The High School Record


    This is our High School Number. We have spent much time and labor on this issue and have aimed to make it the best paper ever issued by any Senior Class. Whether or not we have succeeded we ask you to judge. We have aimed so high that should we have failed in some small particulars, we still feel certain that the paper is worthy of some praise. We, the staff, however, do not deserve all your praise; we must share with those who have helped us. Mr. Brilles, Photographer Kossuth, Engraver Jarvis and the West Virginia Printing Company have done so much to make this issue a success. And, lastly, gentle reader, we wish to thank you for your appreciation of our efforts during the past school year. We know other publications of the same, and even cheaper price, contain more and oftentimes better reading matter than does our paper, but in the case of a school paper, the buyer is not looking so much for the quantity of material; he buys rather out of a sense of loyalty to the educational institution. So, for appreciating the product of our hands and our minds, we, the staff, Senior Class, and whole school, again heartily thank you.
    Much thanks is also due to the business men of the city, who have so loyally, month after month, placed their ads in our paper. May they reap their just rewards and may other business men learn by their experience, that an ad in the High School Record certainly leads to business galore.

    It is with hearts full of mingled sorrow and joy that we bring to you this, the last issue of our paper - our Graduation Number. The sorrow creeps into our hearts when we remember that this number closes the school year, that never again will the present staff in any direct way, help send another issue to an appreciative public. However, we are filled with joy at the thought that during the past year we have labored zealously to raise the standard of the paper, and do not think, kind reader, that we are boastful when we say that in some measure, at least, we have succeeded.
    Of course, in looking over our past numbers, we can see many glaring mistakes - many things that might have been omitted and think of many other articles that would more fittingly have taken place. None of us claim to be perfect. "To err is human." That is the only explanation that can be reasonably offered you.

    Only those who have ever taken part in the breaking up of a class, can realize how much it means to its members. The saying farewell to a friend of our High School days - to our teachers - to members of other class, any of whom, as is often the case, we may never see again - is something of which we can scarcely write.
    We the members of the class of 1911, have met for the last time as a class. We are now individuals, among a great many people known as graduates of Wheeling High School, some of whom reflect on its teachings; others less. The way is open before us - we are free to choose. Let us hope that each individual member of this illustrious class of 1911 will so carve his future that the world can point to him and say: "There is a graduate of Wheeling High School. May it turn out many more like him."

    The position of editor of the Record is always considered an honorary one. The present editor desires to thank her class for the honor thus conferred and hopes that the class and all the supporters of the paper have found as much pleasure in reading it as she has in preparing it for them.