The High School Record


O. V. A. A. MEET

    On Friday afternoon, May 19, an inter-class field meet was held at the state fair grounds. The Seniors won by an overwhelming score, the Juniors coming in second. The principal purpose of this preliminary meet was to select the team to enter the O. V. A. A. meet, which took place the following Saturday. Six teams entered the contest, but Moundsville failed to put in an appearance, which fact left the following schools to compete: Barnesville, Bridgeport, Elliott's Commercial School, Martins Ferry and Wheeling High.
    The inter-scholastic meet was extremely interesting, competition was sharp and brisk, and there were no long delays, a field and a track event taking place at the same time. Hobbs, the only entrant from Elliott, won the most points, taking first or second in every event in which he was entered. His points totaled eighteen, which brought his school into third place. The mile relay race was called off, as Barnesville refused to enter. This gave five points to Wheeling High, which we were almost sure to win anyway. The following is the score by events:
    One hundred yard dash - Winters of Barnesville first, Warrick of Barnesville second, Ruble of Wheeling High third. Time, 11 seconds.
    Score: Barnesville, 8; Wheeling, 1.
    Shot put - Hunter of Barnesville first, Johnson of Bridgeport second, Jones of Martins Ferry third. Distance, 41 feet 2 inches.
    Score: Barnesville, 13; Wheeling, 1; Martins Ferry, 1; Bridgeport, 3.
    Half-mile run - Bennet of Barnesville first, Pratt of Wheeling second, Smith of Wheeling third. Time, 2 minutes 18 seconds.
    Score: Barnesville, 18; Wheeling, 5; Bridgeport, 3; Martins Ferry, 1.
    Hammer throw - Hunter of Barnesville first, Hobbs of Elliott second, Lee of Barnesville third. Distance, 120 feet 10 inches.
    Barnesville, 24; Wheeling, 5; Bridgeport, 3; Elliott, 3; Martins Ferry, 1.
    Two hundred and twenty-yard dash - Ruble of Wheeling first, Warrick of Barnesville second, Winter of Baenesville third. Time, 23 4-5 seconds.
    Score: Barnesville, 28; Wheeling, 10; Elliott, 3; Bridgeport, 3; Martins Ferry, 1.
    Discus throw - Hobbs of Elliott first, Short of Martins Ferry second, Warrick of Barnesville third. Distance, 126 feet 6 inches.
    Score: Barnesville, 29; Wheeling, 10; Elliott, 8; Bridgeport, 3; Martins Ferry, 4.
    High jump - Winters of Barnesville first, Metzer of Wheeling second, Caine of Martins Ferry third. Height, 5 feet 7 inches.
    Barnesville, 34; Wheeling, 13; Elliott, 8; Martins Ferry, 5; Bridgeport, 3.
    Four hundred and forty-yard dash - Plummer of Wheeling first, Goodwin of Wheeling second, Duff of Martins Ferry third. Time, 56 4-5 seconds.
    Score: Barnesville, 34; Wheeling, 21; Elliott, 8; Martins Ferry, 6; Bridgeport, 3.
    Pole vault - Hobbs of Elliott first, Bundig of Barnesville and Goodwin of Wheeling second; (each get 2 points). Height, 10 feet.
    Score: Barnesville, 36; Wheeling, 23; Elliott, 13; Martins Ferry, 6; Bridgeport, 3.
    Running broad jump - Hobbs of Elliott first, Winters of Barnesville second, Warrick of Barnesville third. Length, 18 feet 4-1/2 inches.
    Mile relay race - Forfeited to Wheeling - 5 points.
    Final score: Barnesville, 40; Wheeling, 28; Elliott, 18; Martins Ferry, 6; Bridgeport, 3.
    Referee - A. E. Marriott. Athletic director - Y. M. C. A. at Wheeling. Judges - W. G. Wolff, H. R. Smith, E. M. Hinerman. Timers - Howard Exley, Wilbur Heslop. Starters - I. E. Ewing. Announcer - Emil Vaas.


    In this sport we have had a very poor season. Ill luck, coupled with the inexperience of new players, only two of last year's team being back, and part of the season only one, proved too much for the team. New suits were purchased for the boys this year and they are satisfactory in every particular. Probably we may attribute our losing streak to these same new suits. However, even if we did win only two games of the entire schedule we must not think of this; we must think, rather, of the fine team we will have next year, which will be practically the same as this year's in line-up, but will have had a whole year's experience, which will make a world of difference.