The High School Record

(Students in Class Pictures V)


"A simple child that lightly draws its breath."


    A girl of few words, but is "right there" with the goods every time. Likes to exchange postals. Always knows her lessons - and is a favorite girl with all her teachers. One of the business course girls, and quite an expert stenographer.


"As merry as the day is long."


    "Gert" is a jolly little girl, always ready for a good time. Another one of those Wheeling girls who is strong for Martins Ferry. Attended Bethany last summer and hasn't gotten over it yet. We acknowledge that our class couldn't do without Gertrude, at all.


"A simple maid and proper, too."

    Has the tiniest voice imaginable - as everyone found out at a recent rhetorical exercise, when Mary read what was, perhaps, an excellent paper, but could any one hear it? I should say not. Really has a good temper, considering the color of her hair. Is absolutely and faultlessly tidy at all times. Her face and hands, in fact, would be ashamed were they soiled in the least.


"Cupid is a knavish lad,
Thus to make poor maidens mad."

    Sara is the personification of dignity - tall, stately and never boisterous. The second period in the afternoon is too much for Sara, even, and she giggles as bad as the worst of us. Has had a case on almost every Senior boy, to say nothing of those of other classes, out of school and especially in Morgantown.


"What care, when I can lie and rest,
Kill time and take life at its very best."

"Rube" -

    Baseball, '08, '09, '10, '11.
    Football, '08, '09, '10.
    Track team, '09, '10, '11.
    Basket-ball, Senior team.

    One of the most popular boys in the class. In oratory a Demosthenes; in debate, a Webster; in conversation, a Dr. Johnson, and above and beyond all a lady's man. Has "bluffed" his way through school, for the most part, simply because he hadn't time to study. Is in his element when arguing with anybody, and "e'en tho vanquished, he can argue still."


"Be to her merits kind;
And to her faults - whater'er they are, be blind."

    The girl who deceives most of us by her gruff ways, but Ruth really has a good, kind way beneath it all, and is always ready to help. Has a wonderful capacity for argument.


"Beautiful in form and figure; lovely as the day.
Can there be so fair a creature formed of common clay?"

    Jean positively has never been known to lose her Senior dignity. Is very fond of plants - the cotton plant in particular. Is subject to fits of blues on days when her weekly letter has somehow not been delivered. Jean is so sympathetic that she has been known to weep for hours over some touching moving picture drama.


"Lies awake ten nights carving the shape of a new doublet."

"Kraftie" "Sophie."

    The fashion plate of the class. Often sports her party dresses to school. Slides into school about half a minute of nine every morning. Has a different "case" every day. Has many friends in Wooster, where she has attended summer school.


"Is she not passing fair?."

    The girl with the beautiful complexion. A good friend of Howard's. Is always ready to express her opinion on any subject. Speaks in such a plaintively, persuasive voice that a person must listen to her and do as she asks.