From: West Virginians
Published by The West Virginia Biographical Association, 1928

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     For more than a generation J. William Moulds has been a force for progress in the affairs of the Republican party in Hancock County and the State of West Virginia. For sixteen years-he served as one Of the active members of the Hancock County Republican Executive Board, was elected to the State Legislature in 1918, and again in 1924, serving until January 1st, 1927. At present he is a member of the West Virginia State Board of Equalization and Review. Mr. Moulds is also a former Mayor of Hollidays Cove, having served two terms in that Office, and also two terms as Justice of the Peace.
     In business Mr. Moulds is a railroad telegrapher, having entered the service of the Pennsylvania Railroad nearly 40 years ago. In special assigned duty he represents the Telegraph Department in adjustment of wages and working conditions; he also is Chairman of the Publicity and Educational Committee of Hancock County of the Pennsylvania Railroad, having as its object a closer fellowship between the railroad and general public; this assignment is a delicate one and requires diplomacy and tact, both of which Mr. Moulds is endowed with, as evidenced by this duty coming from the Regional Vice-President's office of the Pennsylvania Railroad. In addition, he has been active in real estate development in the vicinity of Holliday's Cove, having developed the residential suburb known as "Panhandle- Court" on which he has built fine homes, and has developed other properties in his home town of Hollidays Cove.
     Mr. Moulds was born in Little Sandusky, Ohio, December 18th, 1868, son of Richard and Ann (Parker) Moulds, both native of England. Mr. Moulds is an uncle of former Lieutenant-Governor Charles H. Lewis of Ohio, a leading financier and patron of education and civic welfare in Ohio. He was educated in the schools of Little Sandusky and Harpster, Ohio, and learned the art of telegraphy on the Hooking County Railroad and was employed by that Company a short time, but came to the Pennsylvania Railroad while in his teens, and has steadily advanced and been given increased responsibilities. He was married in 1892, to Elizabeth L. Sharp, daughter of the late Thomas A. and Olive (Walker) Sharp, of Steubenville, Ohio. Their children are: Lewis S., Olive A. (Mrs. Charles H. Lytle), Tracy Virginia (Mrs. John A. Ferguson), William R., Florence E., Frances E, and Kermit L. A son, Hobart E., died in 1918. Mr. Moulds is a member of the Presbyterian Church, Masonic Lodge, Knights of Pythias, Moose and Pennsylvania Railroad Veterans Association.