The High School Record

(Students in Class Pictures VI)


"Her eyes twinkle in her head aright,
As doon the stars on a frosty night."

    A diminutive girl who succeeds in convincing the teachers that she has a thorough knowledge of the subject in hand. Has studied (?) so much lately that she has had to resort to glasses. Mae is beloved by all, as she should be, because she is such a sweet, cheerful little girl.


"A moral, sensible and well-bred man."


    A quiet boy who isn't heard of very much, but Ray is alright. He is one of those boys who keep at a thing and in the end beat everyone else. A shark at working geometrical and physics problems.


"I'll be merry and free. I'll be sad for nobody."

    A jolly little girl, who comes to us from the country. Often has a date for every night in the week, but always manages to make the teachers believe she knows all about it. Is noted for her peculiar shades of red. At class parties Hilda is conspicuous by the noise she makes and by the good times she has and makes others have.


"Oh, sleep it is a gentle thing,
Beloved from pole to pole."


    Leonard, the boy with the smile that won't come off. Has a convenient listening apparatus, hears only what he really wants to hear - which is a very little bit. Is a great sleeper.


"Who ever thinks a faultless piece to see,
Thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor shall be."

    One of the thin (?) girls. Is a mighty funny girl; can tell a joke without smiling in the least. But her giggle! You should hear it. Words can't do it justice. Is never known to worry about anything.


"I speak in understanding."

Captain Senior Basket-ball, '11.

    The most sensible boy in the class. A rather quiet sort of a fellow, but always knows what to do at the right time. Is an amateur photographer of some ability.


"Behold the child, by Nature's kindly law -
Pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw."


    Age unknown. Is always "fifteen my next birthday." Received a doll and buggy for Christmas. Is quite precocious. Always has her lessons perfect.
"There is Regina with her little short skirts -
And her three yards of ribbon - all aflirt."


On Decoration day the class of '11 was royally entertained by Mabel Atkinson at her home in the country. And such a good time as we had! Senior dignity was forgotten for the time being and everybody entered into the spirit of the occasion, with the zest of Freshman, playing games which recalled to their minds childhood days long past. Then, when the "eatens" came - "Um!" - that was the climax. That they were relished by all was certainly shown by the way we ate. But all good times must end, so after we had sung our class songs and given our yells, we left for home with our hearts full of grateful remembrances to Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson.