From: West Virginians
Published by The West Virginia Biographical Association, 1928

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     Julian E. Montgomery is vice-president in charge of operations of all plants and mines of the Wheeling Steel Corporation, the largest corporation in West Virginia, and one of the largest independent steel corporations in the United States. He is also a director and vice-president of the Industrial Savings & Loan Company, Wheeling.
     Mr. Montgomery is recognized as one of the most expert authorities on the manufacture of sheet steel in the steel industry. He began his career in that industry with the American Sheet & Tin Plate Company, a subsidiary of the U. S. Steel Corporation, at Bridgeport, Ohio, and was engaged in various capacities from 1902 to 1914. During this period he advanced from a beginner in the mechanical and engineering division to important supervisory offices. In 1914, he resigned to go with the Whitaker-Glessner Company of Wheeling. He was superintendent of the Whitaker works of the Whitaker-Glessner Company until 1917, when he was made general superintendent of the Whitaker and Beech Bottom works, at Wheeling. In 1920, when the Wheeling Steel Corporation was formed, by merger of the Wheeling Steel & Iron Company, the Whitaker-Glessner Company and other companies, he was made assistant to the vice-president in charge of the Wheeling district plants. Later he was made general manager of one branch of the Wheeling district plants, and on August 1, 1927, was elected vice-president of the Wheeling Steel Corporation, in charge, of all plants and mines.
     Mr. Montgomery was born in Mannington, W. Va., December 21, 1881, son of George W. and Ella Morgan Montgomery. He was educated in public schools and by private study of numerous business subjects. In 1907, he married Emma A. Yahrling. They have three children: Katherine, Ellen, and Julian Earl, Jr. A daughter, Ethel May, is deceased.
     Mr. Montgomery is a member of the Fort Henry Club, the Wheeling Country Club, Cedar Rocks Country Club, Elks, and Second Presbyterian Church of Wheeling, and is a fellow of the American Iron & Steel Institute.
     Home: Rockledge Road, Beech Glen, Wheeling. Office: 10th Floor, Wheeling Steel Corporation Building.