Will of Lewis Sisson

Ohio County, (West) Virginia

Will Book 3, page 485


Submitted by Elaine Murray Muldrew

(Transcribed as written.)


            First after the payment of my funeral expenses & the expenses of my last Sickness I direct the payment of all my just debts out of my estate.  Secondly I give & bequeath & devise to my son John E. Sisson of Ohio County all the estate of every kind real personal & mixed, money choses in action & choses in possession which I may own at the time of my decease subject however to the following devises, That is to say I do hereby emanispate and set free my two negro women Dolly and Harriett And I will devise & direct that they have the use possession & enjoyment of the house and lot at present occupied by Edward Powell and his wife the possession & use to commence at the death of said Powell’s wife & thereafter to continue during the natural life of the said Dolly & Harriet or the survivor of them said lot containing ten acres.  And if said Edward Powell & wife or either of them shall survive me I direct that my son John Edward shall furnish said Dolly & Harriet with whatever maybe necessary for their comfort until they are put into possession of said House & lot and at that time he shall furnish them with one good cow and one good feather bed bedstead & bedding and one good Bureau and after the death of the said Dolly & Harriet the said House and lot is to revert to and go to my said son John Edward his heirs and assigns.  I direct that my said Son John Edward Sissen out of the property above bequeathed to him Shall pay the following named Sums of money to the following named persons Viz To my grand daughter Sarah Sissen daughter of my son George Sissen deceased the sum of seven hundred dollars with his direction that my said Son John Edward shall retain the said sum in his hands & pay the interest thereof to the mother of the said Sarah Sissen as long as she remains the widow of my son George and after her death or marriage then the principle to be paid to the said Sarah and if the said Sarah shall marry before the death of her mother & her husband shall wish to have the use of said money supposing he should be able to make more than the interest out of it than my said son John Edward shall pay the same over to my said Grand daughter Sarah & her husband taking care to have good security from them for the payment of the interest half yearly to her mother but if the said Sarah shall die with out child or children then after the death or marriage of her mother as aforesaid then the money aforesaid shall go to my said Son John Edward his heirs & assigns.  To my daughter Sarah Maxwell my said Son shall pay five hundred ($500.00) dollars.  To my daughter Susan Martin five hundred dollars ($500.00).  To my daughter Elivia McConnell five hundred ($500.00) dollars. To my daughter Mary Frazier Five hundred ($500.00) dollars out which legacy a note of three hundred dollars which my said Son John Edward holds against the husband of my said daughter now on interest with the interest shall be paid that is my said son shall be allowed to off set against said legacy said note with the interest theron when the same is paid.  To my grand son Joseph William Sissen one hundred ($100.00) dollars.  To my Grand daughter Catharine Sisson daughter of my son Edmund seventy five ($75.00) dollars.  And I direct that the above legacies be paid to the several Legatees independent of any receipts or obligations taken from any of them heretofore by my said son for money advanced them by hi on account of their interest in my estate except the three hundred dollars note on my son in law David Frazier aforesaid & direct that at the death of my wife whom I expect to marry shortly if she should survive me my said son shall pay the said Coloured woman Harriet one hundred dollars and the said Coloured woman Dolly fifty dollars and I direct that my said son shall have four years from the time of my death to pay the legacies contained in the foregoing will. 


Will dated and signed, June 13, 1853

Witnesses:  Jno McColloch, Wm. S. Wickham and Wm. S. Goshorn

Will probated September Term 1853