The High School Record

(Students in Class Pictures IV)


"I'll not budge an inch."

    A most determined girl. Always has her own way. Was Miss Flirtude in the class play. Her attitude toward the class is cool and she positively ignores most of us. Why? We don't know.


"There is a gift beyond the reach of art - of being eloquently silent."

    That Mabel is a mighty fine girl we all agree. Has less to say than any other girl in the class; that is unless she is called upon to recite; then she puts most of us in the shade. Hails from the country and walks about two miles every morning before she gets the car, which accounts for her beautiful complexion.


"A mother's pride - a father's joy."

    A very sensational little girl. If you want anything to become known just tell Rhea not to tell anyone. One of the diminutives and quite a poet. Easily fussed and is always scared that she is going to flunk her lessons.


"Beneath the Good, how far - but far above the Great."


    Football, '08, '09, '10.
    Track team, '10, '11.
    Basket-ball - Senior team.

    Another one of our athletic stars. A favorite with all the girls. Bob is a quiet boy - until he gets started and then you can't tell what's going to happen - because you never saw him "started."


"His limbs were cast in manly mould,
For hardy sports or contests bold."

"Rus" - "Swelly" -

    Baseball, '08, '09, '10, '11.
    Football, '08, '09, '10.
    Track team, '10, '11.
    Basket-ball, Senior team.

    Rather inclined to laziness where lessons are concerned, but in athletics is a bright and shining light. Captain of '11 baseball team, and of the football team in '09, '10. Quite a lion among the ladies, which may be due partly to his own personal attractions, and partly to the automobile which enters into the case.


"Men of few words are the best men."


    Football, '08, '09, '10.
    Track team, '10, '11.
    Basket-ball, Senior team.

    A finely built young fellow; noted for his strong muscles. Man of few words. But can he run? Well, I should so say! Can he play football? Ditto! Really, Dick is a marvel.


"Mad as a March hare."


    A devoted (?) follower of Euclid. Changes her mind very easily. The double quartet girl. Is very fond of Pittsburg and is going to make her future home there.


"Unthinking, idle, wild and young -
I laughed and danced and talked and sung."

    A small girl with a small voice, but she makes up for this with her hands. Positively Winnie can't say two words without working her hands like a windmill at full speed. She is strong for buggy riding.


Mary Dixon - "They are never alone, who are
accompanied with noble thoughts."

    The girl who hails from McMechen. Quite an actress. Expects to visit Egypt some day. She is very much interested in (the) Nile. One of the lightweights. Was class testator.