The McKinley Trade School 1927 Yearbook.


Submitted by Ron Heise.



The following information is from the McKinley Craftsman, 1927.


The Board of Education of the Wheeling Independent School District established the McKinley Trade School at Forty- fourth and Eoff streets. The school formally opened on October 4, 1927, under the supervision of Dr. C. E. Githens, Superintendent of Schools in Wheeling. The staff included the following six teachers, including the principal:


J. H. Lambert - Principal

H. C. Mitchell - English and Mathematics

Charles W. Mitchell - Automobile Mechanics

William B. Connolly - Electrical Construction

F. C. Copp - Mechanical Drawing

Hupp E. Otto Printing


The curriculum at the School provided a two year course in each of the trades taught. Three hours a day was spent in Shop Work, one hour a day in Mechanical Drawing, and other supplementary work. Each applicant had to be at least fourteen years old and be able to read and write.


The following lists, by Trade, the names of the students studying thereunder:


Automobile Mechanics


Section I

Arthur Beiswenger Paul Leach

Harold Craft August Martin

Henry Dupke Morris Miller

William Dixon Walter Schnelle

Robert Duckworth Edwin Schellenberg

Ronald Heise Gerald Yoho

Herman Helfer Kenneth Wells

George Heusel Edward Wilbert

Edgar Keller


Section II

Charles Bodie Coleman Hickman

Woodrow Booth Paul Flanagan

James Cerro John Kabala

Henry Frazier Tony Kalaski

Albert Glaser Frank Matyja

James Gettys Steve Korsniak

Clarence Hunt George Murrin

Steve Harrish Harry Hoffman


Electrical Construction


Section I

Clyde Rine Joseph Carroll

George Shook Louis Gerlacher

Clyde Thiele William Groskopf

Walter Williams Carl Humes

John Yost Howard Moser

Lashley Mann Harry Morrow


Section II

Robert Dixon Alfred Hoyt

Harry Mullen Eugene Leonard

Allan Nolte Eugene Magers

Roy Packer Carl Means

Eugene Reilly Edmund Sands

James Weidman Edward Timmins




Eugene Auten John Shackelford

John Dietrich Floyd Sturm

Ronald Drumm Charles Seifert

James Heinlein Ruben Quillen

Robert Krismer Frank Wysocki

Daniel Plunkett Robert Baker



The McKinley Band


The McKinley Band was under the direction of Mr. H. C. Mitchell. The Band included the following students:


Cornet Trombone

Carl Humes Harold Craft

Ronald Drumm Lashley Mann

Paul Flanagan Louis Gerlacher

Eugene Leonard

Ronald Heise Baritone

Morris Miller George Heusel

Clarinet Bass

Clyde Thiele Gerald Yoho

Joe Carroll Bass Drum

John Kabala Roy Packer

Alto Snare Drum

Howard Moser Daniel Plunkett

Carl Means