigns of the period, he himself being chief of the American Protective League in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
     On October 27, 1914, he married Genevieve Hays, daughter of Samuel A. Hays of Parkersburg, W. Va., former collector of internal revenue.